Episode 200



Celebration time!


Musikclip: Die STAG feiert - Hand aufs Herz - Video



(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Bea: Your father did catch us, did catch me…half-naked.

Ben: So what?

Bea: Do you know what would have happened if Helena had shown up one second earlier??? (Hmm,stop giving me ideas, Bea!!)


Bea: I’m really grateful that you didn’t inform Frau Schmidt-Heisig.

Stefan: I have my reasons. I would prefer to resolve this matter between you and me.

Bea: Of course, I…

Stefan: Three things I want to make clear. First. What we are discussing here and now won’t leave this room. Second. If you don’t abide by the things we are discussing here you won’t ever get a foot on the ground, again. And third, from now on you will leave my son alone. Do you understand?





Bea: Yes. No. Please, Mr. Bergmann, you should know… this, this thing with Ben and me…

Stefan: Leave my son out of this. You as the teacher have the sole responsibility.

Bea: Of course.

Stefan: Have you ever wondered if Ben is doing this out of his own free will?

Bea: What?

Stefan: Let’s just assume that he didn’t want any of this, or at some point wouldn’t want it anymore, what chances would he have?

Bea: You don’t seriously believe that I would force him to do anything?

Stefan: But you have the authority to do so.

Bea: That’s absurd!

Stefan: Frau Vogel, the only thing that’s absurd is the fact that I caught my son with his half-naked math teacher in my living-room. (I looove the Hahe writers!)

Bea: Ben is much too important to me.

Stefan: That’s what you are saying now.

Bea: Because it’s the truth.

Stefan: Be that as it may, there is too much at stake for my son. Because of that I expect from you the kind of professionalism you should be able to show as a teacher. See to it that, in the future, you’ll be able to control your feelings or you’ll get to know me. Have a nice day.



[Pestalozzi, by the big books]

Frank: Why aren’t you happy about it. I mean we are talking about an appearance in Berlin.

Luzi: It’s super.

Frank: Luzi, I don’t really get that from you.

Luzi: Okay, it’s all a bit sudden and it’s an appearance on TV, that’s quite big, maybe too big for me, and in Berlin and I’ve never been there before.

Frank: But that’s the reason you should go wild. I mean such a gig doesn’t grow on trees. You have to grab it.

Luzi: Of course..

Frank: Okay, fine. Listen, I’ll tell you the two most important things in this business. First, you have to be ready to do exactly what the moment calls for. And second, you must never let it show how you are really feeling. Fake it till you make it! (And there you have the reason why Frank has no social life..)

Luzi: Well, I’ll learn; I just need some more practice.

Frank: Then you’re in?

Luzi: Yes, I’m in!

Frank: That’s good, I already confirmed.

Luzi: Really?

Frank: Yeah! I promised the mega act! Luzi, everything is going to be fine. I’m going to get someone to organize a cool stage outfit for you and then…

Luzi: Who, Caro?!

Frank: Yes, and I’d be very grateful if you wore it this time.

Luzi: Sure.

Frank: Okay, we’ll meet in one hour at my office and talk about everything else. You will sweep them off their feet this afternoon.

Luzi: This afternoon?

Frank: Yes.



Helena: As always it’s been very informative what you've had to report.

Stefan: I’ll have the legal department check the calculation once again and then you’ll get a copy. And concerning the other matter…

Helena: …I will look after it. With pleasure, by the way.

(walking away)

Ms Vogel, Mr. Bergmann sends his regards.

Bea:Thank you



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bodo: Hey, there you are, finally. We‘ve been waiting for you.

Timo: Everything okay with you?

Luzi: I have a TV gig, in the afternoon magazine.

Timo: That’s awesome!

Emma: You mean live?

Luzi: Yes live!

Emma: Boah, that’s terrific!

Jenny: I will definitely watch it!

Hey, I told you that you have it down pat!

I told you it’s just the beginning!

Bodo: Hey, then you’re a real star!

Luzi: And you’ll get an autograph.

Caro:And I already know what you will wear. Frank will love it.

Luzi: So? What?

Caro:You will rock the show today with that dress.

Jenny: What – today?

Emma: Today is our charity concert.

Luzi: I know.

Caro:Berlin is more important. See you at the label.


Luzi:Yes, we’ll fly there and then straight back after the show. It'll be fast.

Bodo:You’re singing the main part. How is that supposed to work if you’re in Berlin?

Luzi:Well, maybe I can’t make it to the rehearsal.

Jenny: That’s not the point. The problem is the performance.

Emma:You won’t leave us hanging, will you?

Timo:Guys, let her be. I mean, hey, it’s a unique opportunity!

Luzi:Gosh, and it’s only about the rehearsal. I’ll be back in Cologne in time for the performance. We are going to fly to Berlin at 2, my appearance is at 4, at 6 we’ll take the return flight and at 8 I’ll be on stage with you.

Jenny:It’s easy to misjudge this kind of thing! Live appearances are unpredictable. And you’ll have to get here from the airport. That will be a tight squeeze.

Luzi:Yes, but I talked it over with Frank and he says it’ll work. So, I’ll definitely be here this evening. Promise!



[Raumzeit Records]

Luzi:Here I am.

Frank: Could you help her with the clothes? Thanks.

Caro: That’s by Lanford. Pure silk.

Luzi: Yeah…can we start?

Caro: Say, are you even aware of what you will be wearing?

Luzi: Mhm, a black dress.

Caro: Yes, that’s going to fit. Black is a good choice. It makes you look slim.

Luzi: Isn’t it a little short?

Caro: Is it a show or a funeral?

Caro pulls out a pair of something best described as killer-heels (trying to walk might be the last thing you’ll ever do).

Caro: Well, try them on. Try walking with them.

Luzi is not really graceful in them.

Frank: Say, don’t we have something flatter? Luzi, ready to take off?

Luzi: By all means.

Frank: I’ll take you at your word.

Luzi: I’ll give my best… I can do this.

Frank: That sounds a little better. Listen, you don’t have to do anything but concentrate on your song. You are going to sing with all of your heart and soul and knock everyone’s socks off. Okay? Good. In five minutes the taxi will be here and we’ll be heading towards Berlin. (His phone rings)Yes?


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

The STAG is preparing the auditorium for the concert.(And just as I paused the video to type this information, Emma is putting down a chair. Wowza! What? Don’t you find moving furniture sexy?//Heph, you have now officially qualified as a Uhaul Lesbian,congratulations, your editor;-)

Panicky Emma is back, by the way.

Emma: And what are we going to do if Luzi won’t make it on time?

Timo: Emma, we have hours until the concert, still. Luzi will be long back by then.

Emma: But we didn’t have a rehearsal…Ach, everything is probably going to go wrong.

Jenny: Ach, Emma!

Bea: Emma, you always say that. And et hätt noch immer jot jejange (Come on, if ever there was a perfect phrase to use in Kölsch dialect on the show…) And up until now, it’s been okay every time. Emma, we shouldn’t think about the past, only about the gig that’s coming up. Okay?

Emma: Okay.

Bodo: Anyway, if we don’t have a dress rehearsal it can’t be successful which would be bad luck. So the performance is going to be perfect.

Emma: Oh damn!

Jenny: What’s wrong now!?

Emma: We forgot the donation box.

Bea: Don’t panic. I’ll get it.

Ben: Cool. I’m coming with you.

Bea: You just continue on here, I’ll be right back.



[Berlin, TV studio]

Frank: Ah hey hey, hello. This is Luzi Beschenko…

Perky studio guy: Welcome.

Frank: …and that’s my assistant.

Perky studio guy: It’s going to start soon. It’s this way to the studio. Come on.

They enter the studio.

Perky studio guy: Please turn off your mobile phones in the studio. Well, here it is. Those are the different set-ups. And over there, you are going to perform, soon.

Caro: It’s probably best if you tell me what should be done. I’m kind of Luzi’s coach for her performances.

Luzi: Ugh, Caro…

Caro: What? You are about to crack because of all the excitement. I thought, a little less stress would be good for you.

Perky studio guy: Everyone is nervous the first time but nobody here bites. This here… that’s your stage. Come here. So you can look around. (Sorry, my mind just wandered..blankets anyone?)

Frank: So, what do you say?

Luzi: Awesome.

The studio guy gets some information from someone else.

Perky studio guy: Alright, okay. The performance has been slightly delayed.

Luzi: By how much?

Perky studio guy: It’s hard to say. You’ll have to see the make-up artist beforehand, anyway.

Frank: That’s great. I have a small question for you.

He leads him off.

Luzi: Do you think we will still be able to get back on time?

Caro: Where?

Luzi: Back to Cologne

Caro: You are about to be on television, and are worried about a little gig in a school auditorium?

Luzi: It’s about Timo.

Caro: Just like your song, I thought.




[Pestalozzi, the attic]

Where it’s surprisingly clean and airy and they obviously store things like skeletons, glitter curtains, couches, instruments, countless other stuff,…//It's the Halliwells' attic?No?

Bea: Ah, there you are.

a donation box, one penny inclusive…

Bea: Oh, a lucky penny. I’m sure it will bring us luck.


Bea: The old yearbooks.

Bea: ’98, ’99, 2000 (you can tell, she is a math teacher, can’t you?)

Bea pulls it out and is just walking down memory lane when Ben appears.

Ben: I would have liked to have known you back then.

Bea: Ben…what are you doing here?

Ben: Although… I was eight at the time.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bodo: It should be Luzi’s turn,soon! Cross your fingers, guys!

Jenny: We’ll watch the performance online later.

Emma: I hope she’s coming back on time otherwise we are really done for.

Timo: Of course Luzi’s coming, she promised. That’s to say: come on guys.



[Berlin, TV studio]

Make-up artist: Okay, finished.

Luzi: Thank you.

Frank: Luzi you can relax,now.

Luzi: I can’t. Will we still get our return flight even though we’re a bit late?

Frank:Hey if not, we’ll take the next flight and come a bit later.

Luzi:A bit late is good: the STAG has a performance.

Frank:Luzi, first we have a performance here.

Do you want this?

Luzi: Yes.

Frank:Then you have to forget about everything else. After the appearance you can think about the others again.

Luzi:Okay you’re right. One thing at a time. We are here, I have a performance, everything’s going to be fine and we’ll be on the plane on time.

TV host:Commercial break.

Luzi:And after that it’s my turn?

TV host :No, we moved up an interview. But after.




[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Jenny: Sooo, we can start changing clothes. That’s Luzi’s. She can throw it on later.

Bodo: Cool.

Emma: Yes, it would be even cooler if Luzi was here, now.

Jenny:We’ll see. At a live performance lots of things can come up.

Emma:You think that she’s not coming,too?

Bodo:We still have time.


Emma(indignantly): And where on earth is Ms Vogel? (I love me some Emma!)

Timo:Probably still searching for the donation box.

Jenny: For this long?

Bodo:I’m going to look for her.

Emma:But you can’t just up and leave now, too.

Jennyputs her head on Emma’s shoulder and sings:And then there were two…

Jenny gives Emma’s shoulder a small kiss.



[Pestalozzi, teachers' lounge]

Frau Jäger rallies the troops, or teachers as the case may be.

Mrs Jäger:You will also come to the benefit concert, won’t you?

Teacher: Sure.

Mrs Jäger:Do all of you have enough loose change with you? We mustn’t disappoint the pupils since they put their backs into helping Timo, to get the money for the new lift.

Mrs. Krawzcyk: According to the offer the pupils obtained for the renovation of the lift we are talking about nearly 3000 €

Mrs. Jäger:You probably won’t come, will you?

Helena: Oh, of course I’ll come. As you just said we shouldn’t disappoint the pupils.

Mrs. Krawzcyk: So far I’ve rated you as more of a sceptic concerning the rebuild for Timo Özgül.

Helena:As principal it’s my duty to be realistic, but I have stressed often enough how important it’s for me to help Timo Özgül personally. And that is what I will do now.



[Pestalozzi, the attic]

OMG, look in the back there, that wooden thing with a cut-out heart. Is that an outhouse door? This attic really does have everything you could ever need.

Bea: And on the last rotation I stumbled, well nearly stumbled. But the performance at graduation was awesome!

Yes. We should go back to the auditorium.

Ben: We’ve done this before many times. It doesn’t work. I can’t be without you. The two of us, we…we belong together

Bea: Not many people will see it that way.

Ben: Are you still thinking about my father?

Bea: You have to graduate. You’re not allowed one more misstep. And I don’t want to lose my job. It’s just not possible.

Ben: Of course it is. Nobody can separate us.

Bea:We could get caught, every time.



[Berlin, TV studio]

Luzi: Shit.

Frank: Do you want to take off?

Luzi: No. I just wanted to tell the others that we will probably miss the flight and take the next one. May I have your mobile phone?

Frank: No.

Luzi: Why not?

Frank:Luzi, so that you won’t call your friends, because they would tell you that you maybe being late would suck. And that would just get you down.

Luzi, sometimes life is like that.

Luzi:I’ve just told you how important this performance is to me. We are collecting money for a friend.

Caro:To hear you talking that way makes it seem you’d rather be in the auditorium than in a TV studio!

Luzi:Of course, for you that's not a problem.

Frank:Luzi, your friends are going to make it without you.

Luzi:Yes. But I promised to be there.

Frank:Well. You, you want to help your friends. Then just think about what this performance means to you.

Luzi:A big chance.

Frank:And a big success for your first single. And that means sales and profit. And that also means that in the future, you will be able to help them a lot more, more than they will be collecting tonight.

Luzi: And how fast will this happen?

Frank: Luzi, first we have to concentrate on tonight’s gig and everything else will just fall into place.

Luzi: Okay.

Caro: You are up in two minutes.

Luzi: Ermm, can you let the others know that we will be a little bit late but that they should definitely wait because I’ll be there.

Caro: Sure.

Frank: Luzi, concentrate. Okay? Good. Come on.


[Pestalozzi, in the attic]

Ben: No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to please everybody.

Bea: I don’t want that at all.

They start dancing.

Bea: That’s not funny, Ben.

Ben: I know you are responsible for me because I’m your student and if we get caught you will lose your job and I can forget about graduation. But you know what? I love you nonetheless.

Bea: But it’s not that easy.

Ben: Actually it is. It’s just that easy.

Bea: We would always have to hide.

Ben: Not always. One more year, and I will be out of here.

Bea: But I don’t want to hide.

Ben: Hey, everything’s fine. It’s only the two of us here.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Jenny and Emma are going over their moves. Emma is a teeny tiny bit stressed.

Emma: Oh man, sh*t!

Jenny:Hey, it will work.

Jenny hugs Emma.

Bodo: As if the earth had swallowed her up. No Ms Vogel anywhere.(Be glad you didn't find her Bodo, that would have meant another bucket of sugar candy and therapy for you..)

Emma: And where is Ben?

Bodo: I didn’t see him either. And if Luzi’s not coming, Caro won’t come either.

Jenny:Okay, I could get over that.

Emma:But what about Luzi? Or do you want to sing the main part?

Jennytaking Emma’s hands:You know, I suggest you’ll do that.

Emma:I can’t do that.

Jenny:Hey, should we cancel the performance on such short notice?

Bodo: Hey, we still have time.


Emma:But Luzi wanted to call us after her performance.

Bodo:So what? What else can we do but wait and hope?

Jenny:Accept that we’ll get this done without Luzi.

Helena:I’d like to wish you much success for your appearance!


all:Thank you.

Helena:Many have announced that they’d come. When will it start?

Jenny:We wanted to start in about two hours.

Helena:And where is Ms Vogel? She’s not rehearsing with you?

(We see Bea & Ben kissing)

Helena:Well, fortunately she has no singing part so maybe her absence won’t be too conspicuous.

What’s with Helena? She’s so nice and smiling and pretty. Wow, I can’t deal.



[Berlin, TV studio]

TV host: Okay, I’m going to announce you. And when the red light on the camera glows you’re on air. Okay?


TV host:Fine.



[Bergmann villa]

Stefan: Mrs. Beschenko

Karin:Oh Mr. Bergmann. Sorry, I…

Stefan switches on the TV

TV host: … an awesome talent, terrific voice – Luzi Beschenko with her hit “1000 Tage Regen (“1000 days of rain”)

Stefan: That’s your daughter.



Luzi performs “1000 Tage Regen (“1000 days of rain”) while Ben and Bea make out.//

Understatement:they are getting it on,in the school attic,unfound,undisturbed...where was that attic during Jemma hiding times?They probably even have a chemical toilet and torches in there.Your editor.