Episode 202



(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Luzi: Why didn´t you tell me that you were rehearsing?

Jenny:Because we didn’t know if you'd have time.

Luzi:Of course I have time!!!

Emma:Just like you had time yesterday?

Luzi:Well, the performance took a little longer... and afterwards I had to give an interview. I'm sorry!

Emma: You had a solo part. And you simply weren't there!

Bodo: Why didn't you at least call?

Luzi: At least give me a chance to try this! Or do you have a better idea?

Jenny: Frankly, yes! I think... we'd prefer it, if you left!






[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Luzi: (looks at Timo) Do you want me to leave too?

Timo: It’s not my decision to make. But maybe...it’s for the best at the moment. I mean, things change but that doesn’t have to mean they are worse.

Luzi: Great. Should I thank you now?

Jenny: You could try to understand us. It’s really not anything against you personally.

Luzi: You of all people are saying this? This is my AG, I'm the founder of Singen and Tanzen. Without me you wouldn’t even exist.

Emma: Everyone here contributes to the existence of the AG.

Luzi: I didn't mean it like that.

Jenny: Luzi, everyone is giving one hundred percent and if necessary even more. But you are the only one at the moment who doesn't.

Emma: You didn’t even return in time for the concert.

Luzi: That was one time.

Jenny: But it will not remain one time.

Luzito Jenny: Could you stay out of it?

Jenny: Hey, I know what I'm talking about. That was not your last performance. Trust me, it will get even more stressful.

Luzi: Oh God, spare me your blatherjust because you released one single in Asia. You have no idea!

Emma: You don't have to get unfair, now.

Jenny: It's fine, Emma. Luzi, we all would love for you to stay. But you have to focus on your solo career now.

Luzi leavesthe auditorium.



[At Pestalozzi, Hallway]


Ms Jäger: Oh, Ms Vogel, you’re a heaven-sent. Mr. Brensing will need surgery after all. But he has given me the exams for you.

Bea: What kind of exams?

Ms Jäger: The math exams for the 12e. Brensing said you’d know... Because of the second correction.

Bea: Ahh, Yes. I'm sorry Ms Jäger. I'm out of sorts, today.

Ms Jäger: Now don’t you fall ill, as well.(Don't worry,Ms.Jäger,Ms.Vogel is only love sick..)

Bea: No, don't worry. Can you put them in my inbox?

Ms Jäger agrees.

Bea: You know what, I will take them home with me.

Ms Jäger: Good.

Bea: There I’ll have the most quiet. Thank you.



[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Emma:Yes, I äh, I would like to, äh, to, to rehearse the second song. Because I am still...


Emma:...a bit insecure.

Jenny:Yes, of course. We can trade, if you want to sing my part.

Emma:Yes, we can try that.


Emma:Let’s begin. Or don´t you want to?

Timo: Tell me, you really don’t care about Luzi, do you?

Emma:No, of course I do. But the show must go on.

Jenny:And this way, we'll have something to show Ms. Vogel later.

Emma:I thought that we…we agreed regarding Luzi.

Timo:Yes, but did it have to be done this way?

Jenny:Nobody wanted it to happen like that.

Emma: Whenever Luzi will have more time again, then ... then she can come back. But we can't risk what happened at the concert to happen again.If we had not improvised completely...we would have had to send the audience home.

Jenny: And then we could have forgotten about the lift.It really was just not cool of Luzi.

Emma:And she didn’t even call.

Timo: But she didn’t do it on purpose. I mean, the people from the TV show didn’t let her go.

Jenny: Timo, we know that, too.But it’s going to be like that from now on,always.

Bodo:Theyare right. The next time it might be an interview or an important conversation with a concert promoter.

Timo:I just can’t imagine the AG without Luzi.Okay?

Emma:Hey, I also think it sucks that Luzi will not be here anymore. But Bodo is right: we can no longer depend on her.

Jenny: It's just better this way for both sides. She can fully focus on Raumzeit like this.

Timo: Great. And Luzi isn't talking to us anymore.



[At Pestalozzi, School Yard]


Ms Krawcyk:When I see how young people take the initiative and make things happen, I remember why I became a teacher.

Ms Jäger: The concert was really great.

Ms Krawcyk: I just hope that it’s enough money to build the new lift for Timo.

Ms Jäger: I had the impression that people donated a lot of money.

Ms Krawcyk to Helena: Well, aren’t you glad now that you did approve the concert?

Ms Jäger:We are so proud of our AG.

Helena: It’s true, the students have done a great job.

Ms Karwcyk: It's rare that teenagers do something like that completely of their own accord..

Helena: Yes.

Ms Krawcyk: They had the idea and organized the concert completely by themselves.

Ms Jäger: And even took care of getting a construction company. If this keeps up, they won't need us any more.

Ms Krawcyk and Ms Jäger are laughing.

Helena: We will be asked for again, at the latest, when it comes to keeping up everyday life at school. But the construction work will substantially constrict us.

Ms Krawcyk: But it's worth it. And then maybe soon, Timo won’t be our only student in a wheelchair.

Helena: Time will tell. Anyway, he should have the opportunity to continue to go to the Pestalozzi school.

Ms Krawcyk: It’s nice that we both agree on this issue.

Helena: Now, please excuse me.

(by the way, Ms. Krawcyk and Ms.Jäger have the shippername Jäkra, they're such a couple, and Ingrid deserves some love and coffee,no?)


[At Pestalozzi]


Ben:Hey! Is everything alright? I know you don’t think too well of me right now but I’ve got 2 ears. So if you want to talk…You’re still mad. Luzi, I’m infinitely sorry about the accident. I…

Luzi:Ben! Never mind! I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

Ben:I heard that you quite rocked the performance on TV. So it was bad after all? My dad said it was great.

Luzi:Well, my performance was indeed great. But I missed ours.

Ben:So what? We still collected enough money. What’s the problem?

Luzi:They kicked me out. I’m not a member of STAG any longer.

Ben:Pff, what? But you ARE STAG!

Luzi:Not anymore.

Ben:Because you missed the gig, or what?

Luzi:I’m starting a solo career now.


Luzi:You know, I can kind of understand them. I mean, I let them down, especially Timo.

Ben:Everybody makes mistakes at some point. Does Bea already know about this? Don’t worry! She won’t let it happen.

Luzi:I don’t know.

Ben:Now talk to her first!

Luzi:Well, I was going to do that but Ms. Jäger told me that she has already gone home and is working there now.

Ben:She left. But we’re having a rehearsal today.

Luzi:I’m not.



[Bea’s apartment]

(The bell rings and Bea opens the door)


Bea:(surprised)Mr. Bergmann.

Stefan: Did you expect my son? (He enters) Somehow I’ve got the feeling that you haven’t stuck to our arrangement. You’re wrong if you think you can ignore our agreement just like that. I know my son.

Bea:Mr. Bergmann, listen to me.

Stefan:No, no, YOU listen to me! Ben is important to me. Maybe you weren’t aware of HOW important he is to me. But I won’t allow an affair to destroy his future.

Bea:I don’t want Ben’s graduation to be endangered either. I’m completely aware of my responsibility as a teacher.

Stefan:Then act accordingly and end this ridiculous farce.

Bea:Mr. Bergmann, I can understand your worries. But please believe me. This thing between Ben and me…it’s more than just a whim.

Stefan: Say, Ms Vogel, how naïve are you? Do you seriously think that this relationship will be leading anywhere? (ironic)Are you going to go to Australia with Ben after his graduation? Or are you counting on him to stay here, to look for a job in Cologne while you keep on teaching?

Bea:I’m not.

Stefan: You’re not only much too old for my son, you’ve also got a total different idea of life. This relationship will fail. You know that damn well.

Bea:I understand your worries.

Stefan:You really do?

Bea:Yes, of course! But the situation is more complex. I…I would like to explain my point of view to you.

Stefan:No offense, Ms Vogel, I don’t care about your point of view. I’ve told you what I want and I expect you to behave accordingly.

Bea:With all due respect…your behavior is offensive. And since you are obviously quite aware of my age I also expect you to treat me like an adult! I’m not one of your employees!

Stefan:Right. As one of my employees you would know that this house was financed by the Harani-Bank. It belongs to your brother, right?

Bea:Don’t be ridiculous. My brother has nothing to do with this.

Stefan: So it would be even more unfortunate if he suddenly had to face a financial desaster. Doesn’t he have a family?

Bea:Mr Bergmann, my brother is repaying his loan on time. You can’t do anything!

Stefan:Loans are cancelled for a variety of reasons on very short notice all the time. There are possibilities, Ms Vogel, you cannot even imagine.

Bea:I won’t allow you to threaten me. Please, leave now. And don’t you dare to involve my brother in this.

Stefan:Alright, then keep your hands off of my son!



[At RaumZeit Records]


Miriam:(on the phone) Yes, I’ll forward your request and we’ll call you back, ok? Thank you! Goodbye!

Frank:So, how is it going?

Miriam:Another interview request for Luzi. This time it’s a youth magazine. They want to do a story about school and music.

Frank:Well now we can see what a difference a TV gig makes. If it continues like this, the girl will be at the very top soon. Miriam, these are really good news.

Miriam:Yes, for us.

Frank: Yes, but also for Luzi, no? Sorry, but every girl dreams of this kind of thing!

Miriam: Yes, of course. I’m just not sure if Luzi knows what will be in store for her in the future. I mean, she will do is work in the upcoming months. That means she’ll barely be able to meet her friends.

Caro: That’s no problem...since she doesn’t have any friends anymore. Well, not that she ever had many…but after she didn’t make it to the charity concert for Timo, STAG kicked her out.

Miriam:What? Gosh, the poor dear! (Who is paying this woman to be working in a music label?I forgot..lonely Frank..)

Caro:Depends on how you look at it. I would say there is one scheduling problem less.

Miriamsarcastic:Yes, and that’s what will be of comfort to Luzi now. Mhm.

Caro: Sooner or later she would have had to cancel this anyway. I mean, if you want to be successful you have to set priorities.

Frank:You’ve got a point there.

Caro:She’ll make new friends anyway as soon as her song becomes a hit.

Frank:But first, we’ve got to do a really good job. It hasn’t been enough yet. We need a lot of press so that we can really push the single.

Caro:I know that. That’s why I’ve already prepared the press portfolio. I asked for some stills of the performance and tomorrow the copies should be here. And then I’ll send everything out.

Frank:I’m impressed.

Caro:I’m just doing my job.

Frank:Then please keep on doing it just like this!

Caro:I will.

Frank:Well, Miriam, we all know that this won’t be a walk in the park. But this is a huge opportunity for Luzi! Should we give up on this because of it?

Miriam:No, of course not. But my daughter is just about 3 years younger than Luzi and sometimes the worried mother just comes through.

Frank:I’ll take care of Luzi. (I really would have liked a second season just to find out in what way he will..)

Miriam:Ok. (phone rings)RaumZeit Records, Miriam Vogel speaking…Yes, exactly. Luzi is under contract with us.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]



Luzi: I want to build up a sing and dance AG (project group), cause I want something to change at this school

*Kiss from a rose*

*Chasing cars*

*Zeig mir den Himmel* (Show me heaven) Sister Act



[Bea’s place]

Bea: What do you want…Ben!

Ben:Who did you expect?


Ben:Hey, I’m glad I’m not nobody, with your temper like that.

Bea:What are you doing here? Don’t you have to be at school?

Ben:I missed you.

Okay Bea, what’s the matter. I thought we were finally over this permanent backandforth.

Bea:You’re still my student.

Ben:So what! We belong together. I can’t change that and you can’t, either.

Bea:If we get busted that would be the end of your school career and my job.



[At Pestalozzi]


Bodo:I,too, think that it sucked how it went down, but I also think that in the long run it’s the only solution.. Hey, Luzi is starting her career, she won’t have any time because of all of those appointments.

Timo: But maybe we should support her rather instead of kick her out. And that’s what I am going to tell her right now.

Boy:Hey Luzi, we saw you on TV.

Boy: That was you, right?

Luzi: Yes.

Boy: You see, I told you that it was her.

Boy:May I have an autograph?

Luzi: For sure.

Boy: Oh, can I also have one for Conny.

Bodo:Shall I push you through?

Timo:Let it be. I think we would just intrude. She should be able to simply enjoy all of the fuss.

Bodo:Well, Luzi is playing in another league now, huh




[Bea’s place]


Ben:Nobody will find out if we’re careful.

Bea:Somebody already has found out. Your father.

Ben:My father doesn’t have a problem with it. I already told you.

Bea:Why are you so sure about it?

Ben:Stupid as it sounds, somehow he has changed. When I went to him after the accident because I needed his help, he was there for me. Since then we have an understanding. He respects me. Sure, he still wants me to graduate, but he doesn’t stress me as much as he used to.

Bea:Sounds good.

Ben:Yes. And what’s more, I never thought I would ever talk about my father that way. But whatever, we were talking about another subject.

Bea: I have to go. The AG is waiting.

Ben:They can occupy themselves for a few minutes. They managed, yesterday. (WTH! Bea, go to friggin' class!)

Bea:Bad enough I left them hanging yesterday in the first place. An apology is still due.

Ben:You just want to rush off? The thing with us in limbo?

Bea:The thing with us won’t work.

Ben:You told me yesterday that you loved me. Was that a lie?

Bea:No, it was not. But it doesn’t change anything.

Ben:It changes everything.

Bea:It doesn’t change who you are.

Ben:So what!

Bea:If we had a hidden relationship we would have to lie to everyone. Everyone. You can’t do that.

Ben:I can.

Bea:No you can’t! You wear your heart on your sleeve. Everybody can see from a hundred meters away how you are feeling. You follow your emotions, you’re spontaneous. That’s why you always get into trouble.

Ben:I can change that.

Bea:No. You are who you are. That’s why I love you.

Ben:What kind of screwed up logic is that (Ben has never watched a soap or a mini series before.despite the floral bed designs..)? We can’t be together because I am how I am. But I shouldn’t change because you love me for exactly that?

Bea:Please understand.

Ben:No, you have to finally understand that you’re mistaken. Bea, I can control myself. I can keep my emotions to myself. And if you don’t believe me then…

Bea:Then what?

Ben:Then I will prove it to you.




Michael: Bea!

Bea: Wha..what are you doing here? I thought you were in Venice,still.

Michael: Yes, I’ve come back sooner. It looks as though I can’t stand being by myself for long.

Is everything alright?

Bea: Äh yes! Yes.

Michael: Do you maybe have a moment right now? I…I would like to discuss something with you.

Bea: I’m on my way to the AG. I’m late already.

Michael: I just want to get this off of my chest. It won’t take long. It’s really important to me. The students can entertain themselves for a bit.(WTH! Again!With all the personal drama, Bea can just get herself kicked out of STAG..just a minute, til Helena shows up..)

Bea: Alright. Quickly.

Michael: Quickly.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Caro: Well, I can only stay for half an hour tops then I’ll have to leave. If they haven’t arrived by then, you’ll have to manage without me.

Jenny: I believe, it will not be easy…but we will be able to cope.

Bodo: It’s going to be so cool to be able to thrust the wad of cash into Schmidt-Heisig’s hands.

Emma: She surely will have to pretend to be happy for us.

Bodo: And act decidedly happy that you will be able to stay now.

Timo: Guys, I’m really wondering where Frau Vogel is. She should have already been here 10 minutes ago.

(Oh, Timo..just don't ask..the janitor probably needed to talk to her,too..)

Caro: Word!

Timo: I mean, yesterday during the concert she was missing and too late as well.(I edited “came too late* out here,btw..*cough*)

Emma: But she was here.

Timo: What? Unlike Luzi?

Jenny: Timo…I can understand that you're missing her but…it was the right decision, believe me.

Timo: This has nothing to do with missing anyone, I just think Luzi belongs here.

Frau Krawcyk: I’m really proud of all of you. It’s really great what you’ve managed to accomplish.

Helena: I can only second that. Great achievement, congratulations.

Jenny: Well, our audience has been very generous, fortunately. And that’s why we can present you today with more money than is needed for the modifications. Here you go.

Emma: This is 3244,32 € and the cost estimate by the construction company we contacted was 2500.

Bodo: We are all happy that Timo will soon be able to reach his class room all by himself.

They cheer.

Helena: Thank you. I really appreciate how you are sticking up for Timo.You’ve made a great effort and you’ve achieved quite a lot.

Jenny: Yes, exactly. So what are you saying?

Helena: The gentlemen you saw earlier were from the municipal building inspection.

Timo: Ähm…And why building inspection?

Helena: Before I started to invest your money I wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be a problem with building law regulations.

Emma: But we do have a lift. It only has to be renovated.

Helena: It’s not that simple. The planned lift renovations are not in accordance with the current security measures for public buildings.

Frau Krawcyk:But I’m sure these measures can be met.

Helena: Of course. But for that we would have to invest again as much as we have already collected.

Everyone talking at once.

Jenny: But the people from the construction company should have known that.

Helena: Quiet please. Since we don’t have the money, our hands are tied.

Emma: So that means we can’t build the lift?

Helena: Unfortunately, yes.

Timo: That means, I can’t stay at the school.

Helena: It looks like you will have to choose one of the handicapped accessible schools, Herr Özgül.



Michael: I’ve had a lot of time to think this last week. I’ve tried not to think about Cologne. Not about the school and not about us. I just wanted to clear my head.

Bea: Michael…

Michael: Bea, we made a mistake.

Bea: With what?

Michael: The break-up.

Bea: A mistake?

Michael: Please don’t interrupt me. I’ve thought hard about this. We made a mist…I mean, I made a mistake. I can’t explain it myself how this thing with Helena could have happened.

Bea: We both made mistakes.

Michael: We both have been through a lot. We've had difficult times but we also had fantastic moments. Moments I wouldn’t want to miss. Those days I was away without you…every day seemed so empty and meaningless. And you know why? Because you weren’t with me. Bea, I love you and I don’t want it to be over.