Episode 206



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Ben:Now it’s finally about us. And that’s why…

Bea:NO! It’s not about us. At least not solely.


Bea:Ben, you…you don’t even have any idea what it means!

Ben:That we can be together!

Bea:No! It means that my brother will face financial difficulties and lose his house.

Ben:Ok, but what does it have to do with us?

Bea:Your father. He threatened me. If I don’t keep my hands off of you he will call in the Piet’s mortgages and he will lose his house.





Ben:My father threatened you.


Ben:And why didn’t you say a word of this to me?

Bea:Cause you have just reconciled with him.

Ben:And that’s why you accept that he just plays me for a complete sucker, again.

Bea:I didn’t want to burden you with it because I knew how you would react. I’m sorry.

Ben:You needn’t be sorry. My father will be sorry. That asshole!

Bea:Ben, wait.

Ben:I’ll sort this out with him.

Bea:You can’t tell him.

Ben:Sure I can!

Bea:Don’t you understand? My brother will lose his house. Piet has mortgages he cannot just pay back.

Ben:He couldn’t do that.

Bea:He can. And he will. He told me that.

Ben:But that’s blackmail.

Bea:I know. But your father has the upper hand.




Luzi: Tell me, are you out of your mind?


Luzi:I donated the money for the lift anonymously and now it’s in this sh*tty gossip rag.

Caro: It’s not my fault if they make a sentimental story out of it.

Luzi: But you blabbed that I donated the money for Timo.

Caro:Better be grateful. Do you know what an article in this size would normally cost?

Luzi: No.

Caro:I can tell you it costs a pretty sum. And I managed to get you in there for free. Your single was mentioned twice.

Luzi:I look like a hypocrite. Timo thinks that I just used his disability to stand there as the mega charity bitch. And my friends think that was totally crappy.

Caro: What friends? I advise you to follow my example more and rather concentrate on your career than on the stupid talk of some people. And the article is great. In the photo you even look better than in real life.

Luzi:Hey, just stop always interfering.

Caro:Sorry. That’s my job.

Luzi:Your job?

Caro:Stars need headlines. So I make sure at the label that you’re getting some. And sorry, now I have to go. Unlike you, I really want this. The career.





Ben:Sh*t! Sorry. What will we do now?

Bea:If your father realizes that I told you and that we are still seeing each other…

Ben:Your brother will get in trouble, I got it. I won’t tell him.

Bea:That won’t even be necessary if he learns that you dropped out.

Ben:Then I will withdraw the notice.

Bea:Where is it?

Ben:I just gave it to Mrs. Jäger.

Bea:Okay, I’ll get it. How does the envelope look?

Ben: Big, grey, with my address on it. You can’t miss it.

Bea:Okay, I’ll take care of it. And we’ll see each other later.

Ben:Hey, ehm…good luck.

(Bea is leaving the room)




[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bodo: I think, they portrait Luzi as pretty calculating.

Caro: What’s calculating about helping a disabled friend?

Emma: That you are only doing it to make it into the newspaper?

Caro: Is this the special school for PR dyslexics, or what? So once more, if you want to sell records you should make sure that people know about you. Clear? That’s called publicity.

Bodo: But apparently Luzi doesn’t want that.

Caro: But that’s how it works. She will have to get used to it.

Bodo: There are people who care more about friendship than about their career.

Jenny: Yeah okay…but it’s good for her single. People are talking about her.

Caro: At least Jenny gets it.

Bodo: So you think it’s okay?

Jenny: No but…Caro is right when she says that Luzi should get used to the fact that for her everything is going to change now.

Emma: Jenny, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as it was for you back then.

(Ouch! Jenny expected a little more loyalty from her girlfriend. Yup, and Emma realizes this, too. Lucy’s gazes are awesome)

Caro: I’m all for getting Luzi back. I mean, nobody cares about the STAG anymore and Luzi could get us the needed boost, if you know what I mean.

Timo: Hey. So, what’s up?

Jenny: We were just about to start.

Caro: We’re thinking about getting Luzi back and…

Emma: Shut up!

Jenny: Let’s just start, okay?


[STAG performs Survivor

Timo is once again unable to finish his part due to coughing.]



[Pestalozzi, school office]


Bea: Hi, Ingrid.

Frau Jäger: Hello.

Bea: Everything alright?

Frau Jäger: Yes.

Bea: Ähm. Frau Schmidt-Heisig isn’t in right now?

Frau Jäger: No, but she should be back any moment.

Bea: It’s really you I wanted to talk to anyway. I’m missing a letter.

Frau Jäger: Well, to be honest, I’m always glad when Frau Schmidt-Heisig isn’t around.

Bea: I can understand that.

Frau Jäger: Before, when Frau Krawcyk was still principal, the atmosphere was just – how should I say – more cordial.

Bea: Well, times are changing. Could I look through the mail? I’m really missing this letter.

Frau Jäger: I’m very sure there wasn’t a letter for you today.

Bea: Maybe it got between the other mail by mistake…

Frau Jäger: Well, since Frau Schmidt-Heisig has been calling the shots here, I always check everything twice.

Bea: Ingrid, I know how meticulous you are but could I anyway (check for myself)?

Frau Jäger: Yes, of course.

Helena: I’m back! – Have the new learning aid guidelines been released yet?

Frau Jäger: They are already on your desk. And here you go.

Helena: Very good, thanks.

Bea: Frau Schmidt-Heisig. I urgently have to talk to you.

Helena: Then please return after the long recess.

Bea: Äh, it can’t wait.

Helena: Okay, so what is it?

Bea: Well, as I said I want to urgently talk to you about something.

Helena: Please make it quick.

Helena is opening her mail and gets closer and closer to Ben’s letter.

Bea: I know your time is valuable and I don’t want to bother you for long but sometimes the circumstances don’t leave you any choice. I’m…I’m running out of time and at the moment I’m seeing a big problem approaching us. If we don’t find a solution now it will have devastating consequences. (Just tell her already that you are madly in love with her! All this unresolved sexual tension is killing me.)That’s why we have to go to the auditorium at once... So you can personally get an idea of the problem.

Helena: Right this second? That’s not possible. Nothing doing.

Bea: You have to. It’s urgent, it can’t wait.

Helena: Ähm, Frau Vogel, please get to the point. What exactly is this about?

Bea: About the AG…STAG. (But before she can elaborate that she doesn’t want to go stag to parties anymore and would Helena please be her date…)

The fire alarm goes off.

Helena: Now, what’s all this again!? Frau Jäger? Is there really a fire or is it just a test alarm?

Bea uses Helena’s short absence to grab the envelope from her desk.

Helena: I don’t believe this.

Bea: Okay, then I’ll just go take care of the students.

Helena: One moment. Make sure that the students leave the building in an orderly fashion.

Bea: Of course.




Bodo:Cool. Somebody pushes the little button and bam! we all have an extra break!

Emma: And what if it’s a real alarm?

Timo:You see any fires?

Emma:There are smoldering fires. Carbon monoxide is very toxic.

Caro: Hey, no chemistry chatter at break-time or I’ll get very bitchy.

(Emma’s look to Caro says: “Shut up!” again)

Bodo:At least now we know that Timo can get out of the school very well. The staircases were no problem.

Timo:Yes, great.

Bodo:Timo. Just laugh. – What’s the matter?

Timo:The rehearsal. Don’t pretend you didn’t realize it.

Jenny: All together the performance was ok.

Emma:Yes. And your moves were absolutely cool. You’re getting better every time. True, isn’t it?

Bodo: Yes.

Timo:Dude, I didn’t strike one right note. Not even my wheelie performance can help there.

Caro:He’s right in saying that.

Emma:He isn’t! Hey, you just have to practice a bit and then it will work out.

Timo:Singing doesn’t work, dancing even less. I don’t understand why I’m still here.

Jenny:Hey, you, we just like having you around.

Timo:Like a mascot, thanks, I’d rather do without. I’m out of here.



[Raum Zeit Records]


Frank:Well I’m really thrilled about this picture, but in the future I would appreciate it if we first talked it over. You agree with that? Very good.

Caro:You already got it. I just brought some copies for the clipping folder, great isn’t it?

Frank:Then it was your idea?

Caro:Well I thought what Luzi needed was publicity. That’s why I lent a hand.

Frank:Lent a hand?

Caro:I didn’t fabricate anything about her. All that was written are facts. I only thought it would be a pity to just give away her donation without making something of it.

Frank:Well, you’re absolutely right. Caro, the timing is perfect, but I don’t want such things to happen behind my back. You understand?

Caro:Everything had to be done quickly. The reporter was there…

Frank:Caro! Listen! It’s really good PR, but in the future you really have to consult me.



Caro:I already have many new ideas. I mean, the story with Timo was just the beginning.

Frank:Ah, you seem to have a talent for PR.


Frank:That’s good to know. Well...





Ben:Did you get the letter?

Bea:Yes. Mrs. Schmidt-Heisig already had it in her hands. It was that close.

Ben:But it did work.

Bea:Nevertheless Ben. If we want to get through this you’ll have to let me in on your plans sooner.

Ben:Ok. No more single-handed attempts. We are a team.

Bea:And you won’t tell your father a word.

Ben:Okay. And we shouldn’t talk to anybody else either. But I don’t need anybody to talk to. I’ve got you.

They kiss. (I yawn.)

Bea:It’s not that easy, isn’t it. To lie to everyone around you.

Ben:We’ll manage.

Bea:Anyway, I have found a possibility for us. I did want to talk to you about it this morning already.

Ben:Emigrate. I’m in.

Bea:No, I…I will apply to another school. I already have a job interview this afternoon.


Bea:Yes. It’s a private school. Looks like I have a good chance to be accepted.

Ben:No! No way!

Bea:Ben. It would be the solution to our problem.

Ben:Bea. The Pestalozzi is your school and you will become principal.

Bea:Who knows if that will ever happen?

Ben sees a letter

Ben:From the Harani bank?

Bea:Yes, I took it by accident. I’ll bring it back later.

Ben:Well, let us just see what my father is writing to the principal.

Bea:Ben, I have to bring it back.

Ben:Hush, too late.

Bea:And? What is he writing?

Ben:OK. If I understand this correctly, then my father and the Schmidt-Heisig want to wipe out our school!

Bea: What?



[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: Well 4pm, we will see each other at the meeting, I’m looking forward to it. Hey! Ohhhh, you’re not looking happy exactly.

Luzi: No, I’m really not. Have you already seen this? This shit makes me look like a lousy hypocrite. Even my best friend despises me. And this was Caro’s doing.

Frank: Yes, I know.

Luzi: Okay. In that case, I hope you told her that this is an absolute no-no.

Frank: I told her that she will have to discuss things like that with me in the future.

Luzi: For all I care, you could have fired her just as well. I’m telling you, if she interferes in my private affairs ever again, then …

Frank: Luzi, I understand that you’re angry but this article is …

Luzi: What?

Frank: This is good PR. I mean, do you know what that kind of advertisement …

Luzi: … this big costs? No, I don’t know that. And neither do I care. This here is defamation!

Frank: I understand that you’re angry but this isn’t bad PR. On the contrary.

Luzi: It’s best if Caro and I won’t work with each other anymore. I hate her!

Frank: You know, you’re like fire and water. You don’t harmonize but when you meet it seethes.

(Ah Frank, welcome to “Cazi” shipping)

Luzi: And what exactly does that mean?

Frank: Caro will be doing your PR from now on.

Luzi: WHAT?

Frank: The advantage is, she will have to coordinate things with us then. Huh? That‘s a good idea. Caro, come over here, please!

Caro: What can I do for you?

Frank: Dear Caro, I would like the two of you to come up with a game plan for the best way of getting Luzi Beschenko into the papers.

Luzi: Nah, that’s not going to work.

Frank: You bet that’s the way it works. And I’m sure you’ll succeed. Yes? Thank you. Right!

Caro: Well I thought we’d start with a soup kitchen for the homeless or in an animal shelter. Little clumsy puppy dogs are always a winner.

Luzi: Hmm, really awesome. But unfortunately, I have to leave now. But why don’t you go and write it down on a piece of paper.

Caro: Okay.

Luzi: Good and then we will use it make a pretty fire.



[Pestalozzi, attic]


Ben: Ey, who is my old man for real? Dr Jekyll and Mr Asshole?

Bea: Here it says something about refurbishment, but they want to demolish the Pestalozzi. And in addition, three more schools in Cologne.

Ben: And where are the students supposed to go?

Bea: Erm … new building, industrial area, outskirts. Room for 2000 students.

Ben: Gosh! Sounds like a battery farm.

Bea: Well, for the Harani-Bank it’s not actually about the students but only about money.

Ben: Oh well, with the real estate prices in the city centre, there are large profits to be made.

Bea: If they really demolish the Pestalozzi and in addition a few other schools with a long-standing tradition; in their place they will build shopping centres, there are millions at stake.

Ben: And Schmidt-Heisig is supposed to sell it as pedagogically valuable and to force it through the department.

Bea: And as thanks she will become the new uber-headmistress.



[Bergmann mansion]


Stefan: May I make introductions? This is Mr Wheeler.

Helena: Nice to meet you.

Mr. Wheeler: Nice to meet you.

Stefan: Mr Wheeler had a few more interesting ideas concerning our financial plan. You surely read it.

Helena: I would have very much liked to read it if I had received one.

Stefan: I sent it to your office via express this morning.

Helena: Oh in that case my secretary misplaced it or it slipped in between somewhere.

Stefan: In that case I hope that it will turn up again really fast. Do you have any idea what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands?

Helena: Don’t worry about it; no one goes into my office just like that.

Stefan: Oh.

Helena: Except …

Stefan: Except?

Helena: Oh nothing, forget it. Don’t worry about it.



[Pestalozzi, attic]


Ben: That really stinks! They won’t get away with that! That, that, pfff, that is almost criminal!

Bea: I’m sure your father has covered all his bases.

Ben: Yes, but you can’t just demolish a school.

Bea: Yes, that’s why he got Helena on board. For her, that means more money, a career boost.

Ben: Yes and for that she is forcing his plan through. Bitch!

Bea: We have to prevent that.

Ben: You have to prevent that. You have to stay at this school.

Bea: You’re right.



[Stefan’s office]

Stefan: Okay. With the investors everything is settled. Now only the principals’ conference has to proceed as we have planned.

Helena: Don’t worry. I’ve got it covered.

Stefan: Sure? As you know, every principal AND the vice-principals must vote for this unanimously.

Helena: I have known most of them since university. And if we emphasize the possibilities, I’m sure they will vote for it.

Mr. Wheeler: Have a nice day.

Helena: You too.

Mr. Wheeler: See you later.



[Bergmann villa]

Ben: Sushi?

Stefan: Yes, I wanted to be on the safe side. – So, you wanted to discuss something important with me.

Ben: Yes, that’s right. - Why are you looking like that?

Stefan: I’m waiting for what will come now.

Ben: Yes well, then I’ll get to the point…I got an A in German.

Stefan: You got an A in German?

Ben: Yes, and I thought you would be pleased.

Stefan: Yes, that sounds great. Congratulations.

Ben: But you expected more.

Stefan: Ben, you always get good grades when you attend classes.

Ben: What exactly did you expect?

Stefan: Well, to be honest, I expected our talk to revolve around your teacher, Frau Vogel.


[The Vogel home]


Beaon the phone: You haven’t heard about any other construction projects? Not even at other schools? Yes, then I’m sorry. I must have misunderstood something. Okay, thank you very much. Good bye, Herr Wendtland. Damn!

Miriam: Lara?!

Bea: Hi.

Miriam: Hi. Say, have you seen Lara? I wanted to go with her downtown.

Bea: No, I haven’t.

Miriam: Do you want to come with us? Do a little shopping?

Bea: Shopping? No, I have too much to do.

Miriam: Like what?

Bea: Nothing. Just the usual. School.

Miriam: Okaay…What are you hiding from me?

Bea: Nothing. I’m not.

Miriam: Yes, I think you are. What’s up? Should I cancel the date with Lara so the two of us can talk a little bit?

Bea: No, no. It’s good. I’m good.

Miriam: Okay. Then…the two of us will talk tomorrow on the phone…

Bea: Sure.

Bea hugs Miriam.

Miriam: Okaay… See you.

Bea: See you.



[Bergmann villa]

Ben: Sorry but why should we be talking about Frau Vogel again? I don’t give a damn about her anymore.

Stefan: Aha…

Ben: Is there maybe something you would like to tell me?

Stefan: Ben, you invited me to lunch to tell me something very important.

Ben: Right. There is nothing going on anymore between Frau Vogel and me.

Stefan: How did that happen?

Ben: She ended it. She doesn’t want to be involved with a student.

Stefan: And she couldn’t have decided that sooner?

Ben: Anyway…Could we change the subject?

Stefan: Gladly. Frau Vogel won’t be a subject in the future anyway.

Ben: Why?

Stefan: This person is intolerable. Who knows who else she is sleeping with. The sooner she is gone the better, don’t you think? Ben? Is everything alright with you?

Ben: Sure. Everything’s good.

Stefan: Then why are you so nervous?

Ben: I’m not nervous at all.

Stefan: But you do seem nervous. Is there really nothing going on anymore between you and Frau Vogel?