Episode 207



[Bergmann mansion]


Ben: Can we change the subject?

Stefan: Gladly, since Ms Vogel won‘t be a subject in the future anyways.

Ben: Why?

Stefan: That person is unacceptable. Who knows, who else she’s sleeping with. The sooner she’s gone the better, don’t you think? Ben, is everything all right with you?

Ben: Sure, everything’s fine.

Stefan: And why are you so nervous?

Ben: I’m not nervous at all.

Stefan: But you seem to be nervous. Is there really nothing going on anymore between you and Ms Vogel?




Ben: No, there really isn’t anything going on anymore between me and Ms Vogel. And could you now finally stop talking about it all the time?

Stefan: Yes but why?

Ben: Because I … because it already hurts like hell as it is. Can you understand that?

Stefan: Yes. Well, she wasn’t the one for you.

Ben: I know. Especially … forget it.

Stefan: Well what?

Ben: I thought I meant something to her. The way she dumped me was beneath contempt. She doesn’t give a damn about me.

Stefan: I’m sorry about that.

Ben: Yes, so am I. And Ms. Schmidt-Heisig really wants to kick her out of school?

Stefan: Yes, at least she wants to keep an eye on her. Ms Vogel cannot afford too many more mistakes in the future.



[Pestalozzi, students‘ lounge]

Luzi is sitting on the couch reading. Emma sees her and hesitantly comes over.

Emma: Hey.

Luzi: Hey.

Emma: May I sit down?

Luzi: Sure.

Emma: What are you reading there?

Luzi: Err, it is some marketing stuff from the label, talent-building etc. Oh god, I’m already talking like them.

In the background Jenny is talking to two guys playing table football.

Emma: I hope you’re not angry that we …

Luzi: That you kicked me out? It’s okay. You were probably even right.

Emma: I know…you didn’t make the donation for PR reasons.

Jenny is now at one of the stand-up tables watching Emma and Luzi rather distrustfully.

Luzi: How is he doing then? Well Timo. Is he at least happy he can stay here?

Emma: Yes, yes I think so. - No idea. I think he wants to leave STAG.

Luzi: What? How come?

Emma: Because the rehearsal recently was rather awful and his voice is still not okay.

Luzi: Well, he has to practice then.

Emma: I know but he’s just stubborn! I think he needs someone to help him.

Luzi: You mean me? Oh Emma, I don’t know.

Jenny has had enough of this and comes over.

Jenny: Emma? Could you spare me a second?

Emma: Err yeah sure.

Luzi: Yes, I gotta go to geography anyway. Erm, I will try to talk to him.

Emma: Cool.

Luzi: Thanks.

She gets up and leaves and Jenny sits down next to Emma. Emma looks happy that she had such a successful friendly talk with Luzi. But drama is just around the corner.

Jenny: Didn’t we agree on keeping our distance?



[Pestalozzi, attic]


Ben: The Eagle has landed.

Bea: What?

Ben: I thought we’d need some sort of encoded language now because of secrecy and so on.

Bea: That’s not funny. … Yes okay, it is funny.

Ben: By the way, my father tried to figure out if there’s still something going on between us.

Bea: And? What did you tell him?

Ben: That we love each other and are meeting in secret.

Bea: Ben!

Ben: Nonsense! I told him you dumped me and I was a mess.

Bea: He believed you?

Ben: Tsk! Of course, he believed me. I can lie just as well as he does.

Bea: Good.

Ben: And you? Found out anything about his mission “We will demolish the Pestalozzi”?

Bea: I called Wendtland.

Ben: And what did he say?

Bea: I didn’t ask him directly. I wanted to pick his brains.

Ben: But he doesn’t know anything?

Bea: No.

Ben: Meh, yeah and now, what are we going to do?

Bea: No idea. *sigh*



[Pestalozzi, students’ lounge]


Emma: But someone definitely has to help him, or else he will really quit the S.T.A.G.

Jenny: But not Luzi.

Emma: But why?

Jenny: Because she will disappoint him, because she doesn’t have time for things like that.

Emma: But how do you really know that?

Jenny: Frank Peters entered a record deal with her. He wants to establish her as a solo artist. Do you even know what that means?

Emma: Yes, of course I know what it means. I’m not stupid, you know.

Jenny: That means Luzi won’t have any free time at all. She will have to do PR, shoot videos, give interviews, sign autographs and I don’t know what.

Emma: Yes then…then Luzi will help Timo in between things.

Jenny: In between? Being a pop star is a full-time job. If anyone got that then it’s me.

Emma: How old were you back then? Nine?

Jenny: Thirteen.

Emma: I just don’t understand why you refuse to talk about this topic! The period of time when you were “Little Heart” was great, wasn’t it?

Jenny: So-so.

Emma: What kind of dramatic thing happened to you at that time anyways?

Jenny: Ugh, nothing! It might be true that Timo needs somebody to help him overcome his singing blockade. But Luzi is just not the right person for that job.

Emma: Yeah fortunately, you know all about that.

Jenny: In this case I actually do.

Emma: Great! Should I always ask for your opinion from now on if I want to talk to Luzi and Timo?

Emma leaves Jenny sitting on the couch.



[Pestalozzi, staff room]


Helena: Just write a report about it and I will look into it prior to the next teacher’s conference.

Teacher: Yes okay.

Helena: Michael? Would you mind having a look at this?

Michael: What’s that?

Helena: That, my dear, is a promising project to support further education of teachers which I need help with. A meeting has been scheduled for next week and I’m still lacking a couple of ideas for the implementation. I would like you to get involved in this. Perhaps we could actually work something out together.

Michael: Helena, I don’t think I’m the right person for that and furthermore, I don’t have time for this.

Helena: You are deputy headmaster.

Michael: And as deputy headmaster, I haven’t had anything to do with those kinds of things until now. And besides, you have been doing just fine without me so far.

Helena: Yes I know. But I got the impression we should start working a bit more closely together. As headmistress and deputy headmaster we could go far, couldn’t we?

Michael: Oh really?

Helena: If you like we could look through the documents together. Then I’d be able to inform you about other projects as well along the way.

Michael: Erm … thanks, yes, another time perhaps.

Helena: Fine. Let me know when you’re ready. I’m interested in your suggestions.



[Pestalozzi, snack area]

Emma is leaning on a stand-up table deep in thought when a nervous Jenny comes up to her. (CUTE! Fiddling with her bracelet.)

Jenny: You’re actually right.

Emma: About what?

Jenny: Well, this whole hype about Luzi, it reminds me of the past.

Emma: When you used to be famous?

Jenny: Well, when everyone wanted the best picture of me. Just like it is now with Luzi. I mean, this newspaper article about Timo – do you really think he wanted to be on the cover of some gossip rag?

Emma: But that’s not Luzi’s fault.

Jenny: And I'm not blaming her for this.

Emma: But?

Jenny: Luzi is leading a completely different life at the moment.

Emma: But nevertheless, we are still her friends.

Jenny: So we can serve as the next front-page story?

Emma: You don’t really think they would write about us?

Jenny: *sigh* Sure. Rising star and lesbian couple. The press, they…they are jumping on everything that remotely looks like a story, aren’t they? I don’t want to fight with you.

Emma: Oh, neither do I.

They hug.


[Pestalozzi, attic]


Ben: You know, it looks like my father has been dreaming about these Pestalozzi Arcades for years. I mean otherwise this project wouldn’t be so far ahead.

Bea: We really have to hurry up if we want to prevent them from demolishing the school. We need more facts. Who’s behind this? Who is the Harani-Bank working with in this case?

Ben: If they really succeed in building their mega school complex on the outskirts heads will roll for sure. Yours for example.

Bea: That is very encouraging, thanks.

Ben: Look how many people have to sign here.

Bea: Huh?

Ben: Four people have to approve here.

Bea: Let me have a look … Michael! Michael is the deputy headmaster and they need his signature in order to pass the agreement.

Ben: And you think if we ask him for help he will give it to us? Because the two of us are just the people he likes best?

Bea: That’s got nothing to do with it. This is not about something private. This is about school, something Michael cares about just as much as we do.

Ben: Yes okay, in that case you should talk to him.

Bea: Yes.





Jenny: What would you like to drink?

Emma: Errr, a (Club-)Mate.

Jenny: Okay. Look.

They see Sophie, who seems to be high on drugs, dancing.

Emma: Yeah at least Ronnie doesn’t seem to be accompanying her tonight.

Jenny: Lucky him.

Emma: I’ll be right back, ok?

Jenny: See you in a bit.

On her way to the bathroom Emma encounters Ronnie. Ronnie pushes Emma towards a wall in the next room

Emma: Leave me alone!

Ronnie: I’m not doing anything. I just want to talk a little bit.

Emma tries to leave but Ronnie blocks her attempts to go past him.

Ronnie: What’s the matter with you? I thought you were into girls?

Jenny is sitting at the bar watching Sophie, lost in thought.

Barkeeper: What can I get you? … Hello?

Jenny: What?

Ronnie: I’m going to ask you something. I’ve always wanted to know this. Well, when you’re having sex, you and Jenny, what exactly are you doing then?

Emma: That’s…none of your business.

Ronnie: But I’d really like to know.

Emma: Fuck you!

Emma tries again to leave but Ronnie pushes her back against the wall

Ronnie: Fuck you? Erm, that’s not that easy for me. I actually need a woman for that. Look, that’s something we have in common. You need a woman for that as well, don’t you? Have you ever had a threesome?

Emma storms away and this time Ronnie doesn’t stop her.



[Pestalozzi, staff room]


Helena: You’re still here. Can you now spare a moment for me?

Michael: No, no, I can’t.

Helena: Michael, our private problems aside, we do complement each other rather well in the workplace, don’t we?

Michael: Yes, yes, when you were leading the way we never really had any problems. That’s true.

Helena: Have you already thought about suggestions for the project?

Michael: No, I haven’t.

Helena: Fine. I’m going to get us some coffee. In fact, I’d like to introduce you to a different project as well. A very exciting cooperation. You will be thrilled. Milk and sugar, as usual?

Michael: Err thanks, neither nor, because I will be going home now. I won’t be working on any projects anymore tonight. You know, Helena, just because you decided we should be working more closely together from now on doesn’t mean I agree. In fact, I’m fed up with your shenanigans.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben and Bea are kissing in the hallway.

Bea: Ben, wait, let us leave separately, better safe than sorry.

Ben: Pfff!

Bea rounds the corner and see Michael coming her way.

Bea: (louder than necessary)Michael! What are you doing here?

Bea: Sorry Bea, I’m not in the mood for small talk.

Bea: Erm, can’t we act like two grown-ups?

Michael: Bea, two grown-ups, where one of them dumped the other one, are usually avoiding each other.

Bea: I have to discuss something job-related with you.

Michael: We will have to postpone it, I’m off work now.





Emma comes up to Jenny who is still sitting at the bar starring at Sophie.

Emma: Have you already ordered?

Jenny: Oh sorry, it totally slipped my mind.

Emma: Not to worry. Erm, I would actually prefer going somewhere else.

Jenny: Really? Ey, just let us stay a little bit longer.

Emma: Why?

Jenny: *sigh* Because … Sophie is a mess.

Emma: Yes but her boyfriend is with her.

Jenny sees Ronnie give Sophie a pill (tongue involved ;D ).

Jenny: Oh wow, that wanker is getting her high.

Emma: Yes that’s another reason to leave. Come, let them do whatever they want.

Jenny: Emma, Sophie is a total mess.

Emma: So what?

Jenny: So what?

Emma: Yes, if she is dumb enough to hang out with him.

Jenny: Oh yeah, dumb and then everything’s fine again or what? Seriously, she’s got a drug problem.

Emma: And I have a Ronnie problem. Are you coming?

Jenny: Is it that awful or what?

Emma: Well, great that you know better again.

Jenny: *sigh*

Jenny: Emma! Emma, come on wait! What’s the matter?

Emma: Well, if you prefer hanging out with Sophie, be my guest.

Jenny: *sigh* That’s nonsense. I really don’t want that. Are you jealous of Sophie, now?

Emma: No. But you don’t seem to notice what’s going on around you.

Jenny: Listen, Sophie is a total mess.

Emma: Does that really have to be your problem?

Jenny: Emma I’m concerned because Ronnie is stuffing her with some crap and she doesn’t realize what’s going on anymore.

Emma: Why is Sophie so important to you all of a sudden? I want to go now.

Jenny: Let us just have another drink here.

Emma: No.

She leaves. Jenny is conflicted but decides to stay and keep an eye on Sophie.


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma is singing „Save Me“

(Did I say I didn’t have a favourite HaHe song? Kasia, marry me! Yours forever, heph.

Sat.1, I wanna buy this song and am willing to pay obscene amounts of money for it. Yours just until HaHe ends, heph.)



[In front of Chulos]


It’s the next morning. Jenny is sitting in her car half asleep.

Sophie and the barkeeper leave the Chulos.

Barkeeper: I’m sorry, I can’t give you a lift, bye.

Jenny: Sophie? Hey, Sophie! Sophie, what did you take? Should I take you home?

Sophie: Cool.

Jenny: Okay, you partied too much. Come on, I will take you home to my place.



[Pestalozzi, staff room]


Michael: Good morning.

Teacher: Morning.

Bea: Michael, I have to talk to you.

Michael: Bea, I still don’t have time for this.

Bea: Michael, please.

Michael: I don’t want to talk to you. I tried talking to you but you turned me away. You said you’re not interested in me. Please be so fair and leave me alone, okay?

Bea: It‘s important.

Michael: It’s important, as opposed to what? Our relationship?

Bea: I discovered something that concerns both of us, the school; I…I need your advice as deputy headmaster.

Michael: What now, you're doing this as well now? First Helena yesterday, and today it's you. What’s the matter with you?

Bea: Michael, please.

Michael: Bea, I won’t help you. And do you know why? The two of us, that’s history. Because you wanted it to be.