Episode 211


(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Pestalozzi, Helenas office]

Helena: No wonder, Ben Bergmann locked me up. I would have probably done the same thing if I had an affair with a (female) teacher. Did you really think I wouldnt know whats going on here?


[Pestalozzi, consultation room]

Bea: Do you know what she is planning? She wants to spread the rumour that there is something going on between us. And if theres one thing she is right about: At a school, the grapevine works outstandingly well.

Ben: Fuck.


[Somewhere outside, near the school]

Ronnie: No, I dont want money this time. But you could do me a little favour.

Goon: What favour?


[Chulos, parking lot]

Goon: We would like to talk to you for a bit.

Frank: This is getting really silly.

Goon: As I said, we arent finished yet.






[Chulos, parking lot]


Frank: Come on, guys, what do you actually want from me?

One of the goons pushes Frank to the ground

Frank: Come on, what the fuck?

Goon: Shut your mug already!

He kicks Frank in the stomach

Frank: Ahhhhh! Oh fuck, ohh! Ahh. (gets punched again)Ahhhh. …

Frank gets beaten up some more and just as one of the goons is about to hit him with a baseball bat, Piet comes to the rescue.

Goon: Dont just foolishly stand there.

Piet gets hit, too, falls to the ground

Piet: I called the police. Get lost.

Goon: Lets get out of here.

Jenny arrives, sees the goons leave and the hurt Frank and Piet

Jenny: Everything okay with you?

(Reallly wondering about Jenny's definition of the word ok at them moment..)


[Pestalozzi, attic]


(Ben picks up a teddy bear)

Ben: Hey there? Who are you always waiting for? Im sorry but I know what thats like. In fact, the woman I love wont show up anymore either. (he is leaving but comes back for the bear) Come on, it sucks to be alone.

(Someone buy Ben a cookie..or a teddybear..)


[Chulos, dancefloor]


Ronnie sees Jenny coming into the club and talking to Sebastian.

Ronnie: Well, here we go.

Sophie: What?

Ronnie: Nothing.

Jenny and Sebastian go outside and come back supporting Frank and Piet.

Ronnie: Fuck!



[Chulos, storage room]


Sebastian: First of all, Ill call the police, yeah?

Frank: Do you perhaps have something to, to cool …?

Sebastian: Yes, of course.

Piet: Dude, your friends have a funny way of saying hello.

Frank: Well, I dont think they are my friends.

Piet: Now excuse me, please; they were going directly after you.

Frank: No idea where they came from or who they even were.

Piet: Those tossers. I mean, they would have really bashed you right over the head with the baseball bat.

Frank: Why did you help me anyway?

Piet: Thats what I would like to know myself.

Frank: Thanks for that. Frank.

Piet: Piet.



[Chulos dancefloor]


Sophie: Could you finally tell me whats going on?

Ronnie: How many times do I have to tell you? Nothing!

Sophie: We are together, Ronnie. That means, Im there for you, okay?

Ronnie: You know what, honey? (Ronnie puts a pill into her hand) You just go and have a nice evening for now, yeah? Ive got to sort out a couple of things.



[Villa Bergmann]


Ben: (on the phone) I wouldnt have lasted until tomorrow without hearing your voice. Did you receive my second text message, too?

Bea: Yes, of course. Sorry, I didnt answer.

Ben: Well, you are angry.

Bea: It wasnt particularly clever to lock Schmidt-Heisig up in the boiler room.

Ben: I know. Apparently, I cant help screwing up.

Bea: Well, apparently.

Ben: What are we going to do now?

Bea: I dont know.

Ben: But looks like we can forget about our attic now.

Bea: Looks like it.

Ben: Gosh Bea, we cant let Schmidt-Heisig ruin everything for us.

Bea: Ben, its not just about us. If Schmidt-Heisig finds out about the two of us, then, then, not only will you have missed your chance to get your high school diploma and I will lose my job but I will also have to forget about the position as vice-principal.

Ben: Which means the Pestalozzi-School would have to give way to the Pestalozzi-Arcades.

Bea: I definitely want to prevent your father and Helena from closing our school and replacing it with a shopping centre.

Ben: I know. That means we wont see each other any more. Right? Bea? Are you still there?

Bea: Yes. Yes, Im still here. Of course, we will see each other. It will only be difficult in public. Like holding hands while walking down Ehrenstraße. Thats impossible.

Ben: Too bad.

Bea: Well, well see each other tomorrow?

Ben: I will think of you.

Bea: And I of you. Oh and Ben?

Ben: Yes?

Bea: My answer would have been: Same here.

Ben: I heard it anyway. Sleep tight.

Bea: You too.



[Chulos, storage room]


Miriam: Gosh, youre still shivering.

Piet: Well of course, because youve been pressing that cold thing to my forehead for an hour.

Frank: Miriam, you do realize youre damaging my saviour, dont you?

Miriam: Yes, oh I see, sorry. I just need a sec to get used to the idea that Piet is an action hero now.

Frank: Yes his middle name is Spiderpiet.

Piet: Haha ouch. But seriously, how come you know each other this well?

Miriam: Erm, Frank is my new boss.

Frank: And who, where, where, where do you know each other from?

Miriam: Well, yes, Piet is my husband. Well, my soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Sebastian: Well, I have done my best but I dont know if its a good idea to say goodbye to the band looking the way you do.

Frank: Oh god, I totally forgot about them. Err Piet, looking the way I do right now, would you fancy working with me?

Piet nods: Absolutely not.

Miriam: Err nah Frank, dont bother, I will take care of it, yeah? You got an urgent call and had to leave immediately. And they should just get in touch with the label again tomorrow, right?

Frank: Thanks, Miriam.

Miriam: Right, Piet.

Frank: Tell me, could we have a cold beer?

Sebastian: Of course, I will fetch you some.

Piet: Oh yes, beer would be awesome.

Frank: Its my treat, of course.



[Chulos, dancefloor]


Jenny watches Sophie, makes her way across the room towards her, knocks the pill out of her hand and crushes it with her shoe on the floor

Sophie: Ey, what the fuck are you doing?

Jenny: Sophie, I will do that every single time from now on. Every time you hold a pill or something else in your hand. (Like what a water bottle? A lipstick?)

Sophie: Oh and you want to run after me now and play drug police or what?

Jenny: Sophie, somebody has to do it if you dont get it.

Sophie: Thats none of your fucking business.

Jenny: You dont have it under control anymore, Sophie.

Sophie: Bullshit.

Jenny: Please forget the pills and, and Ronnie. Where is he anyway, that idiot?

Sophie: Would you leave us alone already? This is really fucked up.

Jenny: Yes, right. But you dont even realize just how fucked up this really is. I won`t leave you alone until youve stopped taking this crap. Until you get it. Take my word for it. And then one day you will be really glad.

Sophie: Ill be glad when you finally leave me alone. Because this is my life, do you understand?

(Sophie huffs off)

Jenny: If you carry on like that, not for much longer.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: I hope you know what you are doing.

Ben: What do you mean?

Karin: Well, because of the James Dean film: “…denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun” – Cause they dont know what they are doing (Original title: Rebel without a Cause)

You just drank the milk like he did in that one scene.

Ben: Ah, okay. Really?

Karin: Yes, somehow.

Ben: Anyway, not intentionally.

Karin: Yes, alright. Ah what a great film. Today there isnt anything like it anymore.

Ben: I think I dont know it at all.

Karin: What??? (I cant believe it too!!) Thats the one with the famous car race. Dean just managed to get out of the car right before the cliff but not the other guy. And instead of getting drunk he drinks milk. Just as you just did.

Ben: Well, I think Ive had my fill of car races for the time being.

Karin: Sorry. I didnt even think about it.

Ben: Nonsense. Everythings fine. Im sure its an awesome movie.

Karin: Is everything alright, Ben?

Ben: Sure. Except that I need to be watching a few James Dean films, apparently.

Karin: Apropos. At the beginning of the film Dean plays with a wind-up monkey.

Ben: Im starting to get scared.

Karin: Thats a Berlin bear.(Berlin's city animal is a bear, Bearlin, get it?Love my town..in summer,that is:-)

Ben: At least thats whats written on it.

Karin: Ah. Im sure thats a terrific city.

Ben: Didnt you want to go there?

Karin: How did you know that?

Ben: Luzi talked about it. It seemed to be a big thing back then.

Karin: Yes. Unfortunately it didnt work out. Now I have to wait for another chance to get to Berlin.

Ben: Well, if there is a James Dean night sometime at the cinema, the two of us will go there.

Karin: I will come back to that. Ive got to jet. Im late today.

Ben: Ah. Get home safely.

Karin: Good night Ben.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: I assume that what you are printing is not for school?

Ben: Not really.

Stefan: That figures.

Ben: But dont worry. Its only research.

Stefan: I thought its not for school?

Ben: Im going to go on a short trip on the weekend. So youll have the run of the house. So you can have a poker night or something with the guys from the Harani bank.

Stefan: A short trip? Alone?

Ben: No. Ill visit some old friends. Im going stir-crazy.

Stefan: Still Ms Vogel?

Ben: Lets say it this way. Im fed up with running into her. – Okay, Ive got to go. See you later.



[Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie: Hey.

Frank: Hello.

Ronnie: Ive heard about what happened yesterday in front of Chulos. I wanted to see how you are.

Frank: Ive been lucky. Piet helped me.

Ronnie: But they got you pretty badly, or?

Frank: Hey, Miriam and her husband did patch me up right after at the Chulos. Everythings fine.

Ronnie: Super. Really cool of those two. Especially this Piet.

Frank: Hey, Im sorry that I was so hard on you last time.

Ronnie: Forget about it. It wasnt really ok for me to grab the tickets, anyway.

Frank: Yes, there you are right too.

Ronnie: But what idiots did this? Why did they attack you?

Frank: Ronnie, I have no idea. At least it was no coincidence. And they definitively were after me.

Ronnie: What assholes.

Frank: Well, in any case I have just pressed charges with the police against persons unknown.

Ronnie: Butyou surely wont have any chance on finding out who it was, right?

Frank: I assume that the guys are on file and later I will look at the police records. Ill do it together with Piet. And then I will find those guys.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Bea and Ben meet, longing looks are exchanged, they almost touch each others handsand Helena is there to see it all with a triumphant smile.

(What would be the Ben/Bea relationship without Helena? Something vital would be missing, Im sure//She's the peanut butter to their jelly,your editor:-)


[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: No. Unfortunately not.

Police officer: Are you sure? You should look again carefully. They sometimes look very different in the pictures.

Piet: No really, none of them is in here. We really would have recognized them.

Police officer: Well, thenwe cant do a whole lot more at the moment. Well keep looking, of course, but dont let your hopes get too high.

Frank: Yes, no surprise there.

Piet: But if you find new leads youyoull let us know?

Police officer: Of course. – Well, thenhave a nice day.

Piet: Bye.

Frank: Thanks, you too. Well, bummer. And I was so counting on the photo album of Colognes finest.

Piet: Maybe I should go undercover in the Cologne rowdy scene.

Frank: Well then, that means going to the gym and lifting weights.

Piet: Well, maybe we should(looks at his and Franks arms)We dont need to. We should go and lift a few Kölsch (Cologne local beer).

Frank: Now thats a good idea.

They high-five.

(And we have a new super-couple on HaHe!//Does that mean they are going to wear superhero leggings,too?)



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Jenny comes jogging onto the court, does some stretchingand sees Ronnie and his multicoloured candy”-goon standing at their regular wall talking.

Being Jenny, she gets closer so she can hear what Ronnie is up to.


Ronnie: Keep cool, man.

Goon: Thats no problem if you stick to our deal. Hand over the coke and everything will be okay.

Ronnie: Hello? Who didnt stick to our deal, huh? You were supposed to beat the living daylights out of my brother. Instead you got your asses kicked yourselves.

Goon: How were we supposed to know that some would-be Bruce Willis would appear out of nowhere. So come on. A deal is a deal. Hand it over.

And Jenny remembers where she has seen the goon before.

[Flashback to the beginning of this episode]

Ronnie: Okay. But if the cops catch you, I had nothing to do with this whole thing. You dont even know who I am. Understood?

Goon: No problem. They wont get us. We arent on record. Thanks again. Always nice doing business with you.

Jenny looks like she cant believe what she just heard.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Ben: Good morning, Frau Vogel.

Bea: I hope all of you did your exercises? As you know, all of this will contribute to your term mark thus being relevant for your graduation (or in German simply: contribute to your Abiturvornote).

Guys! Class has started. Then Ill collect the exercises, now.

Ben: One moment.

Ben writes a note and puts it in his notebook.

Bea: Please open your books to page 94.

Bea opens Bens notebook to find the note: “I have a surprise for you



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


(And if you are wondering why Emma and Jenny are acting as if everything from their last fight has been resolved, well: Welcome to the club!

My take on it: Now that Emma is convinced that there is nothing romantic going on with Sophie, she is back in the I dont want to fight with you stage. There might be problems she doesnt know about yet but they are not relationship problems as such.// On my take, Emma blew up on in her jealousy, and knows it,jenny apologized, and although we weren't able to see them in math class, they are sitting next to each other there..they're in love, and together, and unresolved issues aside, both messed up and know it, cue awkward conversation about Chulos last night..what's your take?P.S. I was in such a stupor from all the Ben and Bea, and didn't see the preview clips, that I almost fell off of the chair in surprise as they walked into this scene..really,did, it was a weird chair.)

Jenny: The band was okay, but Ronnie and Sophie were there too.

Emma: Jenny, its incredibly nice of you to want to help Sophie but maybe she just doesnt want your help.

Jenny: Well, should I just have looked on and done nothing? I hate guys like Ronnie.

Emma: I can understand that. Even so

Jenny: Emma, I have run into too many people like Ronnie and girls like Sophie.

Emma: And?

Jenny: WellIve known someone whowho was the same way as Sophie. With her it started exactly like this. At first, party, yay! everythings great, then the big crash.

Emma: A friend of yours?

Jenny: Yeah. Something like that.

Emma: Did she…?

Jenny: No. No, thank god she didnt. But it was really close.

Emma: Andhow is she doing today?

Jenny: Shes well again. But only because she had people who helped her. It was really close with her, believe me. Sophiedoesnt have anyone to look out for her.

Emma: Do you want me to get us some coffee?

Jenny: Id like that.

Emma: Okay.

And off she goes, just in time for Ronnie to come by.

Jenny: Hey, asshole.

Ronnie: Oh, lesbian alarm.

Jenny: If I were you I would rather keep my mouth shut.

Ronnie: Becauseyou tell me to.

Jenny: Noo. Because I learned that you sicced a goon squad on your brother.

Ronnie: You are talking bullshit.

Jenny: I heard everything. Even that you paid the dipshit with coke.

If you want me to keep mum about it, youll leave Sophie alone. If I see you near her one more time, Ill blow your cover. Then your dear brother will find out that you sicced that goon squad on him.



[Pestalozzi, near the entrance]


Ben is inconspicuously (yeah, right!) watching Bea when a messenger comes up to her.

Messenger: I have a registered letter for you.

Bea: For me. You sure?

Messenger: If you are Frau Beate Vogel, yes.

(Okay, is that messenger clairvoyant? Did Ben send along a photo of Bea? Or maybe his order was to Please give the envelope to the woman Ill be staring at”).

Bea opens the envelope and pulls out a map of Berlin

Messenger: You still have to sign here that you received this.

and a gift certificate for a hotel room for 2 days/2 nights for Beate Vogel and Ben Bergmann.  

And while Bea is still on cloud no. 9 and the messenger is still waiting on her signature, Helena comes through the door. (That woman always has incredible timing.)

A student runs into Bea from behind and the papers go flying. They land, how could it be otherwise, directly at Helenas feet.

Bea: Hey!

Helena: Good day, Frau Vogel.

She picks up the papers.

Helena: So whats this then? Someone sent you something nice?