Episode 214

(Previously  on Hand  aufs  Herz)




Ronnie: You better  forget what  you  made  up about  this  planned   beating.

Or  else will be  spilling the  beans  about something  too.

Jenny: Like  what?

Ronnie: That until recently you were  still crashing  in  the  clubs  of  London That you  are a  completely  fucked-up  junkie  bitch. Hm?(He actually says “fucked up junkie bitch” in the German original, you gotta love Ronnie a little bit sometimes..that is, when he isn't busy cheating us out of a Jemma day at the lake!)


Ronnie  is still  doing  research  on  the internet.

Ronnie: Ill  find  the  proof And  then Ill break your neck, you  fucking  dyke.


Ronnie: Gotcha!






Bea: Actually, I don’t believe in fortune telling.

Ben: Well, you should believe this, you doubter. I love you.

(Ugh, the fortune teller is creepy. Maybe we could get her to hook up with Michael. Then they could stare at each other all the time)

Bea: I love you too. (wonderful to be reminded again, that they love each other, haven't heard a B&B “I love you” all weekend!)

Ben: Ah, yes. Thank you. (to the fortune teller//he probably loves her,too..)

Fortuneteller: And don’t worry. Your first look in that first night, that was only the beginning of a long journey. And that you forgot the handbag and he brought it was no coincidence. Your mutual journey will go on and you don’t have to worry. The school will be saved.

Bea: Did you tell her that?

Ben: When?

Bea: But how can she know?

Ben: She’s a fortune teller?!

(So, the translatress is probably still stuck over the toilet, while I'm banging my head against the wall..must.not.refer.to these two as “The Pinky and The Brain in the future. Must.not. But now, seriously, sometimes I feel, like they can't decide whether this is a show for young teens that don't mind the überfluff, or adults that are grabbing their worn, old teddy bears, when Jenny goes mind tripping.)





Sebastian: Hey!

Michael: Hey.

Sebastian: ShouldI call an ambulance?

Michael: It’s okay. I’m a bit out of training. Are you going to the Chulos?

Sebastian: It’s closed already.

Michael: What do you mean ‘It’s already closed’?

Sebastian: I'm flying today!

Michael: Today?

Sebastian: Yes.

Michael: When?

Sebastian: Well, at eight to Frankfurt, then on to New York, and from New York to San José.

Michael: Things are going really fast.

Sebastian: If I'm not going to fly right now, Henning is going to look for someone else to run the bar and I will stay at the Chulos for the rest of my life. Don’t want that.

Michael: And what about Miriam? Will she be coming with you?

Sebastian: I don’t know. Well, she doesn't know. She’s thinking about it.

Michael: Maybe she should thinking about it faster.

Sebastian: Either she’s at the Chulos at half past five or she’s not at the Chulos at half past five. If you ask me, a new start would do you good, too.

Michael: Yes. Yes, I really have wasted too much time with the wrong woman.

Sebastian: Are you talking about Helena or about Bea?

Michael: I'm talking about both of them.



[Raumzeit Records]

Miriam picks up the phone

Miriam: Yes?

Lara: It’s me. Am I disturbing you?

Miriam: Lara, hi! No, of course not.

Lara: Good. I just wanted to ask at what time I'm supposed to be there later for the party… (cough).

Miriam: Well, the way you're sounding, you shouldn’t come at all. Do you still have this cough?

Lara: It’s no big deal. Really, I’m feeling much better.

Miriam: Did you take your temperature?

Lara: No, why? (more coughing)

Miriam: Are you at home?

Lara: Yes, I am.

Miriam: Okay, then lie down on the couch and I’ll be right there, okay?

Lara: Okay…

Miriam: Good, I love you.



[The Beschenko apartment]


Luzi is blowing out her birthday candles.

Frau Beschenko: Here, I have this for you as well.

Luzi: Thanks. (She unwraps the present)Grandma’s bracelet.

Frau Beschenko: Yes. You have been wanting it since forever. And now it’s yours. What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?

Luzi: I do! I totally do. And I always wanted to have it. But I can’t accept it.

Frau Beschenko: You have to. Look…your name has been engraved.

Luzi: It is beautiful.

Frau Beschenko: Yes, and that’s why you have to wear it. It’ll bring good luck. And you look good with it. – Everything is pretty different from last year, isn’t it?

Luzi: I always imagined that I would be celebrating my 18thbirthday with Timo and the others. And instead, I’ll be going to work.

Frau Beschenko: And are sitting here with your mother.

Luzi: That is definitely the best thing of this whole situation. Thanks Mom. I really love you.

Frau Beschenko: Do you want a piece of cake?

Luzi: Definitely. – Wait, I’ll do it.

Frau Beschenkochecking her watch: Oh, this late already.

She stands up.

Luzi: Do you still have to go somewhere?

Frau Beschenko: Äh, yes. To the Bergmann's.

Luzi: Today!?

Frau Beschenko: Yes. I’ve promised Mr. Bergmann to do an extra shift. He had some kind of dinner yesterday. And you have to go to the label, anyway. We’ll see each other later. I love you.

Luzi: Bye…

That’s some totally bummer 18thbirthday, I’d say./*hands Luzi a cookie with a candle on it*



[The Heisig apartment]


Michael comes home, has some flashbacks…


Bea: I don’t want to lose you.

Michael: I don’t want to lose you, either


Bea and Ben kissing on the front steps before their Berlin trip.


and stuffs Bea’s photo and necklaces into a box.


(Michael, you have forgotten to delete her number from your phone…//Michael has also forgotten to get that ticket to Costa Rica..))



[Berlin, in a park]


Ben and Bea are lying on the grass relaxing.

Ben: We’ll have to leave soon, won’t we?

Bea: If we want to make it back to Cologne today…

Ben: Want, want, want…

And they get hit by a kite./It's a small kite and it doesn't have #jemma anywhere on it,btw)

Ben: Well, I don’t want to go to Cologne. Do you want to go to Cologne?

Bea: We have to go to Cologne.

Ben: I know. – Okay, then let’s check out.



[The Heisig apartment]


Michael is still packing all of Bea’s stuff in a very small box. He picks up his phone.

Michael: Hey Maria, this is Michael. I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Well…what are you up to? How about maybe going out for coffee?

(Michael, that’s pathetic//Now, does anyone actually ever do that after a breakup? And who's Maria? Helena's old friend from boarding school?Gotta keep focused here..)



[Raumzeit Records](or the interior of an abandoned spaceship, I’m not quite sure, yet)


Luzi comes in.

Luzi: Hello? Hello!? Frank?

The light goes on and…

Everyone: Surprise!

And they break out in the traditional German birthday song:

Hoch soll sie leben! (Long may she live!)
Hoch soll sie leben!
Dreimal hoch! (Three cheers!)

Luzi: So you didn’t have to go to the Bergmann's?

Frau Beschenko: I lied to you. Best wishes again.

Frank: Well, Luzi. Best wishes for your 18thbirthday. Now the fun starts.

Frau Beschenko: I hope all your wishes will come true.



[Berlin, hotel room](which just goes to show you that my wishes didn’t come true//Hahahaha!!)


They are packing.

Ben: I’ve just checked for traffic jams again. The roads are free. (And when did this miracle take place? Oh…fiction. Right...//On Love's light wings, did they overperch the weekend traffic..))

Bea: That’s a shame, really.

Ben: We could say that our car was stolen and just stay another night. – Ah no, nobody knows that we are here, right?

Bea: The bathrobe?

Ben: Yes.

Bea: That belongs to the hotel.

Ben: Not anymore. I need a memento.

Bea: The photo?

(Yes, remember this photo. With this much foreshadowing it will have an important role to play, yet.)

Ben: We do fit together pretty well, don’t we?

Bea: Yes…it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks.

Ben: It won’t have been our last trip.

Bea: To Berlin?

Ben: Or Rome…Copenhagen…Heidelberg, for all I care. The important thing is going to another city where we can kiss without having to hide. – Mine. (And he puts the photo into his bag).




Sebastian is at the Chulos waiting.



[The Vogel's]

Miriam: So?

Lara:(Reading the thermometer)37,9°C that's not so bad, right?

Miriam:Do you have a headache? I have put on some water for a hot water bottle.

Lara:Say is it true about Sebastian and the beach bar?

Miriam:How do you know about that?

Lara:Well. Sebastian told me..the one from eleventh grade.. It's kind of funny, his name is Sebastian, too..and anyways...he said, that Sebastian wants to close up the Chulos and move to some paradise beach, I mean, your Sebastian, not the one from eleventh grade.

Miriam:Yes, that's true. He's really doing it.

Lara: Wow. Hey, we could come along. Just imagine! You'd be working at the bar and I'd be going to school there. Costa Rica..that's in Central America, isn't it?

Miriam:In between Nicaragua and Panama, yes.

Lara:Really cool weather in any case.

Miriam: I think so, yes.




Still waiting.



[The Vogel's]

Lara:Say Mom, did he ask you to come with?

Miriam: Yes, he did.


Mom, you're not moving to Costa Rica, now, are you?

Miriam: No! I'm not moving to Costa Rica. I can't just up and leave everything here.

Lara:No, I couldn't either, because of my friends and volleyball and everything.

But you're not staying in Germany because of me, right?

Miriam:No, of course not, I have lots of friends here, too, and I have Bea and the job at the label…one can't just leave one’s whole life behind like that. (You have BEA? Hmm..interesting..)




The time came and went.



[At Raumzeit Records]


(Btw, are we sure Frank isn’t on drugs again?)

Frank: It's like it was with Maverick..just exactly like it was with Maverick, you know, I signed them after I saw them at a school festival, no ass knew them, they were no names, and then first single whoom! do you know what brouhaha their concerts were? Do you even know them?


Frank: The band, Maverick, first album Bad Seed.(Totally making up all of the names, can't really make them out../Band name might be Bad Breed but that’s just a guess.)

They were really small in the beginning and then boom, they were really big! (I'm sorry, there is no way to translate this without punning)Cause they're real, they're authentic.(Still..no chance at the non-pun..)

(Thankfully the elevator doors open and out steps the Gang! Sight for sore eyes..)

Luzi:What are you doing here?

Timo:Celebrating with you?


[At Michael's lair of boredom and self pity]


Michael: Hey,Shirley, Michael, here, haven't heard from each other in a while, and I thought we could see each other some time, do something. Call me, if you want to. Catch you later.

(Omg, is he going through his entire little black book? Using the same words? )

Michael: Miriam isn't coming.

Sebastian: Either way, she wasn't at Chulo's, I'm assuming that she's going to be staying in Germany.

These are the files for Chulo's, leases and such, Volker will be dropping by to pick them up next week.

Michael:Didn't she even call?

Sebastian:Not yet.

Michael:You're offering her to go to Costa Rica with you, and she doesn't even show up to say goodbye?

What's wrong with women? Are all of them like that these days?

Impersonates a really bad drag queen:

Hah, I know, first I'll flirt with him, then I'm going to turn him on, and then,then I'm acting as though I'm with him, and then I'm going to blow him off, but only after I made him choose me. Teeheehee..” (LOL, Michael, you do have redeeming qualities. Not many but…)

It can't be like that.

Sebastian: Can I really leave you by yourself?

Michael:Of course! I'm great! I've finally seen through Bea, I don't need her anymore, I don't want her anymore. I'm going to be doing my own thing from now on.

Sebastian: My taxi is going to be here, soon.

Michael: I'm going to come and visit you.

Sebastian:I hope so!

Michael:And you're going to get yourself a pretty Costa Rican.

Sebastian:And you keep your hands off of teachers!

Michael: Wait up! A beer for the road?


Michael:See you soon.

Sebastian:I'll be in touch.

Sebastian leaves

Michael (picks up phone): It's me, Michael, I need to see you.



[At the taxi]



Miriam:Hello. I just wanted to say goodbye.

Sebastian: Ok

Miriam:I'm sorry, that I didn't come to Chulo's but Lara was sick and I had to..

Sebastian:Miriam! It's ok. Honestly, I figured that you wouldn't be coming. I just think that it would have been so wonderful.

Miriam:It would have been so wonderful.

Sebastian:Hey, if someone is crying here, it's me!

Miriam:You'll be in touch, ok?

Sebastian: Of course I will..and you're coming to visit?

Miriam: Yes, I will.

Sebastian:My flight.

Miriam:Yes,I know.



(Sob...the first goodbye of the show..they should have shown more of these two..how sad!)/ And it’s obvious that the wrong Heisig is leaving Germany :-(



[At Bea's]


Bea:Thanks for carrying my bags.

Ben: No problem...maybe a glass of wine?


Ben:One sip.....we'll share a glass.

Bea:I have to prepare for class, tomorrow, I have a double hour of maths...integral calculation.

Ben: When you're saying it, even that sounds sexy..

Bea:Ben, we have to be careful in Cologne...here, in the house, too...if Piet sees you..

Ben: Got that! Making out with your lover in Berlin is ok, but at home, everybody is sleeping in their own bed

Bea:Ben...I love you.

Ben:Really? Do you love me seriously, unconditionally and madly?

Bea: Seriously, unconditionally and...


Bea:Yes. I'm loving you seriously, unconditionally and madly?

Ben:(chuckles): Then it's all good. Ditto, if I haven't mentioned that before..

Bea:You have?

They both chuckle

(Where is Caro, when you need her? She'd be having a field day with this...)



[At Michael's layer of self-deprecation]

(Helena and Michael are having wine)


Michael:Have a seat..

Helena: And what was so important that I had to come over right away?

Michael: Iwant to talk to you.

Helena: And that couldn't have waited until tomorrow? Michael?

Michael: You were right, with everything.

Helena: I'm usually right. (I.Love.Helena.)

Michael:You were right with regards to Bea. She is false and a liar.

Helena: Now, all of a sudden?

Michael:No, always, actually.

I only noticed it now, and that's why I said, ”You've been right.”

Helena:You know, what this means?

Michael:Yes. Yes,I know.


(And Helena proceeds to plant the Dementor's kiss on him..Dude, Michael, way to stoop, selling your soul to your evil ex for some tail? Classy character you are...)/ And I’m guessing that means that none of his little black book contacts gave him the time of day…which is a mystery because who could have resisted his spiel?