Episode 220

Previously on Hand aufs Herz

Bea: I realized that he could also use the photo against my veto against the demolition of the Pestalozzi school.
Ben: If Michael makes the photo public then…well, then you won’t be the vice-principal for very much longer.
Bea: And then, I won’t be able to do anything against Helena’s and your father’s project.


[At Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]

(Michael and Helena are having sex, stuff gets thrown on the floor and the photo gets conveniently covered)

Michael: I really can’t stand you!
Helena: I know.

(what a turn on! Haha)

[At Bea’s apartment]

Ben: Have you made a decision yet? (Bea keeps silent) Well, there is still one more day left…And what about seeing each other secretly? (And what have you been doing the last 219 episodes?) I mean, honestly, how is Heisig supposed to know whether we are still seeing each other or not?
Bea: He will notice. When we are caught the next time, at the latest. And we will be if we keep on seeing each other.
Ben: Gosh, this damn secrecy is driving me crazy! How am I supposed to hide this kind of love? (sighs) Will it ever stop?
Bea: When you will have graduated.
Ben: Well, well. Ms Vogel is joking.
(They start kissing but then stop)
Ben: Do you still remember the fortune teller? (How could we ever forget??)
Bea: I wish the hard times were over already.
Ben: Honestly, the two of us, we’ve had hard times right from the start. But she also said that in the end everything would be all right.
Bea: Do you believe in it?
Ben: Yes, I do. At least I want to.

[At Chulos’]
(Piet is helping Miriam with running the club)

Miriam: Uhm, 2 Gin Tonic with Coke and a Moscow Mule.
Piet: I know that. It’s already in the works. (He serves some cocktails) There you go, ladies.
(Miriam seems impressed)
Piet: I think the big rush should be over now.
Miriam: Seriously, I would have been lost without you! Thank you again!
Piet: It’s no problem. I mean, I’m not doing it for free either.
Miriam: ….Ok. We’ll have dinner together. Just the two of us.
Piet: Just the two of us? You mean, a real date? I mean, you could just can pay me back by installments, if you want to.
Miriam: By installments?
Piet: Yes, here and there a cup of coffee, you know?
Miriam: Or every now and then a Moscow Mule.
Piet: Yes, yes, but only if you can fit it in.
Miriam: Deal!
Piet: Maybe it’s not the right place to talk about this now. I mean, the club still belongs to…
Miriam: It doesn’t belong to Sebastian anymore. I mean, just because Sebastian is in Costa Rica now it doesn’t mean that the two of us….
Piet: I understand. It’s ok. Don’t worry! I got it.
Miriam: By the way you know the new leaseholder of the Chulos!
Piet: Who?
(They look at Frank who is sitting at the bar)
Piet: Ah Frank?
Miriam: Hmh.
Frank: I would like to have another Kölsch (beer of Cologne)!
Piet: Uh, coming up!
Frank: It looks like you have hired some helpers.
Miriam: Piet hired himself after the other one saw herself destined for greater things.
Frank: Well it’s a really great skill to save my ass in hairy situations!
Piet: Ah, you’re very welcome! Thank you! I mean, this time I haven’t done it for you but for Miriam. Frank: But you have kept the customers from dehydrating! So, you were a really great team!
Piet: It was my pleasure.
Miriam: I’m starting to think so, too!

[Bergmann Villa]

(While Stefan talks to Jenny’s parents on the phone, Jenny is trying to sneak out of the villa.)

Stefan: (on the phone) Yes, just let me know when you have arrived…Exactly, I’ll send a car to pick you up...No, no, you don’t have to take a cab. No…

Ben: Where are you going?
Jenny: I’m leaving. Stefan is talking to my parents right now. They totally freaked out because of the screening and tomorrow they will get in their Cessna and come here.
Ben: They are picking you up?
Jenny: Yes, they are going to put me in the clinic and take care that I won’t get lost on the way there.
Ben: Everything can be worked out for sure!
Jenny: No, this is my last chance now!
Ben: Well and where are you going now? To Emma?
Jenny: I’ve no idea. Just out of here. (She gives Ben a kiss on his cheek and leaves) Bye!
(Stefan approaches)
Stefan: (on the phone) See you tomorrow then! Bye bye! (to Ben) Ben! I thought I heard somebody talk.
Ben: Yes, it’s possible. I was on the phone with a friend.

[At Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]

Helena: If I had known that we would have more sex after the end of our marriage than before I would have agreed to our divorce sooner. But you were less aggressive in the past. I like it.
Michael: Say, what does Bergmann think about it?
Helena: About what?
Michael: About this.
Helena: What is he supposed to think about it?
Michael: I thought there was something going on between the two of you.
Helena: Stefan and I, we are just connected through business.
Michael: Considering that you looked quite familiar with each other on the parking lot.
Helena: Like I said, just business-wise familiar. Nothing that could be compared to the two of us.
Michael: And which kind of business is it?
Helena: Stefan is the chairman of the parents’ council. He supports me with the plans about the merging of the schools. But if you would like to go public with our relationship I will gladly tell him about us.
Michael: I, uhm, maybe wouldn’t call it a ‘relationship’.
Helena: How else?...You’re right! Let’s just see where it goes. After all, the most important thing is that we trust each other again.

(Michael sees the picture on the ground when he picks the things up they threw down. How can she not see it standing right behind him? R-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s)

Helena: Or how do you see it? Michael?
Michael: What?
Helena: I was asking you what you think about it.
Michael: I, uhm, I would say we see where it goes. See you later.

(He gives her a kiss to her forehead.)

[At Pestalozzi]

Emma: (on the phone) Hey, it’s me again. Please call me when you get this message. Because I’m really worried.
Jenny (hiding in the bushes) Psst! Psst!
Emma: Where have you been?? I’ve been trying to call you the whole time.
Jenny: I ran away.
Emma: What do you mean?
Jenny: My parents arrive in Cologne this afternoon.
Emma: They really want to put you into this rehab clinic?
Jenny: But they won’t manage to do that!
Emma: You have to tell them somehow.
Jenny: Oh, Emma! I told you! The screening (result) turned out to be positive. They don’t want to know any more. Whether Ronnie slipped me something or not…it sounds like a cheap excuse to them anyway.
Emma: And now?
Jenny: Ugh, I’ve no idea! (sighs) But I won’t leave! I’ll stay with you! That's for sure.
They hug.

[At Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]

Someone knocks on the door. Helena pretends to make a call.

Helena: Come in!
Bea: You wanted to…
Helena: (pretends to talk on the phone) Yes, we have received your request. But unfortunately, I’ve to decline it. STAG won’t be available for your event on such short notice. I’m sorry. We still wish you a nice celebration. Bye.
Bea: For what is STAG not available?
Helena: For an anniversary celebration in a club.
Bea: And you decline it just like that? Without having talked to me before?
Helena: Of course. After all we’re not an event agency.
Bea: But you could have asked me. After all I’m in charge of the group.
Helena: Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Please sit down. As vice-principal you can’t be in charge of it anymore.
Bea: No way will I give up on it!
Helena: Ms Vogel, from now on you will have a load of new tasks to fulfill besides your usual lessons. I know that beyond this you also like to personally look after the needs of certain students. I just don’t know how you want to manage all of this.
Bea: I’m well organized. Thank you.
Helena: I’m afraid you are overtaxing yourself a bit. You should assign STAG to another teacher. Then I won’t have to decline those gigs anymore in the future. Especially, since we know how important performing is to the students.
Bea: I really appreciate your worries. But you wouldn’t have had to decline it.
Helena: But how do you want to manage it? The gig would be tomorrow already.
Bea: We’ve got a well rehearsed repertoire. It’s no problem. How did we gain the club’s attention, anyway?
Helena: The aunt of a student was very excited about the benefit concert. So you really want to do it?
Bea: Of course. The more practical experience the students get, the better.
Helena: Good. I’ll call the lady and agree to it. But I really hope that your tasks and duties won’t be neglected because of it.
Bea: Don’t worry. Then I’ll let the students know about it now.
(Bea leaves the office. Helena calls Stefan)
Helena: Stefan? It’s me. Our problem is solved. Bea won’t take part in the pushed up vote.

[Pestalozzi, in front of the schoolyard]

Emma: The rehearsal is going to start soon.
Jenny: I can’t come along. I can’t go in there. Stefan will have already realized that I’m gone and has surely called the school by now.
Emma: I would offer you my place but my mother is staying at home today because my little brother has chickenpox.
Jenny: Aw.
Luzi: Hi! Everything okay with you? – Okaaay, obviously nothing’s okay?
Emma: Well, Jenny has some troubles at home.
Luzi: Did you run away?
Jenny: Yes, I need a little distance.
Luzi: And now you don’t know where to go.
Jenny: Well, I wanted to go to a hotel but … my cards have been frozen.
Luzi: Sounds like a lot of trouble.
Emma: Yes, well, it’s all rather complicated.
Luzi: Ah, well, if you want you can go to my place for a start.
Jenny: Really? But what about your mother?
Luzi: Oh, she is working all day. Ähm, these are the house keys and…you know the address?
Jenny: Do you have any idea how cool you are?
Luzi: Lie down in the bathtub for a start or hop into bed. You look as though you haven’t slept much.
Jenny: Thanks, Luzi.
Luzi: Emma, we should go inside.
Emma: I’ll call you after school and we’ll talk about everything, okay?
(They hug and Jenny takes her bag to go to Luzi's)

[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

Bea: Do you have a moment?
Michael: Of course, what’s up?
Bea: It’s about yesterday. I didn’t mean to lay into you like that. I just don’t know anymore how to read you. Well, I have the feeling that I don’t even really know you anymore.
Michael: I feel the same way about you.
Bea: This school project, the consolidation, the new building…in the past you would have been against it from the start.
Michael: What makes you think that?
Bea: You were against Götting’s plans to make the Pestalozzi into an elite school, too.
Michael: Well, that was something completely different.
Bea: But the result is the same. It’s all at the students’ expense. There will be huge classes and you won’t have any time to pay enough attention to each and every one of your students. Your time will be taken up with coordinating the classes. Anonymized classes and teachers who will be replaced by computers.
Michael: Times change.
Bea: No, you are changing and I don’t know why. I understand that you are angry. I understand that you are hurt. But this is not about us. It’s about the school’s future.
Michael: You overestimate yourself, Bea. Your influence on my decision is weaker than you may think.
Bea: The influence of your ex, on the other hand, seems to be more than strong enough.
Michael: Oh, if you think that I’m doing her bidding, you are wrong. Or why else would I still protect you?
Bea: Protect me? You are blackmailing me. (You say potato…)
Michael: I’m sorry but you are having a relationship with a student. The fact alone that I know about it and didn’t report it makes me vulnerable. And regarding the future of this school…you better think about your own. Because it’s not me who has to make a decision here, it’s you. And I hope you know what you are doing.

[Raumzeit Records]

Frank: Those are from me. Disappointed?
Miriam: No. Thanks.
Frank: I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work yesterday.
Miriam: You’ll have to thank Piet then. Without him, I would have been left stranded.
Frank: I’ll do that. The two of you were really a great team.
Miriam: Well, we’ve known each other for a few years after all.
Frank: And for all that, you seemed pretty surprised by his talents behind the bar.
Miriam: Yeah well, after 16 years of marriage you don’t expect a lot of surprises anymore.
Frank: Maybe he has a few more surprises in store like that.
Miriam: Yes. And this is the moment when I would really like to change the subject. So, let’s talk about what’s happening today. As long as it has nothing to do with cocktails or washing glasses, I’m up for it.
Frank: Well, that will not happen again anytime soon. Listen, Miriam. I have an appointment in a few with a potential manager for the Chulos. And I’ll need a draft of the contract for it.
Miriam: Alright, I’ll get the legal department on it, right now.
Frank: Have them put it on my desk, please, when it’s done.
Miriam: And whose name should be put on the contract?

[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea: Excuse my tardiness. (As always I had urgent business in the boiler room...äh…I mean the attic…)
Caro: No problem. Jenny isn’t here yet either.
Bea: Does anyone know where she is?
Emma: Ähm, she won’t be here today, she’s ill.
Bea: She isn’t at home. Herr Bergmann called here and said that she urgently needs to contact him.
Emma: Well, she’s at the doctor’s…because she’s ill…I suppose(Oh Emma, you are so bad at lying)
Bea: Okay. When you talk to her, will you please tell her that she is to call home?
Emma: Sure. I will…And did Herr Bergmann say why she should call him so urgently?
Bea: No. Did something happen?
Emma: No. I was just curious.
Bea: We can talk about it later. I have some news for you. We are going to perform at an anniversary celebration tomorrow.
Timo: That’s really cool.
Caro: That’s pretty last minute. (Caro, the voice of reason. Strangely enough, most of the time she really is!)
Bea: By now we have such a large repertoire that it shouldn’t be a problem.
Timo: Of course you can do this.
Bea: You? I was hoping that you would accompany us.
Timo: Mm…I don’t believe I can manage with my voice just yet. But I’ll come with you to support you.
Bea: I’m glad, Timo. Any suggestions?
Bodo: Happy Birthday à la Marilyn?
Caro: You and Timo would really have a lot to do in that case.
Bea: Maybe we should gather a few ideas first.

[Pestalozzi – School yard]

Bea: Emma. Is there some problem?
Emma: No, no.
Bea: If there is anything I can do, please tell me, alright?
Emma:  I promise.
Bea: Good.
Emma walks into the school and the school bell rings.
Bea: Please get in. Can this also go a little faster?
Ben: Mhhh, you can be so demanding.
Bea: You should also get in.
Ben: I have a free period.
Bea: Then I’m powerless.
Ben: What are we doing now? Heisig has given you time until today.
Bea: I know.
Ben: Do you think he’ll go through with this? Telling them about us?
Bea: It’s not just about us.
Ben: Yes, I know. For the voting you have to be vice-principal.
Bea: I’ll think of something.
Ben: What? Do you want to steal the picture from him?
Bea: No, there will be a solution.
Ben: Then tell me.
Bea: Not now. We’ll see each other later and then I will explain it to you.
Ben: Okay.
Bea: And now you should leave.
Ben: Aye aye.
Ben is leaving as well as Bea.

[At Raumzeit Records]

Miriam: Oh Caro. I wanted to thank you for yesterday evening.
Caro: No problem.
Miriam: That was meant ironically.
Caro: What??? I had something to do and it was important.
Miriam:  Ohh and what??? You flirted all evening with that drummer.
Caro: That’s how I work. I use my natural charm and make useful deals.
Miriam: Deals???
Caro: Business deals.
Miriam: Mhh, thanks. I know what that means. And was you charm useful?
Caro: He did promised me to think about changing the label, at least.
Miriam (ironic): That’s great.
Caro: Was that ironic again? I wanted to help, but then there was already this bald guy who managed the club with you.
Miriam: Piet is my ex, alright. And he is not bald headed. Okay, he has thinner hair but that’s it.
Caro: All right.
Miriam: What???
Caro: You are still into him.
Miriam: Please, what makes you think that?
Caro: Well, you defend him.
Miriam: Because… I would defend everyone here.
Caro (laugs): All right. Ahm, is Frankie here?
Miriam: He is in a meeting.
Caro: With whom? Maybe it’s already Peter?
Miriam: He is talking with the new operator of the Chulos.
Caro: And do we know him?
Miriam: I don’t know. I didn’t see him come in.
Caro: Then let’s hope that he is better than the last loser. See you later.
Miriam: Say…
Caro is leaving and Frank and Piet are coming out of Frank’s office.
Frank: Good, then we’ll see each other later.
Miriam to Piet: What are you doing here?
Frank: From today, Piet is the new manager of our club.

[Pestalozzi – Attic]

Ben: Hey.
Bea: Hey
Ben: So, what is your plan?
Ben and Bea start making out.
Ben: That’s a good idea.

(Great plan...I do hope that was Plan C of Emma for Jemma, too, which we just didn't get to see...)

[At the Beschenko’s apartment]
Jenny is sitting at the table and someone knocks on the door.
Luzi: Jenny??? It’s us, you have my keys.
Jenny gets up and opens the door.
Emma: I was so afraid that you would have been gone.
Jenny: Bullshit. I told you that I wouldn’t go without you. Thanks again, Luzi.
Luzi: No problem.
Emma: You were right. Ben’s father has informed the school and had them page you. And Ms. Vogel also suspects something.
Jenny: What did you tell her?
Emma: That you are at the doctor’s. But she didn’t really believe me. She offered to help us.
Jenny: Yes, and does she know that....???
Emma: No.

[Pestalozzi – Loft]

Ben: This was a farewell, wasn’t it?
Ben and Bea are kissing.
Bea: There is no other way.
Ben: I know that you love me and I know that one day we will be together. - I’ll just keep on waiting.

[At the Beschenko’s apartment]

Luzi: So, I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t have to. But have you already thought about what happens next?
Jenny: I have a bit of cash. That should be enough for one or two days.
Emma: I still have something in my savings account.
Jenny: Forget it. I don`t want to get you involved even more in this. I’ll think of something.
Jenny stands up and gives Luzi the keys back.
Jenny: It’ll be okay for now.
Luzi: But my mum will be working for at least two more hours at the Bergmanns’.
Jenny: Still, I better leave now.
Luzi: Okay.
Luzi walks Jenny and Emma to the front door.
Luzi: Please, take care of yourselves.
Emma: We will.
Someone is opening the front door from the other side.
And Karin Beschenko walks in.

Luzi: Mum, what are you already doing here?
Karin: Mr. Bergmann has sent me home. All hell is breaking lo….
Karin sees Jenny, (wonderfully done of her in my opinion, doing that double take.)
Karin: Jenny, do you have any idea what’s going on at your home? They are looking everywhere for you.