Episode 221

(Previously on HandaufsHerz)


Emma: Where have you been?? I’ve been trying to call you this whole time.

Jenny: I ran away.

Emma: What do you mean?

Jenny: My parents are going to be arriving in Cologne this afternoon.

Emma: They really mean to put you into this rehab clinic?

Jenny: But they won’t manage to do it!


Luzi: Ah, well, if you want to, you can go to my place for a start.

Jenny: What about your mother?

Luzi: Oh, she'll be working all day.


Luzi: Mum, what are you doing here already?

Karin: Mr. Bergmann has sent me home. All hell has broken lo….


Karin sees Jenny.


Karin: Jenny, do you have any idea what’s going on at your home? They are looking everywhere for you.






[At Beschenko’s apartment]


Karin: Jenny, if Luzi suddenly disappeared (How many times did they have to retake this scene, I wonder?), I would simply die of worry. I’m calling your parents to tell them that you are here. I hope you understand this.

Emma: Please don’t, Ms. Beschenko, otherwise Jenny will have to leave Cologne, for Ireland.

Karin: I know. Mr. Bergmann told me about what happened.

Emma: But he doesn’t really know the truth. He didn’t believe us. Jenny didn’t know that…that her drink contained drugs. Ronnie did that to her.

Karin: But why?

Jenny: He wants to exact revenge because I know that he … It’s a complicated story.

Luzi: Mum. Jenny did not have a relapse. You have to help her, please.

Karin: Okay. One night…but tomorrow you are going to talk to your parents.

Jenny: Thank you. That’s very nice of you.



[Pestalozzi – Loft] (Euphemistic description of the attic)


Ben and Bea are kissing.


Bea: I love you.

Ben: When I'll have my A-levels, we will be allowed to do anything.I’ll pick you up after school every day and wave to Mr. Heisig with my diploma. We will make up for everything.

Bea: That sounds great.

Ben: It will be great.


(That actually sound less gut wrenchingly boring than watching them make out and getting it on in various places, that would definitely have been far below Emma's standards..)



[At Beschenko’s apartment– Luzi’s room]


Luzi: Well, here. And if you want to have a pillow fight, then please don’t be too loud. Okay?

Jenny: I think we are more likely to be doing something else, right?


Jenny looks at Emma and Emma is a little shy.


Emma: Well...it’s really great that we can sleep here.


Jenny throws a snake around Emma’s neck.(It's a plush snake, relax!)


Jenny: Yes. I feel really bad, Luzi, that you have to sleep in the living room because of us.(She's totally lying..ok, maybe I am projecting:-D

Luzi: Nonsense. You won’t believe how many times I fell asleep in front of the television unintentionally. I’ll leave you two alone.

Jenny: Thank you for everything Luzi.


Luzi turns to leave


Luzi: Have a good night.

Jenny: Ahh, Luzi. I have another favor to ask.

Luzi: What?

Jenny: Could you maybe fill in for me tomorrow at the performance of the STAG?

Luzi: Ahhh right, you can’t be there. Okay, I’ll do it.

Jenny: Great, thank you.

Luzi: Of course. Then…good night, Emma… and good night, Jenny.

Emma and Jenny (with funny voices): Good night, Luzi.


Luzi leaves her room and Emma and Jenny start a mock fight with cute animal noises.

(And yes, we have been trying like crazy to figure out where you can buy those sheets..not successfully yet..)


[Bea’s apartment]


Bea sits in her room, cries and thinks about her time with Ben (Music in the background is Avril Lavigne “Remember me”).



Ben: When I have my A-levels, we will be allowed to do anything. Then I’ll pick you up after school every day and wave to Mr. Heisig with my diploma. We will make up for everything.

Bea: That sounds great.

Ben: It will be great.



Bea: One year is going to go by pretty fast.

Ben: What’s one year, anyway?



[At Beschenko’s apartment– Luzi’s room]


Jenny and Emma are lying in Luzi’s bed.


Jenny: Hey. Don’t cry.

Emma: They can't lock you away just like that. You did nothing, NOTHING.

Jenny: Emma, I've messed up too in the past. I lied to a lot of people who were very close to me and repeatedly took advantage of their good nature. My parents will always distrust me when it comes to drugs. No matter, no matter how much they love me. I am so sorry, Emma.

Emma: We have to do something. (Emma snuggles up to Jenny) Anything. Damn it.

Jenny: We can only hope that, in that clinic, they will soon realize that I am not at risk.

Emma: And if they won't?


Emma and Jenny are silent.


Emma: We could just run away.

Jenny: Run away?

Emma: Yes. Yes, no matter where. As long as we are together.

Jenny: Mhmm, pretty romantic, huh?


Both are silent again.


Jenny: Okay, I am in. We elope.

Emma: Yes, we elope.

Jenny: I love you.

Emma: Well, I really hope so, because otherwise it would be really stupid to…to elope with you.

Jenny: That’s stupid anyway.

 Emma: No, I think that it’s the best thing we can do.


They cuddle.



[At Pestalozzi, school yard] 


Timo: STAG feat. Luzi Beschenko! BÄHM! No, seriously now, thanks very much for stepping in for Jenny!
Luzi: I couldn’t possibly let the STAG down at such an important gig like this! And you? You’ve started singing again, right?

Timo: To be honest, I thought I’d rather be the support, in the background.

Luzi: Ok.

Timo: (to Emma) Say, have you gotten news from Jenny yet?

Emma: No, unfortunately not.

Timo: Damn. That’s really strange.


(Ben joins them)


Ben: Hey! What are you up to?

Bodo: We’re going to sing at ‘High Budget’ today. They are celebrating their anniversary or something like that. Ms Vogel has arranged for us to be allowed to sing there during class. Cool, isn’t it?


(Caro joins them)


Caro: Provided that she’ll show up. Otherwise the party is going to take place without us…and this ‘amazing’ performance.

Bodo: (totally ironic) Awesome how happy you are once again about the successes of STAG!


(Bea shows up)


Bea: Sorry for being late. Ben…what are you doing here? Did you want to join us?

Ben: No, no, I need a little distance. I mean, from the music and other emotional stuff. I mean…uhm, yes, …stupid…uhm, have fun you guys!

Bea: Yes, we’ve got to go. Luzi? What are you doing here?

Luzi: Uhm, I’m stepping in for Jenny.

Bea: It’s nice that you’re going to sing with us again!

Luzi: Yes, I think so, too.

Bea: (to Emma) How is Jenny? Is she well again?

Emma: Yes. But she won’t be returning for some time,yet.

Bea: Oh, ok…Well, we’ve got to go. The bus is waiting.



[At Beschenko’s]


Karin: Good morning, Jenny!

Jenny: Hi! Good morning!

Karin: How are you? Were you able to sleep at least a little?

Jenny: Not really. You’re going to call Mr Bergmann now, right?

Karin: Do you see a phone in my hand? (Jenny is relieved) Would you maybe like some coffee?

Jenny: Yes, please.

Karin: Sit down.

Jenny: Thanks.

Karin: I know how it is…when you feel like just running away. Its’ a nice thought. To run away from everything. But you also have to be aware of what that really means. Giving up your whole previous life also means to leave your entire safety net behind.

Jenny: Yes, sure, but it also means absolute freedom. Well, hypothetically speaking.

Karin: Sure, hypothetically speaking. But are you really free if you have to run the whole time? To be only on the run? Especially when you’re doing it with someone else.


(Jenny starts thinking about Karin's words)


Karin: I was in love once, too. Whatever your decision will be, think about what it means for the both of you. I’ll be at the villa later. And since I’m a mother too, I can’t and won’t keep the fact from your parents and Mr Bergmann that you were here last night. Ok?


(Jenny nods)


Karin: Though, it’s still 3 hours until then.

Jenny: (smiles) Thank you! (I love that smile, by the way)

Karin: Bye.


(Just an editor's note, Barbara Sotelsek, who plays Karin Beschenko used to play the part of “Sascha” in the German version of “Bad Girls” a few uh, centuries ago, ending her two year run as the Lesbian inmate, she broke out of jail and ran away with her doctor lover,never to be heard of again, this scene is a total nod to that.google “Sascha and Kerstin” for further visual input:-)



[At Pestalozzi, stairways]


Helena: Dr. Wendtland, how nice to see you!

Dr. Wendtland: Good morning, Ms Schmidt-Heisig. I’m a little late. Are all the principals and vice-principals of the concerning schools present?


(Ben is watching and listening to them)


Helena: Yes, everybody is present. We'll be able to start right away.

Dr. Wendtland: Ah, then Ms Vogel has also arrived already?

Helena: Uhm, no, unfortunately she has got another important appointment for the Pestalozzi. But she is going to try to be here in time for the vote.


(Ben follows them)


Dr. Wendtland: Ah, I understand.

Helena: Ms Vogel and I discussed the project thoroughly and we agree on it.

Dr. Wendtland: (a little sceptical) This sounds great.

Helena: Yes, hence it shouldn’t be a problem that my vote will be counted twice in case she doesn’t make it.

Dr. Wendtland: Yes, those are the voting rules.

Helena: Please come, the others are already waiting.



[At High Budget]


(STAG arrives at the cluband everybody is very impressed)


Bodo: Cool club!

Timo: Well, it’s a trendy café.

Luzi: Well, it’s not bad for sure.

Timo: Absolutely cool trendy café!

Caro: Oh my God!

Club owner: Hello, everybody.

Timo: Hey.

Luzi: Hi!

Club Owner: I’m Jo. I’m the owner of this joint here. And uhm…Haa, you must be Ms Vogel! Helena has told me a lot about you.(I will not even begin to comment this..just know that “Jo” is a female name in this case and could just as well be Mo.)

Bea: Uhm, yes, that’s me. Hello!

Jo: Hi. Great that it worked out on such short notice.

Bea: Sure! My students are always happy to perform. Right?

STAG: Yup!



[Pestalozzi, in front of the entrance]


Ben: Come on, pick up! Fuck!

Okay…I need something to drive…(he sees Michael)or something to scream at. Well! Are you happy now? You and your ex…

Michael: What is that supposed to mean?

Ben: Well, what could that possibly mean…First you blackmail Bea because she loves me and not you and then the vote is pushed up to a time when Bea is at a performance of STAG. Really great plan. – Bea has no chance to use her veto and your probably soon-to-be-again wife can push those building plans through.

Michael: Excuse me?

Ben: Don’t act all surprised. Bea is at the other end of town right now while your…wife, ex-wife, whatever, is working on her plans for creating the Death Star. (Ben, my fellow Star Wars geek!)

Michael: Wait a second. Is that supposed to mean that Bea doesn’t know anything about the new voting date?

Ben: Yes! That is supposed to mean that Bea doesn’t know anything about the new voting date right now. And her fucking cell phone is off.

Michael: Okay, Herr Bergmann. First of all, you are going to calm down right now. Do you know where Frau Vogel is?

Ben: Yes.

Michael: Good. Wait here.



[At High Budget]


Bea: And what kind of anniversary are you celebrating today?

Club owner: Anniversary?

Bea: Yes, that’s why we are here.

Club owner: That has to be a misunderstanding. We’re having a small after-work party, nothing more. I hope, you do still want to sing?

Bea: Ähm. After-work party, but…why did…yes, of course.

Club owner: Okay. Things will start in half an hour. Shall we?





Helena: Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this historical appointment. I’m happy that all of you are here to talk about our schools and about our students…since they are what it’s all about. As I can see, we are all presenta nd accounted for?

Herr Wendtland: Yes, except for your vice-principal, Frau Vogel.

Helena: I was on the phone with Frau Vogel just now. She asked me to send her regrets and to fill in for her. As you all know, in the absence of the vice-principal, the vote of the principal counts for two. But since I know Frau Vogel’s opinion on this matter, I don’t see any problems.

Before we start with the vote at about 12 o’clock, I will answer your questions. And Frau Jäger was kind enough to prepare cookies and refreshments for us.

So please, help yourselves and ask away.


(I love you,Frau Jäger!Your and your families loves of sweets, most of all!)



[Pestalozzi, in front of the school]


Michael: Well, the teachers of the other schools are already in there and the vote will be held in one hour. That’s cutting it close.

Ben: Yes, that’s cutting it really close. What are you doing?

Michael: Well, I don’t have another one and you did say that you know where Frau Vogel is. So, take me to her. Come on.


(And the two Ben/Michael shippers in this world are having a moment of utter bliss, as they get on Michael's motorcycle together...Pestalozzi,the charmed school..making lovers out of enemies..)



[At High Budget]


The STAG perform “Born this way”. Luzi is doing Jenny’s part (I miss the blue eyes, the leather…some girls just love leather. ;-)//You and me both,sigh..why Ronnie..WHY?? )


At the Beschenkos’, Jenny is packing up her things.

She looks at a picture of the entire gang on Mardi Gras. (And how come that Luzi has a picture of a Jemma moment during the revolution/couch kiss hanging on her wall? I thought everyone else was asleep. Who shot that photo? And where can I get the rest of the series?/Caro gave it to her,it was shot on her stalker cell phone..it was a one month anniversary gift..)


Jenny (on the phone): Hello, Dad. (NO!!!)


Ben comes in.


Bea: What are you doing here? – What!?


She and Michael leave.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Helena: Yes, thank you very much for this informative question and answer session. It seems as if I was able to pass on my enthusiasm for this project to you, and I am glad. And given the results of the last PISA study for North Rhine-Westphalia, such reforms are long overdue. I’m happy that you are enjoying it (the food). The vote can now commence. As discussed, by a show of hands.



[Pestalozzi, in front of the school]


Bea and Michael arrive on Michael’s bikeat the school.


Michael: Hurry!

Bea: Thanks.


She runs into the school.


Teacher: The cookies were pretty tasty.

Bea: Excuse me, please let me through.


Bea arrives at the teachers’ lounge


Helena: Well, if that isn’t my vice-principal. Good news. The consolidation of the Pestalozzi school with three other schools of outer Cologne is a done deal.