Episode 222

(Previously on HandaufsHerz)


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

Helena: As I can see everybody is here?

Herr Wendtland: Yes, except for your vice-principal, Frau Vogel.

Helena: I was on the phone with Frau Vogel just now. She asked me to send her regrets and to fill in for her.


Helena: Then the vote can now commence. As discussed, by a show of hands.


Michael: Hurry!


Helena: Well, if that isn’t my vice-principal. Good news. The consolidation of the Pestalozzi school with three other schools of outer Cologne is a done deal.


(If anyone would like to do a Belena fanvid in the cold dark hours of winter or something and means to incorporate the words:”Well, if it isn't my vice-principal..” you know, make sure to send me the link:-)




[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea: That can’t be true.

Helena: The central school is a done deal. You’re too late.

Bea: The vote is invalid.

Helena: Why should a democratic vote be invalid?

Herr Wendtland comes in.

Bea: Dr. Wendtland. We have to repeat the vote. As the vice-principal I should have been there.

Helena: Well, unfortunately, you had another important appointment.

Herr Wendtland: But I thought you approved of the plans?

Bea: A mega-school on the outskirts of town? So construction property can be freed up here and some people can enrich themselves? Certainly not!

Herr Wendtland: But if this decision has been so important to you why are you arriving just now?

Bea: Because I wasn’t duly…

Helena: Because Frau Vogel places her social commitment above all else. I did strongly advice you against the performance of your choir, remember?

Bea: Yes, I do but…

Helena: You were very determined and wouldn’t listen to my arguments.

Bea: You didn’t mention anything about the vote.

Helena: Maybe you just didn’t listen to me.

Herr Wendtland: You better settle this among yourselves. I do have other appointments. Good-bye.

Helena: Have a nice day.





Club owner: Super. Thank you so much.

Emma: Yes, thank you. (she is saying it to the rest of the gang)But I really have to go now.

Club owner: What’s going on? Frau Vogel,too, ha already left,and in the middle of the performance.

Ben: She had to take care of something important in the school.

Emma: Well, I have to go home as well, I…I have to take care of something…for school.

Club owner: Ah, okay. Wouldn’t anyone like something to drink?

Timo: I do.

Bodo: Sure we would like to have something to drink. After that performance.

Ben: I’m out. You want to share a cab? (One bike ride with Michael,and he's coming out and he wants to get a gay ride?Cool.But...what IS it about Michael?)

Emma: Yes, that would be great, I…I’m in a hurry.

Ben: Well then…

Emma: Wait.

Ben: I thought you were in a hurry?

Emma: I still have to say good-bye.( We lubz you, Emmakins...if you've been hiding under a rock, Emma is saying goodbye to her friends because she means to run away with Jenny.)

Ben: Okay. I’ll be outside.

Emma: Bodo. (Ghetto fist)

Bodo: Later.

Emma: Later. (She goes to Timo)Let me give you a hug.

She goes to hug Caro (yes, really!) but…

Caro: Hands off!

Emma: Luzi…

Luzi: Emma.

Emma: Your singing was really great. It’s a shame you're not in the AG anymore. Well, I’m partially to blame for that.

Luzi: It’s okay. Thanks.

Emma: We’ll be seeing each other.

And they hug.

Luzi: Ähm, just leave the keys on the table, okay? And if you see Jenny, give her my regards.

Emma: I will.

Luzi: Okay. Bye.

Caro: What’s up with her?

(Caro has jumped into caring mode by a hug request? Awww..we,uh..well not exactly lubz you,too Caro..we uh..tolerate and ship you:-)



[The Beschenko apartment]


Jenny is sitting on the table writing a letter.

Frau Hartmann: Jenny!

Herr Hartmann: It’s time.

Jenny: I really didn’t take anything.

Frau Beschenko: She’s writing to Emma.

Frau Hartmann: We know that. We did hope that this rather …unusual relationship would give her a little stability. But it seems that we were wrong about that.

Herr Hartmann: Thank you so much for supporting her.

Frau Beschenko: Supporting is a little exaggerated. I mean she is already grown-up.

Herr Hartmann: Well, she’d like to be. Jenny how long do you still need?

Jenny: One second.

Herr Hartmann: You’ve already said that.




[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Michael: You don’t seem very happy.

Bea: I was too late. Helena’s plan succeeded.

Michael: I’m sorry, I…I really didn’t know anything about that.

Bea: There aren’t any wrecking balls here, yet.(There are...there are..sigh..)

Michael: Do you have any idea of what you want to do now?(Disney World, anyone?)

Bea: Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.

Michael: Bea, I was playing your chauffeur just now, it’s not my fault that it didn’t work.

Bea: I’m not saying it is. Still, we can’t pretend to be friends. We aren’t friends anymore.

Michael: Why do you say that? (Hello? Remember how you reacted after Bea broke up with you?!?)

Bea: Because it’s true. You and Helena may be divorced but…you two are converging more and more. You pursue the same goals as her…you are becoming more and more like her. (Maybe he knows what it takes to attract you to someone?//Dear translator:WIN!))

Michael: Listen, I can understand that you are disappointed right now. But don’t take out your frustration on me.(Michael, obviously, has never been in a relationship with a woman before...)

Bea: Ah, no? I broke up with Ben. You know how much something like that hurts.

Michael: I Uúnderstand.

Bea: Then you will surely understand as well that I don’t feel like sharing my feelings with the man who is blackmailing me. Do you still have the photo?

Michael: Yes, I still have it somewhere.

Bea: Look at it. I was happy with Ben. That’s over now. Maybe it’s better like this for moral reasons but…don’t expect me to appreciate you for what you did.





Luzi: Hey. You wanted me to decide between STAG or Raumzeit. Actually, you kicked me out.

Caro: And that was the right thing to do. – I mean, it doesn’t work any other way.

Bodo: So how about it? Are you going to join us again, or not? I think that would be great.

Luzi: I think it would be great too but…it won’t really work. Caro is right.

Caro: One has to choose.

Luzi: Yes, one has to choose…and I did.



[Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]


Helena: Unanimously. We can begin to build. Stefan, it is a great day.

The door opens.

Frau Jäger: Frau Schmidt-Heisig, here is…

Michael: A visitor. Thanks, Ingrid, I’ll manage.

Helena: See you later. (to Michael)What can I do for you?

Michael: You can tell me what this is all about. To send Bea into another part of town so that you can push your plans through here.

Helena: Is that how she described it to you?

Michael: Let’s not beat around the bush.

Helena: Frau Jäger?

Frau Jäger: Yes, of course.

Helena: Alright. I did lure Bea away. (from Ben)But it was for a good cause. (For me/For all of us, that are enduring Michael..))

Michael: Even if it were good, that doesn’t justify the means. Sorry but this is not a dictatorship, it’s a school.(NICHT?//NOT?)

Helena: My dear Michael, may I remind you that I asked for your help to do something against Bea? But you didn’t have any ideas.

Michael: I was being serious just now.

Helena: As was I. And that’s exactly why I’m not in the mood to have my plans foiled by Bea Vogel. And now please excuse me, I still have to prepare for important meetings.

Michael: You mean the demolition of the school.

Helena: The built-up. Michael, you seem so tense lately. Maybe you should treat yourself to some extra vacation time.

Michael: Excuse me?

Helena: It was just an offer. Think about it. And now, please excuse me, I really have to concentrate.

(I have the theory,that Michael, is,in reality, a blonde..)


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Frau Krawcyk: The vote was democratic, Frau Schmidt-Heisig was right, regarding that.

Bea: That means we can’t do anything? A shopping mall will be built here and we will soon be teaching in a concrete building for 2000 students? I mean, inmates.

Frau Krawcyk: I didn’t mean to say that there's nothing we can do. I just think that a successful repeat of the vote won’t be possible without profound reasons.

Bea: What reasons could that be?

Frau Krawcyk: We would have to prove the principal’s true motives. If there is corruption involved, then Wendtland would have the arguments he needs to rescind the decision. – The problem is…

Bea: We are no financial investigators.

Frau Krawcyk: That’s right.

Bea: In the past I would have said that Michael could help us to find that proof…(Cause he's a financial investigator??)

Frau Krawcyk: And today?

Bea: You know. – We can no longer count on him.



[The Beschenko apartment]


Emma comes in looking for Jenny.

Emma: Jenny? Jenny?

She sees the letter.

Emma(reading parts of the letter): If I ran away now, it would be an admission of guilt. Of course, an Irish rehab clinic isn’t really what one has been dreaming of but …I have to get through this now.

I also have to think of you.

Jenny(voice-over): You have a great family here. You have the STAG, your friends. I love you. And that’s why I don’t want you to sacrifice all of this. Forgive me for not saying this to you in person…but I know that you would have stopped me.

Emma: I would have. And I will!

(Emma storms out of the door)


Here is the entire letter:


Dear Emma,

Running away together, going somewhere where nobody would distrust me.

That’s a nice thought.

Just the two of us, just love – but is that realistic?

I wanted to be strong. I thought that now I could do anything. That I was over this whole drug shit. But now that Ronnie slipped me that stuff and the screening was positive, everything is different.

No, it’s like it has been before. My parents don’t believe me anymore and that won’t change for some time.

If I ran away now, it would be an admission of guilt. Of course: an Irish rehab clinic isn’t really what one dreams about but I have to go through this now.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I would do anything to be able to stay with you but I can’t fight anymore.

I also have to think of you. You have a great family here. You have the STAG, your friends.

I love you.

And that’s why I don’t want you to sacrifice all of this. Forgive me for not saying this to you in person but I know that you would have stopped me.


XXX Jenny



[Pestalozzi, at the school entrance]


Timo: Don’t want to think about it again, maybe?

Luzi: Timo… you explained to me that we can’t have a relationship because you have to concentrate on your rehab and now you’ve been trying for three hours to convince me to join the AG again.

Timo: Yes, right. I thought if I work my ass of in rehab you could come back to the AG.

Luzi: How is it going?

Timo: Slowly. Well, I have a definite sensation in my legs but it’s not enough to start with gymnastics, yet.

Luzi: Yes well, this needs time.

Timo: I know. And I won’t give up. But that wasn’t the topic just now. The topic was that you are supposed to join the AG again. – I just…like being with you.

Luzi: I know. But for now we should do what you suggested. We’ll concentrate on the things in our lives that are the most important to us.

Timo: I know, my rehab and your record.

Luzi: Yes.

Timo: But don’t you want to help me with my rehab?

Luzi: Okay, what’s coming now?

Timo: Well, I thought that it’s time again for…another singing lesson.

Luzi: Woah, I’ll have to check my calendar.

She takes out her cell phone.

Luzi: Well, looks bad. Everything’s booked already. Ähm, but guess what? I’ll do it anyway!

Timo: Oh, you!



[Pestalozzi, Helena’s office]


Frau Jäger: I don’t want to disturb you but here is…

Stefan: Don’t bother, I’ll take care of it.

Frau Jäger: Excuse me but this is still a school and not a pigeonry which you can just fly into.( :-* Frau Jäger!)

Stefan: A school? To me it seems more like the office of an architect, one who is doing pretty good business in fact.

Frau Jäger leaves in a huff.

Helena: Did you bring the plans for the Pestalozzi Arcades?

Stefan: No, but I did bring something else. I believe the two of us have a lot to celebrate.

Helena: I completely agree with you.

Stefan: Well, we both complement each other…perfectly.

Helena: We could go to your place.

Stefan: Oh, that’s not a good idea. Jenny’s parents are there. (And the Villa only has one bedroom)

Helena: I understand. Then we’ll stay here and I’ll get the glasses.

Stefan: Later.


[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Frau Krawcyk: Herr Heisig?

Michael: Frau Krawcyk.

Frau Krawcyk: Bea told me that you tried to get her to the voting in time. Although, I have heard that you are pro central school.

Michael: Well, I didn’t quite agree with my ex-wife's approach. That’s why I helped Bea.

Frau Krawcyk: And what do you think about the plans to demolish the school?

Michael: There was a vote and for good or bad we’ll have to go along with it.

Frau Krawcyk: Good or bad…

Michael: Frau Krawcyk, what are you getting at?

Frau Krawcyk: With all due respect, but I’m trying to recognize the old Michael Heisig. The exceptional paedagogue who talks to the students eye to eye…who isn’t career-oriented…who was honourable when it counted.Always.

Michael: What am I supposed to do in your opinion?

Frau Krawcyk: I wouldn’t have heard that question from you in the past. Back then you would have known.

(Frau Krawcyk is Obi Wan..)


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi and Timo are doing their vocal exercises.

Luzi: Don’t laugh.

Timo: Okay.

Luzi: Okay, different exercise. Ähm, sssssssssssssssssss

Luzi: As long as you can hold it. – Okay. See, it’s working.

Timo: How did you do that?

Luzi: Well, that’s the power of…of friendship.

Timo: Okay, then let’s really get started. How about “Be with you” by Beyonce or Robbie Williams, “Angels”.

Luzi: Or Chasing Cars. We haven’t done that in ages.

Timo: Okay.

They start singingChasing Cars.


[On the streets of Cologne]

It’s “Run Emma Run”. She tries to call Jenny…


[In front of the Bergmann villa]

but Jenny, who is putting her bags into her parents’ car, ignores the call.


Jenny and Stefan say good-bye.

Stefan: All the best, Jenny.

Jenny: Thanks for everything, Stefan.

Stefan: Bye.

Frau Hartmann: Thanks for everything.

Stefan: See you soon.


Jenny is about to get in the car when…

Emma: Jenny!

Jenny: Emma!

Desperate embrace.

Emma: Jenny.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi: Wow, that...

Timo: Thanks.

Luzi: What for?

Timo: That you took the time.

Luzi: That’s what friends are for.

Timo: That was like before.

Luzi: It was much better.

They kiss.

Timo: Woah.

Luzi: Shut up.

Timo: Wait.

Luzi: What’s wrong?

Timo: It won’t work like this.

Luzi: What? Of course it works.

Timo: No. Please leave it, okay. – I can’t do it like this.

Luzi: What?

Timo: I’m sorry.

He leaves.



[Pestalozzi, in the hallways]


Michael: …look it up, okay? Thanks.

He turns and runs into Ben.

Ben: Sorry.

Michael: Yes.

Ben and Bea see each other and go in different directions, visibly unhappy.

Michael and Helena watch from a distance.


Helena: Did the two of them have a fight or is that some kind of tactic, this display of unhappiness?

Michael: The two of them broke up.

Helena: And you really believe that?

Michael: I know it.

Helena: Interesting.



[Pestalozzi, in front of the school]


Michael takes out THE picture, looks at it and then…then starts to burn it…destroy it…annihilate it. And when it’s burned to a crisp he crushes the ashes with his boot.

(Yes,YES, YES!!!! Finally. And I’m glad I was here to witness it because this photo has been going on my last nerves for months…well, since the kissy-lips camera guy made it. It feels like months, anyway. And in this episode I take my euphoria where I can get it.)



[In front of the Bergmann villa]


Emma: You mustn't leave. If you are going, I’m going with you. I have my family here, my friends, the AG…but it’s not worth anything without you.

Jenny: Where I’m going...that’s not a nice place.

Emma: I don’t…care. The main thing is that we are together. You belong to me and I belong to you.

Herr Hartmann: Young woman. I know that saying good-bye isn’t easy…

Emma: You don’t understand anything. I mean, I’m sorry but you really don’t understand. Jenny didn’t relapse. Someone slipped her the drugs.

Herr Hartmann: I believe you that you believe this, but you know, if you are addicted…

Emma: But she isn’t addicted! Jenny…Jenny is the most wonderful…daughter you can imagine and greatest girlfriend and…

Jenny: Emma, I can’t keep running away, I can’t stay here.

Emma: You can’t give up. That’s not like you.

Herr Hartmann: Because she knows that it’s the best thing for her.

Emma: It’s not the best thing for you.

Jenny: Emma, I can’t keep running away from my problems. I have to face them.

Emma: But I don’t want you to and it’s not fair. Jenny…stay here…and we will prove your innocence.

Herr Hartmann: Jenny…we have to go now.


They kiss and hug and then Jenny getsin the car and they drive away, leaving Emma to look after them and cry.


Goodness...just watch how Jenny kisses Emma's hands as she defends her before her father, or how Emma cups and strokes Jenny's cheeks with her thumbs as she is describing her to her parents.

I need a cooled beverage and a tissue and that repeat button.

Also,”Chasing Cars” needs to get kicked off of my playlist for inducing spontaneous tears..)