Episode 223

(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Mr. Hartmann: Jenny…we have to go now.

And we get the good-bye again with a different kiss this time.

(It lacks the awesomeness of yesterday, imho) /// (This time it's not about Emma wanting to convince Jenny to stay through the kiss, but it's about Jenny saying goodbye with the kiss. I think it's appropriate to change it up here and YAY for another kiss ;) )






[In front of the Bergmann villa]


Emma is still more or less where Jenny left her, and then she’s squatting against a pole crying when Ben comes home.

Ben: Emma?

Emma: She’s gone.

Ben: Jenny.

Emma: Her parents came and got her and they are putting her into some clinic in Ireland. Even though she didn’t take any drugs.

Ben: Fuck.

Emma: And all because of this bastard. (you can totally tell that Jenny didn’t have time to teach her to swear properly)

Ben: Ronnie. (His name recall is pretty impressive, isn’t it?)

Emma: He slipped her the drugs.

Ben: But nobody wants to believe her.

Emma: I’ve tried my best to prove her innocence but I just don’t know how. Well, and now she’s on her way to the airport.

Ben: Do you know where she is departing from?

Emma: Yes.

Ben: Okay. One moment.

Emma: What are you doing?

Ben: I’m going to help you prove Jenny’s innocence. I’ll just go and get my car keys.

Emma: But…

Ben: Don’t worry. I’ve gotten back my driver’s license yesterday. (convenient!)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi: Timo, I am sorry. I thought…

Timo: Just forget it. – I think we should go now.

Luzi: I don’t understand why we can’t just stand by our feelings.

Timo: I…I…I just don’t feel anything. Sure, I feel your lips but…

Luzi: But that’s okay.

Timo: No, it’s not.

Luzi: You just need to have a little patience. We need to have a little patience. Look, after the accident you thought that you would never be able to walk again. And now…now you already have some feeling back in your leg.

Timo: But that’s not enough. Who knows if I will ever be able to walk again. Maybe I’ll be forever bound to this fucking chair.

Luzi: Okay. But that’s just the way it is then.

Timo: Yeah sure…

Luzi: What? Do you think I care? Do you think that it changes anything about my feelings for you?

Timo: Yes. Maybe not now, maybe not in a couple of days…but someday it will. And even if you don’t care if you are together with a cripple, I do care. I can’t do it. It’s bothering me. The life, everything…I want to experience and do with you…it won’t ever happen. I will never be able to dance with you again, never climb up some mountain…never carry you up the altar someday. It will never happen (Damn right, it won’t. I stay away from religious ceremonies but I’m pretty sure no one here normally carries anyone up an altar. Though I could be wrong.)

Luzi: But you don’t have to do those things…and…I hate mountains.

Timo: But I don’t want to become some appendage. No one for whom you have to make allowances or because of whom you have to do without. I can’t do it. Maybe it’s better if we don’t see each other for a while.

Luzi: Why?

Timo: We can’t be a couple and we can’t be just friends. I mean, we’ve tried and it doesn’t work. We are hanging somewhere in between. – And I can’t manage that.

(I wanna slap some sense into Timo)//Aww Luzi tear.





Ben: Hey! Is Ronnie around?

Receptionist: Yes, but no idea where exactly.

Ben: Okay, where is this little asshole?

Emma(in emma panic): They’ll take off in one hour!

Ben: Emma, we’ll make it. We’ll find him and if all else fails, I’ll beat it out of him.

Emma: But that doesn’t work with him.

Ben: No? Already tried it?

Emma: No, but you know how he is and then you’ll have new charges brought up against you.

Ben: Do you have another idea? A better one?

Emma: Well, first we’ll have to find him. And then…I think I know how we’ll do it.

(I love this Team)




Jenny: Mom. I know what you two are thinking but…you’re making a mistake.

Mr Hartmann: The only one here, who has made a mistake, sweetheart, is you. And now you are going to learn to take responsibility for it.

Jenny: I did not relapse.

Mrs Hartmann: Jenny, we don’t want to hear another excuse.

Jenny: Those aren’t excuses. It’s the truth.

Mr Hartmann: Yes. That’s what you always said: No, I’m not taking anything. No, that stuff doesn’t belong to me… We sent you here because we assumed that you would come to your senses far away from your so-called friends. We trusted you.

Jenny: But you can trust me. There is a guy at school who is selling drugs there, who I tangled with. He found out that I once was involved with drugs and then…then he conned me…then he slipped me something...So that this right here would happen. Please, you have to believe me. I’ve changed. I’ve built a new life here, I have a girlfriend here. Please don’t take that away from me.

(Mrs. Hartmann turns and leaves)

Mr Hartmann: I…I would really like to believe you. But you have lied to us too often.


(Jenny, you’re breaking my heart.)





Ronnie is back

Ronnie: Well well, look who we have here.

Emma: I have to talk to you.

Ronnie: Yes, Eva mentioned something like that but…honestly? I don’t care.

Emma: It’s about Jenny.

Ronnie: Are you two in need of a man? I can understand that but …I’m not interested, thanks.

Emma: She was taken away by her parents and they are putting her in a rehab clinic.

Ronnie: Hey, that’s the best thing that could happen to a junkie. Super.

Emma: You know very well that she doesn’t take any drugs. Not anymore.

Ronnie: Well, I know very well of at least one time where she did take something.

Emma: No way.

Ronnie: Ey blondie, say, how naive are you? Once a junkie, always a junkie. That works the same way as with a dry drunk. One sip and bam! he’s hanging on the bottle again.

Emma: That’s why you put drugs into her water? (raises her voice)So that you could get rid of her?!

Ronnie: Are you crazy, or something? Piss off, man.

Emma: Okay…if you don’t want to talk to me, I’ll…go to your brother.

Ronnie: Another word, man, and I’ll show you…

Emma: Do you want me to scream? And that everyone here hears about what you did? I don’t believe so. So either you get in there with me right now and we’ll talk about it or I’ll shout the entire house down. And you know very well how loud my voice can be.

Ronnie: You have two minutes.

They go into the recording studio and close the door.

Ronnie: So…what do you want?

Emma: For you to tell the truth.

Ronnie: What truth? That you and your girlfriend are two wacky dykes?

Emma: That you slipped Jenny the drugs.

Ronnie: Hrm. You are crazy. You are mad.

Emma: You could just say that it was an accident that you swapped the water bottles.

Ronnie: Ey, I have no idea what you are talking about, really.

Ronnie isn’t falling for it. So Emma retreats and comes back with another strategy. (Look for Emma Müller’s 'The Art of War' in book stores this winter.)

Emma: Okay. We shouldn’t have tried to take you on. That was stupid. You were angry that…that Jenny messed up your drug deal…that she flushed the weed down the toilet. You taught us a lesson and we get it now. And I can really promise you that Jenny won’t ever get in your way again. But you mustn’t allow her parents to take her away from here. She wouldn’t survive it.

Ronnie: I did warn you. But you thought you could just go on playing me for a sucker. And now you come crawling here like that? You should have thought of that before.

Emma: And you…shouldn’t have slipped her the drugs.

Ronnie: Well, you didn’t leave me any other choice. I wanted this bitch to go away, and I made sure it would happen. And if you are thinking about telling anyone about this, I’ll see to it that you will disappear, as well. Is that clear?

Emma: No idea. (raises her voice)Was that clear?

Ben from the other side of the window:Crystal clear.

Ronnie: Fuck. (he looks around)You stupid retards can’t do anything to me. You happened to forget to push the recording button.

(Great entrance of the big brother)

Frank: That wasn’t really necessary, anyway.



[At Beschenko’s apartment – Luzi’s room]


Luzi does some research because of Timo.


Luzi is typing on her computer: Paraplegia prognosis. - Revolutionary method of Professor Krakow makes paraplegia curable.

With his method, to adopt stem cells from pig embryos into the injured tissue, the team led by Professor Krakow has achieved spectacular success. We promise a cure for paraplegia with a 60 percent guarantee of success and for a complete rehabilitation, we can showa 40 percent rate of success.

Luzi reads a few patient reviews.

Luzi: Professor Krakow has given me my life back. After a fall from a scaffold, I was paralyzed from the fourth thoracic vertebra. Now I can walk again and even doing sports is not a problem.



[At Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie: Stupid bitch (yes, Ronnie means Emma).You will be sorry.

Ben(laughs at Ronnie): Do you still not get it? You lost.

Caro: Have I missed something?

Ronnie: Shut your f****ing mouth.

Caro: Apparently a whole lot. (Love you Caro)


[At Raumzeit Records – Recording Room]


Frank: I… can only apologize for my brother.

Emma: But that’s not enough. If the parent sof my girlfriend don’t get to know the truth, then they will send heraway. They are already at the airport.

Frank: Okay, I will talk to them as soon as…

Emma: NO. That’s not enough. We have to stop them now.

Frank: You want to go to the airport now?

Emma: Please. I have promised Jenny that I would not let her down.

Frank: Okay, we are going.


[At Raumzeit Records]


Ronnie: My brother will understand that everythingI said was because you provoked me. Nothing of this is true.

Frank and Emma are coming out of the recording room.

Frank: We are going to the airport.

Ronnie: Hey. Don't tell me you want to go with them…. I can explain everything to you.

Frank: Ronnie, and you will have to. But first I have to take care of your mess.

Caro: I love the music business. (Caro really does)



[At Beschenko’s apartment]


Karin walks into the apartment.


Karin: Hello.

Luzi: Hey.

Karin: Are you preparing for a biology presentation?

Luzi: No. I have found those on the internet. This is about a new method of healing for ‘paraplegia after a unilateral spinal cord injury’.

Karin: Can I take a look?

Luzi: This professor Krakow uses stem cells from pigs. That really sounds sick, but it seems to work.

Karin: I have already heard about that.

Luzi: Really?

Karin: Yes. When I was studying medicine, the first experiments were conducted.

Luzi: WOW. Great. Then they’ve come really far by now.

Karin: It wasn’t THAT long ago.

Luzi: The curerateis at 40 percent. That's a lot, right?

Karin: Why are you so interested in this?

Luzi: Because, because… Because I thought that Timo could do that.

Karin: Such aprocedure is risky. One should think about that. And it sounds like this method is still in the testing phase. And don’t you think, that Timo’s doctors would have informed him?

Luzi:Well, maybe they don’t know about this method.

Karin: I’m sure they do.The doctors always keep up to date with such developments. Even if those patient reports are true, they will first have to check if Timo is even eligible. And such surgery is very expensive. His insurance surely will not pay for it. And even if Timo can get so much money…what if he does not belong to those 40 percent? I know that you want to help Timo but you do it better by helping him cope with this situation. Luzi…

Luzi: Yes, it’s alright.



[At Raumzeit Records]


Caro: I have never really understood what you are doing here, but you are welcome to tell Frankie that I would fill in for you. (love love love)

Ronnie tries to call Frank.

Frank’s voice mail: Frank Peters, I am currently not available. Please leave a message.




[Apartment of the Beschenkos, Luzi’s room]


(flashback: Pestalozzi, auditorium)

Luzi:  What is it?

Timo: I can’t do it this way.

(end of flashback)

Luzi: (on the phone) Hey Timo. Erm, do you have time? Can we…can we meet up?





(Jenny and her parents are about to board the plane(Jenny does a great “Dead Woman Walking” impression) while Ben, Emma and Frank are rushing towards the airport and are trying to find an entrance.)

Emma: Again only voice mail. Look there, there, there, that must be them. Perhaps we can make it on time.


Herr Hartmann: You are going to do your therapy now, for a start, and then we’ll see.


Ben: Fuck, we can’t get any further here.

Emma: Everything’s blocked up here.

Ben: You can forget about this way, too.

(Jenny boards the plane and her dad comforts her by laying his hand on her shoulder)

Emma: Well, fuck! – Shit, they are about to take off.



[Somewhere in a park]


Luzi: Hey, there you are.

Timo: What’s so important?

Luzi: Here.

Timo: What’s that?

Luzi: Oh dude, go on, read it first.

Timo: And you think …

Luzi: Yes, maybe that’s the solution to your problem. And if it works, I will even climb a mountain with you.

(Timo smiles :) )





(The plane is starting. Are you ready for this amazing scene?)

Ben: Okay and we’re going in. Come. Come on, come! Come!

(They run back to the car and get in. )

Ben: Okay, this is an emergency.

Frank: Okay, step on it.

(Ben almost runs over two security guards and chases after the Hartmann plane.)

Emma: Stop! Jennyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Stop! Stoooop!!!!!!

(Jenny is starring out of the opposite window with a vacant expression on her face.)

(Turn around, Jenny! Look out of the other window. Watson, I mean Emma, aka the love of your life, is here to save you!)


(Btw, I think it’s cute how Ben seems to be kind of afraid of Emma’s disapproval and tries to head it off from the start, e.g. driving without a driver’s license, running over security personnel to get onto the airfield…)