Episode 224

(Previously on HandaufsHerz)


Ben: This is an emergency.

Ben almost runs over two security guards and chases after the Hartmann'splane.

Emma: Stop! Jennyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Stop! Stoooop!!!!!!




[At the airport]


Car/plane chase.

Emmahanging out of the car window: Stoooop!!!!!! Stoooop!!!

Ben does a roadblock ten meters in front of the rolling plane. That are some powerful brakes on that thing because the plane comes to a screeching halt.

Emma jumps out of the car and runs to the plane.


Jenny: Emma, what are you doing here?

Emma: I can proof that you didn’t take the drugs voluntarily!

Herr Hartmann: Could you explain to me what this is all about?

Emma: I need to talk to you and your wife. Give me five minutes.

Emma gives a thumbs-up to Ben and he and Frank high-five in the car.

(Frank does need to get a life..)


[Raumzeit Records]


Miriam: It’s sheer pandemonium downtown. Hello. Say, where is Frank? He has that appointment for that conference call with the organizer of that music award in a few minutes.

Caro: He had to leave really urgently. Where to exactly, I don’t know, unfortunately.

Miriam: Alright. Well, could you please look up the organizer of the dome award's phone number for me?

Caro: “The Dome” is no award, it’s a music show. – Like the “Musikantenstadl”

(That was another LOL Caro comment. But how to explain this piece of German “culture”? Well, The Dome is a German television program and music event with artists like these:


If you scroll down, you’ll even see artists that have been on our favorite show, like Jupiter Jones, Frida Gold, The Black Pony and Culcha Candela (of course, you’ll also see David Hasselhoff. But please ignore this. Please??? I hear one German/The Hoff joke and I might just lose the ability to speak English for the next two weeks or so. You have been warned. ;-).

Now, Musikantenstadl is something your grandparents might force you to watch if you are visiting at an inopportune time. It’s indescribable if you have no concept of German Schlager or Volksmusik. It’s like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-l2e4lqMUM (this was voted the best performance of 30 years Musikantenstadl, by the way, if you can believe the description)

or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8_USlOYmqM (yes, they are wearing Lederhosen.// I love Lederhosen!You never have to wash them!Uh, your editor.))


Miriam: Guess what, forget about the number. I’ll discuss this with Frank in person later. Oh, and could you make us two cups of coffee please? Thanks.

Caro: With pleasure.

Miriam makes a face at Bea.

Miriam: Say, is everyone in your class like that? Hi.

Bea: Caro is a very special specimen.

Miriam: This beast acts as though I am barely still alive.. Do I look that old?

Bea: Caro is eighteen. For her, everybody over twenty is on their last leg.

Miriam: Okay, you have to promise me that tonight we won’t be leaving Chulo's before two in the morning.

Bea: Yeah, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that. I feel like 21 today and that’s why I would prefer to stay on the couch. Pizza, watching DVDs.(dancing ballet..)Oh, come on… Chulos...we don’t know who will be there.(for once, Bea has a teacher moment? I'd never mingle with my students, if I were a teacher..Oh, of course, she doesn't want to run into Ben..never mind..)

Miriam: Nonononono. Listen, Bea. We haven’t been out dancing for a long time. The two grown-ups are going to get dressed for a hot party night, okay?



[In the airport]


Herr Hartmann: Listen, I’ve heard this story about the planted drugs now for the nth time. How are we supposed to know if this Ronnie even exists?

Frank comes in.

Frank: Because he is my brother. Christina. Rolf. Hello.

Frau Hartmann: Hello.

Frank: Hello Rolf. Nice to see you two. Even though the circumstances aren’t the best..

Jenny: You know each other?

Herr Hartmann: Yes, well, just a moment. What does all of this mean?

Frank: It really is true that Ronnie drugged Jenny. He admitted it in front of me.

Frau Hartmann: How can somebody do something like this?

Frank: He causes trouble now and then but he doesn’t realize the impact of his actions. But I promise you, this will have consequences.

Herr Hartmann: Yes, well I think…it looks like…we have to apologize to you.

Jenny: I can really understand why you didn’t believe me. After what happened in the past, I would have probably reacted the same way.

Frau Hartmann: I’m very glad, for once, that we were wrong.

Jenny: Me too. But…what is going to happen to Ronnie now?

Frank: I have an idea. Let's go to my office and discuss everything there. Okay? Come on.

Ben: Yup, good idea. I’ve got the feeling anyways that nobody here likes me.pouts

Emma and Jenny are hugging.

Emma: Did you really think I would give up so easily?

Jenny: Quatsch!/Nonsense.

Look at Emma’s proud face.



[Raumzeit Records]


Frank: Let’s go straight to my office. (to Emma and Jenny)You can grab something to drink if you want to.

(That’s right. Since Jenny and Emma would only be able to go gay to his office, they are not invited as the “parents” discuss their grown-up children's problems without them./Hahaha, I was wondering about that,too.Caro, two more coffees, please:-)

Emma: Cool, thanks. And thank you for the help as well.

Frank: Yeah well, I owed that to Jenny.

Jenny and Emma hug again.(Aaahh, the joys of Lesbians hugging..we love hugging!)


Frank: I would have liked to introduce you to my new assistant but…(???Why?? Cause she's a mother,too?)

Herr Hartmann: Doesn’t matter. We have to leave soon. The weather is getting worse.


Emma: There was no way I was just going to let you go like that.

Jenny picks up Emma and spins her around.

Ben can’t take this loving bliss any longer, now that his attic is a dark and lonely place.

Ben: Alright, I’ll be going now. We’ll see each other later at the villa.

Jenny: Now wait a minute. I haven’t even said thank you yet for your James Bond impression on the airfield. You were my lifesaver. Thank you.

Ben: Pure selfishness. I just didn’t want to have to endure Emma's bawling in school everyday.

Emma: Heyyyy!

Jenny: Thanks!

Emma: And thank you from me as well.

Group hug!Awww!

Ben: Alright, enough already. You two carry on without me . I still have to study for history.

Jenny: But I thought we would go to the Chulos…

Ben: So I can watch you two being all over each other the whole evening? Great idea.(Interesting side note: The word he uses is “turteln” which is derived from what turtle doves do,when they are in love, and which doesn't really have an English translation, I changed the translator's “whispering sweet nothings into each others ears” here, and did not use “make out” as I originally intended to.I hope you get the gist of it..it's pretty much ep 198,in the kitchen.Anyways..where were we?)

Jenny: Pft.

Emma: Pft.


He starts to leave as Miriam and Bea return. Their eyes meet. In slo-mo. For 40 seconds. In which nothing else happens. (Can you imagine what Jemma could have done with those 40 seconds!?/Rhethorical question much? In slo mo?;-)

Miriam: But we’re having a single girls’ night, right?

Bea: Mhm.


Herr Hartmann: Do you really believe it’s enough for you to talk to your brother and keep a closer eye on him?

Frank: I’m going to get an appointment with the principal of his school. Maybe there’s a social project he can participate in, which would strengthen is sense of responsibility. (STAG? YES! Damn you, Sat1 for not giving them a second season! Ronnie and Caro singing, would have been brilliant!!)

Frau Hartmann(ironic): Yes of course.

Frank: Thanks Eva.

Herr Hartmann: With all due respect, Frank…but someone who would do something like this to a young girl won’t see the error of his ways just by participating in a school project. Ronnie…has to be punished. (YES!)And that’s why all of us have to go to the police.

Frank: I do understand that you are angry. And what Ronnie did to Jenny is in no way excusable but he is exactly like Jenny: still young. And young people make mistakes. And that’s why I believe he should get the chance to learn from his mistakes.

Herr Hartmann: And you believe that he is willing to do that? From the things you’ve told us about him, this isn’t the first time your brother acted up after the accident of your parents.

Frank: That’s why I’m going to look out for him even more.

Herr Hartmann: And you think that would be enough for us and Jenny?

Frank: Okay Rolf…maybe there is a solution that would be in our and Jenny’s best interests…and keep Ronnie from being charged.


Jenny: I think, they should finally get out of there, so that we can go to the police. – I want to get it over with.

Emma: Do you have any idea where Peters knows your parents from?

Jenny: Not the faintest idea.

Frank and the Hartmanns come out of the office.

Jenny: Can we go to the police now?

Herr Hartmann: Äh no. Herr Peters will take care of this matter himself. We all agree that this is the best solution for all involved.

Jenny: And what solution is that supposed to be?

Herr Hartmann: Trust me. A solution that is profitable for everyone.

Emma: I rather think that it will be profitable for Ronnie.

Frank: Don’t worry. I’m partially responsible as well. After our parents’ death I didn’t really take care of him enough and…well…it’s still affecting him negatively.

Herr Hartmann: Of course that’s no excuse for what he did to you. But as I said, we have found a solution that will work wonderfully for everyone…for you as well.

Jenny: Aha…

Herr Hartmann: You can count on it. Well, we have to go. Are you going to accompany us to the airport?

Jenny: Yes.

Jenny gives Emma a quick kissand leaves. Emma is a little stunned and probably not sure if she heard this right.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: You seemed to have had great longing.

Ben: How do you mean?

Stefan: Well, since you have been gone with the car all day, I assume that you have missed it greatly.

Ben: Of course. And thanks again for getting me my driver’s license back.

Stefan: Hm. I thought you could use some cheering up at the moment.

Ben: Truth be told, there is a completely different reason why the driver’s license was worth its weight in gold. After all, that’s how Emma and I managed to prevent Jenny from being shipped off to Ireland.

Stefan: What do you mean by that?

Ben: Well, sometimes you should just believe what people are saying. We were able prove that Jenny is innocent and the Hartmanns apologized to her.

Stefan: I had no choice. I’m responsible for Jenny when she is here and everything pointed to her having relapsed. I had to inform her parents.

Ben: Bullshit. If you had really listened to her only once, you would have realized that she was telling the truth. But no, you always form your own opinion and make judgments regardless of the consequences. Free advice: Try to trust someone for once.

Stefan: What are we talking about here, really? Is it possible that your bad mood is because of something completely different? And that I had to go groveling before your principal once again (Stefan, you really shouldn’t discuss your sex life with your son...)because you can’t manage to pay any attention to getting your diploma.

Ben: I’m on my way to my history books right now. What more do you want?

Stefan: For you to finally realize how important school and graduation are. God damn it! Just forget about this (female) teacher and concentrate on what is really important! (Like helping Jemma out and getting Ronnie into jail!)

Ben: Really important? For me? I’m only at this school because you want me to. And I’m only getting my fucking diploma for you…even though there are things that are a thousand times more important to me. And you…stop trying to sell me your fucking opinion as if you would be doing me a favor with this. Thanks.

(Just effin grow up, Ben..)





??? is performing


Miriam is watching Piet work behind the bar.

Bea: Should I get his number for you? – Oh come on, you are only here because of Piet.

Miriam: What? What nonsense. P.S. This is our single girls’ night out.

Bea: Yeah,sure..

Miriam is so busy watching Piet, she has a little trouble getting the straw into her mouth.

Miriam: And anyways, we aren’t talking to any men tonight. (Sounds like my single gilrs' night out!) And we aren’t talking to ex-husbands either. I mean…with the soon-to-be ex-husbands, of course.

Bea: Well, if you just keep standing around, you won’t get the chance to anyways.Others will be too happy to do it for you.

Miriam: You know something? Another reason to enjoy this evening in the company of women. (Funny, that’s what I always say. Also: Et tu, Miriam? This show is getting gayer all the time./Remember, that Miriam mentioned Bea in her lists of reasons to stay behind?:-D)I’ll be right back.



Meeting Ben for the first time at Chulos.

Having sex.

[End flashback]


She gets a text message from Ben saying: I miss you.


(And no Helena anywhere in this episode to make this more bearable. /We're going to now have to contend with Miriam/Bea..which is ok for an intermission:-)Helena is probably busy with Bergmann senior groveling before her anyways..)



[At Chulos]


Ronnie:This little bitch really managed to bust me. I wouldn’t have thought that she was capable of doing it.(Beware of the Terrier!)

Sophie:And how did your brother react?

Ronnie:He was quite shocked and called it ‘terrible’.

Sophie:Wasn’t he mad?

Ronnie:Ah, well, he left with Ben and Emma right away to clear things up.. See, we don’t have any problems anymore.

Sophie:But it was us who slipped Jenny the drugs.

(Ronnie and Sophie think they are alone, but Piet is listening in on them behind the bar)

Ronnie:Ah, come on, it was just a little joke. Anyways, this bitch deserved it. After all, she wanted to split us up!

Sophie:So you think we won’t get into trouble because of this?

Ronnie:Nonsense. And if Frank acts up about it I’ll talk to Franco and his boys again. They will take care of it and make sure that Frank will make the right decision.

Sophie:Who’s Franco?

Ronnie:(sighs)I always have to explain everything to you in detail…Do you still remember how Frank got beaten up in front of the Chulos’?

Sophie:Of course.

Ronnie:That was Franco with his guys.

Sophie:It was you?

Ronnie:Dude, now don’t act like this! Frank totally overreacted because of those damn VIP tickets… because I took them. He totally deserved some thrashing!


(Beyoncé – Single Ladiesplayed at Chulos’)

Miriam is dancing, Bea texts Ben back with: I miss you too.//Which is basically all you need to know about this show..anyone else seeing Kurt in glitter?



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Ben is studying, or something like that.He reads the text.



[Raumzeit Records]




Ronnie: Where were you when they died? When I was at the hospital and almost croaked? You didn’t give a damn about us. Mama was feeling totally shitty because of you.





[At Chulos’]


Frank:I would like to have a double vodka, please.

Piet:Frank! Great that you managed to show up after all! Hey.

Frank:Hey! Well, I won’t be staying for long. I just wanted to have a drink.

Piet:You’re looking worn out. Is everything ok?(Ha! I have a new couple to ship!)

Ronnie:You know, sometimes it’s just hard to be taking on responsibility for another person. Because no matter what you do you just get the feeling that it’s wrong.

Piet:Frank, you know, you have done so much for your brother, but he isn’t grateful at all.

Frank:But why do you think that? I mean, how do you…

Piet:I overheard him earlier. He talked to a friend. He cracked up about you because you are so indulgent and get him out of any trouble!

Frank:Yes, ok, but what about your daughter? I mean, if she screwed things up you would still help her.

Piet:Yes, of course. But not if she sicced a goon squad on me! To take revenge for some random restraint. Gosh, the guys who beat you up, and unfortunately me too, they were hired by Ronnie! And he was damn proud of it,too!



[At RaumZeit Records]


Ronnie:Sorry,Dude, I overslept.You surely want to talk to me about the incident with Jenny, right?

Frank:Sit down!

Ronnie:Dude, I know it wasn’t a cool move..

Frank:It wasn’t a cool move of you? Ronnie, you slipped a former addict some illegal drugs! Her parents flew in from London just for this to admit her to a rehab clinic!

Ronnie:Gosh, relax! I’m sorry that the Hartmanns went to some troubles And if it’s important to you, I can apologize.



[At Pestalozzi]


Ben:Thanks for your text message!

Student:Ms. Vogel! Annika will be 10 minutes late for class. She had to go to the school office.

Bea:Ok, thanks.

Bea walks along the hallway when Ben pulls her into an empty class room.Where they kiss.

Ben:I love you. And I promise you that will never change. I had to tell you that.

Bea:Don’t go.



[At RaumZeit Records]


Ronnie:Gosh, Frank! Come on! I know I’m not as good as you are…well, with responsibility,that is..…But from now on I’ll going to be making an effort! Really!

Frank:Are you done? Good. Then grab your stuff and get out!

Frank:You heard me! I don’t want to see you anymore!

Ronnie:Are you nuts? You can’t kick me out!

Frank:Yes, I can kick you out! It’s about time that you take on responsibilty for your behavior!

Ronnie:What kind of shitty brother are you?! It’s always just about your image as the perfect guy where your screwed up little brother obviously doesn’t fit in, right? Admit it! You don’t give a damn about me! And you surely would have preferred if I had also kicked the bucket in the accident back then!

Frank:Ronnie, I don’t buy it anymore. I know that those guys who beat me up were hired by you! So get out of here! And grow up!




Make sure to tune in tomorrow!