Episode 229

(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Bea: One moment. I…I don’t understand this. Why didn’t he say good-bye?

Stefan: He was at this bar yesterday evening.


Piet: He sat the whole time right here at the bar, drank something and looked as if he was waiting for someone.


Stefan: Yes, I know exactly what amount we are talking about! But that doesn’t change the fact that I need the money! Fast!


Bea:Ben, pick up!


[A room]

Ben’s phone is ringing. It’s lying on a table.

Ben is sitting on a dirty mattress, arms chained behind his back to a radiator, mouth taped shut. He tries to scream.








The rocker kidnappers enter. They are wearing masks. Ben tries to shout.

They cut him loose from the radiator, put him in a chair and film him with a cell phone. Then they tie him to the radiator again.


Benmuffled: Please!

Rocker1(Harry?): Shut your trap! Do you hear me? Shut your trap!


They put the cell phone in an envelope and leave.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]



Bea:For Australia.

Stefan: Yes, Ms Vogel. For Australia.

Bea:Why didn’t he say good-bye?

Stefan: He was at this bar yesterday evening. At that…



Piet: He sat the whole time right here at the bar…looked as if he was waiting for someone.

Bea:Waiting for whom?

Piet:Don’t ask me! I turned around and there was a banknote and he was gone.



(And why do we have to get flashbacks that for the most part were already shown in the “Previously on…”? Time is a precious thing in this, our last week of Hand aufs Herz. It shouldn’t be wasted by something like this! I’m writing this one day after having seen the final episode, so please excuse my bitchiness.)



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: The ratatouille was good.

Piet: Thanks…Twosugars and a little milk, like always?

Miriam: And a shot of rum, please.

Piet: Uh, but I don’t have any rum…

Miriam: Gosh, Piet, it was a joke. – Just like always, please.

Pietchortles: Just like always.

They look at each other. The door opens.

Lara: Uh, if you are doing anything please stop for a sec. I’ve forgotten my cell phone. And I’m gone. Carry on!

Piet: Normally, it should be the other way round. I mean, normally, we should be the ones to surprise her while she’s making out with her boyfriend or something.

Miriam: Does she have a boyfriend?

Piet: N-no, I don’t k-know. – Say, do you know what we haven’t done in a long time?

They both start noddingand smiling. (And I bet it’s not what we are thinking!)



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael is practicing his stalker impressionon Bea again before entering.

Michael: Hey!

Bea: Hey.

Michael: Are you okay?

Bea: I’m fine. I’m fine but at the moment it’s all a little…

Michael: …much.

Bea: Yes. Much.

Michael: Have you heard anything from Ben, yet?

Bea: No.

Michael: If there’s anything I can do…

Bea: That’s nice, thanks. But …I don’t think so.

Michael: Yeah. See you tomorrow, then.

Bea: See you tomorrow. – Ben, where are you?



[The Vogel home]


Miriam and Piet are playing a game (What did I tell you?)


Miriam: On mars!

Piet: That is wrong. It’s saturn. That means, I have three long distance, three sports and three knowledge points. You have two knowledge points and that means…(he strikes a pose)

Miriam: Yep. That means that you have won. But I also know about your bad mood if you lose. And do you know what that means?

Piet: Oh, so that means that the lady…let me win.

Miriam: Bingo. Mhm.

Piet: Of course, it’s also possible that I’m just very smart.

Miriam laughs.

Piet: Well…would you like to play another round, maybe?

Miriam: You know, I think, I better go home.

Piet: Okay, then…we should do this again sometime, right?

Miriam: It was a wonderful evening, Piet. Well…thanks for the invitation.

Piet: Wait!

He fetches her coat.

Miriam: Thank you.

Piet: Well, should I give Lara your regards?

Miriam: Yes. Yes, that would be great.

They start kissing. And don’t stop there.


(They are pretty cute together. But that won’t stop my Friet shipping/ Haha Bromance ftw)



[Bergmann villa, Stefan’s office]


Karin Beschenko: Herr Bergmann? This envelope was lying in front of the door.

Stefan: Thanks.

He pulls out the cell phone which is wrapped in a newspaper on which is written: Video on cell phone.

Karin knows that something’s wrong with Stefan and stays where she is. (I really would have liked to see Stefan and Karin getting together, btw. / I think the actors did, too.)

Meanwhile Stefan watches the video of Ben. Karin goes up to him.

Karin: Did something happen?

Stefan: Ben…has been kidnapped.



[Pestalozzi, entry hall]


Jenny waltzes in busy with her cell phone.

Emma: Jenny! (Emma comes up with two coffees)There you are. I thought, we were meeting at the coffee dispenser. Are you feeling better today? Were you able to sleep?

Jenny(sighs): Emma, I don’t want to talk about my parents.

Emma: Maybe you have to talk about it. It will do you good. I know it.

Jenny: Do you? And how do you know? Are you able to read my mind? Or did your parents also crash with a plane into the English Channel? I don’t think so. Emma, when I say I don’t want to talk about this subject, then I don’t want to talk about this subject. Is that so hard to understand?

Emma: It just doesn’t feel right.

Jenny: Emma, please just let it go.

And off she goes, leaving Emma behind.


(I really like all of Jenny’s gestures in this scene, from the mind reading wave to throwing her head back…as sad as the situation is that made me laugh. Thank you, Lucy Scherer)



[Bergmann villa, Stefan’s office]


Karin: Are the kidnappers demanding money?

Stefan: I don’t know, I…I’m waiting for them to call.

Karin: We have to call the police.

Stefan: We don’t have to do anything. I shouldn’t even have told you. Nobody must learn about this. Do you understand?

The door bell rings.

Stefan: Frau Beschenko, you really can’t tell anyone about this. Not anyone, do you hear me?

Karin: Yes, of course.

Stefanwhispers: Okay.

He’s looking at the video again when Bea storms in.

Bea: Herr Bergmann?

Stefan: Frau Vogel. What do you want now?

Bea: I don’t believe that Ben is in Australia. It just doesn’t make any sense. He would have said good-bye to me and….

Stefan: Oh yeah? Are you sure? You know what I think? You don’t want to accept that Ben finally realized how hopeless your relationship was.

Bea: Ben didn’t run away.

Stefan: He did, Frau Vogel. He is gone. To Australia. And obviously he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. And I don’t want to talk to you anymore, either. So, if you would please leave my home.

Bea: I will find Ben.

Stefan: Frau Beschenko? Please show Frau Vogel to the door.





Kidnapper is bringing something to eat and drink and puts it beside Ben. Ben kicks over the water glass and it breaks.

(The kidnapper was on his way out already. How was Ben supposed to drink with his hands tied behind his back and the tape over his mouth?///The kidnapper obviously is a tease!)

Kidnapper: Are you trying to fuck with me?

He tears off the tape.

Ben: Mnnhh!! That wasn't on purpose. Can I get another glass?

Kidnapper: Shut up and eat!

Ben: And how am I supposed to eat? Do you have a spoon?

The kidnapper spits into Ben’s food.(Nice authentic sound btw, I was feeling a little queasy)

Ben: By the way... My father refuses to be blackmailed.

Kidnapper: (grabs his face)Then you should start praying.

He leaves and Ben tries to get his hand (or rather foot) on a shard of the broken glass, which he artistically manages to maneuver into his hands.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Bea arrives at schooland tries to call Ben

Ben's mailbox: Yo, whazzup, this is the mailbox of Ben, um... After the beep, just talk. Bye!


Bea: Ben, it's me again. Why aren't you calling back? I need to know where you are! Your father still claims you've gone to Australia but... I don't believe that! You wouldn't have just left! Please Ben, call me! I just want to know where you are and if you are well... I love you!



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: Are there any news?

Stefan: Apart from Frau Vogel constantly trying to reach Ben nothing's happening.

Karin: She's really worried about him.

Stefan: I am too! And that's exactly why nobody can know about the kidnapping! Frau Beschenko, you absolutely mustn't tell anybody about that! Promise me!

Ben’s cell phone starts ringing.

Stefan: Yes?!

Kidnapper: You saw the video with your son

Stefan: Who are you? Where is my son?

Kidnapper(distorted): Get 500.000 (bucks)... in small bills, not numbered... Time and place of the handover will be transmitted in time. And no police! Otherwise, your son is dead!





(Esa noche - Cafe Tacuba)

Piet starts dancing and juggling.


[Raumzeit Records]


Miriamis lost in thought, while Caro tries to get some papers from her.

Frank gives back a letter where Miriam wrote Frank Piet instead of Peters. Frank looks amused.





Ben: Come on.

Ben manages to cut his restraints.

A kidnapper comes in.

Ben: Tastes like shit. I prefer a pizza!

The kidnapper leaves again with a not so nice hand gesture.

Ben: Ham and extra cheese!

Ben gets up and walks to the doorwhich he opens slowly. (The door is not locked???)



[Pestalozzi, on the front steps]

Jenny is sitting on the steps lost in thought.Emma comes out of the door with two cups in hand. She sits down next to her and places the second cup at Jenny’s feet.

Jenny: I don't want coffee.

Emma: Th-That is not coffee. It's hot chocolate with cream... Bodo suggested for us to do some kind of “Best of STAG” at the summer festival.

Jenny: Not a bad idea

Emma: I'm sorry. I've been an idiot. People are different. Some people get shitfaced when they're in a bad mood, some talk a lot about it and you prefer to deal with it on your own, I get that now. I can't tell you how to mourn. I just want you to know that I'm always there for you. Always! If you do want to talk about it sometime...

Jenny: Thank you

Emma: I love you

And Jenny leans over and kisses Emma who starts smiling into the kiss..



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Bea: When calculating the surface area of curvilinear defined areas in a plane – what do we ask ourselves? - Ricky, put away your cellphone. What do we ask ourselves? (This must be an advanced course, I never heard of this before...)

Ricky: When does the break start?

Bea: I am sure many ask themselves that, but we ask first of all, what defines the plane?! (Bea glances at her cell phone)Um, yeah, the functions g and f with the components a and b... So what happens when we move the graph? (Her cell phone beeps and she grabs it)

Ricky: Hey, you have to turn off your cell phone as well!

Bea: Um, yeah, chapter 7, the first two tasks, look at those.

She turns her back to the class and starts reading her text message. (Great way to act in front of the class. Who knows what important message was waiting for Ricky two minutes ago.)

Beareading: Dear Bea, sorry that I just took off, but I couldn't stand it anymore. It's better if we don't see each other anymore. Ben



[Outside of the Room](And yes, I’ve read Room by Emma Donoghue if anyone was wondering.)


Ben tries to escape while one rocker kidnapper is fiddling with his bikeand two others are talking with each other near the entrance.

But suddenly Ronnie is there and knocks him out from behind with a blow to the head.