Episode 231

 (Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


Bea: Do you know where Ben is?

Ronnie: What?

Bea: Where is he?

Ronnie: Well, Holger from 11a said he just ran away...


Emma: Jenny? Everything okay? Jenny, what – what's the matter?

Jenny: That song...

Emma: Jenny! Jenny, hold on, please! Jenny!






[Pestalozzi, auditorium]



Jenny is kinda falling or sliding down the ladder. It’s hard to say.

Bodo comes to help.

Emma:Okay, okay. Now get down very, very slowly. – Very slowly. One step at a time.

Bodo: What the hell happened?

Emma:This song…on the radio. Please turn off the radio.

Jenny is finally back on the ground. Emma pulls her into a hug.

Emma:(to Jenny)Everything’s gonna be okay… (to Bodo)Just turn the fucking radio off!

Emma runs to the radio and tries to turn it off herself. Jenny leaves the auditorium.

Emma:God, this fucking thing won’t turn off.

Bodo: The one (button) on top.

Emma desperately pulls the plug.

Emma:Jenny! Wait! (She runs after her)

Bodo: Say what were you doing here anyways? The auditorium was supposed to be redecorated after Luzi’s video shoot.



[The Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Ben”’s text message again: Dear Bea, sorry that I just took off, but I couldn't stand it anymore. It's better if we don't see each other. Ben


Bea: I would have noticed if he had planned to go away. Ben isn’t very good at hiding his feelings.

Miriam:Well, he was able to keep your relationship a secret these last weeks,

Bea: From the others. Yes.

Miriam:But where do you think Ben would be…well, if he isn’t in Australia? I mean, that has always been his dream. He always wanted to go there. Maybe you just have to give him a little more time.

Bea: I can’t wait.

Miriam:But it doesn’t sound as if he'd want to talk to you. And even if, you would still have to find him first. And if someone doesn’t want to be found, then…

Bea: Then you just have to search for him harder.



[The Room]


Oh look at that poster, Ben really is in Australia.



[At the Beschenkos’]


Luzi is looking at outfits. Karin comes in.

Karin: Hey

Luzi: Which one looks better?

Karin: You always look good, no matter what you are wearing.(Karin really needs a gf to pay compliments,to..*paging Dr.Kerstin*..)

Luzi: That is no big help. I still have to decide for tomorrow…the video…and which one to wear and…

Karin: Is that for the shoot which you told me about? Where your friends will join in?

Luzi: Yes. Ähm, except Timo. He is…at the rehab.(Uh, and others for totally unpivotal reasons??)

Karin: How is that going?

Luzi: Pretty well, I think. He banished the thought about this stupid surgery, at least.

Karin: Thank God.

Luzi: I told him that he could die during the surgery.

Karin: This suits you more.

Luzi: But hey, how was your day?

Karin: Fine. Same old, same old.

Luzi: Were you at the Bergmanns’ today? Do you know what’s up with Ben? He didn’t show up today to some very important make-up test.



Stefan: Frau Beschenko, you really can’t tell anyone about this. You understand? No one.



Karin: Oh really?

Luzi: Yes. Is he sick?

Karin: Yes. (omg, Karin, you lied to your daughter! For Stefan, I know. But this does endanger your MotY award/it's safe and sound, she is the substitute mom to Ben,too.It's for his safety.))

Luzi: Well, then I’ll probably visit him later…a kind of visit to the sick.

Karin: It’s better if you don’t. I mean, you haven’t had rubella/German measles yet. You could contract the disease.

Luzi looks slightly nonplussed.

Karin: I’m going to make us something to eat. Are you hungry?



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Jenny storms out of the school.


Emma: Jenny! Jenny, wait! What’s wrong?

Jenny: That song was played during my parents’ wedding ceremony. Every goddamn year on their wedding anniversary, they are playing it over and over…they were playing it over and over..

Jenny is crying. Emma starts hugging her from behind, then turns her around.

Jenny: And all of this just because of this stupid fucking song.

Emma: It’s okay.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan is counting the ransom money. He hears a noise.

Stefan: Hello?

Jenny and Emma come in.

Stefan: Hello.

Emma: Hello…

Stefan: What happened?

Emma: They played a song on the radio that her parents always listened to.

Stefan: Do you need anything?

Emma: No. We’ll manage for now. Thanks.



[Raumzeit Records]


Johnny Sky: And at nine o’clock we’ll start with the take in the auditorium. We’ll need the tracks for the 360 degree ride.

Caro: 360 what?

Frank: Circular drive. Driving in a circle?

Caro: Ah, cool.

Johnny Sky: That means that Luzi and the dancers have to be with the make-up artist by seven. At twenty to eight I would like to start with lighting.

Frank: Caro, can you remember all of this?

Caro: Yes, you can depend on me completely.

Frank: And I have to. Because this has to run without a hitch tomorrow. I can’t afford a delay or a pickup shot.(Miriam?Personal assistant anyone? You let the intern run this thing?Uh, the editor waves to her own intern, Carry on,hon!)

Johnny Sky: Well, I don’t see any problems. Luzi knows her stuff inside out. By tomorrow evening we’ll have our video.

Caro: And I’ll make reservations at the Sogo-House for later? Äh, I mean that’s a great location for celebrating our success, isn’t it?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Caro takes charge.

Caro: Five minutes, then they have to be here, okay? …

Pills against headache! …

Coffee please! Coffee for the dancers.(I have a feeling that there is an inside joke hidden somewhere in this..:-D

Bodo shows up.//Dear translatress, Bodo WITHOUT HIS HAT shows up.:-)

Caro: Sorry but access for team members only.

Bodo: I’m part of the team.

Caro: Oh, right. Well, you’re late. Start getting dressed.

Bodo: I’m dressed already.

Caro: Okay, then wait until I'll call you.

Bodo: Say, who made her the boss?

Luzi: Oh, she talked Frank’s and Johnny’s ears off until they appointed her director’s assistant.(That's how you get your foot into the biz??Ok..)

Bodo: Well then, have fun.

Luzi: Yeah…Say, you didn’t happen to see Timo somewhere, did you?


Luzi: I know he’s at his rehab but I thought,that maybe he would have been able to still make it.

All these lies to Luzi nowadays. Poor girl.



[Bergmann villa]


Jenny and Emma are sleeping and holding hands. (I really miss those classic Jemma sheets).

Emma wakes up and looks at Jenny who is crying while still asleep.

Jenny wakes up too and sees Emma.

Emma: Hello.

Jenny: My parents are dead.

Emma: Yes.

Emma strokes Jenny’s cheek and kisses her hand.

Jenny: Have you been here the whole night?

Emma nods: And I’m staying as long…as long as you want me to.

Jenny: Thanks.

Jenny closes her eyes, Emma gives her hand another kiss, snuggles closer and touches noses.

/And I am going to miss those classic jemma moments..*le sigh*)


[At Bea’s apartment]


Bea: (on the phone) I need some information about a flight to Melbourne 2 days ago….Yes…I need an information about a passenger…His name is Ben Bergmann…Uhm, he’s missing. But you do have a passengers’ list, don’t you?...No, we haven’t informed the police yet but…I understand. Thank you very much. (She hangs up)Well, then I’ll give it a try in Frankfurt. (She calls Frankfurt airport)Hello, it’s Bea Vogel. I need information about the flights from Frankfurt to Melbourne 2 days ago, please…Yes, ok, I’m waiting.

(There are flights from Frankfurt to Melbourne?? What kind of Plane is that supposed to be?A380??Maybe could join the Miss Marple AG,too, and help her research?)



[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Johnny: Ok, guys, back to square one!

Caro: Take your initial position! Come on!

Luzi: But we aren’t complete yet!

Caro: Back to square one, please!

Johnny: The dancers to their positions!

Caro: Come on! Chop-chop! Get to your positions! Quick! Well, directing is quite easy! I wouldn’t have thought. And doing the lead-in comes naturally to me, too.

Johnny: Ok, we’re ready for shooting. (to Caro) Now don’t you repeat this! (loudly again) And we’re going to start with the wide shot!

Luzi: Obviously Timo won’t be coming anymore.

Bodo: But he’s also doing it for you. I mean, this…this rehab-thingy.

Luzi: Yes, well I do think it’s great that he’s doing the rehab and that he hasn’t gone for that stupid surgery.

Bodo: Uhm, why stupid?

Luzi: Well, because it’s totally risky. My mom learnt that several patients got paralyzed worse than before.

Johnny: Ok, quiet now!

Bodo: Does Timo know about it?
Luzi:Yes, of course. That's why he isn’t going to do it.

Caro:  Now shut up, will you!

Luzi: Two patients didn’t even wake up anymore afterwards.

Caro: Can you shut the f**k up, now?

(Now, Caro, save the dirty talk for the bedroom,will you?)


[At Villa Bergmann, Jenny’s room]


Jenny: I have to think about them all the time! (Jenny starts crying again)I want it to stop!

Emma: It will stop hurting after some time. Really!

Jenny: If I had sat in the plane, with them, then nothing would be able to hurt me now.

Emma: You weren’t in that plane, because we belong together! And since we belong together, we’re going to get through this together. OK?

Jenny: Now I’m all alone.

Emma: Jenny! Look at me. You are not alone! I’m with you. We are going to get through this!


[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Johnny: Ok, and roll it!

Bodo: Uhm, I think I’m getting sick!

Luzi: Hey! Uhm…

Johnny: Cut!

Caro: Aborted!

Luzi: What’s going on?

Bodo: It’s about Timo.

Luzi: What is it about Timo?

Frank: What’s going on?

Bodo: I think he’s making a big mistake! He wanted to surprise you.

Luzi: Gosh, Bodo! What are you talking about?

Bodo: That surgery! Timo isn’t doing the rehab. He’s in the hospital.

Caro: Hey, we don’t have all day!

Frank: Kids, what the hell is going on here?

(Luzi rushes off )

Caro: So unprofessional!



[At Villa Bergmann]

(Helena comes in)


Stefan: What is so important now? I don’t have much time!

Helena: What is so important? Have you already forgotten about the upcoming demolition of the Pestalozzi school? About the project for the new building which is about to start? THE project you invested a lot of money in?

Stefan: No I haven’t forgotten.

Helena: Good. Because I would say that this is the most important thing in our lives at the moment. Or don’t you agree?...Stefan? Is it possible that you want to tell me something important?

Stefan: No! I just have to take care of something that got in the way.

Helena: Is it about the project? Is Mr Smith giving us trouble?

Stefan: No, the project is going according to plan, Helena.

Helena: Is it possible that you have paid a little bit of too much attention to the problems of your son lately?

Stefan: What do you mean?

Helena: Well, I do understand that you are upset about Ben missing his chance to graduate. But it was his own decision not to show up for the make-up exam.

Stefan: It’s not about a damn make-up exam! I’ll have to refrain from our project in the next days. That’s all you need to know.

Helena: Does this mean I have to take care of everything on my own now?

Stefan: Yes! I’m sure you’ll manage without me for a few days!

Helena: Good. Then I’m going to take care of our future on my own. Still I’ll need some signatures from you, too.

(Stefan signs some documents)

Stefan: Are you done?

Helena: No, not yet.

(Stefan signs some more stuff)

Stefan:And now, if you’ll excuse me.

Helena:You can count on me.

She has made Stefan sign a blank sheet of paper


[At Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


(Luzi gets her bike to get to Timo)

Luzi:(on the phone)Timo?? Pick up, pick up!

Timo’s voicemail:Hey, this is Timo. I’m not available at the moment. But just leave me a message! Bye!

Luzi:Excuse me!



[At hospital]


Doctor: So do you still have any questions?

Timo: If everything goes well, then I’ll be able to walk again. And if not, then you’ll turn me into a complete cripple, right? Don’t worry, I’ve signed the permission. It’s my decision. If there’s a possibility that I can dance again sometime, then…then I’m going to take advantage of it.

Doctor: It’s good that you have a specific goal. It will have a positive effect on your recovery.

Timo: Yes, I have.

Doctor: Ok, then see you in the OR in a few minutes!

Timo: See you.


Luzi rushes into the hospital


Luzi: Uhm, Timo Özgül. Where is he? He has to be here! Please! I need to get to him right now!

Nurse: Are you a relative?

Luzi: Yes, his…his fiancée!

Nurse: What was the name?
Luzi: Timo Özgül.

Nurse: With a z?

Luzi: Yes.

Nurse: Yes, we do have a Timo Özgül. He was admitted yesterday. Yesterday evening.

Luzi: And where can I find him? Please, I really have to talk to him!

Nurse: Unfortunately that's not possible. He’s undergoing surgery at the moment.





Ben is getting something to drink.


Ben: Listen. No matter what you want from me, I’ll do it. Just let me make one single call. Ok, then a text message. You can read it, too! I just want to tell someone that I’m fine. Gosh, I know she’s worried! My girlfriend.



[At Bea’s apartment]


Bea: (writes a text message)Ben. I’m going to find you. I love you. Even if I would have to go to the end of the world for that.





Ben: Please!!
Rocker: You shouldn’t have tried to escape!

Ben: No! One call!! Now, come on! Gosh, you damn wankers!! Please! Please! Please!

(The rocker covers Ben with some tape again and leaves)

Ben: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!