Episode 33

Translated by Lifescrazes

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Hotte: I need your cell phone! As tracking device! [he tapes his own to Ben's car]


[Caro and Hotte staring at the screen of Hotte's notebook]


Caro: Say, could it be that he's just leaving?!


[Ben and Bea in the car]


Ben: Thank you for coming.

Bea: Don't you find it a little silly to order me to a parking garage by text?

Ben: You were the one who didn't want to meet in school.


[Caro enters a parking garage and spots Ben's car]


Bea: Ben. We can't. Not secretly, and not as an affair, either. [Caro comes closer]

Ben: So why that kiss in the park yesterday? What was that? Nothing?


[We see Caro's shoes from under the car, only a few steps away]


Caro: [she opens the car door] Ben I just – [She just stares]


[Opening Theme]


[Oops, it's Stefan in Ben's car... with some woman... giving him a blow job. Stefan quickly closes his jacket. Caro looks horrified]


Stefan: Can I help you with something?

Caro: Uhh... You... uh... you are in a women's parking space.

Stefan: Oh, good thing I have a woman with me. Say... don’t we know each other?

Caro: I don't think so.

Stefan: Oh, yes, you are that girl from the volleyball team, you know my son, Ben!

Caro: Oh, right. He doesn't happen to be here?

Stefan: Hardly.

Caro: Uh, then... I just saw his car and thought -

Stefan: That he's on a secret date.

Caro: No offence, uh... Have fun... [She closes the door and leaves]

Stefan: Coincidently... in a hotel parking garage...


[In another parking garage, in Bea's car...]


Ben: What about our first evening? What about after rehearsal in the auditorium? What about in front of the Chulos? You want me to believe those were all lies?

Bea: Ben! I'm sorry if I got your hopes up, but it is over! Definitely!


[Ben gets out of the car and leaves]


[At school, Luzi is balancing a coffee and watching Timo and Sophie make out once more. Timo sees her and gets up]


Timo: Luzi! [She comes over, Timo kisses Sophie once more and Luzi trips and spills her coffee]

Sophie: Here, I'll help you.

Timo: You really are clumsy sometimes!

Sophie: It could happen to anybody!

Luzi: Oh no...

Sophie: Do you have another shirt with you?

Luzi: No, only my sports clothes...

Sophie: Well, you should wash that out right away...

Luzi: Yeah, well, I'll get a cloth...

Sophie: Hey, that really wasn't nice.

Timo: What? She *is* clumsy sometimes...

Sophie: I have a feeling she doesn't really like this with ‘us’ anyway...

Timo: Bullshit! After all, it was her that helped us to get back together!

Sophie: That's not what I meant! How would you like it if you always had to sit alone with a couple in love?!

Timo: Hm... You think she needs a boyfriend?

Sophie: I think the first thing she needs is a makeover!

Timo: Now that wasn't nice either! [Luzi comes back]

Sophie: Say... Do you already have plans for later?

Luzi: Uh, why?

Sophie: So you don't? Well, I thought maybe we could go shopping right after rehearsal! I mean, you can forget that shirt anyway and I still owe you because of that thing with Caro and … and that way I can give you some advice with the clothes! Alright then, see you later! [She kisses Timo and leaves.]


[Miriam in front of the mirror, holding a white blouse to her chest]


Miriam: Hello, I am Miriam Vogel! … [She puts the blouse away and takes another one instead] Hello, I am Miriam Vogel... [Lara comes in]

Lara: What's going on in here?

Miriam: I don't know what to wear.

Lara: Don't you have to wear some kind of waitress-outfit anyway?

Miriam: Yeah, maybe when I get the job, but not for the interview!

Lara: [grabbing the bag] Uhm, is the dress you bought in here?

Miriam: Yeah...

Lara: Okay!

Miriam: What are you doing?

Lara: Uh, Dad said you wanted to return it and that I should take it... Is the receipt still in here?

Miriam: Wait, give it to me... [She takes the dress out and holds it to her chest, looking in the mirror]

Lara: It looks great.

Miriam: That's what I thought.


[They both look at her in the mirror and laugh]


[At school]      


Caro: I told you, he isn't back yet.

Hotte: Are you sure it was his father who was in the convertible and not Ben?

Caro: How many times do I have to tell you? And he probably will need some more time...

Hotte: And my cell phone? Is it still taped to the tail pipe?

Caro: Of course! What? Should I have said “Don't mind me while you're having sex, I just have to take the tracking device off the back of your car!”

Hotte: No, of course not...

Caro: Then stop whining! It’s bad enough that old man Bergmann probably thinks I'm a stalker or something now! [They pass Bea's car]

Hotte: Hello, Ms. Vogel!

Bea: Hello, Hotte. Caro. [she proceeds to enter the school]

Caro: I'll find out who Ben is seeing without your help...


[At Saal Eins, Miriam is at her interview and she is nervous]


Miriam: Of course I have experience in the food industry, I wouldn't have applied otherwise. I worked at the Renz, it was in back of the Poststraße, next to the bank, there is a cinema there now. Yes, I know, that was quite some time ago, but I've always worked as help since then. I can wait tables! Three to four plates – not a problem for me! I can keep track of things! I am friendly, I’ll refill the glasses and I am a master of the tap! And on top of that, I have 15 years of experience in cooking, dusting, tidying, clearing tables, doing the dishes... It's no problem for me at all! Complicated special requests? My specialty! And if there's any trouble – I can stay calm!

Interviewer: Very well, I think, yeah, we'll just try it, okay? I’d like you come in this afternoon for a few hours to test it out and then we'll take it from there.

Miriam: This afternoon?

Interviewer: Is that not convenient for you?

Miriam: Yes! Yes, it is! It is very convenient!

Interviewer: Well, see you later then!

Miriam: Yes. See you later.


[Stefan is back with Ben's car, who is just leaving school with some schoolmate]


Ben: See you later. [The mate leaves] You again.

Stefan: I thought we could drive home together, but if your bad mood is going to continue, I'll happily pass.

Ben: I have some more classes anyway. Keep the car and give me some money for a cab.

Stefan: How much is that?

Ben: No clue. Twenty should be enough.

Stefan: By the way, I met your girlfriend earlier. That girl from the volleyball team, umm... Caro or something?

Ben: Caro is not my girlfriend.

Stefan: Then she would like to be. In any case, it looked a lot as if she wanted to meet you in the hotel.

Ben: How did you get that idea?

Stefan: She followed this car... into the hotel garage.


[At Chulos]


Miriam: I screwed up.

Sebastian: You?

Miriam: Yes, I just had a job interview at Saal Eins.

Sebastian: That's cool.

Miriam: Not cool at all. I claimed that I am a top-waitress, but the last time I waited tables was 16 years ago and that was one week on school holidays and also, they had only cake.

Sebastian: So you’re really fucked.

Miriam: Yes, I thought I'd have some time. But now I’m supposed to go in for a trial-shift and – please, can you help me?

Sebastian: [grabs a tray] Let's start with the drinks.


[They practice [Music: La Roux - Bulletproof]]


Sebastian: And then very slowly you tilt the tap.

Miriam: I think I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Sebastian: That wasn't so bad for the first time in sixteen years.

Miriam: Thank you for all your patience with me.

Sebastian: If you don't get the job, you can always just start working here.

Miriam: You'd regret that.

Sebastian: Surely not. [He wants to kiss her, you can see it in his eyes]

Miriam: Okay, well... [She turns away] Now where did I leave my bag...?

Sebastian: [looking disappointed] Hey, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Miriam: Thank you. [she leaves]


[In the auditorium]


Bea: And go!


[The STAG sings “Genie in a bottle”]


Bea: Great! That was already pretty good! We'll continue tomorrow.


[Luzi tries to leave as fast as she can but to no avail]


Sophie: Luzi! We're still, on, aren't we?

Luzi: Well, I just remembered that I... um... [her mother comes in] that I promised my mother to help her this afternoon.

Karin: Hi, honey, it seems as if I missed the best part!

Luzi: Hi, um, what was it that I am supposed to do for you today?

Karin: What do you mean?

Luzi: Didn't you want me to buy groceries? [her eyes scream “Help me!”]

Sophie: But that's not a problem, we'll just go shopping and then we'll run the errand.

Karin: That's a nice idea. We actually just need some milk.

Luzi: Wasn't there something more?

Karin: No?! [I'm not sure if she just doesn't get it or if she’s doing that deliberately]

Sophie: Great! Then I'll just freshen up.[She leaves and Karin smiles at her]

Luzi: Gee, mom!

Karin: What? I find it very nice that you get to do something else for a change.

Luzi: Sophie wants to buy new clothes!

Karin: So?

Luzi: I don't need new clothes!

Karin: Come on! I think we should afford something for ourselves every now and then. [She takes a few banknotes from her wallet] Here you go. Have a nice day, will you?

Luzi: Thanks, mom.


[At the entrance, Caro is coming down the stairs]


Ben: Caro? My father says that you're following me?

Caro: Who just stood here lurking just now?

Ben: You know exactly what I mean. You wanted to surprise me in that hotel and followed the convertible. Too bad it went wrong.

Caro: Why did it go wrong? I found it pretty interesting to see what your Dad was doing. You should give some serious thought to a cleaning your seats though.

Ben: Caro! Seriously! Stop following me! That's really childish!

Caro: Ben, seriously, is it such a big secret that you can't talk about it? She's married, isn't she? And you're sad that she won't leave her husband!

Ben: How do you come up with so much shit?

Caro: Well, you are not happy. All those unanswered texts, that melancholic look... Do I know her?

Alexandra: [suddenly appearing from nowhere] Why are you not at warm-up-practice? [She motions for Caro to get going]

Caro: I'll find out. One way or another.


[At some store. Sophie, Timo and Hotte in front of the dressing rooms]


Sophie: So, how does it look?

Luzi: I don't think it really suits me.

Sophie: Just let us see!


[Luzi comes out for them to take a look]


Timo: Wow! You look...

Luzi: You like it?

Hotte: That looks amazing!

Sophie: As if you couldn't wear that! You should wear clothes like that much more often!

Luzi: [smiles] What are you doing here anyway?

Timo: Um... I have no idea how, but Hotte has somehow melted his cellphone. Show her! We're buying him a new one. Have fun, you two! [He kisses Sophie] And you should really buy that outfit!


[At the Vogel house, Piet and Lara on the couch, Miriam is just coming in]


Miriam: I have good and bad news! [Piet just gives her a questioning look] Starting next week, I will work 6 hours per day as Waitress at the restaurant Saal Eins!

Piet: Oha! And the good news? [He starts to laugh and points at her] Just kidding! Congratulations! And now the bad news?

Miriam: I have to do shift work, but I have Mondays and Wednesdays off.

Piet: Say, why do you have that dress on?

Miriam: Well, I couldn't have gone naked, could I?

Piet: Yes, but now it has been worn.

Miriam: So?

Piet: Uhh, they won't take it back like that?

Miriam: I didn't plan on taking it back.

Piet: But that's what we agreed on!

Miriam: I will pay for it with my first self-earned money.

Piet: Ah, that's what this is about! In the future, Madame will only buy stuff for herself with her money! That's very interesting!

Lara: Will you have to carry five plates at once?

Miriam: I'll have to try at least.

Lara: I could never do that.

Piet: At least you left a professional impression, right?

Miriam: Professional! Do you know what kind of stuff they asked me? You know, working experience and the lot! I was so nervous!

Piet: It’s silly that they made such a fuss about it, I mean, hello! It is just a waitress-position! (Uh oh, you shouldn't have said that!) [Lara hits him lightly for that]


[At school, Bea's lesson, she’s writing something on the board. The bell rings]


Bea: Good, see you tomorrow then!


[Everyone leaves, Ben comes in. His phone rings. He looks at it, and shows it to Bea]


Ben: Caro just sent that [On the screen it says “Watching you”]

Bea: What's that supposed to mean?

Ben: She noticed that I was meeting someone. But don't worry, she doesn't know anything.

Bea: Our meeting place was so far away from the school and still there are rumors.

Ben: I get it, you don't want an affair. You’re just my teacher, God forbid anyone notices what's between us.


[Bea leaves]


[At the Vogel house, Piet and Lara are playing video games while Miriam sets the table. Her phone rings]


Miriam: Yes?

Sebastian: So? How did it go?

Miriam: I got the job!

Sebastian: Congratulations! I knew you'd get it!

Miriam: Well, after that interview I wasn't so sure about it anymore!

Sebastian: Yeah, right! You are a natural! [she chuckles] Really! I have an eye for that!

Miriam: I will learn. Also, they probably won't kick me out too fast.

Sebastian: Ah, they won't be that stupid. Otherwise, my offer stands. Good-looking women are always welcome here. You looked really good in that dress, by the way.

Miriam: Well, we are just sitting here having coffee, so I gotta go.

Sebastian: Oh, okay, I didn't want to interrupt. I just wanted to know how it went.

Miriam: Okay. Thank you for calling. And for your help.
Sebastian: Sure. Always, with pleasure.

Miriam: Okay. See you.

Sebastian: See you.

Miriam: Ciao.

Sebastian: Ciao.


[They hang up]


[At the store. Luzi is carrying a bunch of clothes]


Sophie: So, which one will you take?
Luzi: No idea, I can't make up my mind.

Sophie: Then take them all!

Luzi: Sure! Uh, but there also isn't anything in there that I really, really like.

Sophie: What about that one the boys liked so much? Why don't you take that one?

Luzi: It costs 65 €!

Sophie: So?

Luzi: I won't buy an outfit that’s 65 €! Do you know how long some people have to work for that?

Sophie: Do you believe that I can really afford the stuff I'm wearing myself? When I want something... I just take it. [She puts one piece into her bag, Luzi looks a little shocked, but then mimics her. She looks really guilty, though, while Sophie proudly smiles and nods]


[In front of the school, Caro is waiting for Ben]


Caro: But she isn't as ugly as sin, is she? Or maybe from junior high school and underage?

Ben: Shut up!

Caro: Oops, so from junior high!

Ben: Caro, there is no secret!

Caro: So you are single again!

Ben: I have been all the time and I want it to stay that way! Or do you really believe you could be with me, you - after that shtick today?!

Caro: [looking slightly hurt] I never said I wanted anything from you!

Ben: Very well. Then everything is clear.


[At the store]


Sophie: Well, that is … cute.

Luzi: Uhh... [shakes her head]

Sophie: You are right. There really is nothing in this store.

Luzi: [sounding really fake] Yeah, I just want to get out of here!

Sophie: Let's go then. [They start to leave when suddenly a security guard steps in their way] Is there a problem?

Security guard: Please open your bags!