Episode 34

Translated by Lifescrazes

Edited by Sones


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Ben: Caro just sent this. [On his phone it says “Watching you”]


Bea: What's that supposed to mean?


Ben: She noticed that I was meeting someone.


Sophie: So, which one will you take?

Luzi: No idea, I can't make up my mind.


Sophie: Then take them all!


Luzi: Sure!


Sophie: Do you believe that I can really afford the stuff I'm wearing myself? When I want something... I just take it. Let's go then. [They start to leave when suddenly a security guard steps in their way] Is there a problem?


Security guard: Please open your bags!


[Opening Theme]


[The guard is searching Luzi's bag]


Sophie: You can really skip that… there’s only school stuff in that bag. Is this going to take much longer? I'm really not in the mood to stand here all day. I'm sorry if they only pay you if you find something.


Luzi: Thank you for everything, but we really have to get going. [They leave]


Sophie: Where did you put it?


Luzi: Side pocket.


[In front of the school]


Julian: Don't worry about that glee club, I tell you – [he looks at Bea and Michael talking] that one is right at top of my blacklist.


Alexandra: And there she'll be until the cows come home.


Julian: If Ms. Vogel weren't so fickle it would all be history by now.


Alexandra: Were, would, if...


Julian: I'll think of something


Alexandra: Better hurry, or...


Julian: Or what?


Alexandra: Have a nice day, Mr. Heisig!


Michael: Thank you. Likewise.


Julian: You can't be serious. OR you’re going to start something with Mr. Heisig?!


Alexandra: You can take your chances. Your decision. Now if you'll excuse me, there's something I need to discuss with Caro. [She goes after her] Caro? What's with Sophie? Is she back on the team?


Caro: Let her rot with the singing zombies, I don't give a shit!


Alexandra: This is about the team, not you! Haven't you got that yet?


Caro: What did Sophie ever do that was so important? She was only that good because I pushed her!


Alexandra: You already said that once. You could play with a chimpanzee, you said. And what happened? We lost by a mile! So, who's the chimpanzee now?


Caro: And if I try again with Natalie? Or maybe with Lara. I mean, if we practice enough with each other and harmonize, then... The most important thing is our timing.


Alexandra: My trust in you has been used up. I'd better take care of Sophie myself.


[At Saal Eins, Sophie and Luzi are giggling and having fun]


Sophie: “Thank you for everything”


Luzi: I couldn't think of anything better.


Sophie: That was genius, I can't calm down. Oh my god, we really should have filmed that. Oh God! Hey, I wouldn't have thought that you have so much coolness in you. Respect! Now let me see. [Luzi fetches the dress] Ohhh, that really is nice.


Luzi: It is.


Sophie: Everyone’s jaws will drop when they see you in that.


Luzi: Yeah, I thought… maybe I could wear it for our next show.


Sophie: Bollocks! Tonight at Chulos will be the premiere for that! And for this - [She gets her stolen goods from her bag] too! Now we just have to find the perfect eye shadow to go with it.


Luzi: Do you really think this color is legal?


Sophie: Sure!


Luzi: Okay...


[At the Vogel house. Piet is reading, Miriam is shoving glasses around]


Piet: What exactly are you doing there?


Miriam: [absentmindedly] What? Oh, I'm already thinking of tomorrow.


Piet: Okay... But you'll remember to defrost the steaks, yeah?


Miriam: The steaks?


Piet: Oh, come on… our barbecue! The steaks are frozen and you wanted to defrost them!


Miriam: Oh, yeah…. Totally forgot about that.


Piet: Oh no, but you wanted to marinate them!


Miriam: Sorry, my head's like a sieve today, probably because of the excitement. Oh, Piet, tomorrow I'll have my first day of work! I'm really happy! But... it's really weird, too.


Piet: It's no minister position, though… it's just waiting tables, eh?


Miriam: Yeah, sure, but even as a waitress so many things can go wrong. I mean, what if I mix up the orders or if I give the wrong change? Or even worse, what if a guest asks me for a wine recommendation?


Piet: You're going to do well, honey, and if it doesn't work out, it just doesn't work out. (Piet is so clueless that he doesn’t even notice Miriam’s hurt look – way to go buddy! No husband of the year award for you!)


[At Saal Eins, Alexandra is getting a drink]


Alexandra: I said without rum! I'm slowly getting used to people not doing anything right...


[Alexandra picks at the cherry in her drink. Michael comes along]


Michael: How about a voodoo-doll? Or a punching bag? Or a dartboard with a photo in the middle?


Alexandra: Do you have one with you?


Michael: No, I don't, but I'm just trying to save this little, innocent cherry from ruin… otherwise it will be punished for something it surely hasn't done.


Alexandra: Correct. You are right. The cherry is innocent, but that won’t stop me from torturing it.


Michael: See, Ms. Lohmann, that's the main difference between the two of us. I try to save what can be saved.


Alexandra: And I destroy what destroys me.


Michael: Right. [He steals the cherry and eats it – and they proceed to gaze at each other… ah ha!! The game is afoot!]


[At Chulos. Hotte is showing Timo his fancy new cellphone… Sophie joins them and kisses Timo.]


Sophie: Hey! Everything alright with you?


Timo: Yup! Hotte now has a real Bond-cell phone now. (Bond as in James Bond – Super Spy!)


Hotte: With an included photo-app that automatically shows me all of the background data! Landmarks, for example! And it calculates my location and shows it on a 3D globe!


[Sophie smiles and nods]


Timo: Say, where did you leave Luzi?


Sophie: She wanted to go home and take care of something. But I could call her with Hotte's super-cell now and ask when she'll arrive. May I? [She tries to take it, but Hotte has a mini-fit and pulls poor Sophie half-way across the bar!]


Hotte: You can't do that! I have to adjust something first!


Timo: Home? But why, did she forget something?


Sophie: No clue!


Timo: Or did you have a fight?


Sophie: No! We had a brilliant day together!


Timo: Really?


Sophie: Yes, really, why?


Timo: Well... Luzi and shopping... that's not exactly a match made in heaven.


Sophie: I don’t think you know her as well as you’ve always thought you do, and maybe there are a few sides to her that you haven’t seen yet.


Timo: Well, I don’t think there is anyone who knows Luzi better than I do. And I – [Luzi comes in. Timo stares, the music changes from “Single ladies” to some slow piano tunes and Hotte takes a picture]


Hotte: Luzi?! Is that you?


Luzi: Well, this morning I was still me! (And as she predicted, Sophie has to scrape at least one jaw off of the floor… Timo’s!!)


[The next morning, at the Beschenko's]


Karin: Wake up! Honey, you have school!


Luzi: Just leave me for a little longer, I just had such a nice dream!


Karin: Got in late yesterday, huh?!


Luzi: Hmhm... Because it was nice.


Karin: [picking up Luzi's new dress] Wow! You bought this yesterday? For 20 €?


Luzi: Yes! It was a bargain!


Karin: Amazing! Really good quality! I never find anything like this, but you have an eye for that….and taste, such great colors!


Luzi: Mom! That’s just a piece of fabric, not a work of art.


Karin: Hurry!


Luzi: Thanks again... For the money.


Karin: My pleasure. If you find something like that.


[At the Bergmann villa, Ben is getting ready, but then he accidentally knocks some stuff to the ground, so he throws his bag down, too, and plops down on his bed]


[Flashback of him and Bea kissing in the park]


Bea: We can't do this. Ben we are not allowed to do this. We are not allowed to kiss each other. We are not allowed to love each other, either.


Ben: Yes, we can!


Bea: Please! Leave me alone!


[End of Flashback, Ben is miserable]


[In the teacher's lounge, Bea is writing some sheet music, but she’s not really happy with it]


Michael: Is everything okay?


Bea: Uh... yeah... I just didn't sleep very well... And preparing for the AG, well, that doesn't exactly go well, either...


Michael: When do you need to be done with it? [The bell rings]


Bea: Now. [She gets her stuff together and leaves] See you later.


Michael: Bye!


Alexandra: [comes in] You don't seem to have a punching bag at home, either.


Michael: No, when I want to reduce aggression, I usually destroy coffee machines or go to a bar and eat cherries.


Alexandra: I have to go…torture students. See you later. [She leaves. Götting has been observing from the door, he is not pleased]


[In class, Sophie is checking her grade on a test]


Sophie: F? You gave me an F?


Alexandra: That is common practice when one attempts to cheat.


Sophie: I didn't copy off of anyone, and you know it!


Alexandra: I saw it differently. But fine, if you really know the material, you can take a second test.


Sophie: Sure, that's fine with me.


Alexandra: It's just, I'm afraid that could turn out bad, too.


Sophie: Why?


Alexandra: When you play less sports, somehow your French skills start suffering. Maybe it's got to do with blood flow, fresh air, brain cells... A doctor could probably help you with that, but maybe there's an easier solution to the problem.


Sophie: But you can't do that! You’re not allowed to do that!


Alexandra: There is a substantial difference between “can” and “being allowed”. I'll gladly help you figure that out, Sophie. See you later at practice.


[In the auditorium, Hotte is dancing, Bea is handing out the sheet music]


Bea: Does anyone know what's up with Ben and Sophie?


Emma: Ben? He wasn’t here yesterday, either. No idea why.


Timo: And Sophie... is just coming in! [What he said. Bea hands her a sheet, too]


Bea: Good, then we'll start, I hope you're okay with my selection.


Timo: [kissing Sophie] Everything alright? [Sophie ignores him just sits down]


Bea: Timo, do you want to sing the first verse? The song is a classic and perfect for your voice.


Timo: But I don't know it. Hold on!


Sophie: [to Luzi] I could really use a distraction today, do you want to go shopping again later?


Luzi: I don't think I really have time today.


Sophie: Why not?


Luzi: I have to run an errand for my mom.


Sophie: Yeah, sure.


Luzi: Yeah, today that really is true.


Sophie: And after that? Or maybe before? Or directly after music AG, I mean, it doesn't have to be long.


Timo: [reciting the song] And now she asks me “Do I look okay?” and I say “Yes baby, you look wonderful tonight”


Sophie: So?


Luzi: Well, okay.


Timo: Can't we sing something else? Maybe something that isn't so old? [Bea is disappointed]


[At Saal Eins, Miriam is bringing two guests their meals]


Miriam: Here we are, one Viennese Schnitzel with fried potatoes and one Pasta Pesto! Enjoy your mea- [they exchange plates] Oh. I'm sorry, I thought you ordered the Viennese Schnitzel. And I forgot the breadbasket, too. I'm sorry. [She gets it] Here we are. Enjoy your meal! [She moves to serve another guest, hidden behind the menu] Welcome in Saal Eins, can I get you anything? [He lowers the menu, it is Sebastian]


Sebastian: That would be great!


Miriam: Sebastian! What are you doing here?


Sebastian: Checking on how you're doing.


Miriam: Well, apart from me forgetting half of everything and my whole body shaking... pretty good. Okay, just now I brought a pregnant woman a double espresso instead of a decaffeinated coffee. But no complaints so far, so I guess we can say everything's fine.


Sebastian: And your nervousness is not showing, either. You look really great. I mean, like a real waitress.


Miriam: Thanks, you too. Well, like a real guest! Can I get you anything? Then I can show you how good I am at balancing!


Sebastian: Unfortunately, I don't really have time today. I have a drink delivery later. But maybe tomorrow!


Some other guest: Hello! Excuse me!


Sebastian: Go! I have to leave anyway! Break a leg, you're doing great! [He leaves and Miriam attends to the other guests]


[In the auditorium, STAG singing “A million miles away”. Ben comes in and claps when they're done]


Hotte: That was all improvised! We were originally going to do something completely different today!


Ben: Great!


[Everyone leaves, except for Bea and Ben]


Bea: What about you, did something get in the way?

Ben: Nope! I just wanted to tell you that I'm out. Out of the AG, I mean.


Bea: I understand. You don't have to, though. Not because of me. If you like the singing, you can

stay. The others appreciate you being here, too.


Ben: Awesome….that the others would at least appreciate me staying. Well, I'm out.


Bea: If that's how you want it.


Ben: Yes. I do. Any objections?


Bea: No! I told you that it's okay.


Ben: Normally I would be hearing how irresponsible my behavior is by now! Why has that changed all of a sudden?


Bea: Do you want to fight?


Ben: No. Actually, I just wanted a reaction. An emotion….gesture… anything!


Bea: I, um -


Ben: It's alright. Have fun with your love songs. Million miles away... tsk…[He leaves]


[It’s in the evening, at the Vogel house. Piet is preparing their barbecue. Miriam comes in with a plate, singing. She is also dancing and kisses Piet happily]


Piet: Okay, um, what have we here… drunk, eh?


Miriam: No, Piet Vogel! I am happy! Seven tables and nothing went to pieces. Okay, I served forks with the soup and forgot the breadbasket several times, but everybody was really nice and gave me tips anyway. And Mr. Müller was absolutely pleased with me!


Piet: Mr. Müller?


Miriam: My boss! And look, he gave me this! Salmon canapés! We can take them with us just as they are.


Piet: Take them with us where?

Miriam: To the lake! Let's get out of here! Just the two of us! We'll light a campfire, drink some red wine and then we'll make love all night long under the starry sky.


Piet: Well, that does sound wonderful but actually a little inconvenient today because Lara should be home any minute and uh – yeah, the steaks will be on the grill shortly.


Miriam: Lara can sleep over at a friend's and the steaks won't run away either. (Umm... Lara is 16, right? I think you can leave her alone for one night...)


Piet: But I have been preparing everything the whole evening and... the grill is already on and … I have a surprise for you!


Miriam: Really?


Piet: Uh-hu!


Miriam: What kind of surprise?


Piet: A video! I drove to the video rental shop, consulted with them and they said this is a one-hundred-percent chick flick! For you, eh?!? [He kisses the video – again oblivious to the feelings clearly written on his wife’s face] (I think Miriam liked her idea better)


[At the Beschenko's, Luzi is just getting home, and is sneaking in]


Karin: [from another room] Luzi!


Luzi: Fuck! I'm coming! [she is taking off and hiding clothes that she obviously ‘shopped’ for with Sophie during their afternoon trip]


Karin: Dinner's ready!


Luzi: Yes!


Karin: Luzi!


Luzi: Ah, shit. [she hides some more stuff]


[Piet is snoring, Miriam is still awake. She looks at him, then leaves for the Chulos, where Sebastian is sweeping the floor]


Sebastian: Miriam! I was just closing, but come in! Do you want something to drink? [She doesn't say anything, just looks at him] Miriam, is everything okay? [She shakes her head, then closes the space between them and kisses him]