Episode 37

Translated by Carrie, edited by Globe.


(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)


[Bergmann Villa]

Bea: One doesn’t always get what one wants, especially not if one tries to force it.

Ben: That’s clear to me, too.

Bea: I don’t believe that. Just the idea that you were going blackmail me… the picture – it could have been a sweet memory, but now? Now it only reminds me of the worst mistake I’ve ever made. – Come on, make it public. Then everything will be over. 

(The point of no return... – but there might be a point of return after all, you’ll find out in the next ep…. even though we already know that yes, there are way too many points of return for them haha – Function of the third order, you know? Thanks, Emma.)






[Bergmann Villa]


Bea: Either way, you just make it easier for me. That’s just measly!

Ben: Damn, I’m sorry to blackmail you! It was dumb to threaten you with our picture, okay!

Bea: Yes, it was!

Ben: I’m at my wits’ end. What more can I do to make you talk to me?

Bea: You think it works that way? I would have considered you more mature!

(Well, then she is the only one…)

Ben: Bea!

Bea: Everything’s been said!

Ben: Don’t do that! You won’t ditch me! I wish I had never met you!




[Pestalozzi, teacher’s room]


Michael: I’m surprised how solid the school furniture is. I didn’t expect it.

Alexandra: Yes, really surprising.

Michael: Yes and…concerning the two of us…

Alexandra: I certainly won’t make wedding plans!

Michael: Yes, I would have said the same. Just nicer!

Alexandra: I think we agree. Nobody is committed to anything.

Michael: We had fun!

Alexandra: And that’s it!



Julian: (coming to school, trying to call Alexandra. Her phone is ringing and Michael comes out of the teacher’s room) What are you doing here?

Michael: Working!

Julian: At this time!

Michael: Well, with that great deal of work you forced on me.

Alexandra is leaving the room


Julian: What are you doing here?

Alexandra: Working! Given the workload … ! Good evening, Mr. Götting.




[Saal 1]


Miriam: Here you are …

Guest: Thank you.

Miriam: You’re welcome. Piet!

Piet: Well, I need to have a look at what my sweetheart is doing!

Miriam: Have you been sitting here for a long time?

Piet: At least long enough to say that you make that great!

Miriam: Do you mind? May I serve you anything or would you like to look at the menu?

Piet: Well, I think the thing I want to have isn’t in the menu!

Miriam: Maybe at the desserts?

(maybe the stellar constellation this evening is so inspiring that even Piet leaves the garage…)

Piet: Oh! That could be possible! But I’d like to order it off-site.

Miriam: That’s only possible after work!

Piet: Fine! When shall I pick “it” up?

Miriam: In two hours! I‘ll wait outside.

Miriam turns away and asks a guest about ordering

Miriam: What did you order again?



[Beschenko’s appartment]


Karin: Why don’t you answer the phone? Uh, just super …

While folding the clothes on Luzi’s bed, she finds a new shirt for 98€




[Bergmann Villa]


Ben neatens – his kind of way

While looking at a picture of him and his father, Stefan comes in

Stefan: Did you miss me that much?




[Saal 1]


Miriam: Bea?

Bea: Hi!

Miriam: Hey! Oh no! Ben has published your picture!

Bea: He hasn’t! But I just was at his place!

Miriam: You were at his place?

Bea: He kind of forced me to! He provoked me the whole day, even at the lessons! Took his mobile, showed pictures and such stuff!

Miriam: And how did it go at his place?

Bea: You have to work!

Miriam: Come onBea! I want to know what has happened! Did you again…?

Bea: Are you crazy?

Miriam: Well… (ha this look…)

Bea: I gave him a tongue-lashing!

Miriam: That’s good! After all he pulled!

Bea: I just hope I didn’t hurt him too much!

Miriam: Bea!

Bea: Well, at least he perceived that it was a mistake!

Miriam: Bea, he tried to blackmail you with a mobile picture! So he hurt you! It was exactly right what you’ve done! That boy needed a clear statement! Now be glad that you brought this whole thing to an end!

Bea: I hope so! I was so annoyed! And I also don’t understand why he pulled that!

Miriam: Well, you overestimated him!

Bea: Yes, maybe! Definitely! The recent threats, these provocations… I don’t know where it is coming from. When I met him he was so, so attractive, nice …

And Miriam is looking a bit stunned at Bea…as we do…





[Bergmann Villa]


Stefan: We really look a bit alike! Don’t you think so?

Ben: Unfortunately! Only your smile is a bit colder!

Stefan: Mmh. You will manage that! I’m quite confident of that! And all manner of melodramatic performances…you take after your mother!

Ben: Keep mom out of it!

Stefan: Why are you so upset? The world is so unfair to all the good and nice? Or should I say to all the moan-bags who put up with everything? Ben, if you want to achieve something you have to be ruthless sometimes! I hope you get that sometime




[Saal 1]


Bea: Thanks!

Miriam: You’re welcome! Guess who was here?

Bea: Sebastian Heisig?

Miriam: What? No! Piet was here!

Bea: Piet? Then he realized that it‘s an advantage that his wife is working in a bar?

Miriam: What do you mean an advantage?

Bea: Well, maybe he gets a meal for free?

Miriam: Fiddlesticks! I’m not even going to try! No! He just wanted to see how I’m getting along!

Bea: Did he grumble? (Bea! Very empathetic!)

Miriam: No! On the contrary! He was very charming!

Bea: So he got it?

Miriam: He did!





Song: EMF - "Unbelievable"


Michael and Sebastian talking…

Sebastian: You know him?

Michael: What is he doing here?

Sebastian: Seems you will get to know!

Julian: And? After-work-coke after work is done? Is this seat free? Or are you waiting for somebody?

Michael: Yes, it’s free!

Sebastian: What shall I bring you?

Julian: A glass of water, please! Well, it’s quite nice here?

Michael: Come on, Götting! We’re not at school, so just say what you want!

Julian: Okay, then don’t let us beat around the bush! What’s going on with you and Alexandra Lohmann?

Michael: I don’t know. What’s it to you?

Julian: I think a lot!

Michael: I also don’t know that you’re interested in Mrs. Lohmann?

Julian: I’m not, at least not personally. But, you both are members of the staff of my school.

Michael: Ah, it’s already your school?

Julian: And as deputy rector I’m very interested that there is no ill humor between the staff!

Michael: Ah, you don’t have to worry! Mrs. Lohmann and I, we … we get on like a house of fire.

Julian: You know what I mean, Mr. Heisig!

Michael: No, I’m afraid I don’t!

Julian: Okay! Then I will get ‘more’ clear! I don’t accept that the teacher’s room is misused for your nookies!

Michael: Come on! Your imagination runs riot!

Julian: Stop these silly games! I know exactly what was going on!

Michael: Okay! And now you propose that me and Mrs. Lohmann adjourn into a private area, or what? If it reassures you, I appreciate Mrs. Lohmann a lot …as a colleague!

Julian: So, I can assume that this won’t happen anymore?

Michael: You certainly can!

Julian: Nice we settled that! (and off he goes)

Sebastian: So, what happened at the teacher’s room?




[Pestalozzi, teacher’s room]


Alexandra looking for her watch.

Alexandra: Ms. Jaeger, you’re not long gone already?

Ingrid: Should I? (oh, that smile makes Mrs. Lohmann a bit nervous)

Alexandra: You were at your desk the whole time?

Ingrid: No worries! I don’t work as much as all that! I had a nice talk with our housekeeper! And? What are you still doing here? Wallowing in memories? (I like this…lol)

Alexandra: In memories of what?

Ingrid: What do you think? (Mrs. Lohmann is going to sweat…)

Alexandra: What are you talking about?

Ingrid: Of your schooldays!

Alexandra: Why should I think about my schooldays in the teacher’s room? I never got in here!

Ingrid: Ms. Krawczyk told me a lot about you!

Alexandra: Ms. Krawczyk about me?

Ingrid: You were very ambitious!

Alexandra: That’s what you expect from a schoolgirl!

Ingrid: She didn’t talk negative about you!

Alexandra: No?

Ingrid: No! She told me that she always believed that you…

Alexandra: Yes?

Ingrid: Well, that you will exploit your potential positively!

Alexandra: You know what? At least I exploit my potential! I always give 100%! And Ms. Krawczyk? At best 40%! Or should I rather say she tosses down 40? Good night!




[Beschenko’s appartment]


Karin: Could you explain that to me, please? Luzi! Where did you get all these things from?

Luzi: I already told you?!

Karin: You can’t tell me that Sophie separated with this? There is still a price tag on it!

Luzi: Do you really think I stole it?

Karin: Did you?

Luzi: No, certainly not! Sophie’s aunt has a boutique and if an item discontinues and it has to be sold out she could pick it out.

Karin: You’re not lying to me, are you?

Luzi: No! But if you want, I can take it back.

Karin: No. If Sophie gave it to you! I just don’t understand why she gives such expensive things to you.

Luzi: Sorry.

Karin: Hey, you didn’t do anything wrong.




[Bergmann Villa]


Bea: (at the phone)Hello!

Ben: Hey! It’s me! I just want to tell you that I am really sorry for all this!

Bea: You already did that!

Ben: I want to make up for it somehow! No matter how!

Bea: You cannot make up for some things! That’s it?

Ben: Yes!

Bea: Okay! See you tomorrow!

Ben: Bea! Hello?




[At the Vogel’s house]


Piet: And? You have nothing on under the blanket? Not even your hot waitress outfit?

Miriam: Come and take pot luck!

Piet: You’re also that nervous?

Miriam: It’s the first time… that I’ve gone home with a guest!

Piet: Normally, I also wouldn’t do that, but…with you I can’t resist!

Miriam looking a bit

Piet: I didn’t know how exciting such a first time can be!

Piet is kissing Miriam…ad she thinks of Sebastian

Piet: Come on, relax! You will like it, surely!


Miriam: I ... I have to go home.

Sebastian: You don't.


Piet: Or isn’t it your thing to go to bed with strangers?

Miriam: Not really!

Piet: Okay! So from now on I’m just your husband, who, after 17 years, still loves you as on the first day!

Miriam: Come here!






Sophie: You’ve told her where you got the clothes from, haven’t you?

Luzi: I lied to her!

Sophie: So what?

Luzi: And it was more horrible then getting caught while stealing! I’m not taking part any more!

Sophie: Well, if you think so…then I will trot off on my on tomorrow! In this boutique we were in recently they have the new Cora Hechinger collection. They have such cool clothes there! And in the morning there is only one saleswoman and the security guy is to dull to notice anyway!

Luzi: I don’t care one bit!!

Sophie: Really? You blow your chance just because you don’t want to lie to your mother? She also doesn’t tell you everything!

Luzi: But most of it!

Sophie: Well, that’s great! You do the same! You also tell her ‘most’ of it! Ey, there is one dress! If Timo sees me in it, he will go wild!


Timo: There is nobody who knows me better than Luzi!

Sophie: And maybe I’ll also find something for our appearance at the band festival! Hey come on, once again!

Luzi: No, I can’t do that!

Sophie: Okay! If you change your mind…the store opens at 9 o’clock tomorrow!




[Bergmann Villa]


Stefan: What’s up?

Ben: Nothing!

Stefan: Okay! Then leave me alone to go on working!

Ben: I thought about it!

Stefan: Fine!

Ben: I’m not up any more for playing the sunny-boy. Probably, you’re right! As an asshole you get further!

Stefan: Let’s say …big-hitter!

Ben: Let’s say …asshole! It’s okay! The role has a ring to it!

Stefan: However, you have to play consistently! You have to live it!

Ben: Don’t worry! I will do that!

Riding alone through the prairie, bounded and determined …

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - YouTube






Sophie: Hey! You really changed your mind?!

Luzi: Um, please promise me that this is the last time! Okay?

Sophie: Sure! Promise! For today! Hey, it was a joke! You’re right! One shouldn’t push one’s luck! So come. Let’s have a look!

And the girlies stroll through the store…


Song: Jay-Z / Linkin Park “Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Lying from You”





[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Julian: Alexandra! Alexandra!

Alexandra: Sorry! I have to go to my class!

Julian: You can stop it! I’ve learned my lesson!

Alexandra: With what shall I stop?

Julian: You know exactly what! I disappointed you. You showed me that you can get along without me…Okay! You’ve had fun, so stop the whole rigmarole and let’s concentrate on what we both want!

Alexandra: I’m not sure that I know what you really want!

Julian: I want you!

Alexandra: That’s what others also want!

Julian: Do you really think that this Heisig will take you further?!

Alexandra: No! But at least I don’t feel like I’m treading water for years! And unlike you, he takes what he wants!

Julian: Really?

Alexandra: Really!But don’t ask me how he is in bed! That just would make you sad! (Alexandra, that was a strike below the belt…)

Julian: You’re a bit hilarious, don’t you think?

Alexandra: No! I’m just in a good mood!

Julian: Then watch out that it stays that way!

Alexandra: Are you threatening me?

Julian: No! Just advice!

(the battered boxer strikes back…)







Sophie: Listen! We’ll do it as usual! I pay the penny-ante stuff and you just walk on!

Luzi: Okay, then…let’s go


at the cash desk


Sophie: Hello!

Sales-woman:You would like to have the scarf?

Sophie: Yes!

Sales-woman:19.90€, please!

Security:Would you please come with me?

Luzi thinks it over a bit, but then goes over to help Sophie

Luzi:Sorry? I think I’ve lost my wallet with all of my cards, money and everything. Maybe somebody delivered it? Can you look for it? It was at the changing cubicle…

Security:First of all I want to look somewhere else!

Luzi:Hey! Let me go!

Security:Then I’ll call the police!

And Sophie? Off she walks!