Episode 41

translated by IAGSW

edited by Sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Caro: So what about this….are you taking me for a ride?!


[On a country road]


Hotte, Luzi, Caro are sitting in the car driven by Ben at speed ~150 km/h.


Caro:It’s quite noisy at this speed.


Ben seems completely focused on driving and accelerating the car while there is a tractor with a farmer around the corner.


Caro:Why don’t you let Hotte take over? After all it’s his car.


Luzi:Stop the car!!!


Caro:Ben? Ben!!!


Hotte:Ben, stop the fucking car! (Ben ignores Hotte) Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!


While the others desperately try to make him stop, Ben is having flashbacks.




Bea:Do you seriously think it could work this way?


Ben:I just know that I want to be with you!


Bea:I thought you were much more mature!





Hotte:Sh*t, sh*t Ben!


Luzi:Stop it!


Hotte:Stop it now! Ben, there is a tractor in front of us!


Caro:You’re driving directly towards it! Oh sh*t!!


They all cover their faces.




Ben avoids crashing into the tractor by drving off of the road into a field.


Farmer: What the hell!!?? I was driving here! What were you thinking?


Caro gets out of the car and starts screaming.


Caro:Are you crazy?? You could have killed all of us!


Farmer:*pulls Ben’s door open* This is not a race track! Are you crazy? It figures!


Ben:Now relax! Nothing happened!


Farmer: You have a luxurious car, but no brain!


Hotte: (panicking) Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!


Luzi: (trying to calm him down) Everything is fine!


Ben:Nice brakes. No scratches. No dead people. It’s perfect, isn’t it?


The others are speechless and stare at Ben in disbelief.



[Pestalozzi, Krawcyk’s office]


Ms Jäger:It was obvious that Götting would deny everything. Men always do that! And in the end he will probably claim that Ms Lohmann was wearing a skirt that was too short! ( I seriously doubt that. Alexandra can’t wear a skirt that’s too short for him or for us. ;) )


Someone knocks at the door. Götting comes in.


Ms Krawcyk:Ms Lohmann should be here in just a moment.


Mr Götting:I don’t have all day.


Ms Lohmann: (appearing behind him) You should make the time though.


Ms Krawcyk:Ms Lohmann, I asked you to come here to explain once again what happened in Mr Götting’s office this morning.


Mr Götting:I’ve already said everything there is to say.


Ms Krawcyk:We’ve already taken note of it. Ms Lohmann..


Ms Jäger:Ms Lohmann, don’t be afraid. Just tell us what happened.



[On the field]


Luzi:Dammit! We could all be dead now!


Ben: My God, Luzi! Everything is fine, isn’t it?


Hotte:Yes! But you’re lucky!


Caro:What is wrong with you?


Ben: I was in control of the situation the whole time.


Caro:Yeah, sure! We could see that!


While they are arguing, they don’t notice that the car is rolling backwards toward a lake nearby.


Caro:Do you know how close that was??


Hotte:One thing’s for sure: You won’t drive a single meter more!


Caro:Good idea! Since I still want to have a chance to celebrate my 19th birthday!


Hotte:Are you going to throw a party?


Luzi:Hey, I would like to go home now!


Hotte:Sure. (to Ben) But you’ll sit at the back seat and keep quiet!


Ben: *saluting* Your wish is my command, boss!


Luzi turns around and sees the car rolling away.


Luzi:Your, your, your car…!




They start running to get to the car.



[Pestalozzi, Krawcyk’s office]


Ms Lohmann:I’m afraid... there’s been a misunderstanding.


We see Ms.Krawcyk roll her eyes and sigh – she knows right then that all hopes of throwing Mr. Götting in a nice dark cell are lost.


Ms Jäger:But I saw Mr Götting…


Ms Lohmann:You must have misinterpreted the situation.


Ms Jäger:Ms Lohmann, you don’t have to be scared. Ms Krawcyk and I will, of course, make sure that…


Mr Götting:Why don’t you let her say what she has to say.


Ms Lohmann:Mr Götting and I had quite a heated dispute about the tasks he assigned to me.


Ms Krawcyk:What kind of tasks?


Mr Götting:Due to the shifting of personnel some misplanning occurred. By that I mean that Ms Lohmann was mistakenly assigned to the supervision shift for the whole week, even though she also had to organize the Open Door Day at the same time. I’ve now corrected this mistake.


Ms Lohmann:And so this issue is resolved for me.


Ms Jäger:But when I came into the office Mr Götting was standing in front of you with his pants open. And you, you told him to leave you alone!


Ms Lohmann:With his pants open?


Ms Jäger:Yes, naturally!


Ms Lohmann:I don’t think that’s really natural.


Mr Götting:Obviously your imagination ran riot.


Ms Krawcyk:And what’s with your claim that you’re having a consensual affair with Ms Lohmann?


Ms Lohmann:What did you say??


Mr Götting: Yeah, well you may say many things when being confronted with such crazy allegations.

Ms Jäger didn’t let me explain and you (to Ms Krawcyk) had already decided I was guilty. (to Ms Lohmann) I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to say in that situation.


Ms Lohmann:It’s understandable, even though it’s a bizarre idea. (to Ms Krawcyk) And you know that I’m engaged, don’t you?


Mr Götting:Well, it seems that the problem is solved now. I think a little apology is due, Ms Jäger.


Ms Lohmann:But she was just worried. Now if you’ll excuse me, I would like to talk to Mr Götting about some things regarding the Open Door Day before class starts.


Mr Götting:Ah.


Ms Krawcyk:Yes, alright.


Ms Lohmann and Mr Götting leave the office as Ms. Jäger rushes around the desk and closes the office dorr.


Ms Jäger:I know what I saw!


Ms Krawcyk:Enough now! I’ve already wasted too much time on this farce! If you’ll excuse me now.


Ms Jäger leaves the office, obviously upset.


[At a lake]


Hotte, Luzi, Ben and Caro are watching the car sink into the lake.


Hotte: Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!


Ben starts laughing.


Ben:Seriously, I have never seen anything sink in such a wonderful way before.


Luzi:Have you lost your mind?


Hotte starts pushing Ben but Luzi intervenes.


Ben:What? Your father surely has an all-risks insurance policy, doesn’t he?


Caro:It was your father’s Porsche?




Ben:Then surely you’re covered.


Hotte:It was not my car! Dammit, it was a rental car!


Ben:Are you crazy? Why did you rent such a car?


Caro smiles and rolls her eyes – she knows why!


Hotte:It doesn’t matter why! But what I’m telling you is that you’re going to pay for this!




Hotte:It is your fault that the brake was not pulled! And it’s your fault that we are even here!


Ben:Now what is your problem, you jerk?! Huh?!


Luzi:That’s enough, that’s enough! We all are going to calm down a little bit right now and talk about it later, ok?


Caro:She’s right. But there is one thing to sort out now.


Luzi: What?


Caro:How are we going to get out of here?


They all look around, as if just noticing that they are in the middle of nowhere.



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting:Could you please tell me what you were thinking?


Lohmann:What do you want? Would you have preferred it if I had told them that you tried to strip off my clothes?


Götting:Did you even think for a second about the possible consequences?


Lohmann:The more important thing is if you thought of the possible consequences when you believed that you could mess with me!


Götting:You have to learn where your boundaries are! This time, my dear, you have crossed the line!


Lohmann:And what now? Another supervision shift?


Götting:We aren’t done yet!


Lohmann:That’s what I hope.


Ms Jäger appears behind them.


Ms Jäger:Ms Lohmann. I don’t know why you just lied, but I’m shocked that you’re going to let Mr Götting get away with it.


Lohmann:Ms Jäger, now don’t take this issue too seriously.


Ms Jäger: Don’t take it too seriously?!?


Lohmann:Well, you know how it is. Often men are hard to understand. This also applies to Mr Götting. Sometimes we have to know which tactics to use, so that we won’t get knocked down. If you know what I mean.


Ms Jäger:If I…what do you mean with “tactics”?


Lohmann:To also be able to keep ones mouth shut.


Ms Jäger:Ms Lohmann, I think it’s the wrong way. Even if Mr Götting is flattering you in a charming way, we can’t let him get away with this! It’s sexual assault!




She rubs Ms Jäger on the shoulder and leaves.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Hotte, Luzi, Ben and Caro arrive in a cab while Emma, Timo and Sophie are talking in the school yard.


Timo: Where have you all been?


Caro: We went for a short spin.


Ben:Yes, and what a spin it was. There was some splashing and some bubbling.


Timo: (to Hotte) Where is your car?


Caro:Ben dumped it into a pond.


Ben:It rolled in there on its own.


Timo: You’re kidding! Your new car?


Caro: Well, it wasn’t his car.


Ben:No. It was a rental car.


Bea and Michael come out of the building and watch the group from afar.


Michael: It looks like a class was unexpectedly cancelled.


Ben:Ok, so are we going to have a drink now? (to Hotte) I’ll buy you one for the shock you got.


Hotte:F**k off!


Ben laughs.


Bea:By the way, how are the counseling lessons with Ben going?


Michael:The last two times, he kept completely silent and just waited out the time, but at the moment I’m more worried about Luzi.


Bea:Yes, lately I’ve noticed that she has been very withdrawn, too.


Michael:Ms König said that there were some problems within the Beschenko family at the moment, though she seems to be getting along better here.


Bea:But the question is if it does her good.


Back to the group.


Ben:Ok, I’m leaving now. Bye. (to Luzi) Are you coming with me? The offer still stands. You can spend the night at my place.


Luzi:You’re still an idiot.


Ben:If you say so.


Back to Beah and Michael


Michael:He obviously doesn’t miss out on anything.


Bea:….uh, well as long as nobody gets hurt…


Michael:Right…except for Caro.


Ben and Luzi are walking away. Timo, Emma and Hotte are watching them, and Caro is heading back into the school building.



[Pestalozzi, Krawcyk’s office]


Ms Jäger comes in.


Ms Jäger:I’m sorry to bother you again.


Ms Krawcyk:What is it?


Ms Jäger: If I may say so, this whole thing smells to high heaven!


Ms Krawcyk:Götting and Lohmann?

Ms Jäger:I know what I saw. Götting had his pants open. I’m sure of it! And Ms Lohmann told him to stop it. Everything was so dramatic and….


Ms Krawcyk:Ingrid.


Ms Jäger:Ms Lohmann is covering for him because she lost courage to take action against a colleague. She thinks it’s tactically clever but I’m sure she…


Ms Krawcyk:Ingrid! Have you already thought of the possibility that the two of them are just trying to pull something over on you and me?


Ms Jäger:You mean..it was just staged? But why?


Ms Krawcyk:Well, we should try to find out why.


Ms Jäger:You mean, I should keep an eye on those two.


Ms Krawcyk:Exactly. And let me know if you find out anything.


Ms Jäger:You can count on that!


She walks out and Ms. Krawcyk sighs.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ms Beschenko is cleaning the floor when Michael shows up.


Michael: Ah, uhm, Mrs Beschenko?


Ms Beschenko: Yes?


Michael: I’m Michael Heisig. I don’t know if your daughter has mentioned me to you.


Ms Beschenko: No, she hasn’t. I’m sorry.


Michael:I teach her in English and History, and I’m also the counselor here at the school.


Ms Beschenko: Is something wrong with her grades?


Michael:No, no. Luzi is a very good student. She just seems quite…uhm quite withdrawn lately. I thought that maybe you could tell me why…like if there are any problems. I mean, I might be able to help you.


Ms Beschenko: Thanks, we’ll manage.


Michael:I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that your daughter is at a pretty difficult age. In addition to the stress at school there is also the so called ‘social stress’. Friendships, the first love, broken hearts…


Ms Beschenko: I’m a single mother. That’s why Luzi and I have always been so close. Now she just needs to break away from me. I’ll have to deal with it myself.


Michael:Yes, I can understand that, but as I said, if you need someone to talk to, you can come to me.


Ms Beschenko: Did she say something?


Michael:No, she didn’t.


Ms Beschenko: She’s moved out temporarily. I just want her to be ok.


Michael:Yes, ummm…. if you want I’ll talk to her, hmm?



[Bergmann Villa]


Ben:The fridge is full. Now don’t be so hesitant.


Luzi:Yes, but I don’t want to live at your expense either.


Ben:Luzi, the things are there and if we don’t eat them they’ll go bad. Here you are. (He gives her a yoghurt.) It’s one of 3000 vanilla yoghurts.


Luzi:Can I ask you something?


Ben: Sure.


Luzi: What…what was going on with you earlier? The thing with Hotte’s car. What were you thinking? You’re always doing stuff like that. The party at the swimming pool, getting in a fight with Heisig, bullying around in class with Ms Vogel….and now this?


Ben:I have no idea.


Luzi:Do you never think about the consequences it could have for you or others?


Ben:Apparently I don’t. But it’s probably also because the others don’t think about how I might feel.


Luzi:I don’t know either. I just don’t understand you. You don’t seem to be a bad guy but at the same time it’s like you’re…I don’t know…like totally mad at something. Who or what are you so mad at?


Ben:But one is always mad at something. You know best what I’m talking about, don’t you?


Luzi:Ok, yes. But we’re not talking about me right now.


Ben:I don’t know. It’s just very complicated at the moment. It’s about…


Someone rings at the door.


Luzi:Do you know who it is?


Ben:Well, obviously it’s not your mother because she has a key.


Ben goes to check who it is via intercom.



Michael: This is Heisig. I know it’s a little late but I have to talk to Luzi. Is she here?


Ben: Yes.


Ben opens the door for Michael.


Michael: Hello, Luzi.


Luzi: Did my mom send you?


Michael: Does she have a reason to do so?


Luzi: Actually, she doesn’t, because she’s the one who kicked me out.


Michael: Hm, it’s terrible for both of you, right?


Ben: Ah, and I thought it was the best thing that could happen to you.


Michael: Do you want to tell me what happened?


Luzi: It’s none of your business! ...Why don’t you just ask my mother?


Michael: You’re right that your personal life is none of my business but as your teacher it’s my duty to find out why you aren’t attending my classes.


Luzi: Don’t worry, I’ll be there.


Michael: Good.


Ben: Alright, anything else?


Michael:No, no that’s it. (to Luzi) I think you’d better call your mother. I’m sure that she’s not only blaming herself, but is also very worried. Ok?


Michael’s words have their intended effect as we see Luzi look both guilty and worried.



[Bea’s apartment]


Bea: Anyway. Now I have the feeling that he’s totally freaking out.


Miriam: Has he threatened you again?


Bea: No, but he skips classes, he’s provocative and I’m afraid that he’ll screw things up.


Miriam: But Bea, you’re not responsible for him.


Bea: But I’m responsible for the way he’s behaving. He is hurt. I got his hopes up and now he’s disappointed, so of course I’m responsible for this.


Miriam: Ok, and what is that supposed to mean now? That you’ll get involved with him again just to calm him down?


Bea: No, but I’m also his teacher, and as an educator it’s my responsibility to make sure that he graduates.


Miriam:Wait a minute. What is this about right now?


Bea:About Ben?


Miriam:No. I think you’re mixing up some things. Is this about your responsibility as an educator, or is this about your responsibility as a woman who, stupidly, got involved with a student? Why don’t you just let him have his fling? Gosh! He’ll surely calm down at some point!


Bea sighs.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Emma, Hotte and Timo see Caro arrive with a guy in a car and Hotte doesn’t seem so happy.


Timo:Is he new, or do we know him already?


Emma:Well, the car looks familiar, but the guy? I have no idea.


Timo:No, it’s still the old one. Wow. (to Hotte) By the way, how did it go with the car insurance?


Hotte:Better than at home.


Emma:That bad?


Hotte:My father is probably still hanging from the ceiling. In order to rent the car I borrowed his credit card.




Timo:Damn, Hotte.


Hotte:But at least he’ll take over the co-payment until I can pay it myself.


Timo:And how much is it?


Hotte:1500 €. (What? That’s nothing for the car going blub!)


Timo:And all of that was just to impress her?


Emma:And how are you going to pay back the money?


Hotte: (shrugs) First I won’t get any pocket money and during the holidays I will probably have to look for a job.


Emma:I just saw a street musician recently! He made quite a lot! (Hotte doesn’t seem very convinced

while Timo looks amused.) Really! He was pretty good!


Timo:Well, why didn’t you ask him to join our group?


Emma:Maybe we could perform on the streets and Hotte could have the money.


Timo:In the pedestrian zone during winter? Great idea.


Emma:Do you have a better idea?


The others walk into the building while Hotte just stares at the ‘old guy’ in the car.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Bea:And as we can combine sets of events via the operations of unions and intersections, the rules of the set theory applies to them, too.


Ben and Luzi come in.




Bea:You’re almost 40 minutes late.


Ben:Oh well, then paying attention wouldn’t be worth it.


He puts in his ear buds and starts listening to music.


Bea:That’s enough. Leave my classroom immediately! Furthermore, I no longer care if you graduate or not, but I won’t let you drag the other students down with you. (Ben kind of just sits there) Get out of here now!


Ben: (stands up, obviously very annoyed and leaves the room) Bye!


Bea:Alright, where did I stop?


Timo:Unions and intersections.


Bea:Yes, right…. Excuse me for a moment.


She leaves the room to follow Ben.


Bea:Ben! Ben! You need to stop this!


Ben:And you’re repeating yourself!


Bea:You’re making it so much worse!


Ben:Ah really? I thought you did that already. And anyway, why do you care? You told me quite clearly that you don’t give a damn about me!


Bea:That’s not true!


Ben:Ah, then show me!




Caro comes around the corner and sees them.


Ben:Dammit, show me!


Ben grabs Bea and she pushes him away. He trips over a bag behind him and falls down the stairs as Bea and Caro watch on in horror.