Episode 45

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Caro: I know everything about you two.

Ben: What do you know?

Caro: The truth. Bea Vogel and Ben Bergmann are a couple.

Ben: You want to blackmail me.

Caro: You don’t get it. I want you. (pout)(Caro pouting // resistance is futile?).






Ben: Caro, don’t be ridiculous. (apparently not)I’ll tell you what you want: My convertible, perhaps, or my father’s credit card… so you can buy yourself the newest designer bag with which you can then totter off to the next party. And there, you’ll badmouth all the other bimbos.

Caro: That’s not true!

Ben: That IS true. You’re shallow, scheming and don’t have any idea what it’s all about. But if you feel like it, run to the Schools Inspector and tell him everything you know about Vogel and me. But leave me alone! Got it? I asked if you got that?! I’m fed up with you, Caro, alright?! I neither want to sleep with you nor be together with you, and most of all, I don’t want to be blackmailed by you, alright?!

Caro: No, that’s not alright! You don’t have any idea who I am! And you don’t really want to know. And you’re going to regret saying what you just did.


She storms off and runs into Drug Sophie 1.0 in front of the restroom.


Sophie: Hey, Caro. Those pills you gave me, they’re awesome. I’m fit like anything.

Caro: Good for you.

Sophie: I feel as if I drank 30 cups of coffee. So, feel like dancing?

Caro: No.

Sophie: Everything all right? Maybe you should take one of the pills yourself, then you’d be on top of the world again.

Caro: And for what, this crap here? No, I’m going home.

Sophie: Really? I think it’s wicked cool here. (She’s bouncing a little.)

Caro: Sophie? Go dancing.




Timo, Sophie and Luzi are walking home.


Sophie: It’s too bad that we left, just when the music got so great, and I loved that song. We could have danced to it so wonderfully… Bummer…

Timo: Good evening, Frau Beschenko.

Karin: Hello.


Long look between mother and daughter.


Timo: Long day at work today?

Sophie: Oh, that’s Luzi’s mother. I’ve been wanting to call you and… Well, I’m so, so sorry that Luzi got in such trouble because of the shoplifting. It was really all my idea and…also she did a rather bad job in the beginning but she got better each time, that was really …

Luzi: Okay. I think my mother really has to go home now.

Sophie: But we could talk about it some more or…

Timo: It’s late already.

Karin: Yes, be careful on the way home.

Sophie: Boah, she’s so nice.

Luzi: Yes, contrary to you.

Sophie: What’s up with her?



[Bergmann villa, living room]

There’s a party going on when Luzi comes in.(The only women there seem to be serving. How typical.)


Götting: The elite should stick to their own kind, like here with our host. Well, students from a good home perform better and don’t bring social conflicts into the school (He sees Luzi. She’s not amused.)… with a few talented exceptions maybe. Those gifted students, of course, shouldn’t fail due to the limited opportunities provided by their parental homes.


He toasts in Luzi’s direction, who is being accosted by Desperate Slimy Guy.


Slimy guy: What does he mean by that?

Luzi: I’m one of those exceptions.

Slimy guy: Hm, I can see that. Tell me, where do your talents lie? My guess would be more in the area of the fine arts, am I right?



[Outside Sophie’s home]


Sophie: And what are we going to do now?

Timo: What do you mean do now?

Sophie: Well, we could go to a late movie or … we could just get in the car and cruise around town and just talk. There’s so much I could tell you.

Timo: I don’t know how you’re managing all this but… I for one am about to fall asleep standing up any minute now. I need to go home.

Sophie: And me?

Timo: You’ll be home real soon?

Sophie: Why don’t you come in with me?

Timo: I really need to go to sleep. And you do too.

Sophie: But I’m not tired yet. I think I can get you fit again.


They start kissing.



[Bergmann villa, living room]


Slimy guy: And this Götting is your principal?

Luzi: Vice-principal.

Slimy guy: Mhm. I’m sure it’s an experience for you to be sitting here with him and us, isn’t it? I’m Bernd, by the way. (And I’m not changing the character labelling, btw)


Luzi does her best to ignore him by not looking at him. But that seems to be too subtle for him.


Slimy guy: Well, maybe you would like to know something about me? (That’d be a NO!)Am I boring you? (More like grossing me out)

Luzi: I…I’m tired. I have to go to bed.

Slimy guy: And where is that? (Luzi thinks about bashing the water bottle she just grabbed over his head but holds her temper and just gives him a LOOK.)Don’t worry, I don’t plan to attack you in the middle of the night, right?

Luzi: Good for you. Since that wouldn’t end well for you.

Slimy guy: I can believe that, little feisty one. (Ew, excuse me while I go take a shower. Luzi seems to agree with me.)



[Vogel home, Bea’s room]


Miriam: Oh, wonderful.

Bea: But please sleep next to Piet or else he’ll beat me up too out of jealousy.

Miriam: Not funny. But after that hot chocolate I’m sure to fall directly asleep.

Bea: Why are you so tired anyway?

Miriam: I’m sure I’m covering at least 10 km between the tables and the counter every day. Not everyone comes freshly from “vacation” like you.

Bea: Not funny.


They laugh and Bea pinches Miriam.


Miriam: Hey! Geez! …. Do you think he wants some kind of thanks for it?

Bea: Who?

Miriam: Ben - for saving your ass.

Bea: I don’t believe so. (You’re kidding me, right? This is the guy who wanted a candlelight dinner in exchange for talking to you about STAG.)

Miriam: Well, he really has been going all out lately to get you back.

Bea: But he made up this stalker story only because he realizes that he went too far.

(I was just about to write a scathing comment dripping with sarcasm when Miriam saved me the trouble.)

Miriam: Oh yes, that’s right. I totally forgot how mature Ben is. (Miri, YOU ROCK!)

Bea: Anyway, I believe that he’ll back off from now on.

Miriam: Let’s hope so, since you’re running out of good excuses.

Bea: The subject is closed.

Miriam: I really hope so for your sake. Götting was already damn close to the truth.

Bea: Didn’t you say that you were very tired?

Miriam: But the hot chocolate is so delicious


And they get down to some snuggling.



[Bergmann villa, living room]


Luzi: No, thanks, I really need to go to bed now.

Slimy guy: I would even pay for it.


He’s doing a Ben by crowding her, she’s doing a Bea by pushing him away. Unfortunately, the stairs are too far away.


Luzi: My god, leave me alone!

Slimy guy: You could use some money, couldn’t you?

Stefan: Bernd!

Slimy guy: We were having a little talk. The girl is very bright.

Stefan: I think you’ve had enough for today, hm?

Slimy guy: I was just trying to find out how to best support her.

Stefan: Sure. You are going to call a cab and go home. Now, come on...let's go.

Götting: Is there a problem?

Stefan: No.

Götting: Well, we really should keep to ourselves.



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]

Caro is talking to her volleyball chicks.


Caro: Was a rather lame event yesterday. Just the same boring people and stupid lines. You really didn’t miss anything.


She sees Ben.


Caro: This audience is over. If you want to experience something, go out yourself, alright? (She tries to close her locker but has problems.)Damn it! Fuck!

(Raise your hand if you just had a wonderful flashback to the “a little patience” Jemma locker scene.)



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Good morning. Everything alright? About yesterday…

Luzi: No problem. I’m just a guest here, anyway.

Stefan: It is indeed awkward for an outsider to be present at such a small party.

Luzi: Sure. One doesn’t like to have witnesses for small parties where people deliberate out loud that welfare cases like me mess up the Abi for the rich kids… And girls get sexually harassed.

Stefan: Yes, I’m sorry that Bernd was so out of line. Something like that just should never happen, not even when…when you’re drunk. (He takes out some money.)I would be pleased if you would accept this as a small apology for all the trouble.

Luzi: You think that this can be settled with money?


Mama radar lets Karin show up in just this moment.


Stefan: I’m sure you could use it. And Luzi, yes, money does indeed solve most problems. – Morning.

Karin: Morning.


Luzi grabs the money and heads up the stairs.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]


Alexandra: Okay, girls, after warm-up, we’ll do some arm circling. A little more speed. Keep up now.

Caro: Frau Lohmann? Could I talk to you for a moment?

Alexandra: Yes.

Caro: Ben didn’t stalk Frau Vogel.

Alexandra: What then? What do you know about it?

Caro: Ben and Frau Vogel… Ben and Frau Vogel, they…

Alexandra: Yes?

Caro: They are…



Ben: I’m Ben.

Caro: I already found that out.

Several making out scenes.



Alexandra: Caro, could you get to the point? What do you know about Ben and Bea Vogel?

Caro: Ah, nothing. Well… I just couldn’t believe that Ben is capable of something like that.

Alexandra: Capable of what? Caro, just spit it out.

Caro: Well, I…I had…well, to stalk Vogel.

Alexandra: I thought he didn’t stalk her. Caro, you seem a little confused today.

Caro: Well, I just really can’t imagine that Ben would do that.

Alexandra: Human beings are capable of doing worse things. Better get used to it. Now, join in.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]

Ben is watching Bea and Michael when Timo comes over.


Timo: Well, she is good-looking.

Ben: But she’s off-limits for me.

Timo: It’s better for you this way.

Ben: I can’t force things. You can best keep something that’s really important to you by letting it go.

Timo: Did you read this on a calendar? 365 days of wisdom for the entire year?

Ben: That’s something you realize on your own eventually. (See, people? So how incredibly mature he is. No wonder Bea has a hard time resisting him…)

Timo: Dude, she totally warped your wire.

Ben: So how do I get it straight again?

Timo: The wire?

Ben: That’s not funny.

Timo: Alright, but what kind of advice can I give you? I’m no calendar and you know it yourself, anyway. What happened to your great insight? Letting go? No?

Ben: Easy for you to say.

Timo: No, you said it.

Ben: And what do you say?

Timo: Well, being love sick sucks! But it passes…sooner or later. – I have to go. And don't think about it too much. It’ll just rattle you even more.



[Pestalozzi, near the kiosk]

Sophie is sitting at a table learning. Timo is walking over to her.


Sophie: …is generated by particle movement and acts evenly in all directions.

Timo: Hi, sweetheart. Well, my particles just moved in your direction. Don't I get a kiss?

Sophie: Huh? Of course. Sorry. ½ pv² is the dynamic pressure or velocity pressure...huh, velocity pressure…

Timo: What are you doing?

Sophie: Bernoulli.

Timo: What?

Sophie: The guy with the process.

Timo: Ah, do I have a rival?

Sophie: What?

Timo: Forget it. You're completely wired.

Sophie: It doesn’t do any good to procrastinate.

Timo: Right.

Sophie: And when I'm finished with all of this I can relax completely.

Timo: And then I'll catch enough sleep and we'll cruise around the city all night.

Sophie: No, then I’ll be needing sleep first.

Timo: Well, if things are like that you should definitely eat something, so you don't faint on me.


He hands her a sandwich.


Sophie: No, you can keep that. I've got everything I need. But maybe you could give me your coffee instead.

Timo: Hm...just don't fly through the roof with all this caffeine.

Sophie: Don't worry, all of it will be converted into work.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin: Luzi? Could you come here? Please. Is everything alright?

Luzi: I've got the money for the complaint.

Karin: Where did you get this? This is money from Mr. Bergmann. Did he lend it to you? Could you please open your mouth and explain to me why Stefan Bergmann gave you 200 Euros? Luzi, I'm sure he didn't give it to you just like that.

Luzi: He did...in a manner of speaking. I did him a small favor, that's all.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


[Music: Metric – Eclipse (All Yours)]


Caro is sitting alone listening to music when Ben takes a seat next to her.


Ben: About yesterday... I didn't get it at first. That you were really serious, I mean…that...

Caro: That I'm nothing to you...shallow and fucked up.

Ben: I...I was just mad because... because you (...) the whole thing with Bea...because you wanted to make the whole thing public.

Caro: I planned to...

Ben: But?

Caro: I couldn't. You have no idea how I'm feeling. (pout)

Ben: I think I do.


He stands up and Caro starts to cry a little.


Ben: You coming?


Caro looks at him, he holds out a hand, she starts to smile, he starts to smile, she packs up her things, stands up and takes his hand. They walk together into the school.

(Now that would have been kind of cute, if she wasn’t such a conniving bitch, he wasn’t such an immature annoying brat and the whole situation between them wasn’t so fucked up.)



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]

Sophie is in a stallabout to pop a few more pills.



Caro: If we give away the title it'll be your fault.

She hands her the pill bottle.

Sophie: And what's that?

Caro: Vitamins and caffeine. Everything you need to be fit again.

Sophie: Any side effects?

Caro: None. Come on, pocket them.



She swallows three of the pills.



[Outside the school toilet]


Timo: Are you still mad at Sophie about yesterday?

Luzi: Well, she was trying to help me, after all.

Timo: What is going to happen with you and your mother now?

Luzi: No idea.

Timo: Do you think you'll get enough money for the complaint? By the way, I think it's great you’re facing the problem and taking responsibility.


Sophie comes out of the restroom, hyper once again.


Sophie: Let's go?



[Bergmann villa, office]

Mama Bear Beschenko is on the warpath.


Karin: What kind of favor did my daughter do for you?

Stefan: Pardon?

Karin: I saw how you gave her the money.

Stefan: Your insinuations are disgraceful.

Karin: Then why are you giving her that much money?

Stefan: Because she helped with the drinks during the party. And because she really can't expect much from you any more.

Karin: You will keep away from my daughter from now on.

Stefan: You should have thought of that before throwing her out.

Karin: Yes, I probably should have. But how was I to know where she would end up?!

Stefan: Frau Beschenko, I assure you that I'm aware of my responsibility.

Karin: I doubt that. Someone who declares that money is the most important thing, with which you can solve all problems... such a person doesn't have any morals.

Stefan: Say those who don't have money.

Karin: Those are the values you're teaching your son? To look down on others...arrogance and complacency?

Stefan: Careful.

Karin: You be careful. Don't you realize what you're doing to the people around you?

Stefan: I doubt that you are able to judge that.

Karin: Oh really? Whose shoulder do you think your wife cried on after you had walked all over her yet again?

Stefan: That's enough!

Karin: Unfortunately, I wasn't there when she got into the car drunk!

Stefan: I'm corrupting your daughter, spoiling my son and I drove my wife to her death. Is there anything else you would like to accuse me of? Hm? Great. Then you can leave now - and you don't need to come back.