Episode 46

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Karin: Whose shoulder do you think your wife cried on after you had walked all over her yet again?

Stefan: That's enough!

Karin: Unfortunately I wasn't there when she got into the car drunk!

Stefan: I'm corrupting your daughter, spoiling my son and I drove my wife to her death. Is there anything else you would like to accuse me of? Hm? Great. Then you can leave now - and you don't need to come back.




[Bergmann villa, Stefan’s office]


Stefan: Frau Beschenko? My house keys.


Karin starts to say something.


Stefan: Spare me your apologies!

Karin: I didn’t want to apologize. I just wanted to say that I hope that Ben won’t get crushed by your coldness like your wife was.



[Pestalozzi, school yard/volleyball court]

Bea and Michael see Sophie jumping rope.


Michael: Sophie is really stepping it up lately. Is she working as hard in your AG?

Bea: Yes. She’s even singing a solo.

Michael: Wow. Well, that much boundless energy is contagious. I still have to make some copies. See you later.


He leaves and Sophie steps on the rope.


Sophie: Damn!

Bea: Sophie. Your endurance is really admirable. Are you practicing alone?

Sophie: Yes, we’re having an important tournament and I still have to practice my serve and anyway, I’ve been slacking off this week.

Bea: This extra practice is Frau Lohmann’s doing, am I right?

Sophie: No.

Bea: Well, then good luck. Oh, and Sophie? Don’t forget, this is recess.

But Energizer-Sophie just starts jumping again.



[Beschenko home]


[Music:Beth Orton – Ooh Child]


Karin comes home and finds lots of bills in the mail. And then she notices the advent calendar that Luzi made for her. She starts to cry.



[Pestalozzi, on the landing]


Caro: I don’t have time this afternoon. We’re having an important game. State championship.

Ben: Are people allowed to watch?

Caro: Sure, if you want.


Ben sees Bea and Frau Jäger standing in the foyer. Bean eye contact. (Yawn.)


Caro: Well, we have to wipe them off the court. After the last defeat this has to be a win.


Caro notices that Ben is distracted and what he’s staring at. (And how could she not. On the other side of said stare-fest, Ingrid also seems to wonder about Bea’s focus.)


Caro: But with you as our lucky charm…

Ben: Me?

Caro: Yes, for the tournament.

Ben: Oh right. Yes, sure.

Caro: But you’ll be there…?

Ben: I wouldn’t miss it. You…wearing a skimpy outfit. Okay, so we’ll see each other later.



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]

Sophie is putting volleyballs into a net when Timo walks over.


Timo: And after this a flying change to the school choir?

Sophie: I think I’ll take a shower first.


Timo helps her put her stuff into her bag and notices her pill bottle.


Timo: Are you sick?

Sophie: Hey, I don’t just go through your stuff, do I?

Timo: Sorry. What do you need the pills for?

Sophie: Oh how cute. You’re worrying about me?

Timo: Could you answer my question?

Sophie: Well, those are food supplements. Completely harmless. But it’s also good for grouchiness. Maybe you should try it too.


Sophie shares half of a pill with Timo by way of a kiss.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea is handing out the music score to the STAG.


Bea: Guys, even if you already know the song, a little more quiet please.


[STAG – Get the party started]


STAG are rocking the song. There isn’t really any difference between the couple on happy pills and the rest of STAG, though… Look at Emma letting loose. Yay!



[Pestalozzi, bulletin board]

Bea is hanging up a poster and flyers looking for more STAG members.


Caro: Does the STAG still not have enough members?

Bea: Unfortunately, no. Why?

Caro: I’m just surprised that there aren’t more students who appreciate your special treatment.

Bea: What’s your point, Caro?

Caro: My point is… that in your commitment you sometimes seem to get too close to your students.

Bea: What do you mean by that?

Caro: You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. I’m the last person who would kick such a handsome stalker like Ben out of my bed - especially since he is rather good in bed. Don’t you agree? I hope my candorwasn’t too blunt for you… but I prefer courses with teachers who aren’t quite that invasive, anyway.



[Bergmann villa]

A cleaning lady is vacuuming.

Stefan: And don’t forget to turn on the alarm system when you’re finished here.

Non-Karin cleaning lady: Will do.

Stefan: Good. I hope you remembered how it all works. (And don’t let your attractive co-worker fool you into letting her do it as she is likely to take revenge on you for your insensitive words about lesbians...)

Luzi: Hello, Herr Bergmann.

Stefan: Hello.

Luzi: Is my mother out sick today?

Stefan: Today? I’m afraid that’s her permanent state.

Luzi: What do you mean? And that’s no way to talk about my mother.

Stefan: The point is how your mother talked to me. But to put it in a nutshell, I fired her today because her behaviour towards me was unacceptable. Anything else?

Luzi: Excuse me? My mother hasn’t done anything to justify you firing her.

Stefan: Were you there?

Luzi: What’s up with this? Mama has been working for you for years. She’s always on time, she’s always dependable. And if something unscheduled pops up, like your parties or receptions, she works overtime without complaining.

Stefan: If ‘Mama’ is the best, why don’t you go to her instead of squatting here and only making trouble.



[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Bea: Did you have to tell your girlfriend about our affair?

Ben: What do you want from me? You come here (it’s her workplace), ambush me (oh puhlease)and hit me over the head with one accusation after another (make that a total of one). And all of that after I just saved your precious job (after your actions more or less endangered it). I didn’t mention one word about our affair during the questioning, not to Caro, not to another soul, alright?

Bea: Then how did she know?

Ben: You can answer that question yourself. Well, who did you tell? Who did you let in on our thing? What, you can’t remember all those people or something?

Bea: I only told my sister-in-law and Frau Krawczyk. But she would never…

Ben: Well, maybe not intentionally.

Bea: What do you mean?

Ben: Well, think hard about your talk with Krawczyk yesterday in the parking lot. (Caro didn’t say anything about where that talk took place, did she?)Did you check behind every car to see if someone could be listening? Caro maybe?

(Okay, so Caro has a talent for often being in the right place to witness something juicy, be it the Bodo/Frau Jäger date, the Jenny/Ben “let’s never talk about last night again since Emma just smiled at me and things are looking up” bathroom talk or the Vogel/Heisig restroom lock picking by belt buckle episode. But did you ever think that maybe having your creepy stalker picture on your mobile, while practical for spontaneous self gratification purposes, might also be slightly risky what with the possibility of people accidentally seeing it?)

Bea: What happens now? (You’re really asking him?!?)

Ben: Asks the responsible Bea her immature student Ben. (See? Even he knows how preposterous that is.)Caro won’t say anything. Not for your sake, of course… You’re lucky. Contrary to my ex-girlfriend (Who? The two-night stand?), I really mean something to my new girlfriend.

(Bea, there’s really nothing attractive about this childish behaviour, at all! Get over it!)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


[Music: Luzi – Stone Cold Sober]


While Luzi is playing the piano and singing Michael stops by.


Michael: That was good.

Luzi: Thanks. I have to go.

Michael: Are you still living at the Bergmann’s, by the way?

Luzi: I’m going to ask the school for asylum.

Michael: Why, are you being persecuted?

Luzi: No, I’m not being persecuted. But my surroundings should be protected from me. Everything I do or say hurts people.

Michael: Hm. That’s strange, since I only know you as someone who makes people smile and motivates them.

Luzi: And why do you think that you know me?

Michael: Hazard of the job. Luzi, you and your mother are just going through a phase that’s actually pretty normal. You want to finally make your own mistakes and your mother wants to keep you from making them. She wants to protect you because she knows what she’s got in you.

Luzi: She lost her job because I make one mess after another.

Michael: What? Here at school?

Luzi: No, at Bergmann’s. Because of me she got in trouble with him. God, we always were a team. And within a few weeks our entire relationship and everything that has been connecting us broke down.

Michael: Yes, and she’s thinking the exact same thing. And I think she wants nothing more than the two of you finding your way back to each other.



[Vogel home]

Piet is underneath the sink fixing something.


Miriam: Say, am I supposed to do the dishes in the bathtub now or something? (Bea comes slinking in and collapses on the couch.)Oh dear, another thing that needs fixing.

Piet: Oh ah.

Miriam: Say, weren’t you planning on lying under your Bulli?

Piet: Ah…bye.


And he quickly escapes the impending sensitive chat.


Miriam: Okay, what happened?

Bea: Caro knows.

Miriam: Did Ben say someth…

Bea: No. She heard me and Krawczyk in the parking lot. But apparently she doesn’t have any plans to harm me anymore.

Miriam: Uh huh. (She’s da bomb, isn’t she? A lone beacon of reason in a sea of insanity.)

Bea: She promised Ben that she would keep her mouth shut. For his sake.

Miriam: Don’t tell me you’re actually jealous?! (Not over that whiny, self-righteous, bratty waste of screen time?) Oh god, Bea, be glad that he’s got another flame and won’t make any more trouble for you.

Bea: I know that. Instead of being jealous of a (female) student I should pray that Caro keeps silent.

Miriam: Yes, you should.

Bea: But you can’t just turn off your feelings. (I know. That’s why you should really reflect on his behaviour. That should normally be a turn off for anyone.)



[Beschenko home]


Karin: I could really use the cleaning shifts, Frau Jäger, but the others have to get their turns as well.


The doorbell rings.


Karin: Yes, sure. One moment.


She opens the door.Luzi and Michael are standing outside.


Karin: I’ll call you back in moment. Why don’t you (two) come in?

Michael: Thanks, but I have to get going.

Karin: Thanks.

Michael: It was Luzi’s decision. I was just the driver.

Karin: Thanks for bringing her.

Michael: Welcome. And now I really need to go, so…bye.

Luzi: It’s my fault that Bergmann fired you.

Karin: The money was just the trigger. I brought the termination onto myself.

Luzi: What did you do?

Karin: I told him what I think of him to his face.

Luzi: And what’s that?

Karin: That he’s an obnoxious bastard. I was feeling better after that. But when I came home and saw all the bills I just started crying.


They smile at each other and Karin caresses Luzi’s cheek.



[Pestalozzi, indoor volleyball court/locker room] (It’s revolution time! Unfortunately it’s just the song without any banner hanging going on. That’s somewhat…disappointing but I’ll take any Jemma reminder I can get.)


Alexandra: Okay, girls, this is it. I want you to give it all you’ve got - and I do mean everything. Sophie, you’re fit?

Sophie: As a fiddle.

Alexandra: Alright. Then show those other girls they would have been better off staying at home. Go! Knock yourselves out, girls.

Timo: Show ‘em. You’re the best.

Alexandra: Hey, this is the girls’ locker room. You can make out later.

Timo: And not just make out, if you’ve still got the energy later.

Sophie: But of course.

Alexandra: Sophie!

Sophie: Now just keep cool. We’ll wipe the court with them.

Alexandra: Yes. Caro, do you plan to participate?

Caro: Is Ben there somewhere?

Alexandra: No. But don’t worry, I’m sure he’s somewhere outside. So you better make an effort. Come on.

Hotte: I don’t think that Ben is outside.

Caro: You don’t have any idea.

Hotte: But he’s never been interested in volleyball.

Caro: Still…he’s interested in me.

Timo: Really. I thought he was interested in Vogel.


[Volleyball game]

(Say, why didn’t we get to see Jenny in these skimpy outfits?)



[Beschenko home]


Karin: I believe we have a lot to catch up on.


They start on the advent calendar. It’s got sweets inside. Karin hands Luzi a cookie.


Karin: So it’s not just sticking to my hips.

Luzi: I’ll never stay out that late without letting you know where I am. I’m sorry that you had to worry.


They hug.


Luzi: Every night in that swanky house before falling asleep I wished that we could hold each other and that you would tell me that everything would be okay.

Karin: Yesterday, you were still my little girl and now you’re already a young woman. I’m sorry that I thought for a minute that the favour for Bergmann…

Luzi: Nothing happened.

Karin: Of course not. I should have just trusted you.

Luzi: Well, I’ll soon have a criminal record after all... because I just had to have designer clothes.

Karin: Still, I never should have hit you.


And they hug again. (Awwww.)



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court/ locker room]

The volleyball team comes into the locker room celebrating. Sophie is carrying the winner’s trophy.


Sophie: Ey, those were some great serves.

Other players: Awesome. Great.

Sophie: Does anyone have any champagne or…

Caro: …or some schnapps?

Sophie: Hey, what’s wrong with you? We won! How cool is that?!

Caro: Yes, very cool.

Sophie: Did you see Timo cheering?

Caro: What are you on? Come down, will you?

Sophie: I’m just so happy.

Alexandra: With good reason. That’s just how I wanted things to go. I think we all agree that Sophie made the difference today.


Applause.The coach from the other team comes in and shakes Alexandra’s hand.


Other coach: Congratulations again. My hat off to you for promoting your talents like this.

Alexandra: As the coach it’s our job to get the most out of the available capabilities of our girls. Right, Sophie?


They high five which causes Sophie’s bag to topple over and the pill bottle to roll out. The other coach picks it up.


Other coach: Oops. What do we have here? Is this yours? (Sophie nods.)Salicylic hydrate…

Sophie: That’s a food supplement.

Other coach: Food supplement…?

Sophie: Well, vitamins and stuff like that.

Other coach: Sorry but this stuff doesn’t have anything to do with vitamins. It’s a pure amphetamine.

Sophie: What?

Other coach: Is the word “doping” easier for you to comprehend?