Episode 47

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Caro: If we give away the title it'll be your fault.


She hands her the pill bottle.


Sophie: And what's that?

Caro: Vitamins and caffeine. Everything you need to be fit again.

Other coach: What do we have here? Is this yours? (Sophie nods.)Salicylic hydrate…

Sophie: That’s a food supplement.

Other coach: Food supplement…?

Sophie: Well, vitamins and stuff like that.

Other coach: Sorry but this stuff doesn’t have anything to do with vitamins. It’s a pure amphetamine.

Sophie: What?

Other coach: Is the word “doping” easier for you to comprehend?




[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Sophie: Doping?!

Other coach: Oh please, don’t act so surprised.

Sophie: I don’t take any drugs - and I never have.

Other coach: But you have some in your bag, and I’m pretty certain also in your blood.

Alexandra: Nothing has been proven here yet.

Other coach: Well, then I better go talk to the referees now. Maybe they can help us with the fact finding and tell us how to deal with your dubious training methods.

Alexandra: My training methods?!

Other coach: You’re the coach here, aren’t you?

Alexandra: Of course, but…

Other coach: But you didn’t know anything about it. Tsk. Aw, just like the little one. Oh, should I just take the trophy with me now?




Other coach: Fine. Then I’ll have someone get it later.

Alexandra: Sophie…you keep standing right here. Frau Ritt?


She goes after the other coach.


Sophie: Ey, those were amphetamines?

Caro: Just so we’re clear, I don’t have anything to do with this. How can you be so stupid and get caught with pills at a tournament?



[Bergmann villa]

Luzi is just putting the house key on the dinner table when Ben comes in.


Ben: Does that mean you’re leaving?

Luzi: Ah…your father fired my mother.

Ben: He did what?!

Luzi: Well, the two of them got into a fight because of me and…well…

Ben: Huh. Asshole. I’m sorry.

Luzi: At least my mother and I made up again, so… something good came of it.

Ben: And what are you two going to do now? Your mom needs the job, doesn’t she?

Luzi: No idea. But we’ll manage.

Ben: Too bad. I’d started to get used to us being roommates.

Luzi: Thanks for allowing me to stay here.

Ben: If you ever have troubles again, you’re welcome here. Anytime.

Luzi: Thanks.

Ben: Come here.


They hug.


Luzi: Bye.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Michael: I’m glad that at least the matter with Ben Bergmann is finally over.

Bea: Me too.

Michael: That’s a reason to celebrate, isn’t it? How about the two of us going out to dinner tonight?

Bea: I’m sorry but I still have to correct these papers. (Shot down again. Yes! Those are the highlights in these early episodes. Sad, really.)

Michael: Fine, I rather thought as much. (Then why keep asking? Guys.)

Bea: What?

Michael: Nothing. Never mind.

Bea: Have a nice evening.

Michael: Yes. Thanks.


He mourns another lost opportunity, turns around and almost bumps into Karin who is cleaning the floor.


Michael: Oh, I’m so sorry. Hello Frau Beschenko.

Karin: You’re allowed.

Michael: Did you have a talk with Luzi?

Karin: Yes. And thank you again.

Michael: Not at all. That’s my job.

Karin: If there’s ever anything I can do for you...let me know, alright?

Michael: There is in fact something you could do for me. You…could go to dinner with me. (Asking two women out within two minutes, that’s pretty desperate.)

Karin: What, now?!

Michael: Or after work, if you like.

Karin: Um, I already have plans with Luzi for tonight. We‘ve seen so little of each other, lately.

Michael: I can understand that. This just doesn’t seem to be my day. But you do have my phone number if you should change your mind. Right. Now I need to get through here. See you later.

Karin: Yes.

(It’s incredible, but Karin can make even Michael look sympathetic. I probably would have even liked those two as a long-term couple… a scary thought.)



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]

Sophie is sitting on a sofa close to tears(or maybe just coming down from her high). Timo sits down next to her.


Sophie: Timo. You already know?

Timo: The whole school knows.

Sophie: Now don’t you start picking on me too.

Timo: What do you mean, picking on you?! Sophie, you can’t just shove meds down your and my throat like that.

Sophie: I thought those were vitamins. I didn’t think any further about it. Suddenly everything worked … the rehearsals, class tests, practice…

Timo: Due to a few vitamins?

Sophie: I told you, I didn’t think about it any further.

Timo: You just thought it was great.

Sophie: Now don’t get mad.

Timo: I’m not mad.

Sophie: I didn’t think it was great at all. I was feeling really crappy. New problems just kept popping up. And I never managed to solve even one. The tests, cramming for them, the rehearsals, being fit for practice, come celebrate at Chulos! Do you have any idea what that feels like?!

Timo: I can imagine. Everyone has been in a situation before where everything became too much.

Sophie: But not like this!

Timo: Well, then you should have talked about it!

Sophie: Should have?

Timo: Yes, should have.

Sophie: You don’t really get it. That was the problem. It was always about having to do something. Have to, have to, have to!

Timo: So that excuses popping a few meds!


He walks off.



[Beschenko home, apartment door]


Timo: No, I understand…if you’ve got plans with your mother… I’m glad that the two of you - … again…and stuff…

Luzi: What’s wrong? Sophie?

Timo: It’s a long story.

Karin: Hello, Timo. Hello, sweetheart.

Timo: Hi, Frau Beschenko. Well, I don’t want to bother you any longer.

Karin: You’re not bothering us. Is there a problem?

Timo: It doesn’t have anything to do with Luzi. I…just wanted some advice.

Karin: If there’s something troubling your best friend…then that takes precedence.

Luzi: And what about you? We were planning to…

Karin: We can still have a nice evening tomorrow. I’m going out. Then you can talk in peace…without an annoying mother underfoot. It’s okay.


Luzi is slightly overwhelmed with this turn of events and not really happy that her mother is bailing on their date.


Luzi: What’s up with her?

Timo: So, can we talk now?

Luzi: Yes. Sure.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea: You lost?

Alexandra: No. We would have won by a mile if your little pop star Sophie hadn’t been stuffed up to the gills with amphetamines.

Bea: What?!

Götting: The whole team got disqualified because of that. Sophie got thrown off the team and so the matter is over and done with.

Bea: And how is she?

Alexandra: Stress headache. And my reputation as a coach is ruined of course.

Bea: I was talking about Sophie.

Götting: How she is? Accelerated heartbeat, I assume…dilated pupils…increased stimulus transmission…


Bea grabs her things and leaves.


Götting: Do you know what you need now? A strong drink. And then we’ll go to my place. I know some great remedies for migraines.

Alexandra: You’re right about the drink but I’ll pass on the rest.



[Beschenko home, Luzi’s room]


Luzi: Sophie must have been under a lot of pressure.

Timo: Well, couldn’t she have just said something?

Luzi: Like what?

Timo: No idea. Something. I mean, I’m her boyfriend. And anyway, why didn’t she just quit the volleyball team?

Luzi: Or quit the Music AG. Or you. A boyfriend takes time and energy. And if there are other things you have to do except making out and partying…

Timo: I think…she even tried to tell me something like that, once.

Luzi: You see? You don’t just say: I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment, I can’t right now. Instead you say…something like that. And then you need someone who knows exactly what you are really trying to say.

Timo: I really didn’t understand how bad she was feeling.

Luzi: Well, due to the pills she was feeling great. And nobody noticed anything…until today.

Timo: I’m such a moron.


He picks up his phone.


Sophie’s voicemail: Hi, this is Sophie. Message after the beep. Beep.


He ends the call without saying anything.



[Bergmann villa]

Ben lets somebody in. It’s Caro.


Caro: Hi. You weren’t at the tournament. I…you really missed something. There was a real scandal. The Pestalozzi School has its first doping case. Our team got disqualified…

Ben: Did you approach Frau Vogel with it? With the matter?



[Saal 1]


Michael: The Penne with Shrimps are delicious. I can also recommend the Wiener Schnitzel.


Karin meanwhile is looking at the prices and panicking a little.(Not that Michael would notice.)


Michael: Oh, I’m sorry. There’s nothing worse than people butting in on your order.

Karin: It’s just that I…

Michael: You…are a vegetarian?

Karin: No. I’m from the Ukraine. People eat lots of meat there.

Michael: Okaaay.


After some more hesitation by Karin, Michael finally catches a clue.


Michael: You know something, I would like to treat you to dinner.

Karin: No, I don’t want that.

Michael: Come on, I got you into this whole thing. Do me this small favour. Frau Beschenko, if you don’t order something right now, I’m going to starve to death.



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Caro: I didn’t threaten Vogel or anything. I just wanted to let her know that I know about it and … that I’m keeping an eye on her. She should keep her damn hands off you.

Ben: Caro, I’m pretty good at taking care of my own affairs. It’s over.


Caro is near tears. Ben notices and clarifies.


Ben: This thing with Vogel. Past. Caro, you have to trust me.


They start making out.



[Saal 1]

Götting is standing at the bar talking with some guy.


Götting: In this respect it’s clear that the financial requirements…


Götting notices Michael and Karin having dinner.


Business Guy: Herr Götting?

Götting: Uh, yes. I’m sorry.


Michael and Karin are toasting each other with their wine glasses.


Michael: Why didn’t you continue your degree in medicine in Germany?

Karin: My husband got his doctorate first. Someone had to earn money and take care of Luzi. Well, and the cleaning jobs weren’t that bad. You could do them at night when the child was sleeping.

Michael: Hm. And where’s your husband now, if you don’t mind my asking?

Karin: Dubai. I don’t know. It was a long time ago. After his habilitation (“the highest academic qualification a scholar can achieve” in Germany (Wikipedia)) he went abroad.

Michael: Does that mean you don’t have any contact anymore?


She shakes her head a little.


Michael: Does he pay child support for Luzi?


She shakes her head again.


Michael: You know that he is obligated to do that.

Karin: No. He abandoned his daughter. That person is dead to me.

Michael: Respect, Frau Beschenko, you…you’re a proud woman.

Karin: As I said, I’m from the Ukraine.

Michael: Well, I’d say, let’s drink to that.


There’s some slow-mo flirting set to music going on after that.




Sophie is sitting alone at the bar when Caro comes up.


Caro: Well, you’re looking rather depressed today. Pop a pill, that should make you feel better.

Sophie: You were the one who gave me the pills in the first place.

Caro: Sorry, honey, but you brought this on yourself. (to Sebastian)Hello? Tequila Sunrise and a Mate for over there.


Caro leaves for “over there”.


Sebastian: Not your day today?

Sophie: No. And I think, tomorrow neither.


His phone rings.


Sebastian: Chulos, Sebastian. Hello? Red hair, about eighteen? Yes, I think I know who you mean.


He turns around but Sophie is gone.



[Beschenko home, hallway in front of the apartment]


Michael: Maybe it’s because my teachers weren’t any real role models … or because I like to hear myself talk.

Karin: I think you’re a very good listener first and foremost.

Michael: Well, you did tell me some very fascinating stories.

Karin: This is my stop.


They are just starting the awkward saying goodbye phase when the apartment door opens and Timo comes out. He looks rather incredulously from Karin to Michael.


Timo: Hello.

Karin: Hello, Timo.

Michaelstarts laughing: Great. This should take care of setting the subject of the whispered conversations tomorrow. Heisig and Luzi’s mother are standing in front of the apartment door at night and don’t know how to say goodnight. In any case, I would like to thank you for a very charming evening.

Karin: I would like to thank you for bringing me home.

Michael: This Siezen (using the formal Sie (you) instead of the informal Du (you)) is rather ridiculous, isn’t it?

Karin: Yes.

Michael: Okay, well…I…I’m Michael.

Karin: Karin.

Michael: Well Karin, I…wish you a good night.

Karin: Good night.


Michael leans over and kisses her on the cheek.


Michael: We’ll see each other tomorrow at school.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]

It’s darkand we’re in front of the school. Yes, it’s the typical “Emma has troubles of the heart so she starts singing” setting. Now, Jenny isn’t here yet, so a song due to acute love troubles is out. But how about an anticipatory song? Chas N' Dave- London Girls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhT_5HaIEFw

But no, it’s Sophie sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument. Timo comes up and sits down next to her.


Sophie: How did you know that I was here?

Timo: Because I’ve already looked everywhere else. I was such a idiot. I’m so sorry that I didn’t realize that everything got to be too much for you. And then I lit into you because of a few pills. I should have been there for you… instead, I reproached you. I promise that I’m going to take better care of you from now on, alright? And of us.


They kiss.



[Beschenko home]

Karin is in a good mood. She’s humming and putting a record on. (It’s some Ukrainian music, I guess). This brings a tooth-brushing Luzi out of her room to see what’s going on.


Luzi: Hum.

Karin: Hi, sweetheart.


Karin goes over and hugs her, then spins her around a little.


Luzi: What happened?

Karin: Nothing, why?

Luzi: You’re beaming.

Karin: And I have every reason to, my love. You’re back home again, after all. But off to bed with you now. It’s late. Good night.

(Luzi’s puzzled facial expressions are a hoot. And I’m once again reminded why I love those Karin/Luzi scenes.)



[Pestalozzi, foyer]

Alexandra is beating up on the coffee vending machine. (THE vending machine. I’ll take this as my Jemma moment of the episode and mentally transport myself to epi 98 and the first “A little patience” Jemma-scene, before Alexandra’s cleavage sends me screaming into the night.)


Götting: It’s nice that for once another institution of this school is the recipient of your bad mood.

Alexandra: With the big difference that the vending machine then does what I tell it to do.

Michael: Good morning.

Götting: Nice guy. Too bad he’s got such a bad taste in women.

Alexandra: Then why are you running after me like a rooster during mating season?

Götting: I wasn’t talking about you. I saw Mr. Heisig yesterday with our Eastern European cleaning woman at Saal 1 - with wine and candlelight. Well, sad but true…

Alexandra: Don’t even try to provoke me.



[Beschenko home]

Karin is trying on shoes when Luzi comes out of her room.


Karin: Morning, sweetheart.

Luzi: What are you up to?

Karin: Going to work. Why?

Luzi: At school?

Karin: Yes. Why?

Luzi: Mama, with whom did you go out to dinner yesterday?

Karin: Why?

Luzi: Because you’re head over heels.

Karin: No.

Luzi: Well, it was bound to happen one day. Who is it? (off Karin’s look)Oh god, don’t tell me it’s someone from school… A teacher?? Oh please, Mama, not a teacher?!