Episode 48

Translated by Lifescrazes

Edited by Globe

[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Michael:You know what? I would really like to invite you. Do me that favour.


Karin laughs. Later, Michael kisses her goodnight on the cheek.


Luzi:Mum, who was it you went out for dinner with last night?


Luzi:Because you're head over heels in love?!


Luzi: Oh God, don't say it's anybody from school. A teacher? Oh please, mum, not a teacher!




[At the Beschenko's]


Karin: There's nothing there!

Luzi:Mum... Who is it?




Sebastian is at the phone, Michael comes in


Sebastian:Believe me, it is not non-alcoholic! It's on the label! No matter how big of an effort it is for you, I will have my order here this afternoon or I will look for a new supplier!

Michael: Here you go. (He hands him a piece of paper with a number on it)

Sebastian:What's that? The private number of Angelina Jolie?

Michael:No, that's the number of your new cleaning lady.



[At the Beschenko's]


Luzi: Herr Heisig? He of all people?!

Karin: Luzi, for the last time, there's nothing going on with Michael.

Luzi:But you're already on a first-name-basis?!





Michael:Just because I proposed being on a first-name-basis doesn't mean I'm into her.

Sebastian:Okay! I don't need a cleaning lady however.

Michael:No? Uh, did you take a look at this? (He gestures at their surroundings) I mean, in daylight?

Sebastian:Yeah. So?



[At the Beschenko's]


Karin:He's good looking, charming and he really cares for his students.

Luzi:Mum, please!

Karin:What? You're the only one starting this over and over again.

Luzi:Yes, and you're the only one dressing up for cleaning the school.


Karin looks away guiltily.





Michael:She studied medicine, then she came to Germany with her husband and started cleaning so HE could complete his Doctor of Medicine. Then he left her, she was alone with the kid and now even Herr Bergmann fired her.

Sebastian:Okay, okay. I will feel like a bad person for the rest of my life. Tell her to come by.

Michael:Great. But she can't know it was my idea or she'll think I have pity on her.



[At the Beschenko's]


Luzi:And you're sure he's not into you?

Karin: Just as little as I'm into him.


Luzi nods while Karin braids her hair.


Luzi:See you later.

Karin: See you later, honey.


Luzi leaves.



[At the Bergmann villa]

Ben and Caro are making out in the living room when Stefan comes in.


Stefan:When you're done with that, could you put away your stuff!

Ben: Dad?! May I introduce you to my new girlfriend? Caro Eichkamp.

Stefan: Oh, but we know each other from the basement garage. Seems like you were successful. As I always say, if you just pursue your goals insistently, you'll achieve them. I'm pleased to meet you.

Caro:So am I... I have to get ready though... for school … (She leaves)

Stefan: Good choice.

Ben: Why did you fire Luzi's mother?

Stefan: She overstepped her boundaries.

Ben: She's been working for us for years and you just fire her like that? She was like family!

Stefan: She was our cleaning lady. Also, I'm not accountable to you.

Ben: Well then... (He leaves, too)

Stefan: (yells after him)And who’s going to clean this?





Sebastian: What's that supposed to be? A seven?

Michael:No, no, this is the seven and that's a one. And now please hurry, I have to get going. Please

Sebastian:Four. Three. One.

(Karin's phone rings)


Karin: Beschenko?

Sebastian:Heisig here.

Karin:Michael! Now this is nice!

Sebastian: Sebastian! I'm Michael's brother. (to Michael) She would have been happy about your call.

Karin: What can I do for you? How did you get my number?

Sebastian: You know that I own Chulos, right?

Karin: Of course. That's my daughter's second home.

Sebastian: For it to stay a suitable second home for your daughter, I'm in desperate need of some help... Your help. Would you have time to start as cleaning lady for me?

Karin: Was that Michael's idea?

Sebastian: Michael? Noo... he... doesn't know anything about this. How do you know my brother that well, anyhow? What a coincidence.

Karin:He's just a nodding acquaintance. If you want me to, I could come by this afternoon. We could talk about everything else then.

Sebastian: Great! Bye.



They hang up.


Michael: “Great”, what does that mean? Does that mean she will do it, or not?!

Sebastian: She's coming by this evening.

Michael: Thank you. Neat!

Sebastian:You recovered really fast from your colleague. That's not very like you.

Michael: Okay, once again, for you to write down. I accept a “No” if I hear it multiple times from a woman and regarding Karin, she's just an acquaintance.

Sebastian: That's why you miss your class... for an acquaintance.

Michael: Hm? (He checks the time) Oh, damn! Thanks again! (He runs out)



[In Frau Krawcyk's office]

She puts a pill box on the table in front of Alexandra.


Gabriele:Salicylhydrat. A substance that works as a performance-enhancer, causes euphoria and - most importantly - is only available by prescription. Do you have any idea how your student Sophie Klein could have come by this medicament?

Alexandra:Well, she sure didn't get it from me.



[Parking lot in front of the school]


Michael:(still sitting on his bike) Sophie Klein? No way.

Bea: It has a similar effect as cocaine.

Michael: But someone would have had to notice something then.

Bea:I even had a suspicion. But Sophie assured me that they were just vitamin pills. I even asked Alexandra about it.




[Switching between Gabriele's office and the parking lot]


Gabriele: Everybody knows how ambitious you are when it comes to your volleyball team.

Alexandra:I wouldn't be a very good teacher if I hadn't any ambitions. But I would never give my students stimulants or drugs, and so far, they’ve never needed that! Since I immediately removed Sophie Klein from the team, the problem is solved for me.

Gabriele: What did Sophie say in her defense? Did she say how she came by that substance?

Alexandra: Of course she claimed that she had no idea what she was taking.

Gabriele: And you didn't believe her? Did it ever cross your mind that she may have gotten it from another student? And that that student may be continuing to spread pills among our students as we speak? Didn't you notice any changes in Sophie?


Michael: As trainer, she should have noticed something.

Bea: This concerns all of us!


Alexandra: Did it ever cross your mind that other teachers might pressure the students with their ambitions? Bea Vogel, with her singing group, for example!

Gabriele:You want to pass your responsibilities to Frau Vogel now!?


Bea:All this competition with the volleyball team - it’s so unnecessary! As if the students didn't have enough pressure on them as is. We need to change something.


Alexandra:I really don't know what I could change about that!

Gabriele:For now, it would suffice if you could sharpen your eyes for unusual behaviour among your students!

Alexandra:Most addicts are very good at hiding their addictions.

Gabriele: As you are obviously not realizing your responsibility here, I will put someone on your side to increase your awareness. Herr Heisig will support you in his role as guidance counselor.

Alexandra:You mean supervise

Gabriele:Call it whatever you like. That's it for now.


Alexandra leaves and Gabriele eats a mint. She opens a drawer and takes out a bounce ball which she kneads.



[Auditorium, STAG rehearsal]

Once again “Keinen Zentimeter”, solo-time for Hotte! He smiles contentedly.



Luzi:It was okay.

Hotte: Okay? Luzi, that was pure emo, didn't you listen?

Luzi: Well, for the band festival that surely will suffice “Keinen Zentimeter” (No centimetre) (Ba dum tss, Luzi)

Hotte:Man, you're in a mood... Maybe you should just take some of those mood lifters, too!

Emma: Not funny, Hotte.

Hotte:Okay, okay...

Luzi:Who knows what could have happened to Sophie!

Hotte: Got it!

Emma:Yeah, for the next ten minutes maybe...

Hotte:Could it be... Oh! You think -

Luzi:What, Hotte? What?

Hotte:Well, you put a lot of pressure on Sophie and now you think that you, too, are responsible -

Sophie:(who is just coming in with Timo right behind her) That's enough!

Luzi: (guiltily)I am so sorry that I was so impatient with you! And that I was so bitchy to you when you weren't well and -


Bea comes in, but no one takes notice (She's late again ô.ô)


Sophie:I was stupid enough to swallow those things without checking what was really inside. The pills

worked. That couldn't have been just vitamins. But, I wanted to make everyone happy and I did it with those.


Luzi hugs her.


Sophie:It's my fault alone.

Bea: It's good that you're still participating.

Sophie:So that means you're not kicking me out, too?

Bea:Why should I? Now that you're not playing volleyball anymore, you have more time for the AG.



[In Gabriele's office]


Ingrid:(She's wearing a Santa's hat and holding a giant sock) The tables for the Christmas party are booked, and in here I will collect all the teacher's names so we can do a secret Santa.

Gabriele:As I see it, the Christmas party is in the best hands - with you.

Ingrid: And then I thought, that -


Julian interrupts her by just storming in.


Julian: Frau Krawcyk, you really can't be serious!

Ingrid: Did you not see the red light?!

Julian:My concern is important.

Ingrid: So is knocking.

Julian: Has anyone ever told you that you don't have a hat-face?


Ingrid leaves.


Julian: You put a guard dog at Frau Lohmann's side?

Gabriele:Herr Heisig appeared to be the right person to alert Frau Lohmann to the humane side of our job.

Julian:I didn't know we had the capacities for such tasks.

Gabriele: Herr Götting! A student took drugs to cope with the daily pressure! Pressure that came from this school! I believe that to be careless and I won't allow other students getting that idea, too! We, as teachers, have to be able to notice the signs! And those who aren’t able, have to learn. Anyway, I was under the impression that Frau Lohmann doesn't mind the permanent company of Herr Heisig.


Julian leaves through one door, Ingrid stands at the other.


Ingrid:There really are a lot of teachers at this school. It could happen that I forget about one or the other in the secret Santa bag. (She leaves, too.)


Alexandra is walking down the steps to the lockers (Yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about, right?!) where she happens to meet Michael.


Michael: Alexandra. I was looking for you.

Alexandra:You don't have a collar?! I would have thought as chaperon … (In German, she says “Anstandswauwau”, wauwau is an onomatopoeic word for dog”)

Michael:One of your students was under the influence of drugs for days and you are busy being offended?

Alexandra: Because everybody's acting like it's my fault.

Michael:That could be because you're so unbelievably ambitious when it comes to your volleyball team. So ambitious that your students suffer from it, if I may remind you of Lara Vogel.

Alexandra:I won't let you give me pedagogic lectures.

Michael: Fine, um, you don't have to, I just need a list with all the students from your team.

Alexandra:What for?

Michael: What for, I want to find out who gave Sophie Klein those pills. (Alexandra hands him the list.) Thanks.


Julian watches them from up the stairs.


Alexandra: The floor is pretty dirty. Maybe you could tell your new girlfriend that she should mop here. (Michael's eyes say “Wha-?”) At a school this small, everything gets around fast.

Michael: I helped Luzi and as a thank you, I ate out with her mother. Jealous?

Alexandra: Of a cleaning lady? Please! She leaves.

Michael:This is the wrong list! He goes after her. Julian is watching them go.





Bea:When I came in here before, Luzi was doing something important. Luzi felt responsible - for her friends. If your sight is set on a goal, or you want to win a competition, you sometimes lose sight of what's really important. It applies to me just as it does to you. I desperately wanted to establish this AG – just like you. We put so much effort and courage in this project – to create a place where everyone can prove himself. I forget that sometimes. And, I wanted to apologize for that. Singing, dancing, music – that... that's expressing joy of life. It's not just about winning competition's or receiving awards. Maybe we won't make it to the recalls, but we already have achieved our goals. We will have a pretty good time.

Luzi: (singing) Sunshine!

Sophie:(singing) Moonlight!

Emma:(singing) Good times!

Timo:(singing) Boogie!


They laugh. Luzi starts playing the piano and they sing “Blame it on the Boogie”



[In the hallways]


Karin:Good morning, Frau Jäger.

Ingrid:Your name is missing as yet. (She writes it down) You should have seen Herr Götting. He acted like a rabid animal. (Karin observes Michael entering the teacher's lounge) Do you think I don't have a hat-face, too?

Karin:Excuse me?



[In the teacher's lounge]


Alexandra:(handing Michael the correct list) Do I have to write a report as well? Talk to the parents, how it's going at home? The biggest pressure comes from the family, did you know that? With this, I'm signing off, I have to get to class or do you want to check that, too? (She leaves, meeting Karin in the hallway) All this pressure that you are under as a teacher. I wouldn't know how I would cope without the breaks with Herr Heisig. (She crumples a piece of paper and throws it on Karin's cleaning-trolley)

Ingrid:No idea what men see in her... (Michael leaves as well, without noticing them, though)



[In the parking lot]

Michael approaches his bike, looking at the list. Götting comes along.


Julian: You couldn't wait, could you?!

Michael:For what?

Julian: Supervising Frau Lohmann. What does your new job look like, are you talking about your observations over a glass of wine after work?

Michael:That's an excellent idea, I will suggest that.

Julian:You will keep your hands off Alexandra!

Michael: Frau Lohmann didn't mention you two being together. To be honest, she never mentioned you at all.

Julian: Should you use your new position to approach Alexandra I'll -

Michael:… put me in detention?

Julian: Worse. (He leaves)





Sebastian:So you know my brother.

Karin: He's my daughter's teacher.

Sebastian:Is he a good teacher?

Karin: He got her to come back home to me after a short hiatus.

Sebastian:And you like him. Sorry. Old barkeeper habit. We like to get straight to the point.

Karin:Obviously your brother is surrounded by women at work who – well... don't only appreciate him as a teacher.

Sebastian:Ah, you mean his beautiful colleague. There was something, yeah... But that's long over. (Karin looks happy, time for some smooth music)



[Saal Eins]


Julian:Keep it coming!

Miriam:Don't you think you've had enough?

Julian: That's interesting. A bar worker wants to tell me when I've had enough.

Miriam:Well, after half a bottle of whiskey everybody would have had enough. Don't you have classes tomorrow?

Julian: You women are all the same. First you get us off, then you dump us for the next best guy...

Miriam: Hold it! I get nobody off here, least of all you! I'll call you a cab now and feel free to come back tomorrow and apologize to me! (She starts calling, while Julian gets up and puts fifty bucks on the bar)

Julian: I'll give him what he deserves. (He starts to leave)

Miriam: Wait a moment, you can't drive!

Random customer: I want to order something!

Julian:I won't be fucked with! (He leaves)




Sebastian and Karin at the bar, Michael just comes in.


Sebastian: Michael, hi!

Michael: Karin! What are you doing here?

Sebastian:She started working here today. I already heard that you know each other.

Michael:Well, that's – that's a coincidence, isn't it?

Karin:(smiling, but not looking at Michael) Yes, crazy. I really have to go now.

Michael:No, you're staying, we have to drink to your new job!

Karin:I really can't. See you tomorrow. (She leaves)

Michael: What did you do to her?

Sebastian: Me? Nothing! She was very nice, until you came.


Michael fake-laughs and runs out, after Karin.


Michael:Karin? He can't find her, so he goes to his bike. A car shows up, driving right towards him. He is blinded by the lights. (//revved up like a deuce …)