Episode 49

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Götting: Should you use your new position to make a move on Alexandra, then…

Michael: Then I’ll get detention, or what?

Götting: Worse.


Götting: You women are all the same. First you get people all hot and bothered and then you drop them for the next best guy. I’ll give him what he deserves.

Miriam: What a minute, you can’t drive.

Götting: Nobody fucks with me.


Michael and the car at the O.K. Corral…




[Outsidethe Chulos]


Michael: Hey!


The car swerves about and heads in Michaels direction. He jumps aside but his bike gets knocked over. The car then drives through a wall of trash and drives off.



[Beschenko home]

Luzi is singing Kiss from a rosewhen Karin comes home.


Karin: Bravo.

Luzi: Mama, why are you back already?

Karin: Have you looked at a clock lately?

Luzi: Oh. Oops. Time really flies when you’re singing.

Karin: It was beautiful.

Luzi: What’s wrong?

Karin: It’s nothing.

Luzi: I thought we could talk about anything. What’s wrong?

Karin: It’s probably because of Christmas. I always get sentimental.

Luzi: Oh, come on.

Karin: Well, sometimes I just don’t get why some women can have their choice of men… and I’m still alone. Since your father…I’ve almost forgotten how it feels…a relationship. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? And when I do meet an interesting man…

Luzi: Like Mr. Heisig, for example?

Karin: Doesn’t matter. At any rate, it always turns out that he’s into a completely different type of woman. And I’m nothing more than…

Luzi: The good pal. Join the club. Mama, you’re a really great woman and I’m very sure that the right guy will eventually walk into your life.


They hug.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]

Michael is inspecting his bike when Bea gets out of her car.


Bea: Good morning.

Michael: Hey.

Bea: Hey. What happened? You’re looking a little battered. (She looks at the bike.)You both are looking a little battered.

Michael: A little, my ass. We got almost hit by a car yesterday.

Bea: What?

Michael: I was leaving Chulos, wanted to get on the bike, then a car appeared out of thin air and came straight for me. Straight for me. I just managed to jump, aside but the bike got hit.

Bea: And what did the police say?

Michael: Nothing. I haven’t gone there yet.

Bea: Don’t you want to report it?

Michael: No, everything happened too fast, I wasn’t able to see the license plate. But I do have my suspicions.



[Pestalozzi, school office]

Götting is going through a small cabinet when Frau Jäger comes back to her realm.


Frau Jäger: Are you looking for something, Herr Götting? In my cabinet?

Götting: This medicine cabinet should be accessible to all teachers.

Frau Jäger: But only after the teachers have asked me for the key.

Götting: So do you have aspirin, or not? Please.

Frau Jäger: Behind the gauze bandages. One moment, Herr Götting. (She holds out a piece of chewing gum to him.)You’ll get this chewing gum free of charge. Creates fresh breath.

Götting: If you say so. With your vast experience with our principal…



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Bea: And you really think that Götting deliberately ran you down?

Michael: We had another of our disagreements, with the difference that he threatened me at the end of it.

Bea: Why did he threaten you?

Michael: Not important.

Bea: Eh, it’s important enough for him to follow you at night and want to run you over.

Michael: When you say it like this it sounds a little over the top.

Bea: Because it is over the top. Do you realize what you’re accusing him of? Götting may be capable of a lot of things but he isn’t violent. Most of all, he isn’t a cold-blooded killer.

Michael: So you think I’ve been watching too many action films, or something?

Bea: Definitely.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]

Bea and Michael enter the room. Götting is hanging over the table, obviously nursing his hang-over.


Bea: Good morning. Good morning, Herr Götting.

Götting: I’m not deaf.


Michael gets a whiff of Götting’s breath (he obviously didn’t use the Jäger-Gum) and walks over to Bea.


Michael: And he obviously was drunk as well.

Bea: Yes, obviously.


Frau Jäger comes in and hands Bea a letter.


Frau Jäger: Here, this just came in. It's from the Music Academy Cologne...concerning the school band festival, I assume.

Bea: Yes, could be.

Frau Jäger: And this is for you. Well? Bad news?

(Now why is Ingrid grinning like that while asking about bad news???//SERIOUSLY! Haha)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

STAG isperforming the dance moves to Get the party started but Emma’s attempts aren’t even half-hearted and she looks like a kicked puppy and close to tears. (I just want to hug her or Jenny to hug her. But what do I get? A pissed Sophie who shuts off the music.)


Sophie: God, Emma. We've been rehearsing the steps for a week.

Hotte: Now don't pressure her like that!

Sophie: I'm sorry but the preliminary competition for the band festival will be held soon. We can't still be stumbling over our own feet.

Luzi: We'll just try it again... Hello, Frau Vogel. Is everything alright?

Bea: I've got the response to our registration for the band festival. They insist on twelve participants.

Luzi: Which means...?

Hotte: That we can't participate.

Sophie: Ey, it doesn't matter one bit how many we are, it should be about how we sound.

Bea: That's what I said, too. Frau Krawczyk is talking to the Academy right now.


Frau Krawczyk comes in.


Frau Krawczyk: I'm sorry. Frau Gorny isn't budging.

Bea: There will be another band festival next year. I'm sure there will be enough members by then.

Sophie: Then we might as well continue with the rehearsal next year.

Bea: Well...

Luzi: I for one don't feel like continuing on today at least.


They leave the stage.


Sophie: Really great.


Emma slinks off, too. (Aw Emma. You’re killing me.)



[Pestalozzi, near the kiosk]

Hotte buys something from the Santa manning the kiosk. (Don’t ask.)


Santa: Hohoho.


Hotte walks away and sees Emma standing to the side. He happily walks over to her and pokes her in the side. (He hasn’t noticed yet that Emma desperately needs a Jenny-hug.)


Hotte: Now come on. It's not the end of the world. We don't need to perform in front of hundreds of people. We can just continue singing like this. I know...you girls are into things like that: casting shows, competitions...you always get so hysterical over it. (No response from Emma.) Are you getting your strawberry week? (And no, this is no official German term as far as I know. But maybe I've just been too sheltered from euphemisms. Though Hotte doesn’t seem too sure that Emma gets it either, so he clarifies.)Menstrual syndrome…period?


Hotte knows about woman and their female problems so he offers her his chocolate bar.


Hotte: Here, makes you happy. Emma. You heard what Vogel said. This thing will happen again next next year.

Emma: The festival really is the least of my problems.

Hotte: And which is the biggest?


Emma hesitates, then…


Emma: My monthlies. (It is the best way to get out of discussing something with a guy.)


Emma walks away.


Hotte: I rest my case.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Götting: Where is Frau Jäger?

Random teacher: She was just here. Seems to have a lot to do.

Götting: And what might that be? Cutting out Christmas stars?

Michael: Had a late night last night, did you?


Götting’sphone rings.


Götting: Götting. Yes, thanks for calling. The silver Alpha in the parking lot at the school. You have the keys. Thanks.

Michael: Is something wrong with your car?

Götting: Inspection.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]

Sherlock Heisig takes a look at Götting’s car and sees its damaged front bumper.


[Flashback to the car coming towards Michael and his bike]



[Saal 1]


Waitress: Didn't you like it?

Woman: Was a little bit bland, don't you think?

Man: My eggs were cold.

(Thank you, HaHe, for this great dialogue. What ever would I have done without this scene? My life would be so much poorer without it.)


Anyway, Bea comes in and turns to the waitress.


Bea: Excuse me? I'm looking for two people from the Music Acad... There they are. Thanks.


She starts walking towards the bland lady and the gentleman with the cold eggs.


Bea: Excuse me? May I bother you for a moment?

Woman: Yes?

Bea: Your office told me that you were here. I'm sorry. Bea Vogel. You probably don’t remember me. The last time we saw each other I was nineteen and ... won your band festival with my choir. Now I'm a teacher myself at the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School and am in charge of its Music AG.

Woman: Pestalozzi Comprehensive School? Frau Krawczyk already called me today.

Bea: Yes, I know but...could I take a seat for a minute? Thanks. My students have practiced for weeks for the preliminary competition. I'm sure you can imagine how disappointed they were when they heard that it was all for nothing.

Woman: It's about the group that didn’t have enough members.

Bea: But those are very talented members. They love music as much as I do. They don't sing because it's their hobby but ... because it means something to them. (Whereas you choose your hobbies from among all the things you don't care about. That’s why I’m spending hours translating this episode. I despise English…Jemma leaves me cold…and what do I care about non-German speaking people. But it’s a hobby, guys!)And because they have talent. I think you should come watch them... to decide whether they really should stay unheard just because they are lacking in numbers.

Woman: The rules have been in place since the festival was first established. I'm sorry.

(I did it. Ireally went back to the beginning and searched for Bea’s flashback performance of her and the Singing Lunettes winning this festival when she was 19. 12 members? Only if you’ve imbibed a bottle of Frau Krawczyk’s hidden vodka and thus are seeing double.)

Bea: But in the arts you have to break the rules from time to time. Right?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Sophie: Why do we have to come here again? I was just about to go shopping. (I have about enough of Sophie’s bratty tone of voice. I think I like her on drugs better.)

Bea: No can do, I'm afraid. We will have to rehearse this afternoon.

Timo: Have to…?

Hotte: But nobody is going to hear it before next year, anyway.

Bea: That depends.

Luzi: On what exactly?

Bea: The jurors want to listen to us this afternoon. We can show them that we have the same power even with fewer members.




Luzi: Hello, did you just hear that? We're singing.

Bea: Yes, I also expected your reaction to be a little more enthusiastic.

Timo: Yes, we're allowed to sing. But the problem is today. It's much too early. I for one still have trouble remembering all of the lyrics.

Hotte: I hear ya.

Luzi: Well, then we'll perform an old piece for them. Evacuate or Genie in a bottle. We know those.

Timo: Without Emma? (NO!!!)

Luzi: Well, where is she anyway?

Sophie: Who fucking cares!? (Everyone who reads this translation, bitch!)With how she was doing earlier she'll fuck up the steps, anyway.

Hotte: Yes, and you made that perfectly clear to her. But she's right, without Emma it’s no use. (WORD)

Bea: People! Aren't you exaggerating a little? (Not in the least. Without Emma we would only be the J-fandom and that would be pretty lame.)

Timo: Exaggerating? We should have been 12 in number. We registered seven and now we're six. How does that look?

Luzi: Shit.



[Pestalozzi, upper landing]

Emma is walking up the stairs while looking at her cell. Hotte has sent her the text: Where are you? Emma stares into space, looking like someone just sent her girlfriend to a rehab clinic in Ireland. She sighs, turns around and crashes right into Frau Jäger who just came up the stairs carrying Christmas decorations. The deco goes flying.


Frau Jäger: Oh god.

Emma: Ahhh.

Frau Jäger: No harm done.

Emma: I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Frau Jäger: No problem. Everything stayed intact.

Emma: Wait, I'll help.

Frau Jäger: I can manage. I'm sure you have more important things to do. Thanks for the help.



[Saal 1]

Michael is drinking coffee at the bar.


Miriam: Doesn't taste good?

Michael: It does. I've just been thinking. How many ways are there to damage the bumper on a car?

Miriam: No idea, many. Why? Is your car damaged?

Michael: No. No, I'm driving a motorbike but somebody else almost hit me.

Miriam: And you don't know who.

Michael: I have my suspicions about someone. A colleague of mine who still seemed rather drunk this morning and who’s got it in for me.

Miriam: But surely not Herr Götting?

Michael: Pardon?

Miriam: Never mind. Just a thought.

Michael: No, I have to know. What made you think of Götting?

Miriam: Herr Götting was here last night, drank lots of whiskey and then still wanted to drive.

Michael: Are you sure?

Miriam: Yes. I wanted to go after him but... I can't really leave here. And besides, he was rather aggressive ... and saying some strange stuff like “I’ll give him what he deserves” or “Nobody fucks with me”.

Michael: Thanks. Here. Bye.


And he rushes out.


Miriam: Bye.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]

Emma is talking to herself practicing.


Emma: Herr Heisig, I really need to talk to you. It's very important. (I've been dreaming about this girl who is wearing pink leggings, a purple jacket and is coming after me with a blanket and a banner. What could that mean?)In private. Can we talk in private?


Michael rushes by her. (That was fast. How far away is Saal 1, anyway?)


Emma: Herr Heisig? Can we...? I have to...I really have to talk to you!

Michael: Emma, can we handle this tomorrow during counseling hour?

Emma: Uh…

Michael: Thanks.


And he’s gone, disappearing in Götting’s office…


[Götting’s office]

where he grabs Götting and pulls him around to face him.


Götting: Say, have you gone mad??

Michael: I could ask you the same thing.

Götting: Well, whatever it is, could you tone down the volume?

Michael: You’ll still feel this half a bottle of whiskey tomorrow, Götting.

Götting: Aren’t barkeepers bound to professional discretion?

Michael: You wanted to run me over.

Götting: You’ve really gone mad, haven’t you?


[Teachers’s corridor]

Karin is mopping the floor. Alexandra walks by checking herself in her hand mirror and applying lipstick.


Karin: Careful!


Alexandra and her mirror go flying. Karin tries to hide a grin.


Alexandra: My god, you really should put up your warning. (Pointing to the sign which is hanging on the cleaning cart.)

Karin: Well, if you’re looking into a mirror while walking…

Alexandra: …at least one looks good and draws other people’s eyes to oneself…for example those of the nice Mr. Heisig.


They hear a noise like someone falling against something coming from the office.


Alexandra: Did you mop the floor in Mr. Götting’s office too? (LOL)


The noises continue and Alexandra opens the door. Michael and Götting are in a little scuffle.


Michael: I’ll report you to the police!!

Götting: Oh, and for what?! For drinking whiskey?!


Frau Krawczyk comes out of her office.


Frau Krawczyk: Stop it! Right now! Have you lost your mind?! (to Michael)You’re coming with me. (to Alexandra)And you take care of Mr. Götting.

Alexandra: What’s going on here?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


[STAG sans Emma (Boo!) perform Blame it on the boogie.]

But it’s not really going well.


Luzi: I thought we agreed that we would try it regardless. Why don’t we at least try it?

Sophie: Geez, whether with or without Emma, it’s no use! Can’t you see that?!

Luzi: I see that we are capable of a lot more than this here.

Sophie: Thanks for the newsflash.

Bea: What’s up with Emma, anyway? Is it stage-fright?

Luzi: Sophie criticized her pretty badly earlier.

Sophie: And that’s why she doesn’t show up anymore, or something?

Luzi: It’s possible.

Timo: Geez, she doesn’t even know that we’re auditioning for the jurors today.

Bea: Still, she’s always on time. (How would you know? You almost never are.)Something must have happened.

Hotte: It’s because of her strawberry-week. Well, that’s how it is.

Timo: But that’s no reason not to sing.

Hotte: Well, that depends on the hormone level. If you’re in a bad mood…

Bea: I’ll try calling her again. And you…get your acts together! You do want to participate in the band festival, don’t you? There.

Emma: Hello.

Bea: And there is Emma now.


Emma is crying.


Bea: What happened? Guys, why don’t you get some fresh air.


They leave the two of them alone.


Bea: Did something happen? What’s wrong?



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk: I’m not putting much past our colleague but this??

Michael: Everything fits.

Frau Krawczyk: Why would Herr Götting hit you with his car? Herr Heisig, what you’re accusing Mr. Götting of is…huge. If you want me to believe you you’ll have to tell me what happened between the two of you.

Michael: Frau Krawczyk, you know of the rumours about Lohmann and Götting, don’t you?

Frau Krawczyk: I know of the rumours about the sexual assault which Frau Lohmann recanted.

Michael: The two of them are having an affair.

Frau Krawczyk: So it’s true after all. And what does that have to do with you?

Michael: What that […] with me…? Look, Frau Lohmann…and I, we…


He makes some hand gestures.


Frau Krawczyk: Frau Lohmann and you…

Michael: Yes, I know what you want to say right now but it was a one time thing. Only… Götting unfortunately got wind of it and obviously we all underestimated how much Frau Lohmann means to him… In any case, he threatened me.

Frau Krawczyk: So Herr Götting had in fact a motive.

Michael: Well, he was drunk but…

Frau Krawczyk: You’re sure?

Michael: Frau Krawczyk, everything points to him.

Frau Krawczyk: Then we’re going to involve the police in this matter now. Yes, hello, my name is Krawczyk and I’m the principal of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School…


[Pestalozzi, auditorium]

Bea is handing Emma a tissue. Emma is still crying. (And I’m about to join her.)


Bea: Did someone die?

Emma: I hope not.

Bea: What’s that supposed to mean, you hope not?

Emma: That I did something really bad.

Bea: Something really bad?

Emma: Last night…I was practising for my driver licence and…

Bea: And?

Emma: The car got out of control and…

Bea: And?

Emma: It was in front of the Chulos…I think I ran somebody over.(Hahahahaha! Desperate, crying Emma or not, I’m all for Emma mowing down self-righteous, annoying Michael.)