Episode 53

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sebastian: I won the tombola.

Michael: I would enjoy visiting your old homeland again. We…we could go skiing and eat lots of Kaiserschmarrn.

Sebastian: No chance. I need it for myself.


Sebastian: I know that you’ve got a family, that you’re married…but I also know that we kissed each other yesterday and that it was wonderful.

Miriam: I don’t think this is the right time and place to talk about this.

Sebastian: True. And that’s why I have the right place for us. Go there with me … just for this one weekend.




[Saal 1]


Miriam: How would that work? A weekend at a ski cabin.

Sebastian: I know that it’s difficult for you. But, I hope that you can arrange it in some way. We can’t go on like this. We have to come to terms with our feelings. Come with me. Please.

Miriam: What do you want me to say? I love Piet, my husband.

Sebastian: I believe you.

Miriam: Thanks.

Sebastian: But then why did you kiss me?

Miriam: Please go now, and take your gift certificate with you.

Sebastian: A mountain cabin. Just the two of us…we’ll have time, can talk… without anything happening.

Miriam: Sebastian… the answer is no.


He walks out but leaves the certificate behind.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]

Timo and Luzi are talking.


Timo: I don’t know. I wouldn’t like that: my mother with a new guy.

Luzi: Your mother has been married forever… to your father. My mother has been single since forever.

Timo: So, you like that, with the new guy?

Luzi: I’m happy if she’s happy. And, right now she is.

Timo: But?

Luzi: But what? Would you like to meet your teacher while brushing teeth in the morning?

Timo: No, not my (male) teacher. But maybe my (female) teacher… in underwear… Vogel doesn’t have a half-bad figure.

Luzi: Haha. First of all, you would have to fight stalker Ben for her, and second, you still have Sophie.

Timo: Right. She’s got some nice underwear, too. What does Heisig wear underneath, anyway?

Luzi: He hasn’t stayed the night at our place, yet.

Timo: Yet. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Luzi: Oh really? You think they’ll do more than make out eventually?


Sophie comes up to them.


Sophie: Hey.

Timo: Hi.

Sophie: So, what are you talking about?

Timo: Ach…

Sophie: Anyway, we still have lots of time. The meeting starts in 10 minutes.

Timo: That’s good, as I still have to get my music scores.

Luzi: I’m coming with you.

They walk into the school together leaving Sophie behind.


Piet walks into the school yard.


Piet: Lara! Lara.

Lara: What are you doing here?

Piet: I wanted to take you home.

Lara: Uh, I’ve got my bike. (German: Rad)

Piet: Well, and I need some advice (German: Rat) from you. Before the repair shop closes. Do you think this…or more like this?

He shows her a couple of color samples.


Lara: Well, that depends on what it’s for. The car finish.

Piet: Sure, what else. It’s the most important thing. Everything else is finished.

Lara: Yellow.

Piet: Yellow? Isn’t it a little much?

Lara: No, it’s nice. A little sunny, retro…

Piet: Well, my gut reaction would have been more the blue one…

Lara: Yes, but you’re not looking for you, but rather for Mama, and she doesn’t like it plain, but special.

Piet: Well, she is someone special. Okay, you convinced me.

Lara: Want me to help you a little, later?

Piet: That would be great, but she mustn’t suspect anything. It’s almost completely finished. I’ve installed the park heating, I've newly upholstered the seats, I’ve rebuilt the engine, I...

Lara: Papa. You're great.

Piet: I hope she sees it the same way.



[Harani Christmas Charity]

Stefan is giving a speech.


Stefan: And so this evening also shows that we have a responsibility in a difficult time when not everyone can celebrate the Christmas they deserve. For the Harani, charity isn't just a word but a commitment we are proud to make. We're very happy that so many of you attended and we wish you a wonderful evening. Thank you. - Dr. Riemeister, I'm glad you could make it.

Dr. Riemeister: Wonderful speech.

Stefan: Thank you. May I present…my son Ben and his very charming girlfriend Caro Eichkamp.

Dr. Riemeister: Nice to meet you.

Stefan: Dr. Riemeister, chief executive of PDR Consult.

Ben: Hi.

Caro: I noticed that you don't have anything to drink yet. May I offer you something?

Dr. Riemeister: Please.

Caro: PDR Consult, that's sounds familiar. You're sponsoring the basketball team of the HVB, aren't you?

Stefan: And, as far as I know, the saber fencers and the junior footballers too, right?

Dr. Riemeister: You're very well informed.

Caro: It’s remarkable to make such a commitment to sports. They can really use all the support they can get.I know, due to my activities in that area.

Stefan: Yes, Frau Eichkamp plays beach volleyball, and I'm helping them a little.

Dr. Riemeister: Ah, really.

Caro: And that very effectively. Due to the improved training opportunities, we have a realistic chance this year to reach a place on the podium at the NRW Cup.

Dr. Riemeister: You're very ambitious.

Caro: But showing commitment is just a matter of course.


Ben clears his throat.


Ben: I gotta go to the restroom.

Stefan: Um, yes. I'm impressed by the fighting spirit of the players. The vigor, the commitment... It's simply impressive.

Dr. Riemeister: Yes.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Oo Oo Oo! It’s Emma! With Hotte. Sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument. (She’s probably feeling some vibes she can’t quite place yet from this thing.)

But this scene is supposed to be about Timo and Sophie. (Though that’s no reason for the desperate Jemmaling not to enjoy the “decoration” in the background.)


Timo: Hi.

Sophie: So, do you have the music scores?

Timo: Ah, yes.

Sophie: And Luzi?

Timo: No idea. She's with Frau Vogel talking about the song list.

Sophie: Yes, whether we're first letting the children come (Ihr Kinderlein kommet – Traditional German Christmas carol)or letting the rose spring up (Es ist ein Ros entsprungen - Traditional German Christmas carol), or what?

Timo: Something like that.

Sophie: Ey, it must be a bunch of stiffs we're going to.

Timo: Well, they're bankers. But, I'm sure there will be great hors d'oeuvres.

Sophie: Well, that's the important thing, isn't it?

Timo: Come on, don't be that way. At least it's a gig, even though the songs aren't all that.

Sophie: You would even be glad if we performed in a nursing home, wouldn't you?

Timo: What's up with you? Did I do something to you?

Sophie: No.

Timo: Okay, so that normally means yes coming from women. Do I have to keep guessing the whole day or ... Did I forget something? Do you have new hair? A new dress? Did I do something wrong?

Sophie: Why are you hanging out with Luzi all the time, whispering with her?

Timo: Oh no! Sophie! Luzi and I have known each other forever. So there are a few old stories that are just between Luzi and me.

Sophie: And they are so secret that you can't tell them to me?

Timo: Well, at least not when I promised Luzi I wouldn't.

Sophie: I thought we agreed that we could always talk openly about everything.

Timo: Yes but...we didn't talk about you. Sophie, really. God, it's about Luzi's mother and whom she's meeting tonight. I just can't tell you.



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]

Götting is pouring himself a glass of some red juice. He keeps pouring long after the glass has run over. The juice runs over a notebook, the tabletop and onto the carpet.


Götting: Oops.


Then he deliberately pours the rest of the bottle all over the desktop and some more over the carpet. And to top it all off he tips over the full glass. The he picks up his phone.


Götting: Frau Jäger? Is Frau Beschenko still here?


Karin: Actually, it's already after hours for me.

Götting: But if that dries out ...

Karin: How did that happen anyway?

Götting: Well, I accidentally tipped the glass over and when I tried to rescue the twelfth grade notebooks, I got the bottle too.

Karin: It looks as if you've killed someone.


He laughs.



Götting: Careful with such allegations. The last person who tried to pin something like that on me was Herr Heisig, if you know him. An unpleasant guy...

Karin: He’s my daughter’s English teacher.

Götting: I'm sorry about that. I really have to leave now. I have an appointment. I hope you won't have to scrub it for too long. Have a nice evening.

He leaves.


Karin takes out her phone.


Karin: Michael, pick up.



[Harani Christmas Charity]

The STAG arrive.


Sophie: It's even worse than I thought.

Timo: But the hors d'oeuvres look yummy.

Sophie: Well, that's great.

Luzi: I really could have thought of something better to do tonight.

Bea: Guys, every gig is good practice.

Stefan: Good evening, Frau Vogel.

Bea: Good evening.

Stefan: I'll show you where you can change.

Bea: That's not necessary.

Stefan: But you might want to put away your jackets and bags. And then, I would be grateful if you could start rather quickly. Come with me please.


The group walks by Caro.


Bea: Caro.

Caro: Maybe you should have provided them with appropriate clothing.

Stefan: You can read minds, hm?

Caro: It’s a piece of cake for me.

Stefan: And what am I thinking right now?

Caro: Herr Bergmann, I better not say that out loud.

Stefan: Oh ho, you can indeed read minds.

Ben: Interesting. And what am I thinking right now?

Caro: That you would love to be somewhere else? And are fed up with everything and everyone.

Ben: Not bad. Caro, I warned you. This just isn't my world.



[Vogel home]

Miriam is ironing.



Miriam and Sebastian kissing.

The gift certificate.

Sebastian: Go there with me… just for this one weekend.



Miriam: Damn.



[Harani Christmas Charity]


STAG perform Stille Nacht (Silent night)

Their audience couldn’t care less.Though to be fair, neither does the STAG.


Bea: Okay people, we'll try Oh Tannenbaum again. That's always a sure bet.

Timo: Oh Tannenbaum is always a sure bet?

Sophie: I really don't feel like making a fool of myself here any longer.

Bea: I know it's a little hard but...

Sophie: A little hard? That's funny.

Luzi:You know, I really like to sing but this here is no fun at all.

Hotte: Why don't we all just go home?

Ben: Hello everybody.

Bea: Hello Ben.

Ben: Rather crummy here, isn't it?

Bea: Let's say it this way - it's not quite our gig.

Ben: Right. Lame music for lame people. Say, should I do something about it?

Bea: That’d be great, but what?


He grins and walks off.



[Saal 1]

Michael is waiting at the bar.


Michael: Thanks.


Karin rushes in.


Karin: Oh thank god. You're still here.

Michael: Five minutes later and I would have started to worry. (They kiss.)Hey.

Karin: I tried calling you, but... your phone was turned off.

Michael: Ah, this damn battery. Why? What happened?

Karin: Ach… I had to go to Götting's office. To scrub.

Michael: At this hour?

Karin: A mishap happened to him. Cherry juice over the entire carpet.

Michael: Oh, and our gentleman can't scrub that off by himself?

Karin: He can't even drink. He allegedly tipped over a glass and while trying to rescue papers the entire bottle too.

Michael: Allegedly.

Karin: I got the feeling he wanted to let off some frustration. It sounded rather strange when he wished me a nice evening.

Michael: You mean he spilled the juice intentionally?

Karin: Not necessarily. But it looked as if he had killed someone; the stain was that big. And when I told him that, he said you had been trying to pin something like that on him too. (to the waiter)Could I have an espresso, please?

Michael: Okay...1:0 for Götting.

Karin: What do you mean?

Michael: He must have found out somehow.

Karin: That we were planning on meeting?

Michael: Mm hm. Let's talk about something else; I've had about enough of this guy. How was the rest of your day?

Karin: Alright.



[Harani Christmas Charity]


Sophie: Well, I'm for stopping now.

Luzi: We can't do that.

Timo: We can do anything. We're artists.

Bea: Just one more song. Please.

Sophie: But what?! One more Silent night, holy night, or something?!


The first notes of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” can be heard. Ben has plugged his phone into the sound system.


Bea: How about that?


STAG perform All I want for Christmas

(Emma Emma Emma!)


They’re rocking the Christmas bashand end with Emma sitting on Hotte’s and Timo’s shoulders.

Applause from the banker crowd.





Miriam: Sebastian?

Sebastian: Miriam. What's up? Do you want something to drink? (She shakes her head.)Okay...


Miriam pulls the gift certificate out of her bag and puts it on the bar.


Sebastian: Oh right, the gift certificate. Thanks. I was hoping that you would still change your mind. I'm sorry if I pressured you, it's just...I would have been really happy. A weekend with you in the mountains, talking in front of the fireplace...far away from everything...I just couldn't imagine something more wonderful.

Miriam: Me neither.

Sebastian: Huh?

Miriam: I'm coming with you.

Sebastian: What?!

Miriam: I'm coming with you!



[Harani Christmas Charity]

Bea says goodbye to her AG who are leaving.


STAG (various): Have a good weekend. Bye. ‘Til tomorrow.

Bea: That was a last minute rescue.

Ben: They really wanted to stage a mutiny against you? Against such a hot teacher.

Bea: It's no fun singing when the audience doesn't listen to you. That's why I'm glad that we were able to show them all. Thanks to your help.

Ben: But without me on the piano.

Bea: You'll get over it.

Ben: Over that, yes. Over other things, that's going to be harder. Say, do you know the legend about the mistletoe?


She looks up. There’s a whole lot of foliage over her head. (That’s what I call over-kill. Especially since the German “Mistelzweig” means *twig* of mistletoe and not the whole thing.)


Ben: A couple is supposed to stay together forever if they kiss under it. (Phew, thank god you're not a couple then.)


He leans closer. (In full view of everyone at the party.)


Bea: Ben. (Her phone rings.)Hello Miri, the connection was rather bad just now.

Piet: It's just me. Piet.

Bea: Oh, Piet. What's up?

Piet: I just wanted to ask if you could take care of Lara for the weekend. I mean not cooking or putting her to bed but so she knows that someone is there.

Bea: Sure. Miriam didn't tell me that you planned to go somewhere.

Piet: Ah, that's because it's a surprise. The bus is finished.

Bea: No really? How long... so miracles do happen.

Piet: So anyway, I want to whisk her away for a romantic weekend of camping in Holland.

Bea: Camping? In the winter? You'll have to snuggle up real tight then.

Piet: Mm hm. Right. I’ve also installed park heating. Well, if it gets too cold we can just go to a hotel.

Bea: Wow, I'm sure Miriam will be so happy about it.

Piet: Yes, I hope so, but I have to go to the garage now. One more all-nighter and then it is done.

Bea: You goof.

Piet: But don't tell her, alright?

Bea: No, no way.

Piet: Bye.

Bea: Bye.

Ben: You are so beautiful when you're on the phone. (Don’t mind me. I’ll just stand here and think about puking.) Caro observes the whole interaction.

Bea: And you're drunk.

Ben: Not from three or four glasses of Champagne.


Ben closes in on Bea once more and puts his hands somewhere in the vicinity of her belt? Anyway, he kind of gropes her, she pushes his hands away. (Did I mention that this is still happening in full view of the whole party?)


Bea: No, Ben. I'll go get my things.


She hurries off, Ben hurries after her. Caro sees the whole thing. She walks over to Stefan.


Caro: Herr Bergmann. I'm still a little thirsty.

Stefan: Here you go.

Caro: Very thoughtful of you. Thanks.

Stefan: A woman as beautiful as you, one can't really neglect.

Caro: Then you don't know your son very well.

Stefan: Yes, that might be true. But on the other hand I'm getting to know you better...and appreciate you. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable (literal: to step too close to you).

Caro: And why not? (She caresses his hand.)I think you're a very attractive man.