Episode 54

Translated by IAGSW

Edited by Globe



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Ben: (to Bea) Do you know the legend of the mistletoe? A couple is supposed to stay together forever if they kiss beneath it.


Stefan: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to step too close to you.

Caro:Well, why not? I think you are a very attractive man.






[Bergmann Villa, Christmas Charity event]


Caro:But there are definitely too many people here.

Stefan:You think?

Caro:Maybe you will invite me to a nightcap?

Stefan:And what about Ben?

Caro:Ben should learn that the only women who should be paid attention to, are those … who deserve it. But don’t worry, he won’t ever know.

Stefan:Get to know what?

(Caro leans in to whisper something into his ears.)

Caro:About the two of us.

Stefan:Caro, you keep surprising me over and over again.


(Bea approaches from behind.)


Bea:Mr Bergmann? I’ll be leaving now. Thank you very much for letting us perform.

Stefan:Yes, it was a very interesting performance. Very entertaining.


(Bea leaves.)


Caro:Would you like to have something from the buffet, too?

Stefan:I would rather go home.





Piet:It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Lara:Absolutely! And Mama will totally go crazy when she sees this.

Piet:I hope so.

Lara:Of course!

Piet:But you won’t tell her anything, ok? You and Bea are the only ones who know about this. Tomorrow morning I’m going to drive home, pack some things, pick her up and bring her here, and then we will leave for the seaside right away.

Lara:Weren’t you going to ride into the sunset?

Piet:Well, sunset, sunrise, midday sun… it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that we’re finally going to take our road trip.


(Lara’s receives a text message.)


Lara:It’s from Mama. She wants to know where I am.

Piet:Oh, then, um, tell her that you are at a friend’s place and um, that I still have to do a double shift for the company, but that we’ve talked and everything is ok. Please tell her that. You can’t give this away.

Lara:You are so sweet! Like a love-struck teenager!

Piet:Well, it’s true. But now I have to finish - polishing.

Lara:I’m going to take a nap.

Piet:See you later!

Lara:Papa? I’m so glad that the two of you are getting along again!



[Vogel’s house, kitchen]

Miriam is sitting alone at the kitchen table when someone comes home.



Bea:It’s just me! Sorry!

Miriam:How was the gig?

Bea:Phew, varied. First we tried with “Silent Night”. The kids were totally disappointed because nobody was listening. But Ben had a playback of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. And so we gingered up the event a little.


Bea:Ok. What’s going on?

Miriam:Huh? Nothing. I’m fine. I was just thinking about that appointment on the weekend. We will have an advanced training assigned by the restaurant. I’ll have to leave for three days.

Bea:Hm, which weekend?

Miriam:I know, I also wanted to cancel it at first. But obviously it’s an obligation for everyone who works there.

Bea:Miri! Which weekend?

Miriam:This one.

Bea:No, it’s not possible.

Miriam:I know. I know that it’s not possible.

(Both don’t realize that they are talking about two different things.)

Miriam:But I have to go. When I don’t try it now, I will never know what I really want.

Bea:What do you mean: “What you really want”?

Miriam:…I’m going to take a trip with Sebastian. To a ski lodge in the mountains.



[Bergmann Villa, kitchen]

Caro shows up wearing only a shirt again.


Stefan:You ditched me at the party, just like that.

Caro:And now I’m just quickly getting myself a glass of water.

Stefan:But weren’t we going to have a nightcap together?

Caro:I don’t know. Maybe I should go back to bed.

Stefan:Come on. One little drink. By the way, what about Ben? Is he already asleep?

Caro:He was very tired - as always.


(Stefan offers Caro her drink.)


Stefan:To a very wonderful evening.

Caro: (very flirty) What are you thinking about at the moment?

Stefan:Do you really want to know?

Caro:It depends. Is it G-rated?

Stefan:Not really. No.

Caro:Then I want to know.


(Stefan leans in to whisper something into her ears which makes her laugh).


Caro:I understand.



(Caro takes a sip of her drink.)


Caro:Wow, what is this?

Stefan:Colombard from Bordeaux….superior old pale.

Caro:Very good! Now I’m getting quite hot. (She starts unbuttoning her shirt.) But I think, I should really go back to bed now. Good night!

Stefan:Good night.



[Bergmann Villa, Ben’s bedroom]


Caro:Ben! Are you sleeping already? (no answer from Ben) By the way, I think your father is pretty nice. Somehow I’ve got the feeling … that he is into me. He’s probably a little disappointed now … that the hottest woman of the evening is lying next to his son…and doing all those naughty things with him … which actually his daddy wants to do with her. (She starts kissing Ben…) Ben? (Still no answer from the sleeping Ben) Hey!



[Vogel’s house, kitchen]


Bea:It’s not possible.

Miriam:Why not?

Bea:You can’t be leaving with Sebastian! And not this weekend!

Miriam:Bea! Sebastian came to me with this ski trip voucher yesterday, put it on the counter in front of me and told me that he can’t help it anymore! He needs to find out now what there is between the both of us. And I need to find out, too! Otherwise, I’m going to go crazy here!

Bea: You are married!!

Miriam:So?? You are a teacher and still make out with a student!

Bea: (sighs) Great.

Miriam:I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.

Bea:It’s ok.

Miriam:No, it’s not ok. It’s just that I’ve been so confused since I got to know Sebastian…since the kiss at the Christmas party.

Bea:Excuse me?? You kissed at the Christmas party?


(Piet comes home.)


Piet:Miriam, are you still up? (He comes in.) Hey! Bea!

Bea:I’m off to bed.

Piet: (whispers in Bea’s ears) The VW bus is finished.

Bea: (loudly) Great. (She leaves.)


(Piet sits down with Miriam.)


Piet:I’m sorry that I’m late. The company assigned me an extra shift and I couldn’t leave. Are you tired, too? Do you want to go to bed? Yes?


(Miriam nods.)



[Pestalozzi, school yard]

Emma is panicking over her upcoming driving test.


Hotte:Listen, I have once taken a test in social sciences. Not about driving tests but about exam anxiety in general. Funny, isn’t it? Writing an exam about exam anxiety….


(Luzi, Timo and Sophie show up.)


Hotte:Anyways, it’s a kind of a social…

Timo:Hotte! Your chatter in the morning is just too much for some people. (to Emma) Do you need us to rescue you?

Hotte:She passed the theoretical test.

Luzi:Really?? That’s awesome! Congratulations!

(But Emma doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as her friends.)

Luzi:Uh, no congrats?

Hotte:She’s scared of the driving test.

Timo:Oh come on!

Hotte:Hey, you have to take this seriously! It’s a phobia. It’s Greek and means fear. But I would say: We’re going to cure her….We’ll practice driving - in the parking lot.

(Emma still doesn’t know what to say.)



[Vogels’ house, kitchen]

Miriam is clearing the table after breakfast. Not being able to focus, she drops half of the plates.




(Bea comes in.)


Bea:Good morning. Have Piet and Lara left already?

Miriam:Yes, they have.

Bea:So? Did you sleep well?

Miriam:Not at all. I didn’t sleep at all. I lay awake all night and did some thinking.

Bea:And?....Gosh, Miri! Miri. You and Sebastian, in a ski lodge...

Miriam:We just want to talk! We want to find out what there is between the both of us.

Bea:Do you really believe that? Do you really think that you’re going to sit around and just talk? You’re going to end up in bed! …I have to go to school now. Please, think about it one more time! And when I get back, we’ll talk about it again, ok? Please, Miriam!

Miriam:Yes. Ok.

Bea:Gosh, I promised that I wouldn’t tell anything… Please look in on Piet in the garage, ok?


[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]

Hotte is watching Ben show up and approaches him.



Ben: (looking confused) Hey.

Hotte:Can I ask you something?


Hotte:Will you lend me your car?

Ben: (starts laughing) Anything else??

Hotte:Please, Ben. It’s important! Really! Besides, you owe me something! Because of the rental car... It croaked in the lake because of you!

Ben:But you can’t drive, dude! If you’re going to dither around again like last time, it’ll just take ten minutes until someone is hanging on the buffer-bar!

Hotte:But it’s not for me.


Hotte:For Emma. She’s got…

Ben:Who the hell is Emma??

Hotte:Emma Müller from STAG!...She’s going to have her driving test and so she needs to practice… in the parking lot. We won’t drive in the streets. For 1 hour after the forth period.


(Ben sees Bea walk by. Before following her, he gives Hotte the car keys.)


Ben:A single scratch, and you’re dead!



[Pestalozzi, corridor]


Ben:Bea! Hey!

Bea:Ben. I know what you want. Did I maybe raise some hopes?

(Caro walks by and overhears them.)

Ben:No. And, that’s what I wanted to apologize to you for. The thing with the mistletoe, it was stupid.

Bea:Yes, a little.

Ben:Your performance was great! Really great!

Bea:Thank you!


(Caro comes to interfere.)


Caro:Ben, there you are.


Caro: (putting her arms around his neck) I just wanted to pick up my 10 o’clock kiss.


(Bea walks away while they kiss.)


Caro:Wow, you kiss so well.





Sebastian: (on the phone) Ah right, and what about the key? Reception desk. Ok, good. Thank you! Bye!

(Karin is there to look after the club while Sebastian is away.)


Karin:That must be a very special woman.

Sebastian: (very excited) Hell yes! The most special woman ever! Does this even exist: “most special”? Anyway! So, um, everything has been prepared already. The beverage inventory is sufficient. The kitchen is filled up. The cocktail trays are lying here.

Karin:Where they always are.

Sebastian:What? I’m over the top. Am I over the top?

Karin: (amused) A tiny little bit, maybe.

Sebastian:And I’m just a little bit excited.

Karin:As long as it’s just a little bit.

Sebastian:Ah nonsense. Actually, I’m not excited at all. I mean, it’s just a weekend in the mountains. Not more. Ok, with the most special woman ever! But it’s just a weekend. Will you be able to run the club without me?

Karin:Of course, and the other colleagues will be here, too.

Sebastian:That’s good. That’s good. (sighs) Ok. I’m really excited. ….Bye!

Karin:Have a nice trip!




Miriam enters the garage and surprisingly sees the VW bus, which makes her cry.


Lara:Oh no! You weren’t supposed to see it already! Papa wanted to surprise you with it when he gets back from work. And, he wanted to leave with you right away, for the seaside. Mama? You’re crying! Look how beautiful the bus turned out! And there is a fan heater in the front so that you won’t get cold.

Miriam: (still crying) Yes. It’s very beautiful. (They hug.) Wait, don’t you have to be in class?

Lara:I’m on the way to it. Please, pretend that you didn’t see anything! Papa is so looking forward to seeing your face.


(Lara leaves and Miriam starts crying again.)



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]

Emma is driving Ben’s car to prepare for the driving test. She’s trying to drive around road cones, which doesn’t go so well.


Hotte: (running behind the car) Hey! Emma! Emma! No!

(Hotte and Timo keep picking up the road cones just for Emma to knock them down again. The other students and Michael are watching her with concern when she drives toward Hotte.)


Michael:Hotte, get out of there!


(Emma stops the car.)


Emma:So? How did I do?

Hotte: (with a fake smile and a thumb up) Really great!



[Pestalozzi, hallway]

Caro and Ben have been watching Emma at the window.


Caro:Unbelievable! And you gave her your car?

Ben:I think it was a mistake. But fortunately those are just plastic road cones. And besides, now I don’t owe Hotte anything anymore.

Caro:Right… Ben?


Caro:I just wanted to remind you again that I have something on the two of you.

Ben:On Hotte and me?

Caro:On you and Vogel! I know about your affair.

Ben:What is this about now?


Ben:Do you want to blackmail me again?

Caro:Not you! If I do it, then Ms Vogel. I just hope that she will leave you alone now, and me too.

Ben:Don’t worry, she will leave you alone for sure.



[Vogels’ house, living room]

Tina Dico’s “You know better” is playing.


Miriam is looking at a picture of herself with Piet while we can see Sebastian prepare his car, being all excited and happy. Miriam is fighting with herself about whether or not she should leave with Sebastian, who is waiting for her impatiently. In the meantime, Piet comes home and approaches Miriam from behind to blindfold her eyes. He leads her to the garage and uncovers her eyes again in front of the car.


Piet:Everything is prepared. We can leave…for the seaside.

Miriam: (still confused about her feelings) Piet…