Episode 56

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Sebastian lets the rose he’s holding fall to the ground and gets in his car.


Piet: The distributor arm. Damn.


Sebastian drives away, running over the rose. We cut to Miriam at Chulos talking to Karin.


Miriam: I'm looking for Sebastian.


Karin: Oh. He went away for the weekend. To Austria, as far as I know.


Miriam is now in Bea’s room talking with her.


Miriam: Maybe I should have gone with Sebastian after all.


Bea: Would you really risk your family?


Cut to the Bergmann Villa – Ben walks in to find his Father with his arms around Caro showing her how to play golf.


Caro: Like that?


Stefan: Just like that.


Ben: Are you having fun?


Caro: Yes, we're having fun.


Now in Ben’s room…


Caro: You're not serious.


Ben: I am, Caro. Get lost!





[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Caro: Ben…I…I don’t want your father. I want you.


Ben: But you want me to be like my father. And I never will be.


Caro: I know that. And I don’t want that.


Ben: What impresses you about him? His power? His arrogance?


Caro: No.


Ben: Then why are you flirting with him?


Caro: I didn’t mean to flirt with him. I didn’t want to make you jealous. I…just didn’t want to wait for you alone.


Ben: Oh come on. You’re just his type.


Caro: But he’s not mine! Really. He believes he can have any woman he wants just because he has money.


Ben: And he did have every woman. That’s what destroyed my mother.


Caro: Hey…come here. I’m sorry. Really. Ben, we mustn’t separate. We belong together.


Ben just stares into space, unconvinced.


[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


The school isdark and empty. Emma is still lying motionless on the sofa. Hotte claps his hands once to wake her up. but she doesn’t even twitch. He then consults his book on hypnosis.


Hotte: Don’t be afraid of anyone asking you to do something that’s outside of your personality structure during hypnosis. You will definitely wake up. (Hotte starts grinning.) Well, it’s for a good cause. Emma, listen closely to me. It’s hot in this room. Terribly, terribly hot. You want to take your clothes off. You want to be free. Dance. You’re feeling sexy. Very, very sexy. Oh shit, the janitor.


He ducks down on the floorso the patrolling janitor won’t see him.



[Beschenko home, kitchen]


Luzi is doing her English homework.


Karin: I imagine that Michael – Herr Heisig – chooses rather interesting books.


Luzi: Mhm. (Karin is not fooling Luzi one bit.)


Karin: You don’t like him? I mean as a teacher?


Luzi: He’s a rather smug scumbag. But if you’re into him, that’s okay with me. Mama, do you think I’m blind?


Karin: No, it’s just…we were trying to…


Luzi: I just know you pretty well. And I’m happy for you.


Karin: Even though he’s an arrogant idiot?


Luzi: That was a joke. Herr Heisig is pretty okay. Though…there’s one thing. I think my English marks are clearly beneath their possibilities.


Karin throws a towel at her.


Karin: Forget it.


They laugh.



[Vogel home]


Breakfast time with Miri and Bea. Miriam hands Bea a hot egg…which is…hot.


Miriam: Ahh geez! Shit!


Bea: Everything alright?


Miriam: Everything you said was right.


Bea: That the mountain tour with Sebastian would have been idiotic?


Miriam: Yes.


Bea: Because you love Piet. (About as much as you love punctuality.)


Miriam: And how about you? Everything alright?


Bea: You’re not trying to change the subject, are you?


Miriam: No, but you are. What about Ben?


Bea: Ben has a girlfriend, and that’s a good thing.


Miriam: And this Michael…He was interested in you once.


Bea: I’m glad that we’re able to interact normally again.


Miriam: Not interested at all?


Bea: You are trying to change the subject.


Miriam: No. I love Piet, I love my family…and now I’m making breakfast for them. – But…you would make a beautiful couple, you and Michael. (Noooooooo!!!!!! I know Miriam has more sense than this so she must be projecting her secret wish about a Heisig brother and Vogel woman.)


Bea: We’re colleagues, nothing more.



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Is Caro still asleep?


Ben: Shower. You can pop over. And gawk.


Stefan: Oh Ben.


Ben: What? She fits your type to a T, doesn’t she?


Stefan: Caro knows what she wants. That’s something I appreciate in people in general, and of course I also do in Caro.


Ben: Furthermore, she’s blonde.


Stefan: And besides that, a lot smarter than you think. And it would be better if you finally got that into your head.


Ben: Or else what?


Stefan: Or else she’ll be gone. Women like Caro are used to getting attention. Rightly so…I believe.


Ben: And if they don’t get it, you’ve got a heart big enough to take all of them in. For a night...or a few weeks.


Stefan: Why are you always standing in your own way? Hm? You could have everything. Everything! But you have to take it, and take care of it.


Ben: Thanks. I love your advice.


Caro: Morning.


Stefan: Good morning Caro.


Caro: Do you have anything for breakfast?


Ben: No idea. Just look in the fridge yourself.


Ben is looking at his Father as he says this… confused, Caro just walks around him and heads to the fridge.



[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Emmaand Hotte are lying on the couch together asleep. Frau Jäger walks up and stands over them for a second before clearing her throat… which wakes up Emma.


Frau Jäger: Ahem.


Emma notices there’s someone lying behind her and she turns her head.


Emma: Hotte?


Hotte: Fuck! This isn't what it looks like. I hypnotized her and then...


Frau Jäger: You hypnotized her.


Hotte: Yes, with a pendulum.


Frau Jäger: With a pendulum.


Hotte: Yes, is that forbidden?


Frau Jäger: Now just go on. What happened then? After you hypnotized her with a pendulum.


Hotte: I'll tell you in a minute. Honest, but first Emma has to go to her driver’s license test. (to Emma)Which is no reason to panic.


Emma: Why panic?


Hotte: Wait a minute... Driver’s license test? Test?


Emma just grins at him.


Emma: I can drive. Why should I be scared?


Frau Jäger: Well, I think it's best if you tell all of this to our principal.


Hotte: Yes, I will. In a minute. But now she really has to leave. Urgently.


Emma: But I still have a few minutes.


Hotte: Yes, 17 to be exact.


Emma: Whatever… Right. Yesterday I was scared spitless and today I'm kind of relaxed, laid-back… (she laughs). Hotte...you're God.


(And Emma, you’re so cute and adorable.)



[Bergmann villa]


Ben and Caro are kissing by the counter…. While Stafan looks on….


Ben: I'll go get my things. Then we can leave.


Caro: Alright.


Stefan: I'm assuming we'll postpone our visit to the golf course?


Caro: Or we'll cancel it completely.


Stefan: I understand. You got what you wanted.


Caro: I don't know. But it's looking good.


Stefan: Well, you shouldn't sell yourself short. Ben could show a little more effort.


Caro: You like giving tips, don't you?


Stefan: Last night you were asking me for them. And you were successful, weren't you?


Caro: If you say so.


Stefan: I advised you to never give up on what you want. And now you want (...) with Ben...


Ben: Ahem. Can we?


Caro: Sure.


Ben gives his father a smug little click of the tongue and walks out with Caro…


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael is sitting at the table grading papers, Karin is cleaning.They smile at each other before Karin and her cart leave the room. Götting sees the exchange. He smirks at Michael.


Michael: Something wrong?


Göttiing: Nono. I was just thinking that you're running out of women here. First your colleague, then the cleaning lady...


Michael: Mind your own business.


Göttiing: I am. And as the vice-principal I'm also responsible for the female students. Lest your hunger extends to them in the future.


Michael: Hunger? You're the only one hungry here, my dear. Is Lohmann giving you the cold shoulder again?


Göttiing: Don't get too confident.


Michael: I have my eye on you as well, believe me.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]



The gang is watchingas Emma comes back in the driving school car. Bea walks up to the group.


Bea: What are you doing out here? The rehearsal has already started. (How? All your members are standing right there.)


Luzi: We're worrying.


Timo: If Emma gets her driver’s license, things are really going to get dangerous around here for little children and old people.


Bea: And bikers.


Sophie: She's getting out.


She is. And she’s smiling.


Timo: Who is going to console her? (Hey! Didn’t you listen to me?! She’s smiling.)


Luzi: Hotte. He's the one who convinced her she could drive.


Hotte: Maybe she’ll make it. Maybe she was just too scared.


Luzi: Hotte. A Third World War would be a better thing than Emma behind the wheel.


Timo: Though the damage would be the same, either way.


Sophie: Hey, heads up.


Chariots of Fire (HaHe’s musical choices were ingenious) starts playing as the examiner hands Emma her driver’s license.


Driver License Examiner: Here you go.


Emma: Thank you.


Driver License Examiner: Congratulations.


Luzi: No way.


The music swells as Emma gets closer to the finish line..äh…her friends and holds up her license for them to see. Then she jumps into Hotte’s arms.


Bea: Well, then congratulations. You coming?


Timo: How did that happen?


Sophie: Was your examiner drunk, or something?


Emma: It was Hotte! He took away my fear using the pendulum.


Hotte: Well... should we...go to rehearsal?



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Caro: Christmas at our place is really pretty dreadful.


Ben: Ours is probably going to be cancelled. My father will probably be out and about with one of his (female) playmates.


Caro: Why don't we do that too? Just fly somewhere!? Go skiing or south for a few days. I mean Rome...Rome is the ultimate shopping madness. We could really ...


Ben: Going away isn't in my cards at the moment...financially. But why don’t we start something here? Christmas party at Chulos?


Caro: And we'll give out a motto. Bunny meats Santa, or something?


Ben: Sure.


Caro: Well, we can do something different. It just definitely has to become the party of the year. Maybe we'll even be able to arrange for a live band.


Ben: I'm sure we will. See you later.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


STAG perform Silent Night.


(Oh, so they bitch about having to sing Stille Nacht but a simple switch to the English lyrics and suddenly the song is okay??? Not that I don't like them singing it acapella.)


Bea: Very nice. And remember, it's about contemplation...about solemnity and not weariness. You have to be fit at all costs. Maybe you should eat a lemon beforehand or go out for a jog. This is the first big performance at the Pestalozzi since I was a student here. Please don't disappoint me.


Luzi: What about “Deck the halls”? Shouldn't we sing that? Or both?


Bea: We don't have enough time for that. We would need to rehearse some more.


Luzi: And where's the problem?


Bea: Well, maybe you still have some shopping to do; to buy presents...


Luzi: Well, I'm free. After all, it's the first big performance since you were a student here.


Bea: What do the others say?


Sophie: I really like “Deck the halls” and I've already got a present for my mother. (to Timo)And for you, too.


Timo: Well then…. we can rehearse.


Bea: Well… then I'll see you this afternoon.


Luzi: Hoo boy, I'm really curious how everyone is going to react to us.


Timo: It'll be great.


Emma: I'm going on a little joyride with Mama's car. Who wants to come with me?


Sophie: No thanks.


Emma: Too bad. I'm a really good driver.


And she’s off (to hopefully run over Michael some more).


Sophie: Geez Hotte! If people get killed it'll be your fault.


Hotte: God, how was I supposed to know that the hypnosis would work? I just didn't want her to worry!


Luzi: Yes and you were very successful. So instead others will now worry. At Christmas!


Timo: Well... (to Luzi)Is your mother going to cook a goose again?


Luzi: Sure. With yeast dough stuffing and red cabbage.


Sophie: You’re not going to Luzi's on Christmas Eve this year.


Timo: I go there every year.


Sophie: You're not serious, are you?


Timo: B...


Luzi and Timo just stand there looking flabbergasted that his GIRLFRIEND would think he would be spending the holiday with HER…



[Pestalozzi, school office]


Michael is snacking on Jäger cookies.


Michael: Oh, Frau Jäger...Your Christmas cookies are second to none. Even better than your birthday cake. Better still.


Frau Jäger: Thanks. I bake them every year and bring them to school. Well, the school is something like my family.


Michael: And you're the Christmas fairy.


Frau Jäger: Thanks. By the way, here is the NRW holiday schedule you asked for.


Michael: Is it just me, or are there less than before?


Bea: Frau Jäger, every time I come in here I'm transported back to my childhood. The smell…


Frau Jäger: It's the cookies.


She wrestles the jar out of Michael’s hand.


Frau Jäger: Herr Heisig unfortunately already picked out all the chocolate ones.


Michael: Be glad. I ended up with all the calories.


Frau Jäger: As if Frau Vogel needs to pay attention to that. By the way, the janitor still had a few questions for you regarding the Christmas performance.


Bea: I'll talk to him later.


Frau Jäger: Alright.


As soon as she leaves Michael snatches back the cookie jar.


Bea: Ey. There's another one! You must have overlooked this one.


Michael: It's my Christmas present for you.


Bea: What are you doing during the holidays?


Michael: Ähm...no idea?


Bea: Aren't you celebrating with Sebastian?


Michael: Probably.


Bea: Are you keeping secrets from me?


Michael: No.


Bea: Okay.



[Pestalozzi, upper landing]


Karin sees Michael and Bea walking together and laughing.Götting seizes the opportunity.


Götting: I'm really wondering what it is about this Heisig.


Karin: What do you mean?


Götting: Well, he doesn’t miss out on anything here at the school.


Karin: Really...


Götting: Only it doesn't seem to work with Vogel. (Oh how I wish that were true)And she's the only one out of all the people who meant something to him.


Karin: Excuse me, but that's none of my business.


Götting: Of course. But the two of them would be a perfect fit. Well, maybe it will still happen someday. Bye. Have a nice day.


He walks off leaving a worried looking Karin behind…



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Karin: What are you doing here?


Michael: I'm watching you. Is everything alright? Did you talk to Luzi? About us.


Karin: Yes. But it's not a problem for her.


Michael: Okay. But you're alright otherwise?


Karin: Yes. I'm just tired.


Michael: Too bad…uhh…. I...wanted to go to dinner with you. Now that we're allowed to go out officially.


Karin: Well, maybe I'm not that tired.


They kiss.Of course that’s when Bea steps out of a class room.


Bea: I'm sorry. I didn't know that... I'm already gone.


Karin: I guess that makes it official at school too.


Michael: Excuse me for a second. There's something I have to take care of.


He runs after Bea.


Michael: Bea, wait a minute!


Bea: Maybe you should look for a more discrete location for making out...if it's supposed to stay secret.


Michael: It's not supposed to stay secret. It's already kind of official.


Bea: Then why didn't you tell me when I asked you?


Michael: That would have been too much in passing.


Bea: Is it serious?


Michael: Well, it's not something unserious. Luzi knows about it and...well...and maybe I should have told you...


Bea: You don't have to tell me anything. You don't owe me any explanations. I'm happy for you two… Well, I have to find the janitor...because of the Christmas party.


Michael: Why don't we... why don't we go out to eat sometime. Lunch.


Bea: Let's do that.



[Pestalozzi, at the tables]


Timo: Hey, that was a misunderstanding.


Sophie: I thought we would spend Christmas together.


Timo: Yes, me too. But I thought, later. Like everyone else.


Sophie: So now I'm everyone else to you, am I?


Timo: No, of course not. But this thing with Luzi, that's tradition. We don't celebrate Christmas and ... so the Beschenkos have always invited me.


Sophie: Well fine. You've always celebrated with them, so now you can celebrate with me for once.


Timo: I don't understand why you're getting so bent out of shape over this.


Sophie: Because I already told my mother. She definitely expects you.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Michael: I'm back.


Karin: And? Were you able to clear everything up?


Michael: Sorry. Ähm, what about the two of us? Are we going to eat Italian or Thai?


Karin: Do you like Bea Vogel?


Michael: Yes, she's a nice colleague.


Karin: I know that you were in love with her.


Michael: Even if...what does that have to do with us?


Karin: You tell me? Michael, we're too old for such games. Please be honest. What are your feelings for her?




Michael: You're fascinating.


Bea: I am, am I?






He stands there just staring at Karin…