Episode 63

Translated by: Ami, Lifescrazes, Lied

edited by: sones


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Caro:Wow, Ben! Did you pick this out by yourself? He nods In that case, I'll go and try it on in your room. She finds the pic of Ben and Bea on Ben’s phone.. What is this?


Ben: You know about Bea and me...so what is this about?


Caro: There isn't a single picture with me in it!


Ben: Because there's not been an opportunity yet!


Caro: If it doesn't mean anything to you..delete it.


(Are they talking about the creepy stalker picture Ben took of Bea sleeping?How romantic..I'm like swooning already....)




[Bergmann Mansion]


Caro: Delete it! It's just a picture of your teacher, after all! (Creeeepay!!!)


He grabs the phone from her.


Ben:If you still don't get that I chose you....then there isn't anything more that I help you with.


Caro:Just delete the F***** picture! I'll believe you then. Ben starts to walk out. If you leave now...it's over.


Ben:I won't be blackmailed.


He walks out, slamming the door behind him. Caro looks shocked and then sad.


(I guess it's over)


[Pestalozzi – Headmaster Office]


Krawczyk(slurring): Ingrid.....It's not what it looks like! (Seriously,seriously..I'm not making that dialogue up!) Is it not New Year's after all!?!


Jäger(panting): I'm will not watch this any longer!


Krwaczyk:Have a drink with me! It's much nicer when there's two.....


She grabs the bottle and hands it to Jäger who then throws it off to the side.


Jäger: I've covered for you..all this time....all of these years..I've tried to keep people from seeing you are sick because I never gave up hope that you would stop drinking one day! I thought I owed that to you...after all of these years together. (NOT making that up...welcome to the gayest show on the planet.)


Krawczyk: How many has it been..Five? Seven?


Jäger:Too many...In which you've been lying to yourself and everyone else...even those of us who've only had your well being at heart. If you don't want to help yourself.....I'm not going to either.....and I don't want to anymore.


Krawczyk looks shell shocked as her Jäger storms out of the office.


[Vogel House]


Miriam is having flashbacks of her and Sebastian’s afternoon.


Bea: Hey, why are you sitting around here like this? Where's Piet? Miriam shrugs.


Bea sighs


It's been a hard year..the next one is going to be better.You did the right thing. You had to make a decision. I know how difficult that is. You didn't do anything wrong.... Miriam looks totally guilty, but Bea misses itYou've got us! We'll always be there for you! We love you. We'll always stand by you.


Piet and Lara enter with a cart full of New Year things (sparklers, champagne, etc) – Miriam starts to cry and everyone assumes that it’s because she’s so happy.... little do they know it makes her guilt even heavier, and her pain even greater.




Piet:Ha, ha! We’re going to have a nice day today!


Lara:See, Papa? I told you that Mama would like it!


Piet:Let the party begin!


Piet opens thechampagne and the cork gives a loud POP!


Lara: AH! Haha....




Michael and Sebastian are back from the hospital, and Sebastian goes straight for the booze.


Michael:Do you really think that's smart?


Sebastian:No, but it helps.


Michael:Sebastian...you were right.


Sebastian:I wanted to keep my distance.....and Miriam did, too. We slept together.




Sebastian:Today. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, but it doesn't change anything...I mean..it changes everything..but it doesn't change anything at all. She's staying with her family, and I need to deal with it. That's how it goes. You need to go.


Michael:You know, I think Karin and I will be staying here today. Berlin won't run away, and I'd rather celebrate with you.


Sebastian:You don't need to worry. I won't get myself into trouble.


Sebasitan is digging in the trash to retrieve the card that Miriam had left for him.


Michael:I'm not worried, but I don't want you to be alone.


Ben walks in.


Sebastian:Obviously, I'll be in good company.


Michael:Good evening.


Ben:Good evening.



[Bergmann Mansion]


Bergmann: Where's Ben?




Bergmann:What happened?


Caro:He broke up with me.

Bergmannn: Does he know about the ….incident? Caro shakes her head no, Bergmann looks relieved and walks over to sit next to her. Caro, don't. Nobody is worth your tears. She looks grateful and they start making out.





Michael:I'll just be making a call really quickly.


Michael steps away and Sebastian pours Ben a drink.


Sebastian: It's on the house. Notices that Ben looks sad and asks: Woman?


Ben: What else?


Sebastian: F*** Finish for Sonja. (editor’s note... what!??! Must be some saying... I dunno why they have to drag Sonja’s into it though.... it may not be how *I* spell my name, but it’s a version of it!! :P )



[Bergmann Mansion]


Ewww.....STILL making out...


Bergmann: No. We've been there before. I don't think that's a good idea. (NOW it isn’t a good idea?!?!!)


Caro:I want you.




Bergmann:No, Caro... He *sort of* tries to resist.... but then just gives in.... ugh...


(and thus Bergmann junior is made..the music is nice.)


[ Beschenko House ]


We see Karin getting herself all dressed up and ready for Michael... awww.... she’s packed too! She’s all excited, but Michael’s late and she’s getting worried.... her phone rings.




Michael:Karin, I'm sorry, we have to postpone Berlin. She looks CRUSHED, you jerk!! I can't leave Sebastian by himself today, but I would like to clink glasses with you. So if you want to, why don't you drop by Chulos?


Karin:Where Luzi and her friends celebrate? No, Michael, I'm sorry (FINALLY; someone who minds the obvious!!)


Michael: You're the last person at fault for this.


Karin:We'll do it some other day. Don't worry.


Michael:Ok, good. Thank you for understanding.




They hand up and not long after Luzi walks through the door.


Luzi: What are YOU still doing here?


Karin:Berlin's been cancelled. Something came up for Michael.


Luzi:Oh F***.Oh well, then the two of us will just get cozy!


Karin:You're going to your party!


Luzi:And what if I'd rather lie around on the couch with you, a DVD and a bag of chips?


Karin:I don't need anyone to hold my hand.


Luzi:That's not what I want to do.


Karin:Then go celebrate as we discussed, with Timo and the others.




Karin:I don't want you to stay here.


Karin walks off leaving her daughter a little confused.... and sad since her Mother hasn’t ever really done that before, I’m sure.


[Bergmann Mansion]


They are getting dressed and OMG... they were in BEN’S room.... I missed that before, somehow...



Bergmann:I am sorry. I should have stayed in control. You're an attractive woman, but.. He sighs


Caro:I totally agree.... (I can’t tell if she’s upset by what he’s saying and just agrees to get out of it, or if she’s TOTALLY disgusted with herself for sleeping with him.)


Bergmann: Good. I need to go downstairs; the guests will be arriving soon. If there's anything you need, if there's anything I can help you with.... let me know.


(A Condom?Oooopps, a little late for that.)


He finishes getting dressed and leaves Caro looking... confused...




Everyone is in their New Year party hats and are dancing... then we see our STAG!


Hotte: Hey.




Hotte:Your duet today: Hammer! (Amazing!) I had goosebumps! (Timo, Sophie and Luzi are all like “awkward!!”) Don't be so modest! You're THE dream-duo! (singing)Would you lie with me and just forget the world? (SOOOOO clueless, Hotte...)


Luzi: I'll go get something to drink! (she leaves)


Hotte: Well, I'd chop my leg off for a performance like that.


Timo: Yeah...


Hotte: Say, Timo, do you know a woman you could introduce me to tonight?


Timo: No!


[Bergmann villa]


Alexandra and Julian just arrived at the party.


Alexandra: Thank you. Not exactly a buffet for people who are allergic to fish...


Julian: Quite the flat, huh?! (Alexandra hums approvingly) It would fit us pretty well, too.


Stefan: Herr Götting! How nice that you were able to make it.


Julian: I took the liberty of bringing my colleague, Frau Lohmann. Her fiancé is on night duty today.


Stefan: That's a pity. New Year's Eve of all days!


Alexandra: And so the invitation is even more welcome....


Stefan: Good. If you'll excuse me, I'll be right back.


Julian: It really is a pity that Bob has to work today of all days.


Alexandra: That's what I thought


Julian: (spotting Caro coming in) No way! What is she doing here?


Alexandra turns and when Caro sees her, she smiles and comes over....obviously relieved to see someone that she knows. Poor Caro, in a room full of people, yet totally lost and lonely.


Caro: Frau Lohmann! What a surprise!


Alexandra: You could say that.


Caro: Herr Bergmann! You didn't tell me Frau Lohmann would be here, too!


Stefan: You know Fräulein Eichkamp, my son's girlfriend. (Turning around to someone else) Yeah, let's go out onto the patio then!


Alexandra:Have fun! We’re going to get something to drink.


Julian: Yes, let’s get something to drink! Shall we? (They leave Caro standing there alone) You really look amazing tonight.


Alexandra: Thank you.


Caro is left standing in the middle of the room.... all alone....




Ben is sitting at the bar, staring at the photo of him and Bea when Hotte approaches him from behind and clears his throat. They stare at each other.


Ben: How long have you been standing there?


Hotte: Two seconds maybe?!


Ben: And what do you want?


Hotte: I thought maybe we could talk.


Ben: About what?


Hotte: About women.


Ben: Very bad topic.


Hotte: I could maybe say something like that, but you?!


Ben: It's not about being able to score a lot of women. It's about to score the one, the important one.


Hotte: Would you tell me your secret?


Ben: What's that supposed to mean? He thinks Hotte is talking about his ‘Bea-secret’ and kinda laughs when he figures out it’s not that...


Hotte: If you don't want them all anyway, then you could share them with me. I don't even care which ones. So, will you tell me now how you're doing it? How do you get all of them to like you?


Ben: I guess it's because I never really show any interest in them...


Hotte: So that means... that you're not actually doing anything, and they come to you all by themselves?


Ben:Doesn't work with everyone though.


Hotte: One is enough.


He leaves grinning happily while Ben resumes his staring at the photo.


[Vogel house]


Bea, Piet, Lara and Miriam are melting some lead and dropping it into water.


Miriam: I have no idea what that's supposed to be.


Bea: It looks like a bird. (They laugh)


Lara: It's more of a sickle. Here, it says “Sickle: Sometimes a sharp cut is needed to get rid of something superfluous.”


Piet: Uh oh! Hopefully it doesn't mean me. (They laugh somewhat awkwardly)


Bea: Isn't there a party at Chulos tonight?


Piet: It has been cancelled.


Lara: No, when I returned the ticket, they said it was still happening.


Beato Lara: Why don't we go there?


Miriam: Chulos?


Piet: (Putting his arm around Miriam) Yeah, why not, I mean, the two of us can still curl up here, can't we?


Miriam: But you don't have tickets!


Piet:Psh, I'm sure it will all work out. With all that see-sawing with the party, they’ll surely have a few left at the box office.


Lara: Yes! Although, we'd have to leave now..... otherwise we'll miss the fireworks!


Bea: Is that okay?


Piet: Sure! Have fun, bye! (Bea and Lara leave) Those two... Hey, this is the first New Year's Eve in years that we have to ourselves! Just the two of us. (Piet grabs her hand and then notices that Miriam doesn't look all that happy) Did I do something wrong?


Miriam: No, Piet. You didn't do anything wrong.


Piet:I like to hear that. Come here. (They hug)


[Pestalozzi – Headmaster Office]


Gabriele is pretty drunk. When she realizes her water bottle is empty, she tries to grab for the vodka, but just pushes it off her desk and falls out of her chair.




Justin Timberlake – Damn Girl is playing, and we can only say, damn Hotte! Look at him being all hot(te). Also that girl trying to steal Katie Fitch/Jenny Hartmann's leopard style is kinda cute, - oh wait, there's Emma! Look at her hair doing that shwoshing thing to the left side! She’s making her way to Hotte to ask him a question… <3 Emma hair > fake Jenny

Emma: Is everything alright with you?

Hotte keeps being hot(te) and doesn't answer her, instead staying in his macho-position while Lara and Bea come in. Emma just rolls her off and goes on her merry way….

Michael: Hey!

Bea: Hey! – Across the bar, Ben hears Bea and starts with his ‘stalker stare’ again… What are you doing here? I thought you were going to Berlin with Luzi's mother.


Michael: I, uh... I'm helping my brother out. He's a bit... injured.

Bea: I don't want to meddle, but do you really think that's the right decision?

The usual weird, deep, thousand-words-saying looks are being exchanged between Ben, Bea and Michael before Bea turns away. Michael FINALLY catches a clue and sees that he’s made the WRONG decision in standing Karin up.

Michael: Do you think you will be able to handle this alone now?


Sebastian: Yes. If not, then here are enough people with healthy hands. (to steal my booze when they notice I'm alone and defenseless in a fully packed club on New Year's Eve.)


Michael: Okay.

[Pestalozzi – Headmaster Office – The only other bar in cologne]



Ms. Krawzcyk is still lying on the floor. Poor thing.

Krawzcyk: Help...

She tries to reach the phone, but isn't very gentle about it. It crashes to the floor, but she has no power left to cross the few final centimeters to get it. Instead she passes out. Without setting the distress call to her secretary in shining armor – Jäger-woman. That certainly was who she meant to call, right?


Five minutes left! (Thanks for letting us know, but actually it’s only barely 4minutes left for this ep. - OH, you're actually talking about New Year's?)

Hotte is looking at his watch, seeing that he only has a few minutes to find a woman, ANY woman….he turns around and...there she is! THE dream woman! JENNY! No, wait, Lucy! No. Uh, well,it's Hotte's Jenny-version at least. THE dream woman, that musical star, you know?


Dream woman: You are so sexy! She kisses him.


Dream Woman, aka the foreshadowing musical star, leans in and kisses Hotte. Because that's a thing to do in London, uh – quatsch no, in America. You just go around and kiss young high-school boys, while you're in Germany. Do you?

Hotte: Stop!

He frantically goes after her after she's gone.

Sebastian: 4 Minutes left! (Nope, 2 ½ minutes.)

Sophie:Have you seen Timo?

Emma: No idea.


Caro: Hey!

Sophie: Ha, wow, you look terrible.

Caro: Can we talk? Sophie gives her a look that says “You MUST be crazy!”I could really use a friend right now.


Sophie: No, sorry. You'll have to look for someone else for that. Your best bet would be somebody you haven't fucked over or humiliated yet. (GO SOPHIE!! But awww… poor Caro… I know she’s all messed up right now…)


Sophie walks off


Sebastian: 1 minute left! (Seriously, Sebastian! Get your clock right, now you're early. 1:54 left to be exact.)



[Bergmann Villa]


Stefan: Such a turn of the year is always a special moment. One strikes a balance, looks at what the old year brought, and defines what one expects from the New Year. What’s most important it is not to look back, so that one can concentrate on the goals and aims that are lying ahead with one's full energy.



[Beschenko home]


Karin is sitting at home alone pondering.



[Pestalozzi – headmaster office]


Jäger-woman finds Ms Krawzcyk after all! I forgot the telepathic connection there. Ms Jäger must have gone frantic when on the end of that line she suddenly heard a peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, instead of the sarcastically sung, 'I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy gulp of vodka!'

Jäger: Ms Krawzcyk! Ms Krawzcyk!

<3 Jäkra

[Beschenko home]

The door bell rings. And, aw, it's Michael with a sparkler in his hand. Karin smiles once again.





Sebastian: 15 seconds left!(1:10min)


Emma (and the whole Chulos, but mainly Emma): 15! 14! 13! (…) 3! 2! 1!


Sophie is walking around with two glasses of champagene… STILL looking for Timo… Timo is locking eyes with Luzi….. Bea is locking eyes with Ben…. but… Bea stays put and hugs Lara.

Happy New Year, Chulos! Happy New Year, Cologne! Happy New Year, Jemmanation!

Only 10 more episodes left until Jenny. 2011 will be great. Promise!

Just look at the fireworks foreshadowing future fireworks! The Musical star foreshadowing future Musical stars. The leopard clothes foreshadowing future leopard clothes!


The dream woman is coming, no worries. It's inevitable!


Right at this moment, there's a line of coke in London being snorted that will bring a certain pretty girl down and us all closer, I'm sure of it.

[Beschenko home]


Michael: Happy New Year!


Michael and Karin kiss, and they're kind of adorable.


[Vogel Home]


Miriam and Piet hug, and they're kind of broken.



[Bergmann Villa]


Stefan: A happy, New Year! (I'm thinking about adopting a daughter, maybe.)

Julian: Bravo!(Who will boycott my school!)

Alexandra: Cheers! (And win me some money!)

Julian: To accomplishing what we deserve to accomplish this year. (I'm sure he didn't mean car crashes *sniff* )

Alexandra: And that the ghosts of the old year won't come back to haunt us anymore. (Dr. Mops is red!)



[Pestalozzi – headmaster office]

You are...

Jäger: Yes!




Luzi: Happy New Year!

Timo: Happy New Year!


Luzi and Timo kiss, and here's the source for the million renditions of 'Chasing Cars'.

OH, and of course Caro is
off to the side watching. She has such a talent for being in the right place at the right time.

Hach, watching those last five minutes, made me really miss #Hahe again. What we had was gold!



See you again tomorrow :)