Episode 64

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Luzi: Happy New Year.


Timo: Happy New Year.


They kiss. And Caro is once again in the right place at the right time to witness something juicy.




[Pestalozzi, schoolyard]


Luzi is waiting for someone.


Sophie: Hey Luzi! You left so fast after New Year's at Chulos.


Luzi: Yes. I got queasy all of a sudden. Drank too much.


Sophie: But you only had one coke in your hand the whole evening.


Luzi: Sometimes I can’t tolerate caffeine. But Happy New Year… and so on.


Sophie: Hey, that's right!


Sophie kisses her on both cheeks. Timo walks into the schoolyard and slows down a little when he sees them…..then stops….watching them……and finally walks up.


Sophie: Normally one whould be totally rested after the holidays but...what with all those AG rehearsals, I feel as if we didn't have any holidays at all; and I've got a cold to boot. Who are you waiting for, anyway?


Luzi: Nobody.


Sophie: Ooohhhh…..


Timo: Hey.


Sophie: Hey. (they kiss and then she says to Luzi) Bye.


They walk off hand in hand as Luzi just stands there, confused....and upset as she wipes away tears.



[Bergmann villa]


Ben is sitting on the sofa eating breakfast when Stefan walks in.


Stefan: Good morning.


Ben: Hello.


Stefan: Long time no see. Glad you were able to find something to eat.


Ben: If you're about to blame me for the empty fridge, a good resolution would be to get Karin back, for instance. Then the house would be clean, and the fridge full. But for that you would have to apologize, of course.


Stefan takes a seat at the table behind Ben.


Stefan: As far as I know, there are still other house keepers in this town.


Ben: 90% of them have already been here and have all failed.


Stefan: I expected you at my reception on New Year’s Eve. Your girlfriend was here after all.


Ben: Ex-girlfriend.


Stefan: Why did you break up?


Ben: Since when are you interested in that? Oh right, I completely forgot. Caro is a part of the select circle of people who are in favor with you.


Stefan: You were a good fit.


Ben: All of a sudden.


Stefan: I didn't say that you are similar to each other; I just think that she was good for you.


Ben: Caro is difficult. She constatnly has to be the center of attention, and is always scared of missing out. Besides... Ben sighs…giving up.


Stefan: Some women are worth the effort, Ben.


Ben: He stands up and faces his father. Did you realize that before or after Mama drunkenly drove to her death?


Ben walks out, leaving his father to ponder that.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Frau Jäger: (runs up to Bea, seemingly panicked) I really need to talk to you.


Götting: Dear colleagues, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. As the vice-principal of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School, I hope that this year we will make a crucial step into a future that…


Bea: Where’s Frau Krawczyk?


Götting: Frau Krawczyk is indisposed once again.


Frau Jäger: The flu. You know how it is. As soon as the holidays start, it hits you.


Götting: But I already have ample experience in filling in for Frau Krawczyk.


The bell rings.


Götting: Hm, I wish all of you a good start.


He leaves.


Michael: Do you think she started drinking again?


Bea: I only know that she was alone on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. (Now why is the camera focusing on Ingrid now, hm? Telling us that it didn’t have to be that way, maybe?) I was planning on calling her, but then she stopped by the AG and seemed so well-balanced.


Frau Jäger: Here’s a letter I was supposed to hand over to the school administration…but it’s been known to happen, that letters get lost.


Bea: From the Music Academy.


Michael: Concerning the festival?


Bea: Mhm.


Frau Jäger: Oh god. A burst water pipe at the school where the preliminary contest was supposed be held.


Bea: They want the preliminary contest to be held here.


Michael: Well, that would give your troop a big home advantage.


Bea: But Götting would never allow that. Not if it meant doing my AG a favor.


Frau Jäger: He won’t hear it from me.


Michael: Do you have any idea how elaborate the organization of such an event is? You won’t be able to do it without the vice-principal getting wind of the whole thing.


(Oha, Michael as the voice of reason. Well, we all know what happens when Bea and common sense collide. Exactly. Common sense never stands a chance.)



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan is at the door intercom.


Stefan: Yes? Fine. Come on up. (His phone rings.) I’ll call you back in a minute. Right.


Caro comes up and looks around.


Stefan: Caro, what are you doing here?


Caro: Hello. We have to talk.


Stefan: And a phone call wouldn’t have cut it?


Caro: No. Has Ben left already?


Stefan: Yes. Caro, what do you want? If Ben should ever learn about what happened between us…


Caro: No one must ever know.


Stefan: Good. So we’re of the same mind.


Caro: Let’s forget about it.


Stefan: Yes, of course, I thought that was clear.


Caro: Yes.


Stefan: Anything else?


Caro: Do you think Ben would give me another chance?


Stefan: He would be an idiot not...yes, I believe he would. Excuse me, please, I have a call to make. You know your way out. Bergmann.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael: Say, Bea, did Caro Eichkamp call in sick with you?


Bea: No, why?


Michael: Hey. Lighting system….microphones…. You’re serious about this.


Bea: It’s worth a try.


Alexandra comes to the doorway unseen.


Michael: I really can’t imagine anything better than seeing Götting’s face when twenty bands suddenly appear at his school and he doesn’t know anything about that but…I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.


Bea: How about it? Will you help me?


Michael: Of course, I’ll help you.


Bea: See you later, then.


Michael: Later.


Bea leaves and Michael notices Alexandra…. Who has walked in and is making herself a cup of coffee…. She comes and sits down next to him.


Alexandra: Happy New Year, Michael.


Michael: And to you, too. Alexandra.


Alexandra: Thanks.



[Pestalozzi, at the kiosk]


Ben buys something.


Ben: Thanks.


Caro walks up to him.


Caro: Hi.


Ben: Hi.


He starts to walk away.


Caro: Ben…


Ben: What?


Caro: I want to know what’s wrong.


Ben: What’s wrong? Have you already forgotten? You tried to blackmail me. I didn’t give in. You broke up with me.


Caro: That was just in the heat of the moment. When I saw the photo on your mobile I…I lost it. You told me that things were over between Vogel and you.


Ben: And why can’t you just believe me?


Caro: Why don’t you just delete the picture?


Hotte (from off to the side): Caro?!


Caro: Argh, not him, not now.


Hotte: Happy New Year.


He hugs her and kisses her on the cheek, and Ben rolls his eyes and walks off.


Caro: Ben, wait! He does NOT wait.


Hotte: I have to ask you something. New Year’s Eve at Chulos…Did you see the kiss?


Caro: I didn’t know that it was already making the rounds. But yes, sure.


Hotte: You’re my savior. Emma? I have a witness.


Emma: You saw the fawn brown gazelle?


Caro: What fawn brown gazelle?


Caro looks amazed and doubtful all at once.


Hotte: Well, the broad who kissed me.


Caro: Kissed you? A broad? Of this planet?


Emma: (to Hotte) You’ve brought the following abuse on yourself. (LOL!! GO EMMA!!!)


Caro: Seeing people who aren’t real isn’t a very good sign, but maybe it’s helpful to you. Sometimes you just have to switch off reality to survive. Hotte, do you have any idea what the reality is?


Hotte: I have to go to math class. (Awww....poor Hotte.....he’s so sad!)


He and Emma walk away and Caro screams after them....I mean..... REALLY screaming at him! It’s a wonder people don’t have some sort of intervention for her crazy right here.... though they do give her some looks.


Caro: No woman would ever voluntarily kiss you! Or voluntarily let you feel her up, unless you're blackmailing her! But you've got experience with that, haven't you?!


Emma: What is she talking about?


Hotte: No idea.


They leave an angry looking Caro behind them.


[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Götting (in English): Yes, that's my number. Please get in touch with me as soon as you have any new information. Thanks.


Alexandra: Are you now looking for a job abroad?


Götting: Krawczyk is about to cede her chair to me and I'm supposed to leave? No, I have someone looking for Jens. Well, I've hired a private investigator. There is no Jens Mirbach on the passenger manifests to Sidney. If he really sent Vogel the postcard, then he changed his name.


Alexandra: If Bea would finally confess, then we would know for sure what really happened to my sister... and wouldn't have to chase after phantoms.


Götting: We'll find him.


He comes around the desk and rubs her shoulder, in comfort.


Alexandra: Why are you doing this?


Götting: Because I can imagine how it feels when your own sister disappears and everybody acts as if nothing has happened. Alexandra grabs his hand. We'll find proof that Bea Vogel lied to the police and that she is in cahoots with Jens. Then you will never have to see this woman again.


Alexandra: By the way, this woman is doing some things here that you should know about...



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Timo is singing Chasing Cars… with no feeling….


Bea: This is a love song! Put a little more heart into it.


Luzi starts to join in the song…..also with no feeling…


Bea: Stops playing Thanks. Okay, we'll try it again. With a little more passion, like the last time, alright?


Timo: Without me.


Luzi: God, you're just scared.


Timo: If you think so.


Sophie is wondering what the hell is going on.


Bea: People, what's the problem?


Frau Jäger: Frau Vogel, Mr. Götting wants you in his office right away.


Bea: I'm coming, and you will two (Timo and Luzi) think about whether you even want to participate in the band festival. You two (Hotte and Emma), please take out your music scores. If they won't do it, you will. Hoarseness or not.


She leaves and Timo drops his head down like “UGHHHH!” while Emma and Hotte just stare at each other and Luzi just looks pensive.  



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Götting: Did you really think you could keep such an event secret from me?!?!


Bea: I didn't know that musical issues were that important to you. I would have informed you.


Götting: When!?! When the first guests arrive in order to show me up in front of the School Authority?


Bea: No, Herr Götting! To make sure that you wouldn't throw obstacles in my and my AG’s path! Which you love to do. Alright, let's get this over with. Call the Academy. Cancel everything. Blame me.


Götting: You really think I would take such a chance away from our AG?


Bea: Then the event will take place? Here? At our school? (She’s shocked)


Götting: Of course! And I'll take care of organizing everything since you already have to take care of the vocal arts. Anyway, an event of this magnitude is simply better off in my hands. Well, you should go back to your boy’s choir.


Alexandra: Oh. Am I interrupting?


Götting: We've just finished. Frau Vogel? I want to be informed about every song you're rehearsing, every microphone and chair you're shifting around. Should you forget to tell me something ever again, Frau Lohmann will take over running the AG.


Bea gasps, Alexandra smiles down and her….and Bea walks out… Alexandra then walks into the office, closes the door and gives Götting a HUGE smile.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Emma, Hotte and Sophie are walking with each other down the hall.


Emma: Have the two of them been fighting?


Hotte: Who?


Emma: Well, Luzi and Timo.


Sophie sees her mother standing around and stops.


Emma: What is it?


Sophie: My mother.


Emma: What is she doing here?


Sophie: No idea. I think I'll go around out back.


They go back the way they came from. Bea comes out of the teachers’ lounge.


Frau Klein: Frau Vogel.


Bea: Frau Klein, right?


Frau Klein: Yes.


They shake hands.


Bea: What can I do for you?


Frau Klein: I'm here in my role as parents’ representative.


Bea: Are there any problems?


Frau Klein: That's what I would like to find out from you. Sophie was very distraught during the Christmas holidays.


Bea: Oh...how can I help?


Frau Klein: That’s what I would like to find out...she witnessed a discussion, an argument between you and Frau Lohmann. Is it possible that you were talking about things that could have thrown Sophie out of joint?


Bea: Thrown her out of joint? Well, what did she say?


Frau Klein: Apparently it was about a postcard...from a Jens Mirbach…addressed to you?


Bea: That may be but...why would that worry Sophie?


Frau Klein: Herr Mirbach disappeared years ago with Frau Lohmann's sister, didn't he? And both never showed up again.


Bea: Yes, so?


Frau Klein: And now he gets back in touch. With you.


Bea: Frau Klein, that argument was a completely private matter.


Frau Klein: Not if it took place on school property.


Bea: And if it has worried Sophie, then I'm sorry about that. I will of course talk to her even though it's none of her business. That's all I can do, I'm afraid.


Frau Klein: Äh Frau Vogel...maybe Sophie has already forgotten about this. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. I'm sorry. (She really is a little psycho, isn't she?)


Bea looks rattled and walks off, while Sohpie’s Mother is all ‘ugh!’ at herself.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Luzi is hiding behind a wall waiting for Timo to walk by, and when he comes she grabs his arm to stop him. Seeing that he has ear buds on, she pulls them out….


Luzi: Hey, we have to talk. New Year's Eve.


Timo: Oh, don't worry about it.


Luzi: Worry?


Timo: I'm not mad.


Luzi: Mad?


Timo: Yes, I mean...you were drunk. And I...


Luzi: Hold on. Just a minute….You think that I kissed you!?! You kissed me!


Timo: I was drunk. It didn't mean anything. It just happened. (Hey, don't you go stealing Jenny's future lines, now) I'm with Sophie. (That's better.)


She walks off, briefly turning to give him a hurt look before running up the stairs. He’s obviously upset too.


[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Emma and Sophie are sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument while Hotte is talking on his phone.


Hotte: Are you sure? Incredible body, sky-long legs, brown eyes, fawn-brown eyes.


Emma to Sophie: Someday I'll shoot him. Sophie laughs.


Hotte: Okay, thanks. He hangs up.


Emma: Your dream woman doesn't exist?!


Hotte: Make fun if you want. I didn't imagine her. Sophie is STILL laughing.


Emma: Hotte, nobody saw this woman. Just remember her fondly.


Hotte: Are you joking? I'm in love!


Sophie and Emma snicker, and then Sophie grabs a magazine from a girl who’s passing by.


Girl: Hey.


Sophie: You'll get it back in a minute.


She rips out a page and hands it back.


Girl: Say, are you crazy!?!


The girl makes a grab for the page, but missed and Sophie hands it to Hotte.


Sophie: Here. The psycho page. Maybe you need professional help.


Hotte: I haven't called the guy at Chulos yet!


Emma: Oh Hotte.


He puts the page face down on the Big Books and makes his call.


Hotte: Hey, it's me!! Listen...


He walks off and we see Shiney Olsen, aka the fawn brown gazelle, looking up from the opposite side of the page with the headline: “New Musical Star from New York to live in Cologne.”



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]

[Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable]


Caro is leaning on Ben’s car.


Caro: (on the phone) Ben, please pick up. Shit.


She dials her phone again.


[Pestalozzi, couch corner]


Ben is sitting on the sofa. Luzi comes up and plops down besides him in silence.


Ben: Thanks. And a Happy New Year to you too.


Luzi: It couldn't have started any crappier. Yours too, right?


Ben: I'm sure you're story is more interesting.


Luzi: I...I'm suffering with a (female) friend. (OH, come on! Don't pull an Emma on us!)



Ben is NOT fooled, but plays along.


Ben: Why? What happened to your friend? A guy?


Luzi: She has had a crush on this guy since forever...and he only sees her as a pal….(Come on, you can do better. Emma even thought of changing the gender of one person to make it not too obvious! ;D )...and he also has a girlfriend, but now the two of them have kissed...and yet he pretends as if nothing has happened.


Ben: Idiot.


Luzi: Yes. And what would be your advice for her?


Ben: She should find another and forget this guy.


Luzi: If it were only that easy. I can't just fall in love with just some random guy. I mean, my friend can't just fall in love with just some random guy. (Is it any wonder that she saw right through Emma’s “I’m reading a book about two friends…”?) And anyway, that would be really unfair to the alternative candidate. I can't be with someone even though I'm in love with someone else.


This obviously hits a nerve with Ben because he stands up and leaves without saying a word.


Luzi: Ben?



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Caro is still leaning against the car when Ben walks out.


Caro: Ben, I'm so sorry... about the thing with the photo and you can keep the picture if you want, it's...I've messed things up. I didn't mean to...I...


Ben: What's up?


[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Timo is in the hall thinking when Sophie comes up behind him, pulls out his ear bud and gives him a kiss.


Sophie: Well, it's no wonder you're not hearing my calls.


Timo: Sorry.


Sophie: Where were you? I've been looking all over for you.


Timo: Ach, I had to settle something.


Sophie looks scared, as if she doesn’t want to know…. But she summons the courage to ask.


Sophie: What?


Timo: With Luzi.


Sophie: Regarding the duet?

Timo nods. (Well, he's not lying, if she's talking about the duet of their tongues!)

Sophie: I really can understand you. It's completely stupid to always have to pretend to be in love just to win some competition.


Timo: Mhm.


Sophie: Luzi will eventually have to get over it. Timo just stares at her for a few seconds. But is everything else okay? You're acting really strange.


Timo: Well...I would rather sing the song with you, but you have to have a cold.


Sophie: You're so sweet.


They kiss, she hugs him and he looks mega worried again.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Ben: Caro, what do you want to tell me?


Caro: That I didn't trust you that...that was completely stupid. …She tries to grab for his hand, but he backs up….I...let’s just forget about everything and start over from the beginning. Please give us another chance. I...I love you.


Ben looks trapped….