Episode 67

Translation by amidola and Lifescrazes

Edited by Globe



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Götting: Don't make this so hard on us now, there simply isn't enough space here for the both of us. You're a drunken old woman, who doesn't have her life under control anymore. Leave... before you become the laughing stock of the school. All you have to do is sign your resignation. If you love this school as much as you claim, then do it a favor and disappear from its perimeter.




[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: Frau Krawczyk... it's over! Sign this, pack your things, and leave, finally!

It's a relief for you, but most of all, it'll be a relief for this school!

And deep inside you, you know.


Frau Krawczyk: Herr Götting, now listen to me and do so, carefully: I think it's incredible, the kind of audacity with which you publicly defame my work and my person.

Götting: Be careful not to overstep here...

Krawczyk: I'm not done yet! Don't you think, that you appearing on my doorstep and demanding me to hand in my resignation, is megalomaniacal? See, I'm seeing it the same way. And about the funds from the Harani bank, which you so kindly and without a second thought organized for the festival... we luckily don't have to depend on those... we'll get it organized just fine, without them.

Götting: I'm excited to see that.

Krawczyk: Be as excited as you wish to be. You're suspended from its conceptualization anyways.

Götting: I hope you don't overexert yourself this time, Frau Krawczyk.

Krawczyk: You may leave now.

Götting: To be honest, you're mightily overexerting yourself...



[Vogel residence]


TV dialog is heard in the background while Piet works.


Piet: Honey! Miriam, come on over! Come and look, if we tear this wall here down, we'd have extra space over here... extra space for... . the bed.

The bed you've always wanted, the dark brown one!

Miriam: The bed... yes, right.

Piet: And then we could, the bedside table, you know, the side table, we could integrate it into the construction, right here... that would be a perfect fit … (his voice fades …)


Sebastian is on a jog (//coincidentally by the Vogel house?)

Miriam is thinking about funky sexay times (Yep, she was thinking about funky sexay times at the mention of the word “Bed“.)




Sexay times


Miriam: Sebastian... We can't, I'm married, and I love my family more than anything.




Piet: So, are you going?

Miriam: What? (Sorry, I was just reminiscing about cheating on you)

Piet: The furniture store, after work, to check if the bed is still there.

Miriam: Sure, why not?

Piet: You know the saying, good bed, good marriage (Ooh, nice, I like how they went there!)


(The music on this show is really good... carrying right on.)


Sebastian, frustrated, continues on at a fast run.



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Bea: Good morning.

Krawczyk: Good morning.

Bea: Are you alright?

Krawczyk: Herr Götting is not in charge of the festival anymore.

Bea: Oh, since when?

Krawczyk: Since yesterday evening. There were a few things that didn't work out. Furthermore, the organizational duties clashed with his teaching schedule. (I'm sorry, overcome by a wave of nostalgia for Frau Schmidt-Heisig... prolonged principal-Bea scene... )

Bea: Does that mean...

Krawczyk: That also means that the sponsoring by the Harani bank is void, yes. But we'll get it organized with out the Harani bank. I already talked to Frau Jäger, she is going to be taking care of the seating and the catering.

Bea: And the lighting arrangements?

Krawczyk: The most important thing is the music after all. (But Bea needs to produce Rock Stars!! Speaking of... why did they never discuss the funding of the full body leather outfits for shows in later eps??)Are your students well prepared?


Bea nods yes


Krawczyk: Well, then everything's just fine!

Bea: But what about Herr Götting? He must be furious!

Krawczyk: Yes, of course, but that's his state of normalcy and not our concern...

Bea: Hopefully.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


The gang, I mean STAG rocks out to “Stone Cold Sober“, wow, they really do need appropriate lighting!

Way to go team!


Timo: Totally rad, eh? Out of a hundred schools in Cologne! That can't be true, right?

Hotte: Out of every school in town, you gotta check that out! I mean, ok, the audience isn't that hip, tons of tie-wearing snags and official people and stuff, but if we can do this thing with the band festival... it's going to be a great party! Thousands of people and...

Emma (emmaing): Hotte... can you just please stop now.

Hotte: And I thought that maybe she is going to be there and will see me on stage... the woman that kissed me.

Sophie: Can you stop hallucinating now and get to warming up your vocal chords already?

Hotte: And you're the boss now?

Sophie: No, but Frau Vogel and Luzi aren't here and somebody has to take care of this, right? Geez, half an hour already, where are they??(No. Comment. )

Tino: Sophie...

Sophie: What?!? Everything's on the line the day after tomorrow, and I do miss the right kind of attitude in here...

Bea: I'm sorry, sorry, I was being kept, but we gotta step up now... everything's on the line the day after tomorrow!

Sophie: Oh, really...

Bea: Uh... oh... there's news. The funding has been cut. We'll have to make do with our own lights machine.

Hotte: As long as it's not two 100 watt emphasizers and two single light bulbs.

Bea: It will be the same for all participants.

Sophie: That'll make for a good mood among all participants.

Bea: People, what's wrong?(You've been like super, super late???) Let's start!


Ben: Nervous? Or Timo?

Luzi: Why?

Ben: Well, when you told me about your friend...

Luzi: Am I that obvious?

Ben: Only if one pays really close attention.

Ben: You want Timo, but you can't have him cause he's fooling around with somebody else. First of all: That's going to change sometime, I promise, and secondly, the band festival is in two day's time... that's not very much time.

Luzi: That means, I'm going in there, ignore Timo, Sophie in any case, and sing my lungs out?

Ben: Right answer! Come on, now.



[Pestalozzi, main stairs]


Lohmann: Hmm, I heard you're out … of the organization of the festival?

Götting: Is that a problem.

Lohmann: It isn't?

Götting: Nope. Maybe it is for our principal and her attachments.

Lohmann: But I thought you meant to impress the school authorities.

Götting: Whether I'll impress them or whether the Krawczyk will make a fool out of herself without any sponsoring, amounts to the same, doesn't it?

Lohmann: She foregoes Bergmann's money? Has she gone out of her mind?

Götting: Nope, she's drunk herself out of it, and now she'll get what's coming to her because of it. Excuse me (picks up his phone). Oh, he'll probably just have been informed...

Herr Bergmann!



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Sophie: Oh, see who just walked in!

Luzi: Sorry, I had to take care of something (my broken heart).

Bea: It's alright, you're here now. Let's start, the, with... your duet?

Sophie: You are aware that everything's on the line the day after tomorrow, right?

Luzi: Of course, I'm aware.

Sophie: Why are late, then?

Hotte: Hey, come on, fighting doesn't help anything.

Sophie: Hotte, stay out of this!

Doesn't the AG mean anything to you anymore, or what is it?

Luzi: Dude, I was a little bit late, no reason for making such a fuss.

Sophie: No, it is! You're leaving all of us hanging! Timo, say something! (Wow, someone's getting her period... )

Timo: Well, we have to make it through the contest...

Luzi: Then sing your shit by yourselves.



[Pestalozzi, courtyard]


Götting: Herr Bergmann, we'll just use the money for projects that are more important.

Bergmann: And yet I fail to understand why the principal is foregoing the funding voluntarily.

Götting: Believe me, nobody does... but Frau Krawczyk obviously seems to have lost her focus.

Bergmann: That's putting it mildly. I elaborately convinced our management of this sponsorship

Götting: There are enough other sponsoring options.

Bergmann: It's about time that woman resigns from her headmaster position.

Götting: No worries. She will.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma and Hotte are singing “Mit Dir”, Emma looking all worried.


Sophie: Woah, that sucked. (Wow, thanks for this educationally valuable comment, Sophie!)

Emma: Why do you always have to pick on everyone?! Driving away Luzi!

Hotte: What do you want anyway? You don't even sing a duet!

Sophie: And that's somehow my fault or what?

Bea: That's enough! In two days, this auditorium will be packed! With a jury that's to decide whether you can sing! With an audience that you're to inspire – or not! If you're not up for that, we can cancel this whole thing! We could use the time differently. Where's your problem? Sophie, between you and Luzi... did she do anything to you?

Sophie: Yes she did!

Bea: And what?

Sophie: Bite me!

She storms off


Bea: Sophie! (Making a step after her) Timo! (He's leaving, too, now)


[Saal Eins]


Miriam: Did it taste good?

Lara: Say, mum, what do you think is better? Gold Rush, Dreamy or Disco Glam?

Miriam: Disco Glam?!

Lara: Well, look, it's with glitter and stuff. And that disco ball – that's cool.

Miriam: Hmm. That's nice.

Lara: So Disco Glam! Mum, it's SO cool with all that reconstruction - dad's the bomb! And with the fireplace, it's going to be beautiful. I can already imagine how you're sitting there, when you're about 100 years old, and remembering everything. It's going to be awesome! Oh well, I have to get to PE now, but I'm so looking forward to my room, it's going to be soooo great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (They hug and kiss, then she leaves. )



[Pestalozzi, courtyard]


Timo: Luzi!! About the thing earlier... in the auditorium... sorry. Sophie's just a little nervous because of the band festival. She doesn't mean it! Luzi!

Luzi: What? Just leave me alone! I really got better things to do than to be constantly pissed at!

Ben: True that! I've already been looking for you everywhere! (to Timo) Sorry.

(To Luzi) I hope that was alright? Timo can take notice for once, that you're not dependant upon him...

Luzi: Thanks.

Ben: Feel like some coffee? And you'll tell me what happened?

Luzi: How about coffee without telling anything?

Ben: This once, alright. Let's go. (I really like Ben as a friend. Why does he have to stalk around the Vogel for a living?)





Michael(Oh, how I have missed, thee... ): Heeyyy, what's up? Can I have a coke?

Sebastian: Help yourself.

Michael: Everything alright? Did Miriam call?

Sebastian: She has a husband, she has a family and she has made a decision. Period.

How are things going with Karin?

Michael: Huh? Ahem... good.

Sebastian: Good?

Michael: Yeah... . good. What's wrong with good?

Sebastian: Nothing... . sounds good.

Michael: Right. So let's get back to... Miriam.





Piet: That's how the saying goes: Good bed, good marriage.




[Pestalozzi, administration area]


Frau Jäger and Frau Krawczyk are coming out of the principal’s office.


Jäger: And tonight you'll be having the... group... the... pottery... group.

Krawczyk: Of course. Thanks.

Götting: You're doing pottery?

Krawczyk: Sometimes.

Jäger: Thanks, got it.

Krawczyk: Excuse me.

Götting: Ms. Krawczyk doesn't look good at all, today. Is she maybe getting sick again?

Jäger: No, it simply has been a strenuous day.

Götting: Too much pottery, probably. (Now, imagine if they wouldn't be talking about pottery as a synonym for... drinking: -)





Sebastian: Let's talk about work instead. Isn't that festival going to be taking place in a few days?

Michael: It's only the preliminary round. It's to decide the contestants of the festival. (I think that's pretty much the definition of the preliminary rounds thing, thank you, Michael... )

Karin: Are you open already?

Michael: Hey, Karin!

Karin: Hey.

Sebastian: You're not here to clean, right?

Karin: No, I just wanted to have a drink with you and Michael.

Sebastian: What would you like to have?

Karin: Some water.

Michael: How are you?

Karin: Good. I've got a day off today.

Michael: That's great, have a seat.

How are you?

Karin: You already asked. I'm off today.

Michael: Well, that's nice.

Karin: I'll be right back.



[Vogel residence]


Miriam comes home and tries to open the door.


Piet: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Just one second! Just one second... Alright, one moment... close your eyes! Are your eyes closed?

Miriam: Yes, eyes are closed.

Piet: Keep them closed. And … Come over here... over here... and now... open them. Now, what do you say?

Miriam: You bought the bed!

Piet: Yep. It was reduced in price, and for a little extra, they delivered it right home. And let me tell you one thing, this mattress is, um … comfortable... and super soft. (Like you are, Piet. *Le sigh*)





Bea: Hey!

Michael: Hey!

Bea: One orange juice, please. Today was such a crappy day!

Michael: Why? What happened?

Bea: The AG totally got me. (All five minutes you were there... ) Instead of... thank you... instead of focusing on the festival, they're fighting all the time! (Some people call it teenagedom, Bea... )

Sebastian: Shit...

Michael: How are things going with Götting?

Bea: You don't know yet? Götting's out! Krawczyk pulled him from the organization - no idea why.

Michael: Sounds good.

Bea: Yeah, but that also means, that the Harani Bank's is out of the question now.

Michael: That doesn't sound as good.

Bea: Frau Krawczyk says she'll manage.

Michael: And what are you saying?

Bea: Well... . Ingrid is taking over the organization.

Michael: But?

Bea: There's also the two of us... but... well, the AG didn't like the news, of course. And then this constant in-fighting between Sophie and Luzi... Say... do you know what happened between them? (Nope, but I would like to wager a wild, lesbionic theory!)

Michael: No, not at all. Talk to the two of them.

Bea: Yeah...


Karin walks up.


Karin: Hello.

Bea: Hello, Frau Beschenko!

Michael: What's with the machine for the lights? (With which Bea is as unreasonably obsessed with as Lohmann is with her volleyball field... to each her own, I guess. )

Bea: I talked it over with the janitor today. There are a few bulbs broken. Do you have any idea what one bulb costs?

Michael: Those are expensive!

Bea: They cost too much... and there I thought that I would be able to cheer the AG up with the machine for the lights, at least...

Michael: Huh, doesn't really look like you'll be able to get a grip on things.

Bea: If things continue to go as awry as they have been, we can just forget all about the festival, altogether.

Michael: Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

Bea: I'll think about it. (While an ignored Karin looks worried).


[Vogel residence]


Miriam is sitting on an end table in the room with the yet-to-be-assembled bed.


Piet: Here. (He hands her a glass of bubbly)

You know, I'm so happy, that we've made it. All the trouble and fights… we've made it through. I think that's a great idea with the do-over in here. Lara is happy, too. Did she show you the magazine with ideas for redecorating already? It's great, really. You're going to like them!


Miriam puts down her glass, gets up …

Piet, (clueless), gets her glass and his, and walks over to her.


Piet: Miriam... what's wrong, hm?

Are you mad? Because of the bed? Because I didn't ask you? (He kisses her neck from behind). I'm sorry.


Miriam: Piet?

I slept with Sebastian.