Episode 68

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Piet is behind Miriam, caressing her shoulders, clueless as to why she’s upset.


Piet: Are you mad? Because of the bed? Because I didn’t ask you? He kisses her neck. I’m sorry.


She shrugs him off and turns around.


Miriam: Piet… I slept with Sebastian.


His face changes from loving to disbelieving in no time at all.




[Vogel home]


Piet’s hands slowly slip from Miram’s


Miriam: Piet…


She starts crying, he shakes his head and leaves the room.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Frau Krawczyk: (on the phone) Bea, I’ve talked to Frau Jäger, again. She’s doing fine with organizing our small festival the day after tomorrow, even without Herr Götting’s sponsor money. The janitor needs some more information about the microphones. We see someone knocking on the pricipal’s office door, then opening it…. We can’t yet see who it is. Could you call him after listening to this? Thanks.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


It was Götting! He is now in Frau Krawczyk’s office and is snooping around.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Frau Krawczyk tries to open her car but drops first the keys and then her papers.


Frau Krawczyk: Oh, damn.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


The phone rings.


Götting: Hello Alexandra. Yes, you could say I’m still working. I’m looking around our favorite principal’s office. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find something useful.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Frau Krawczyk is going through her bag looking for something.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: I need proof. Just one piece of it.


He opens her drawer and finds a water bottle.


Götting: Oh… I think I found her stash. (sniff) No, unfortunately not. Well…this here is even better. The dear is really getting forgetful. She left her time and date planer.


He starts flipping through it.


[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Frau Krawczyk realizes that something is missing from her bag.


Frau Krawczyk: Oh great.


She heads back into the school.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: VHS twice a week. No idea. Volkshochschule (=adult education center), you think? Mhm. Well, Jäger mentioned something about a pottery class. She has…


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Frau Krawczyk walks up the hall and unlocks her office door.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: Oh…I have to hang up. I’ll call you later.


Frau Krawczyk walks in and her office is empty…. She notices that the door is open and stops to think if she had left it like that. Shaking her head she closes and locks it, and we see Gotting leaning against the wall right outside.


[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Luzi and Ben are talking while Caro spies on them from afar as she is standing with the rest of the Beach Volleyball team.


Luzi: What is Timo thinking? I’m getting provoked by Sophie and have to just keep my mouth shut because he lied to her about this…..kiss. Still, I should have been at the rehearsal. It isn’t just about me, after all. The festival is soon and we are arguing like small children.


Ben: Now don’t worry so much. You guys still have the whole day tomorrow and the dress rehearsal. Hm? Say, do you already have a name?


Luzi: No, we don’t. That’s one more thing. Here comes the STAG. She spells it out rather than saying “STAG!” Every market researcher would volunteer to dig up our graves.


Ben: How about…Disaster Guys or…or…Herzbruchkombinat (=heart break combine). Now don’t fret, you guys will find a name.



[Beschenko home]


Karin and Michael are standing outside of the Beschenko apartment as she is unlocking the door.


Karin: Thanks for bringing me home.


Michael: Don’t mention it.


Karin: Well then…


Michael: Wait a moment. He looks guilty. I thought we could still make something out of this day and spend the evening together. Humm?


Karin: Not today. I’m a little tired and still have a lot to do.


Michael: This is because of earlier in Chulos, isn’t it? Karin gives him a look and puts her head down as if saying, “If you don’t know…” If you’re bothered by my talk with Bea, I…I wanted to cheer her up a little. She’s under a lot of stress at the moment and… she was there all alone.


Karin: Yes. So was I, after that.


Michael: I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to feel left out.


Karin: That’s not the point, Michael. You can talk to whoever you want, so don’t worry about it. Everything’s fine.


Michael: No, it’s not fine and I…I’ll make it up to you. I’ll get us a good bottle of wine and a good movie and we’ll have a nice evening, alright?


Karin: I’d rather not. This was enough for me today. See you later.


He looks shocked, she leans in and gives him a kiss before shutting the door in his face. He starts to protest and goes to ring the doorbell, but stops at the last minute and walks off.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Hotte is walking out of the School looking at a paper with a smile on his face.


Caro: Hey Hotte.


Hotte: Huh?


Caro: What have you got there?


Hotte: Nothing. He presses it against his chest and Caro tries to grab it. It’s none of your business!


Caro: Alright.


She pretends not to care and as he lets his guard down and starts to walk away, she grabs the sheet of paper out of his hand.


Hotte: That’s a phantom image of my dream woman. New Year’s Eve?


Caro: That’s me.


Hotte: Well…


Caro: Look a little closer next time. My chin is definitely more prominent. You seem to have entered the wrong parameters into your program. And since when do I have such dark eyes?


Hotte: Äh…Caro…


Caro: You are such a dork, Hotte.


Hotte: But that’s not you. He grabs the paper from her. Sorry.


He walks off and she stands there scoffing and mad that she was unable to rile him up….and perhaps a little mad that he’s found someone else to obsess over, eh Caro?



[Vogel home]


Miriam working in the kitchen and accidentally knocks over a family photo of her, Piet and Lara. It shatters on the ground.


Miriam: Fuck!


Piet walks in…


Miriam: Piet...


…grabs a few beers...


Miriam: Say something. Anything. We will have to talk to each other sometime.


…and walks out again, not once looking at Miriam. She bends down and picks up the picture, looking at it and bursting into tears.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Caro is standing around listening to music, we see Ben and Luzi out of focus in the background walking up to his car.


Ben: I think that was the seventh cleaning woman my father fired yesterday, and she wasn't even able to mop! At least that's the insult he hurled at her when he was raving about your mother, who he was totally praising to high heaven then.


Caro notices them and takes one of her ear buds out to try and hear what they are saying.


Luzi: And what did she say to that?


Ben: No idea. But nothing good, at least.


Luzi: Well, your father might still have to learn how to operate the washing machine.


Ben: No way. Yesterday, he thought out loud about moving into a hotel. Look at that. I did manage to make you feel a little better.


Luzi: A little bit.


Ben: What...are you doing tonight?


Emma and Hotte come up behind them.


Luzi: No idea. Maybe practice a little. Learning songs.....or finding a name for us...because Herzbruchkombinat isn't that great.


Ben: No way. If you’re at home alone, you'll only get to thinking. We'll go to Chulos.


Hotte: To Chulos. Cool. Can I come too?


Emma: I’m so there.


Ben: Okay, then let's go.


They get in Ben’s car and drive away. Caro pretends as if she hasn’t been watching and listening the whole time, and Ben just drives past her without a second glance.





Michael is walking outside.




Karin and Michael in the Ice Rink, kissing….


Karen and Michael in the hall at school….


Karin: Do you like Bea Vogel?


Michael: Sure, she's a nice colleague.


Karin: We're too old for such games. Please be honest. What feelings do you have for her?




He takes out his phone to call her, but stops and looks as if he knows he’s messed up.





The place is jumping…. Caro walks in and sees the gang….but goes up to some girls standing behind them and starts talking/dancing with them…


Caro: Hey. Gets the attention of the bartender. Three ‘mate’s?


Emma: When I think about all those people watching...


Ben: But this isn't your first performance.


Luzi: But it's the most important, and now, of all times, things are in the crapper with Timo and Sophie.


Ben: That happens in all great bands. Behind the stage they're fighting and wishing that the others would drop dead...but when the time comes they give an awesome show.


Caro: Turing to Hotte. What's up, you baffoon? Find your dream woman again, or was it really a moose who kissed you?


Hotte: Funny.


Caro: Hey, keep cool. I'm just wondering why your dream woman left, if she really exists.


Hotte: She exists. And it's not you.


Caro: Sure.


Hotte: Just because I don't look like Robert Pattinson, doesn't mean that I can’t get a woman. I'm a little particular, is all. Not an average guy.


Emma: Can’t you just leave us alone?!


Caro: Keep out of it, Cinderella. It's not my fault that you're all in such a bad mood.


Ben: (Stepping in to pull the others out of the line of fire.) Listen up, let’s going dancing. Come on.


Luzi and Caro store and fake smile at each other before Luzi walks off to join the others.


Caro: To her friends: I need a real drink now. They walk off.


Bea comes in and walks to the bar.


Sebastian: Did you forget something?


Bea: There it is. My scarf.


Sebastian: Would you like something to drink?


Bea: I have to be fit if I want to motivate that tired group over there to give a halfway presentable performance tomorrow.


Sebastian: Why wait until tomorrow? Just beat the bad mood out of them right here. I could go searching for a cane.


Bea: Do you maybe have another idea?


Sebastian: I'll think about it...if you drink something.


Bea: Alright. I'll have some water.


Sebastian: But don't go too wild. Whatever would your students think of you?


Bea sits down and takes her jacket off while Sebastian heads off to get her water. (What does he think?!? That if he gets in good with Bea, she will help him get Miriam to leave her family!??! Or is he hitting on her!??! Either way, NOT COOL Sebastian!!!)


[Vogel home]


Miriam is buttering bread when Lara walks in.


Lara: Hi, I'm back! Wow, a new bed.


Miriam: Hi honey.


Lara: And made from real wood, just like you always wanted. Papa must have spent a lot...or did you order it? Where is he anyway?


Miriam looks up, startled by the question, but she ignores it and goes on with the buttering.


Miriam: Are you hungry? I made some sandwiches.


Lara: Aren't we having dinner together today?


Miriam: I don't think so.


Lara: Are you okay? Miriam looks up again and Lara walks over. Mama, you’ve been crying. What's wrong?


Miriam: Don't worry. I just...


Lara: Mama, what's going on? Where is Papa?


Miriam: He's in the garage. I...he...we have...


Lara: Did you have a fight? Miriam nods. Stop that for a minute.


They hug, Miriam starts sobbing again and Lara looks scared.





Caro is dancing…with Luzi?? And they’re smiling at each other. Cazi!!!! Oops….no…it’s just with her friends from earlier. L


Meanwhile Ben has spotted Bea at the bar and walks over, right in-between Caro and her friend….which of course pisses off Caro when he doesn’t even say hello.


Ben: Hey.


Bea: Hey.


Ben: How's it going?


Bea: Could be better.


Ben: You're worried about the festival.


Bea: We only have one more day...and our two best (female) singers are fighting in front of the whole crew. That isn't good timing. Not good at all.


Ben: Sometimes you just can't change things.


Bea: You know why Luzi and Sophie are at odds with each other, don't you?


Ben: Yes. But I can't tell you.


Sebastian comes up and leans over the bar.


Sebastian: Suggestion. I still have a karaoke machine in the back. Not the newest but it works. Would that be something for you and your tired singers?


Bea: It's worth a try.


Sebastian: I'll be right back.


Caro comes up to the bar as well.


Caro: A Gin Tonic.


She *stares* at Bea over Ben’s shoulder, making her VERY uncomfortable.


Bea: I'll go help Sebastian with the machine.


Caro: Ah, I'm dying of thirst. It's so hot in here.


Ben: Caro, what are you doing?


Caro: I'm having fun. Problem with that?


Ben: You're not having fun; you’re putting on a show.


Caro: I just like to dance. If you knew me better you would know that.


Ben: I know you. He turns to her, getting very close. And even if you don't like it, things with us just didn't work, and will never work. He turns away.


Caro: Don't flatter yourself. Ben smiles. You're not that important.


Ben: Turning back to her. Well, then everything's great. Stop it. It's pitiful!


Ben walks away, leaving a *very* furious Caro behind him. She pushes his beer bottle across the bar….



[Vogel home, garage]


….and like MAGIC that same beer bottle has traveled into Piet’s hand all the way in his garage! ;) He has a defeated look on his face and is drinking when Lara comes in.


Lara: Papa? What's wrong with Mama? She is in the kitchen and won’t stop crying. What happened?


Piet: We had a fight.


Lara: Yes, that much I got out of Mama. Papa, I'm not a child anymore. I want to know what's wrong. I have never seen Mama like this.


Piet looks sad.


Piet: It's complicated.


Lara: Then explain it to me.


Piet: I can't…..and I don't want to.


Lara: If Mama gets fed up with you one of these days, you shouldn't be surprised. She starts to storm off before turning back to say: If I were in your shoes I would be careful, or else one day, she'll be gone.


Lara slams the door and Piet sadly nods his head and scoffs.


Miriam and Piet are suffering to the sound of Bat for Lashes - "Moon for Moon” We see each of them doing their own thing – Piet drinking, Miriam looking at the family picture while sobbing – Lara watching from the doorway, scared and unsure what to do, so she just closes the door. Piet has a toy van, with something written on the top of it – it must be something Miriam gave him long ago because he gets mad and throws it off to the side in anger.



[Somewhere inside, probably the VHS]


A group of people are standing in the hallway. (As with most of these nameless people in HaHe’s Cologne they’re talking with a decidedly Berlin accent. ;-) )


Man: How have you been since last time?


Woman: Pretty good. The group has really helped me. I'm glad to be here again today.


Man: I'm glad, and you're looking really healthy.


Frau Krawczyk walks in.


Frau Krawczyk: Evening.


Woman: Hello, good evening.


Man: So, how is your daughter?


The group disappears into one of the rooms. Götting comes around the corner and doesn’t see anyone except some guy hanging up a poster.


Götting: Excuse me? I'm looking... I mean, there's some kind of group meeting here tonight, you know...


Poster guy: Oh, the addiction group. Right. Please go to room 110.


Götting: Thanks.


Poster guy: Welcome.


[Inside the room]


Moderator: Great that you're all here, tonight. Who would like to start today?


After some hesitation, Frau Krawczyk raises her hand.


Moderator: Please.


Frau Krawczyk: My name is Gabriele...and I...


The door opens and Götting steps in, Gabriele looks HORRIFIED….


Götting: Oh, sorry, am I too late?


Moderator: We've only just started. Have a seat.


He takes a seat in their circle, starting at Gabriele who just stares back in hate.


Moderator: Gabriele, I'm sorry, please continue.




The music stops.


All: Hey!


Bea: (on the microphone) Guys! Guys, don't panic. We’ll continue in a minute. Nothing against the DJ, but we have to opportunity here tonight to perform some music ourselves. Who’s up for it?


Student: I only know singing "La Paloma, olé"


Bea: Well, I was thinking about something a little more challenging. Guys!


She holds the micro out to the STAG.


Luzi: Sorry. This just isn't my day today.


Emma shakes her head.


Bea: Hotte?


He shakes his head too.


Caro walks over while Bea is still pleading with her AG and MUCH to Bea’s horror grabs the micro.


Caro: May I? Hi people. Don't worry, I won't be singing now. but I have something to say.


Someone in the crowd: Take your clothes off!


Bea tries to grab the microphone back.


Bea: Caro, give me that.


Caro: Hands off. I'm not finished yet, alright? Do you see this guy here? His name is Ben Bergmann. He is attending the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School.




Someone in the crowd: Who cares?! We want to dance!


Caro: He had sex with his (female) teacher, and this teacher just happens to be here tonight as well. May I present... turns and hold her hand out… Bea Vogel!


All of the STAG members look on his shock, Ben is all “Uhhh….” And Bea is trying to melt into the wall.