Episode 70

Translated by Carrie 

Edited by Sones


(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)




Caro: Can you tell me why no one at this school is at all interested in the fact that a teacher slept with a pupil? I can’t wrap my head around it! There is evidence!


Alexandra: What evidence?


Caro: A photo! Mrs. Vogel lying in bed with Ben!


Ohhhh….the look on Alexandra’s face! It’s like the cat that has finally backed a mouse into a corner!


Alexandra: And you have this photo?


Caro: No, but I know where it is!



[Pestalozzi hallway]


A hand picks up a cell phone from a table. We see that it’s Julian taking Ben’s phone, prompting Ben to jump up from his seat….


Ben: Are you mad?!?


Julian: Be quiet!


Ben: That’s my cell phone!


Julian: I have to take control of it if you’re going put harmful films out! Or photos!


Ben: Now give it to… Ben makes a grab for the cell phone, but Julian holds it out of his reach.


Julian: Is there something on it I shouldn’t see?


Ohhh….if looks could kill!








[Pestalozzi, hallway] 


Ben: Mr. Götting! What’s on my cell phone that’s got shit all to do with you!?!?!


Julian: We’ll find out! This cell phone is now confiscated! You can claim it tomorrow in the Office after I…


Ben knocks the cell phone out of Götting’s hand, they both look at the phone…then at eachother….then Ben pushes Julian out of the way and makes a fun for the phone…he and reaches it as first…and slams his boot down on top of it!


Ben: Oooops! Oh what a bummer! I’m afraid it’s damaged!


Julian: Give it to me!


Julian rips the phone from Ben’s hands….. desperately trying to put it back together.


Ben: Can you fix it? Cause I have important photos on there!


Julian: The main thing is that you manage your graduation, Bergmann! That’s nowhere near certain!


Julian leaves the phone on the table, storming off…. Leaving a smiling Ben behind him.






Miriam and Lara drive up to the School in a car…


Miriam: So! Have fun at school! Lara squints her eyes at her Mother. What’s up?


Lara: Mum, I want to know what has happened to you, now!


Miriam turns away….


Miriam: Don’t worry!


Lara: You have never had such a fight!


Miriam: Sometimes parents quarrel!


Lara: Mum, what has Dad done?


Miriam looks guilty….


Miriam: Nothing!


Lara: Why is he sleeping in the bully then? You didn’t throw him out without reason!


Miriam: I didn’t throw him out! She sighs. Darling, listen…sometimes you hurt people you love!


Lara: Now don’t you defend him! Oh shit, Wegener! Mum, I’ll stick by you, no matter what happens! We’ll make it, just the two of us!  Yes? She leans over and kisses Miriam on the cheek. Love you lots.


Lara jumps out of the car and heads into the School, leaving behind a guilt ridden mother who’s look says “What am I going to do!?!?!?”




[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben is messing around with the cell phone when Bea walks up and begins to copy some things on the copy machine… they start talking, but don’t turn and face each other… from afar it would seem as if Ben was just talking to himself.


Bea: Hey!


Ben: Hey!


Bea: That doesn’t look good!


He looks at her like ‘Duh!’


Ben: Götting ambushed me! Somehow he found out about our photo and tried to confiscate the cell phone!


Bea quickly looks at him, then back at the machine…


Bea: That you hopefully had already erased? Ben, tell me that you have erased the photo?!?


Ben: Relax! Unfortunately I stumbled, and that did it! He waves the cell phone around to show he means it’s broken. That jerk Götting didn’t even think about the memory card!


Now they look at eachother, then away, then back again… over and over for the rest of the convo.


Bea: And why didn’t you erase it? I asked you to do that!


Ben: Bea…


Bea: No Bea! I thought you understood!


Ben: I wanted to erase it, but…


Bea: But?


Ben: The photo means something to me! It’s the only memory of you! Of us!


Bea: Ben! You know that there’s a lot at stake?!? Everything!


Ben: Yes, sure, and that’s why I destroyed my cell phone!


Bea: But the photo is still on the memory card!


Ben takes the memory card from the phone and snaps it in half.


Bea: Thank you!


Ben: You’re welcome.




[At the Beschenko’s]


A doorbell is run…. Annnd we see Karin opening the door to Michael, who is standing there with a big bouquet of flowers.


Michael: Hello! Well, I’m…


Karin: Come in!


She moves to the side to let him in, and looks sad when he passes her…


Michael: Thank you! Ah, the flowers!


Karin: Thank you!


Michael: Yes, I wanted to see how you are. I’m sorry how things went yesterday. that wasn’t ok of me! It nevertheless could have been a nice evening I think.


Karin: Mmmh.


Michael: Anyhow I want to make it up to you! Shall we go for a night out? Just the two of us, without any colleague!?


She looks sad, then startled and then looks down…


Karin: The flowers need water.


She smiles and then heads off to put them in water, leaving a confused Michael behind her.



[At the Klein’s]


Sophie is walking around the apartment, and we see her grab a folder from a shelf….


Mrs. Klein: Sweetie, dinner is ready!


Sophie: I’m leaving now!


She grabs a candy bar…


Mrs. Klein: Oh come on, you actually have to eat something!


Sophie: I have rehearsal! I’m just grabbing my files and leaving again!


Mrs. Klein: I made turkey cutlets for you!


Sophie: But I can warm it up later.


Mrs. Klein: What is this Mrs. Vogel thinking? She can’t just take over your lunch break!


Sophie: We settled this on our own, she had nothing to do with it.


Mrs. Klein: But she had to approve it!


Sophie: Tomorrow is the defining preliminary contest for the band festival, and we are far from being perfect!


Mrs. Klein: But nevertheless, I can’t stand back when a teacher is overtaxing you all the time!


Sophie: But she isn’t doing that, so chill…there has been enough nagging on Vogel!


Mrs. Klein: In what way?


Sophie: Well, there are rumors she has something going on with a student!


Mrs. Klein: Excuse me?


Sophie: Yes, but that’s all nonsense! In reality the guy stalked her, and everyone knows it!


Mrs. Klein: Oh yeah?


Sophie: Well, I think that someone is trying to frame her for something.


Mrs. Klein: Or Vogel is not that innocent as she acts!


Sophie: Whatever gave you that idea, and why are you suddenly so interested in her?


Mrs. Klein: I’m interested in you, and that also includes your social environment!


Sophie: Okay, then how about that postcard that made you run to Vogel and claim that her quarrel with Lohmann bothered me so badly?!


Mrs. Klein: I’m the parents’ representative! It’s my duty to care about these things!


Sophie: Okay, I just think it’s totally strange that you’re that suddenly upset because of Vogel!


Mrs. Klein: You want to discuss about your teachers now? If you have time for that, then you can also stay and eat something!


Sophie: No, I’m leaving right now!


Mrs. Klein: Don’t come back too late!


Sophie walks out of the apartment….




[At the Beschenko’s]


Michael and Karin are sitting at the table having tea….


Michael: Why did you quit the job at Chulos?


Karin: Bergmann was here and we cleared the air, more or less! Anyway, he hired me again! Michael shakes his head as if he still doesn’t understand. The job pays well and so now I won’t have time for Chulos.


Michael: Oh, I see, I thought you terminated the contract with my brother because you’re fed up to your back teeth with the Heisigs!


Karin lowers her head and Michael suddenly looks afraid.


Karin: Michael…I don’t think that the two of us are going to work! I like you! A lot! Too much!


Michael: I like you too!


Karin: But…you like someone else more!


Michael: No!


Karin: Let’s face it! I believe that you believe that you seriously want to be with me, but…She looks very sad, and clasps her hands….I have a daughter, a family. I have to be responsible. I just want someone who knows what they want! You love Bea Vogel, but maybe you don’t know that yet. You should see yourself when you are around her….how your eyes gleam. Let’s end this! Please!


Michael just sits there in shock….




[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Hotte is at the stage, looking at his flyers while Emma is hanging out near the piano…..


Hotte: If I had known that no one was coming to rehearsal, then I could have hung up these facial composites!


Emma: Let’s start! (Oh, yes! Start singing!)


Emma walks over to hime..


Hotte: Without the others?


Emma: We can rehearse the duet now! If I think about it…tomorrow on the stage….I’m surely going to be tongue-tied!


Hotte: Don’t make me nervous! Come on!


The first tones of “Mit dir” (with you)…and Timo comes in….Hotte looks really annoyed and turns off the music.

Hey, tell me…could you have arrived any later? We were just about to start!


Timo: Well then start already. Have you seen Sophie?


Hotte: Yes! She’s lying in the piano taking a break!


Timo opens a magazine and just sits down.


Emma: Say, don’t you want to join in?


Timo: Yes, when the others come?!


Next try…and Luzi comes in…. Hotte is ready to have a FIT and turns off the music again…. Luzi looks confused.


Luzi: Why did you stop?


Timo is stairing at Luzi…


Hotte: Because you’re shuffling in is not part of the song!


Luzi: Sorry!


Timo and Luzi smile at each other while Hotte turns around to give it a third try…and Sophie turns the corner.


Hotte: I give up! (So do I – no chance to hear Emma sing…)


Sophie: Sorry! I had a fight with my mum.


Timo: That again?!?


Sophie: Yes, we talked about the AG and Mrs. Vogel and she totally snapped!


Luzi: Why is she so down on her?


Sophie: No clue! For some reason I have this feeling,,,,as if there is something strange about all of it!


Timo: About your mother?


Sophie: No, about Vogel! My mum finds out everything as the parents’ representative! She knows what’s going on at the school.


Hotte: And what is going on?


Sophie: Well, something with Vogel!


Hotte: Yeah, of course…but what?!


Sophie: Well, no clue! She didn’t want to tell me that! Guess it’s nothing that’s harmless!


Luzi: Okay, and what do you hope to gain by telling us all that?


Sophie: Don’t know! Maybe there is some truth to the rumors!


Emma: You mean about Vogel?


Sophie: And Ben! Luzi’s jaw drops and we see that Alexandra is standing in the hall, ease dropping on their conversation. She’s got that smile again. I mean if they really have something going on…that would explain that stalker thing. Then Ben just said that to protect her. I mean, she would be completely out of the game if it came out that she has something going on with a student!!




[At the Beschenko’s]


Listening to       Alanis Morissette - "Not as we"


                        Reborn and shivering
                        Spat out on new terrain

                        Unsure unconvincing
                        This faint and shaky hour

                        Day one day one…


While we’re watching a very sad Karin……she’s crying….lovesickness sucks…!!!   She pulls a petal from one of the roses Michael brought her….briefly smelling it….then she sits down at the table, puts it down and lays her head down and begins to sob.  




[Pestalozzi, hallway]


A very unhappy Lara is sitting on one of the couches in the school when Aunt Bea happens by…


Bea: Hey! Is everything ok? Bea looks around and kind of whispers. Do you have detention?


Lara: Nonsense!


Bea sees something is up and sits down.


Bea: Then what are you still doing here?


Lara: I just have no desire to go home!


Bea: I also like to be at school, but in my free time I’d rather be at home!


Lara: Anywhere it’s better than at home!


Bea: What’s up? Are you having trouble with your parents? Have you been up to something?


Lara: It’s more like Dad has been up to something!  The smile slips from Bea’s face. At any rate, they are quarreling horribly!


Bea: Ah, and…and about what?


Lara: No clue! Mama won’t tell me anything and neither will Dad, which is completely unfair. I always have to confess anything!


Bea: Well, maybe they have to understand it themselves first!


Lara: Understand it? They don’t talk to each other, and Dad moved out!


Bea: What? But why?


Lara: Well, not really out. He now lives in the bus in the garage, and he only comes home when Mama’s not there.


Bea is looking at Ben.


Bea: I didn’t realize this at all?!


Lara: Well, then you are completely involved in the organization of the festival, rehearsals, and so on.


Another glance at Ben.


And no one is telling me anything!


Bea: It will sort itself out!


Lara: If they were at least honest with me, and didn’t keep anything secret….


Again, Bea looks at Ben….who notices her…and they stare…. *facepalm*




[Saal 1]


Julian and Alexandra are sitting down having dinner….


Julian: I was so close! So close! That damn little Bergmann!


Alexandra: And you just stood there?


Julian: No, no! I hit the dirt and put my hands under his shoes when he was stomping down on the cell phone. Sarcasm.


Alexandra: That means the photo did really exist?!


Julian: Yes, it did, but now we have nothing. Bea Vogel still maintains her innocence, and Krawczyk is no longer a confidante.


Alexandra: We’ll get Bea Vogel some other way.


Julian: Maybe, but it’s Krawczyk I’m after.


Alexandra: That boils down to the same thing. Without her favorite child she’ll collapse.


Julian: And why should Vogel plunk down now that she has nothing to fear?


Alexandra: Because we’ll take what means the most to her!


Julian: Her piano?


Alexandra: Her AG!





[Streets of Berlin, ehm Cologne]


Emma and Hotte on mission “Hotte searches dream girl” – Hotte is all staring at his filers while a lovey-dovey expression on his face whilst Emma does all the work…


Hotte: I don’t think you’re deep enough in the song, Emma! It’s a love song! I mean, I have no problem with it! He caresses a flier. I just have the sense you didn’t really feel it! (Just wait a bit, Hotte…)


Emma: No! That’s right, Hotte! The only thing I feel are my arms! She rips a flier and some tape from his hands. Tell me, could you also put up some of these things instead of chattering on at me??


Hotte: Sorry! I thought we could do some critique of maneuvers after the rehearsal.


Emma: And I thought we were looking for your dream-girl! Hotte dumps all of the fliers in her hands and takes over hanging them up. Boah!


Hotte: I know you think I’m crazy!


Emma: Oh yeah? And why am I walking along with you all this time putting up these notes?


Hotte: Cause you feel pity? I know that I can find her!


Emma: Yeah? You really feel that!?!


Hotte: Exactly!


Emma: Okay! Then look deep inside yourself!   Maybe you can establish a connection and feel where she is right now, your…beloved!


Hotte: Are you serious?


Emma: Hmmh! Why not? You put me in hypnosis…and took my fear of the driving test away… Maybe you have a good rapport with such things!


Hotte: Where are you? He puts his hands up to his temples and begins to ‘tune in’


I like this scene…this flip-flopping between Emma and Hotte…these various Emma-faces…


This way!


He takes off….


Emma: Yes, big Jedi!


She just smiles and follows him…



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea and Michael run into each other…. Literally….


Bea: Sorry!


Michael: Sorry, I didn’t see you!


Bea: Do you have a class now?


Michael: What? No, I just want to take some exams home to correct them!


Bea: Is everything okay?


Michael: What did you say?


Bea: If everything is okay?


Michael: Yes! No! I just had a decidedly unpleasant conversation!


Bea: If it’s any comfort to you, I’ve already had two today!


Michael: You want to talk about it?


Bea: No! You?


Michael: No!


Bea: Okay!


Michael: I could make you a tea if you want?


Bea: That’s the first good sentence today!




[Pestalozzi, hallway]


There is hand carrying an envelope with “Sophie Klein” written on it through the hallways of the Pestalozzi…and it’s Alexandra, and she puts the envelope on Sophie’s locker. And there’s that smile again!


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Michael and Bea are sitting down having a tea…


Michael: Well, I’m sure the troupe will get it together again! I mean, at least it’s about the festival! And they have home field advantage, they have to exploit it!


Bea: So! Now that I’ve opened my heart to you, it’s your turn! I mean, I don’t want to be nosey or anything….


Michael: No, no! It’s okay! Karin and I, we broke up. That’s to say, Karin broke up with me!


Bea: Oh, I’m sorry! It was working so well between you….!?!?


Michael: Obviously not well enough! We men always realize that a bit too late! But let’s freely admit that it wasn’t the one big love!


Bea: You believe in the one big love?


Michael: You don’t?


Bea: Yes, I do! You’re getting over the break up very well!


Michael: Yes! No, I…don’t know what to say about it!


Bea: You don’t have to say anything!


Michael: Yes! That’s about it for me! What was your second low of the day?   Is it once again about Ben Bergmann?


Bea: I’ll make us another tea!


She gets up and leaves to get the tea, leaving him to stare after her…..




[On the Streets]


Emma and Hotte still on the mission…


Hotte: My head is pounding!


Emma: Okay! Then let’s continue to put up the flyers!


Hotte: Maybe we should stop doing it! I can’t be bothered, and besides, my connection has broken up. I have headache!


Emma: Hello? And the dream girl?


Hotte: Ah shucks!


Emma looks around and suddenly…


Emma: The dream girl!


Hotte: Yee-ees! I’m not deaf! Maybe they are all right! Maybe I’m an idiot! A psychopath!


Emma: The dream girl! He gives her an exasperated look. There she is!


And Hotte stares at the poster…The Musicalstar from America…


And the photo shoot begins!!! “Hotte and his dream girl” – okay the paper output, but to begin with…


And we get some nice Emma- smiles as she takes all of the pictures of him….




[Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Bea is pouring Michael some tea….while he is going on about Karin….


Michael: Karin is something special! She’s so proud and so strong, but what I admire the most is her honesty! She doesn’t play hide-and-seek. She says what she thinks! She says what she feels, and she told me that I have to be clear about my feelings. Bea looks trapped… Bea, I think I have to confess something.


Bea: Me too! I…I didn’t tell you the truth! About Ben and I….That it’s true! We had an affair!



Michael looks both shocked and sick….