Episode 72

translated by hephylax

edited by Globe



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Miriam: Lara, please let me explain.

Lara: What do you want to explain? Which position you tried?! God, how cheap are you?!

Miriam: Lara

Lara: I thought Papa did something wrong! But in reality you bedded that guy.

Miriam: It was a lapse in judgement. I made a giant mistake. You (two) are my family. Piet is my husband and you are my daughter. I love you (two).

Lara: But you arent my mother anymore.





[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Bea gets out of the car and whips her bag around almost braining Michael. (If at first you dont succeed, try, try again!)


Michael: Careful with that bag.

Bea: Sorry.

Michael: We already had this situation once before, didnt we? When you almost knocked me off the bike? Say, was that before or after you [] with Ben?

Bea: Michael, I shouldnt really have told you.

Michael: I thought that was the only good thing about this whole debaclethat you were so honest with me. You know what I wondered about half the night? Whether this thing with you and Ben was the reason why things didnt [] with us back then

(Well, it couldnt have been because you are a blackmailing asshole, could it? Of course not.)

Bea: What happened between Ben and me ... was a lapse in judgement. Im sorry.

Michael: A lapse in judgement? Rather high stakes for a lapse in judgement, dont you think? (As long as you can stay on your high horse.) Considering that youre his teacher? Never mind. Anyway, Im at least grateful that you were so open with me. And you dont have to worry, your little secret is in good hands with me.

(Now that puts my mind at ease... Did I already mention his proclivity for blackmail?)



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Caro is sitting on the Jemma Coming Out Monument eating a block of chocolate. Sophie comes up to her.


Sophie: You should find another way to handle your frustration.

Caro: And who are you to tell me something like that?

Sophie: It was just some well-meant advice.

Caro: I can do without it, thanks. You arent my friend anymore, so this isnt any of your business.

Sophie: But Ive known you long enough to know that this jacket normally doesnt fit you like a sausage casing. See what I mean?

Caro: It fits like always.

Sophie: If you say so.

Caro: You should rather worry about Timo ... or youll lose him completely to Luzi.



[Vogel home]


Lara spills some milk.

Lara: Argh!

She goes to wipe it up.

Miriam: Leave it. I can do that.

Lara: I dont want any help from you anymore.

Miriam: Dont you want to have breakfast?

Lara: Im not hungry anymore.

Miriam: Whens the performance of Beas AG today? Id like to come.

Lara: But I dont want you to come. Im going with Papa, because he wasnt the one who fucked around and destroyed our family.



[Vogel home, garage]


Lara: Hello Papa.

Piet: Hey.

Lara: What are you doing?

Piet: Tea. You want one?

Lara: What I said to you that wasnt right.

Piet: Its alright.

Lara: Its so not fair that you have to live here in the garage when Mama is to blame for everything.

Piet: She told you?

Lara: No, she was too much of a coward for that. But the guy from Chulos came over last night. It wasnt that hard to figure out.

Piet: He was in our home?

Lara: But Mama threw him out rather quickly.

Piet: I just want to know when it happened and what I did wrong.

Lara: You didnt do anything wrong!

Piet: Of course. When a marriage breaks up, its always due to two people. And if everything had been alright between us she never would have started something with this Sebastian.

Lara: But thats no reason to hop into bed with this guy. (She takes his hand and pulls him up.) Today is the preliminary contest of the band festival, where Bea will compete with her troop. We can go there and cheer them on together.

Piet: Id really like to but I have to drive the first shift for Delicious Döner.

Lara: Its okay. Ill just tell you tonight how it went.

Piet: Okay. Then maybe we can do something?

She nods.

Piet: Thanks.

They hug.

Piet: I love you so much.

Lara: Me too.



[Pestalozzi, at the kiosk]


Caro is buying a chocolate bar. Hotte walks by and checks her out in passing. He pauses, then walks back to her.


Hotte: Wow. (Staring at her chest) Looks like you really invested in your future.

Caro: What are you babbling about?

Hotte: Now dont think I think its cool. And plastic surgery is all the rage now.

Caro: Are you crazy? Do you really believe I would need something like that?

Hotte: I just meant because it

Caro: It?

Hotte: Well they

Caro: Theyyyy?

Hotte: Well the gazongas.

Caro: Hotte!

Hotte: Well, the hooters ... because they look so different.

Caro: Now dont you start with this too.

Hotte: Looks good on you.

And he leaves her standing there.



[Pestalozzi, school office]


Frau Jäger: The chairs have all been set up.

Frau Krawczyk: And the lights are working too?

Frau Jäger: The janitor is testing that again right now. But he was certain that everything is in proper working order, thanks to the help of a friend, just like with the music system. Ah, theres the number. Now I only have to call the bakery and follow up on the canapés for the jury, and then everything is perfect. And Bea and her AG can bedazzle everyone with their performance.

Götting: I doubt that.

Frau Krawczyk: What is that supposed to mean?

Alexandra: Didnt you know that the AG boycotted the dress rehearsal yesterday?

Frau Jäger: Why that?

Götting: It looks like our esteemed colleague Vogel lost her groups trust.

Alexandra: And without this support its impossible for the students to cope with such a big task like todays competition.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea is waiting. Alone. Then Luzi comes in and takes a seat, followed by Sophie and Timo, Hotte, and Emma.


Bea: Im glad you came. I asked you here because because I have something to tell you. I know you trust me and I also know how important that is especially for our teamwork here. In my past, things happened that I dont like to talk about. But I can trust you, too. At least, I hope so.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Karin is picking up some things that fell from her cart.


Michael: Ill help you.

Karin: Thanks, Ive got it.

Michael: Listen, I want you to know that Im sorry about how things went down. I I didnt realize that

Karin: Listen You work here. I work here. Im sure well find a way to deal with each other.

Michael: Okay. Will you be at the STAG performance later, too?

Karin: Yes.

Michael: Well see each other then.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Hotte: What happened?

Bea: Nobody knows to this day. There was an investigation, of course. And I was under suspicion, because I was the last one to see her alive.

Sophie: There were traces of blood found on your clothes.

Bea: Yes. Franziska fell down, she injured her arm. I wanted to help her but she sent me away and screamed at me. She was fine. Really. Thats also what the witness said who still saw us after our fight. And then the postcards arrived. Jens and Franziska apparently emigrated to Australia.

Sophie: Australia

Bea: The police stopped the investigation after a while.

Sophie: Is it known where Frau Lohmanns sister and this Jens ended up?

Bea: No. There are only the cards. Nobody ever saw the two of them again. But there are people who to this day are convinced that I had something to do with Franziskas disappearance. This whole thing was very hard for me back then and... I didnt tell you because I I didnt want everything to come bubbling up again. Well, now you know the whole truth.

Silence. Then Luzi stands up.

Luzi: Well, Im in.

Hotte stands up too.

Hotte: Me too.

Timo stands up without saying anything, then Emma

Emma: Okay.

and as the last one, Sophie.

Sophie: Alright then

Bea: Thank you. And now come on, you have to warm up.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Karin locks herself in a stall to have a good cry. (Even though Michael is really not worth her tears.)


Caro comes in and checks herself (or certain parts of herself) out in the mirror.

Caro: Everythings just like always. Beautiful.

A sudden bout of nausea overcomes her.

Caro: Fucking sweets.

Karin flushes the toilet and walks out.

Karin: Everything alright?

Caro: What could be wrong?

Karin: Just a question.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma peeks through the curtain with the first signs of Emma-Panic in her eyes. Backstage all the bands are getting ready for their performance.


Emma: I feel sick.

Luzi: Did you see their outfits?

Sophie: Geez, they are all real pros.

Hotte: Synthpoppers. Wait and see. They dont have any talent. More hype than substance.

Emma: And if they arent?

Luzi: Then well still make the final three.

Emma: Why dont you sing the leading part for me?

Hotte: No way. We rehearsed that song together. Were grooved in.

Emma: Then Luzi will sing with Timo. Chasing Cars is cool, too.

Hotte: Nuh-uh.

Luzi: No. You two rehearsed like crazy, youll sing your song. You are great.

Hotte: Yes. I know. (to Emma) Weve got it, baby.

Luzi: Yes, thats right. Weve got it.

Bea: You not only got it, you are STAG. And STAG will now go out there and rock this joint. And send shivers down their spines. Okay? Are you ready?


They make their huddle thing.


Bea: Alright. Places.



Frau Krawczyk: At the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School music has played a central role for a long time. And thus, Im especially pleased that our school isnt just organizing this event today but will also start it off. Please welcome with me the director of the Music AG of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School, Bea Vogel.

Bea: Thanks. Yes, today is really a special day because its our first public appearance. And so Im really happy to finally be able to announce them STAG.


Alexandra cant believe it and mouthes STAG? to Götting.

The audience applauds.



Luzi: Break a leg.

Emma: I cant go out there!

Luzi: What do you mean you cant go out there?

Hotte: Emma, dont leave me hanging high and dry now.

Emma: But

Hotte: Forget the others. Youre great and we all know that. (WORD!)

Emma: Nuh-uh.


Outside the crowd starts to get impatient.


Sophie: God, Emma, just pull yourself together now!

Timo takes Emmas hand and starts to pull.

Timo: Emma, come on, well all go out there together, now.

Emma resists.

Emma: No!

Hotte pushes Timo away from Emma. (Bestest Best Friend ever!)

Hotte: Hey, now leave her alone! Dont you see that youre only making it worse?

Luzi: What do you mean, we should all leave her alone? We have to go out there. Now!

Hotte: I can hypnotize her.

Timo: Oh god.


Outside in the audience:

Alexandra: Nobody is going to come out there anymore.

Götting: A very embarrassing event for this school.

Alexandra: They should have left you in the position of acting principal.

Götting: Then this wouldnt have happened.



Hotte: (to Luzi and Timo) Youll have to.

Luzi: Are you crazy?

Timo: Alright. This will either be the disgrace of the century or

Luzi: No. No!

Timo grabs Luzis hand and pulls her onto the stage. For some wondrous reason the (unplanned as it were!) music to Chasing Cars starts playing without further ado and they start singing.

Alexandra: How does she always manage that?

During the song, Miriam looks in from the hallway and gets a mean look back from Lara, Bea and Michael exchange looks with Karin looking on and Alexandra looks as if she has bitten into a lemon.

They finish the song and the crowd applauds.



[Pestalozzi, big stairs]


Miriam runs crying down the stairs.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Frau Krawczyk: And to make it to the last round Twelve Ages of the Humboldt Gymnasium! And now we get to the final group that was able to qualify for participation In the Cologne School Band Festival, taking part will be... (long pause)

Hotte: Is this the Top Model show, or something?

Sophie: Tsk!

Frau Krawczyk: Im especially happy about thisSTAG!


Cheers all around. The STAG takes to the stage.


Emma: You were great!

Hugs (and Luzi/Timo/Sophie drama) all around.

Emma hugs Luzi.

Emma: Thanks that you guys saved us.