Episode 73


translated by amidola and hephylax


Ep 73 (Jeeeennnyyy!!! I feel like Forrest Gump..but who cares? Jeeennnyyy!!!)


Krawczyk: And now we're getting to the last band who was able to qualify. The group that will partake in the Cologne school band contest is, and I am especially happy about that:STAG!!


(Wild cheering)




[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Michael(to Bea): This was the best thing, that I have seen on this stage in a long time.

They smile at each other and hug. Ben watches from the back of the room (Of course.) He isn’t looking happy, Bea stops smiling as well (don’t like his cologne?). Only Michael is enjoying himself.

They stop hugging and look at each other, meaningfully (aka without any chemistry whatsoever). (Where is Helena when you need her?)

Ben has had enough of this shit, grabs his jacket and leaves. (Go, Ben, go. Get home as quickly as you can.)


[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Timo: Luzi!! That was totally cool of you, how you just came through, earlier.

Luzi: I did it for the AG, not for you.

Timo: You were great.

Luzi: Both of us were. But that still doesn't change anything.


[Pestalozzi, other hallway]


Bea: Yesterday, around this time, I didn't even know if we'd be making the performance!

Michael: And now you're part of the festival. Now be happy for reals!

This has always been your designated goal!

Bea: I am happy, but I'm just too tired, it'll come later, when we're going to continue practicing.

Michael: or, when we'll be celebrating your success later. As I've heard, all of them will be at Chulos, don't you want to go, too?

Bea: I don't know, maybe they want to be among themselves.

Michael: I'm sure that they'd be happy if you were there. Well, I'd be happy...



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan Bergmann: Yes, thank you very much Mr.Götting. The Harani bank will be showing its gratitude for your unbureaucratic help very soon. Goodbye.

Ben: Playing the noble giver again, eh?

Jennychuckles: This has got to be Ben. He is exactly as you described him.

Ben: And you are..?

Stefan: This is Jenny Hartmann! (gets out Balloons and pompoms and does a cheerio dance routine..sorry, that was just me, not Stefan Bergmann..) The daughter of a business friend from London. She'll be staying with us for a year, and do her Abitur at Pestalozzi.

You're going to be in the same class, try to be nice to her.

Ben: Excuse me?

Stefan: Should I have asked your permission first?

Ben: Nope, but a little info in advance would have been nice..

Jenny: What a warm welcome, I'm feeling right at home.

Ben: Sorry, it's not my day.

Stefan: Don't take it personally, Jenny. This happens pretty often with Ben.


Ben: Actually, I'm pretty nice.

Jenny: I hope so, otherwise this will be one long year.

Ben: What about it, you give me a second chance, and I'll show you around town in return?

Jenny: Sounds good.





Sebastian: First round's on the house!


Hotte(?):To Luzi and Timo!

Luzi(?):What about dancing?

Hotte: Hey, don't you feel like like dancing? (Emma and Jenny scenes back to back? Be still my heart..)

What's up?

Emma: Nothing!

Hotte: Hey, don't beat yourself up for not daring to go on stage, that can happen to anyone.

Emma: Can you just keep your standard comfort phrases to yourself?

Hotte: What do you mean by standard comfort phrases? That's the truth!

Emma: The truth is, that I am a total looser and completely lost out up there, we could dream of the band festival at most, if Luzi and Timo wouldn't have covered for us!

Hotte: But Luzi and Timo did cover up, and rocked it, done.

Emma: And what if I'm scared again next time, and you can't count on me?

Hotte: Do you know why Luzi and Timo jumped in? Because we're a team. And it doesn't matter whether it's you and I or Luzi and Timo or whoever who sang that duet, the only thing that matters is that it has been sung. We're a team and you're a part of that team.

Luzi: And that's why we're going to dance now!!



[The Vogel home]


Miriam is cutting vegetables and crying. Bea comes in and plops down at the dinner table.

Bea: Hey! What a day. Where were you, anyway? I didn’t see you later on. Okay, what’s wrong?

Miriam: I’ve destroyed everything. Piet doesn’t talk to me anymore. Lara hates me.

Bea: But that’s nonsense. She doesn’t hate you.

Lara storms by carrying her bedding.

Miriam: Where are you going?

Lara: To be with Dad in the garage.

Miriam: She knows about me and Sebastian.

Bea: Did you tell her?

Miriam shakes her head.

Miriam: Then she probably would still talk to me. She listened in to a talk between us. She is never going to forgive me.

Bea: Yes, she is. Eventually.





We see the STAG dancing (the camera stays mostly on Emma which I take as intentional foreshadowing) when we hear…

Jenny: Come on, New York isn’t all that great.

(Jennyyyyyy!!! Hi Jenny!!! God, how I’ve missed you! Dear readers, you just had a change of translators, btw. That’s why you are getting the Jenny Hartmann cheers for the second time.)

She and Ben are sitting to the side of the dance floor.

Ben: You’re shitting me, aren’t you?

Jenny: Well, there are a few good clubs but the whole scene gets on your nerves after a while.

Ben: Maybe if you don’t know anything else.

Jenny: Riyadh and Cape Town weren’t that much better either.

Ben: Riyadh…and Cape Town…

Jenny: Didn’t you have to move around a lot, too? Your father is a big shot at the Harani Bank as well, isn’t he?

Ben: Obviously not as big as yours. I only had to move when I fucked up again and had to change schools.

(Oooo, there it is already. The big secret and the first time Jenny loses her cool façade a bit.) She turns her head and watches the dance floor.

Ben: Ah, I get it. What did you do?

Jenny continues to look at the dance floor and the dancing STAG members.//What hephylax isn't telling you, and what I know from memory, Luzi is dancing right in front of her, and Jenny is so checking her and the dancing girls out:-)

Jenny: Who are they?

Ben: Tell me. It can’t be any worse than what I did.(Oooh yeeees,it can, but we love you anyway, cause you're our Jenny!:-)

Jenny: Are they going to our school, too? (and is that cute blonde stilll single?)

Ben: May I introduce you to your new fellow students. Welcome to Cologne.



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: I just want everything to be like it was. I know that things with Sebastian didn’t happen without a reason and…that it wasn’t meaningless. - I really destroyed everything.

Bea: Miri. You have to make a decision. You owe it to them.

Miriam: If Piet would at least talk to me.

Bea: You can’t expect him to tell you what to do now. You have to decide what you want. Then he can act accordingly. The way things are now…it can’t continue like that.



[The Vogel garage]


Piet and Lara are sitting around a pot on a camping stove in their jackets. (Obviously, the Vogel garage isn’t such a high-end garage as the one Ben was held captive in. No heating./Just imagine they would have had to tie Ben to a camping stove..))

Lara: You can’t cook anything more than ravioli on that thing.

Piet: Now, don’t underestimate the good, old camping stove. It’s been through some wild times. I already had it when you weren’t even born. We wanted to go to some rock festival close by.

Lara: And did you go?

Piet: Oh yes.

Lara: And how was it?

Piet: It was one of the three most wonderful nights of my life.

Lara: I’ve heard that it’s always raining at those festivals.

Piet: Yes, it did back then as well. Just pouring down non-stop. We were standing up to our knees in mud.

Lara: Mom hated that, didn’t she?

Piet: She didn’t care. Her favourite band was playing and…she danced the whole night through.

Lara: And what about you?

Piet: I was dancing with her. And then, the next morning, when we wanted to go to sleep in the tent…there was a snake lying in it.

Lara: Ew. And what did you do then?

Piet: Well, I wanted to sleep in the car and your mother just took it and simply threw it into the bushes.(just for your info, there aren't any seriously poisonous snakes in Germany, don't try this in Australia,folks..or anywhere in the US, if that thing makes a rattling sound..well, if you're from the Southern US,you would probably have trapped and eaten it..)


[The Vogel home]

Miriam is looking at family pictures. (Lara was a pretty ugly child. Of course, I don’t really like children, so I might be biased.)


[The Vogel garage]


Lara: You guys were pretty much in love back then, weren’t you?

Piet: Of course.

Lara: Do you think…things between you…do you think you’ll get back together again?





Michael is lounging on a bar chair, throwing a look Sebastian’s way that makes me wonder about his brotherly feelings. Ew! /Hephylax! We know that his heart only has room enough for Ben..hmm, half brothers, still 25% of genes in common, you have to be at 12,5% or less for it to be legal..what?))

Michael: Say, have you talked to Miriam again?

Sebastian: I was at her place two days ago. What?! I just couldn’t stand it any longer.

Michael: You just can’t help yourself, can you?(Well, look who’s talking!/The guy with the inner catalogue,or something..)

Sebastian: And who are you waiting for?

Michael: For my drink.

Sebastian: No, you’re waiting for Bea.

Michael: Is that what it looks like?

Sebastian: Yes. First of all, the look on your face: a mixture of anticipation and tense ease. (It looks more like already pretty shit-faced to me.)Plus, Bea just came in.

Michael turns to look but Ben gets there first. (Again, one has to admit.)

Ben: Hey. I wanted to congratulate you. Great performance. You totally deserved to win.

Bea: Thanks.

Ben: Say…do you still have a free place in your course? I’m asking for a friend. She will be attending the Pestalozzi from tomorrow on, too.

Bea: In the middle of the school year? (Who cares? It’s Jenny!)

Ben: Götting made it possible. He’s doing my father a favor and thus secures the next big donation.

Bea: I see.

Ben: Well, and I’m helping her out a little, right now. Ähm, do you want me to introduce you to Jenny? (Yes Yes YES! More Jenny! We want more Jenny! I feel like I’ve smoked too much oregano. ;-)/Don't worry, gets out pompons)

Bea: Let’s talk about that in school, tomorrow, okay?

Ben: I get it. Tonight you want to party.

Bea walks over to Michael and hugs him. Ben watches them again from afar with the look we all know and loathe on his face (no, not the smug “I know you love me even though we hardly know each other and I behave like an immature prick all the time”. The other one./She actually ditches getting to know Jenny to talk to Michael?? Ok, maybe it's because Bea is more into blondes...)



[The Vogel garage]


Lara: Say, how do you adjust that thing to move back?

Piet: Do you want to sleep in the front seat?

Lara: Do you have a better idea?

Piet: Yes. How about your bed?

Lara: No way!

Piet: You have school tomorrow. You can’t sleep in the bus.

Lara: But you have to go to work tomorrow, too and you’re sleeping in the bus.

Piet: That’s different.

Lara: Why?

Piet: Because you have a perfectly good bed and it’s uncomfortable enough for me to sleep here alone. It’s just not possible for two. Now, come on…You know something? If you feel like ravioli out of a can tomorrow, you’re more than welcome here.

Lara: I hate that everything is like it is.

Piet hugs her.

Piet: Me too.



[In front of the Vogel house]


Bea: It was a nice evening.

Michael: Yes, I think so, too.

Bea: I better go in. – I would ask you to come in but …

Michael: It’s…too late already.

Bea: Actually, it’s too soon.

Michael: That’s one way to put it.

Bea: It was a nice evening. (Really!? You know something? Only having the Jemma scenes of the early episodes did have its perks. At least when they repeated some lines it was pure genius.)

Michael: You already said that.

Bea: Because it was nice. Because I hope that we’ll have lots of evenings like this in the future. (I think it’s about the balance of the universe. For the awesomeness of Jenny to not throw the world off its axis there has to be the threat of lots of Bea/Michael as a counterweight./I'm vvidly remembering my “Drops of Jupiter” trauma, and am strongly doubting that theory...))We should take it slowly.

Michael: You are probably right.

Bea: Good night.

Michael: Yes, good night.

(I do sometimes wonder what Bea's neighbors think..)



[The Vogel garage]


Bea: Good morning.

Piet: Hey. Coffee! Thanks. – I know exactly why you are here. You want me to come to the house and talk to Miriam…resolve everything and make up.

Bea: Don’t you want that?

Piet: You know, on the one hand, I would love to go home right now, reconcile with her, so we’re together again. A real family… I’m scared shitless to lose her, you know? But on the other hand, I’m starting to realize what damage she did. I mean, she slept with another guy and I hate her for that. Do you understand?

Bea: But she is still your Miriam.

Piet: She was my Miriam. She was my wife and she…she was the mother of my daughter, and now she is only the Miriam who lied to her husband, who risked her family… because her life wasn’t exciting enough?!

Bea: It wasn’t that easy for her.

Piet: I don’t care. I mean, she still slept with another guy. And I know that she didn’t have an easy life. I know that she became a mother at a young age, that she had to become a housewife… but did anyone ask me about my wishes? To cart around meat for Delicious Döner wasn’t on my wish list, either, I can tell you.

Bea: Do you regret it?

Piet: That’s exactly the thing. I don’t give a damn if the Bulli is standing in the garage or driving around outside. I’ve realized that all I need in life is right here on this real estate. And I could go ballistic because she took all of this away from me!

Bea: You mustn’t.

Piet: And why not?!

Bea: Because it’ll destroy you.



[Saal 1]


Götting: I’m happy you stayed the night at my place. We should do that more often.

Alexandra: Bob doesn’t have a medical conference every week, though. The rules of the game between us were clear from the start.

Götting: Rules that I didn’t make.

Alexandra: Then concentrate your energy on things for which you can make the rules.

Götting: That’s what I’m doing. There is only one thing in my life where I’m just standing back watching.

Alexandra: Now don’t start again. What’s your plan to make sure that this won’t become a regular occurrence?

She shows him a newspaper article with a photo of the STAG and the headline: “Smiling victors at the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School”

Götting: Small gifts.

Alexandra: For whom?

Götting: Well, for Krawczyk. I’m going to bombard her with small tempting gifts until she gives in.

Alexandra: You want to slip her some booze. A very good plan.

Götting: It is my plan, after all. (Hey Julian, not only are you planning on doing a Ronnie on poor Frau Krawczyk, you also just stole Emma’s line. Shame on you.)



[The Vogel garage]


Miriam: May I?

Piet: What do you want?!

Miriam: This is our family album.

Piet: I can see that.

Miriam: I’ve been looking at it all night. And the other 15 as well.

Piet: That’s nice for you.

Miriam: Piet, please.

Piet: What do you want from me?

Miriam: I want to talk to you. It shouldn’t be kike this,that after being in a relationship for 17 years, we just avoid each other and don’t talk about what happened.

Piet: I don’t feel like talking to you. And don’t give me that relationship of 17 years crap! I’m wondering how you could disregard everything after being together for 17 years and just jump into bed with some guy.

Miriam: Piet, I didn’t come here to fight with you. I’ve been thinking about us a lot in the last few days and I’ve come to a decision.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Ben is waiting for Frau Jäger when Bea walks by.

Bea: Good morning.

Ben: Ähm, do you have a moment? It’s about Jenny, the new girl who is living with us now. (I still get a thrill any time her name is mentioned. I’m never going to take it for granted, again.)

Bea: The student. You wanted to introduce her to me. Where is she?

Ben: She’s at the registration office right now. She’ll come by later. But my father asked me to already hand in the report cards and stuff.

Bea: She’s from London.

Ben: Yep.

Bea: And is now living with you for an entire year? It’s amazing that your father is going to all this trouble for her.(You only know half of it..and who wouldn't??)

Ben: I’m pretty sure that he owes her father a favour. He happens to be the director of the London branch of the Harani Bank.

Bea: Okay, then let’s see what we can take care of already.

In the background, Michael does what he does best in these circumstances: his creepy stalker impression. Alexandra seizes the opportunity to sow some doubts.

Alexandra: Ain’t love grand.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Alexandra: Well, if you look at the two of them together, it’s not so hard to imagine that they had something going on, once… or maybe still.

Michael: Those are only rumours.

Alexandra: Oh, come on. Don’t try to fool me. I have eyes in my head. And apparently, so do you.

(I’m still conducting my study but here are my interim findings: how much I like Alexandra really seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of cleavage she displays. I’m starting to worry about my lesbian street cred/It's ok, just look at the way she looks at Bea..better? I have finally realized why,with Anna und die Liebe, I suddenly keep checking out Anna's cleavage..it's a Lohmann induced reflex!).)


[The Vogel garage]


Miriam: You know how things have been between us in the last months. You didn’t notice me at all, anymore. My entire life was

Every time I was in the mood, you weren’t and when you were…(was he ever?)

Piet: You don’t need to tell me.

Miriam: And then I suddenly got the feeling: was that supposed to be it? My whole life?

Piet: Yes, and then you got yourself some guy to spice up your boring life a little.

Miriam: No, Piet. It wasn’t like that. Still, it was an enormous mistake. As I was looking at the photos of the two of us yesterday… I realized again how much binds us together. I don’t want to lose you, Piet. Please…forgive me.