Episode 74


Translated by: Amidola+Hephylax

Edited by: Lied


[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Piet: So you want me to go to the house, talk to Miriam, and for us to make up?

Bea: Isn't that what you want?

Piet: I know that life hasn't been easy on her, I know that she was a teenage mom, I know that she had to be a housewife.


Miriam: You know exactly how it was between us, these last months..you hardly noticed me anymore. Our life was just routine. Whenever I wanted something from you, you didn't want me, and when you...I don't want to lose you Piet. (I can't escape! There's no escaping...the pictures in my head! Isn't it fifty eps later?) Please..forgive me.




[Piet's Garage]


Miriam: Piet! I love you. Don't you love me anymore?

Piet: Of course I love you, and you know it, too..probably more than you have ever loved me.

Miriam: No..that's not true.

Piet: How am I ever supposed to trust you again?

Miriam: We can rebuild the trust!

Piet: How am I supposed to forget what you have done to me?

Miriam: Let us go away..somewhere..it doesn't matter. Or..we wanted to renovate the house together..

Piet: We? ..We. I have noticed little of that we lately..

Miriam: Or..we could go to marriage counseling..

Piet: You know what I want? (Your VW Bus?) I want a divorce.

Miriam leaves crying – ouch.


Oh boy..you're an idiot, Piet.../ He's hurt! Give him a break. ;) Though making Miriam cry is such a deal breaker. Anyway, let's move on. Jumping around giddy here for the next scene!


[Pestalozzi Schoolground]


Hotte: Geography was really crass..did you do the homework?

(Clanking of a bike getting run over. Eo-eo!)

JENNYY!: Oh, shit!

Hotte:Wait! I'll help you!

Jenny: Didn't you mean to help me? I'm afraid the bike's stuck. I think I killed it.

Hotte: Oh quatsch, that's just a scratch, I'm gonna take care of it.

Jenny: Thanks, I'm Jenny by the way, and you? Who are you?

Hotte: Dennis, but you can call me Hotte.

Jenny: Oh, Okay.

Caro: So, who was that just now? In Ben's cabrio?

Hotte: Jenny.

Caro: And who, please, IS Jenny?

Hotte: No idea.




[Pestalozzi – Teachers Lounge]


Michael: Hey.

Bea: Hey.

Michael: I've seen you with Ben Bergmann at the secretary's, earlier. Was it about something special?

Bea: It was about this new student, who is living at the Bergmann's now. (Jeeennnyyy!!) Why?

Michael: Cause he wasn't at the coaching today, and I thought, that maybe it had something to do with it.

Bea: You still have these hours?The thing with the swimming pool has been eons ago..

Michael: We would have been finished a long time ago, if he would attend regularly.

Bea: Should I talk to him?

Michael: No, I'm going to take care of it.

Bea: I wanted to thank you.

Michael: What for?

Bea: The thing with the AG.You contributed in large part to the performance being a success. (How?Did he plug the stereo in again??)

Michael: It was my pleasure.

Bea: And for talking me into coming to the Chulos with you. I had a lot of fun.

Michael: So did I.

Götting: Enjoyable evening. My thoughts as well, congratulations, Ms.Vogel. I do hope, however, that the success hasn't gone to your head, and that the auditorium is going to clean itself up?

Bea: I'm going to take care of it..see you later.

Götting: I didn't mean to disturb your tete a tete, but the school curriculum does have priority.

Michael: That's news to me, that you see it that way..


[Headmaster Office]

Krawczyk enters and spots the gift on her desk. She's excited until...Surprise! It's tasty alcohol covered by tasty chocolate. Now she's not so happy anymore and goes to the secretary.


Krawczyk: Do you know whom that package sitting on my table is from?

Jäger: No, there was nothing in the mail, and nobody delivered it personally to me either..strange..

Maybe a secret admirer? (Dr. Wendtland?)

Krawczyk: Hardly.


[Götting's politics course – aka the class of future name mixing up terror]


Götting: Good morning. This is Jenny Hartmann.

Jenny: Hello.

Götting: Jenny is from London and is going to do her German Abitur here with us. Just go ahead and pick a free place, Jenny. ('Pick me, pick me, pick me!' the chairs are chanting.)

Jenny: Hi, is this chair taken? (Swooooon)

Emma: I'm Emma.

Götting: Emma, if you would still like to preserve a chance of getting your abitur, you should rather pay attention instead of doing small talk. - Comparative study of Democratic Systems,who has done their homework? (I shall obliterate you from the surface of the earth if you haven't.)



MUTEMATH – Lost Years starts playing


(since I have no clue what's happening, I'm inserting a selfimaged video of Jenny and Emma in here..visions of the future..la,laa,laaa...this song, luckily, taaakes foreeever..)


Unfortunately ami is wrong. Really there are no shots of Jemma, but an icefield is shown, and then Saal 1 and Miriam deep in thoughts, doing what? Exactly cleaning the silvery...because that's what a bartender does. Cleaning silvery and glasses all day long. ... while talking about having lived in Cape Town, Hongkong, New York...wait..no back to Miriam and Piet being sad and revisiting old memories, that's what's really happening. Actually there are some fun and cute pictures involved.



[Alexandra's French Class – Eternal Faint]

Warning. French is not the strength of your translators here. It's so bad that ami understood 'Lava' instead of 'Lara'. I'm still laughing ;) Anyway, mainly the scene is about Alexandra being hot speaking french.


Alexandra: Qui veux traduit en allemand, - Lara, peut-être? - Lara.

Lara: What?

Alexandra: Tu dermimon blabla – (My french is giving out on me. No surprise there Haha Well, she wants her to translate the word 'Divorce', that's all you must know.)

Alexandra: Alors, s'il vous plait.

Student: The divorce.

Alexandra: Tout à fait. Le divorce, c'est 'the divorce'.

(What a weird coincidence that they are talking about divorce when Lara is just going through that fear of her parents divorcing. Lohmann even underlines the word, just in case someone didn't get the allusion. She's a nice teacher like that.)


[Saal 1]


Miriam: Sorry, I have to go home. I'm not feeling so well.


We end with a shot of Sebastian witnessing Miriam leave and being worried about her and thoughtful of what he's done to her.


Now after that endless song is over, let's get back into squee mode!


[Hallway in front of the classrooms]

Götting opens the door and leaves his class, ending his lesson of terror. Our girls walk out after him some time later, looking oh so adorable and oh so cool – guess who is who.


Jenny(!!!): Whoa, that Göting is pretty tough.

Emma: Yeah, just wait til you see the exams, they're sheer horror.

Jenny: Ok, then, see you tomorrow.

Emma: Jenny...I have been asking myself..there is this singing and dancing club at our school(Emma stutters a little bit here:-) / Aww!) and we're going to take part in a big festival soon, and I wanted to ask you, if you wanted to come by, maybe tomorrow, to check it out.

Jenny: Sounds good, I'll think about it. Thank you, Emily.

Emma: Emma.


[Hallway in front of the Teacher Lounge]

Götting *whistles* and is happy that the introduction of Jenny and Emma went so well. Okay, maybe Jenny didn't remember Emma's name, but at least he got the stone rolling. Maybe really he isn't that evil?


Krawczyk: Mr. Götting, I was looking for you.

Götting: Well, one can't be everywhere.

Krawczyk: I was wondering if by any chance you were in my office earlier, maybe to turn in the new schedules?

Götting: I am sorry, but I did not have the opportunity to do them yet. (I had to take care of Jenny Hartmann and this Müller girl first. I have the feeling they'll become THE supercouple. They may get our school worldwide known! And if I don't die before they'll hit there peak, I somehow will find a way to use this for our revenue.) But they're not due until tomorrow anyways, not that it is said that I am not doing my work on time.

Krawczyk: Take your time. Oh and maybe the task will go easier with some brainfood.

Götting: Oh, thank you, how attentive.

Krawczyk: Right Mr. Götting. That I am, especially in regards to you.


[Teacher's Lounge]

Bea and Michael are exchanging glances...*eye roll*


Götting: Miss Vogel, you're looking so dreamy. Have you everything done already?

Bea: Well, I'm busy with the math exam. Probability calculation.

Götting: How nice for you, well, then calculate the probability for the auditorium to look like the auditorium and not, say..Pearl Harbor, for me, will you?

Bea: I was there just now, the students are almost done.

Götting: You're not really relying on the students taking care of this by themselves?

Bea: Why not?

Götting: Cause they're students?

Bea: My students are reliable. But since it means so much to you, I will of course go and see to it, personally, Mr. Götting.

Götting: Thank you.


[Students Lounge]


Ben: After the abitur? No idea what I'm going to do next week, maybe I'm just going to be a rockstar!

Bea: Ben, do you have a moment?

Ben: Sure.

Bea: Mr.Heisig told me, that you have missed the coaching hours, is there a reason?

Ben: I forgot, I had to show our whole house to Jenny, explain the way to school to her and then took care of her admission paperwork.

Bea: Well, then take care to see to it, that you'll make up for your missed coaching hours with Mr.Heisig.

Ben: I will, even though I don't know what these crappy hours are supposed to be about...

Bea: I'm the wrong person to ask.

Ben: Oh, is that so? And then why are you discussing his appointments with me and are putting your back into it for him so much?

Bea: I wish you a nice day, and don't forget about the coaching hours.



Luzi is reading the article about STAG's performance.


Luzi: Dude, when I saw the audiene, I thought, that I wasn't gonna make it..I never would have thought, that there'd be that many people!

Timo: And the applause...that was such an intense feeling..it was ..it was like..

Hotte: It was better than sex!

Emma: Yeah, and you would know.

Hotte hits her with the broom.

Emma: Ouch!
Timo: Is everything alright? Hey, are you still thinking about the disappearance of Ms. Lohmann's sister? (Obvious thing is obvious, since Sophie is reading the article about it right at this moment. Staring at it the whole time.)

Sophie: All of this is totally strange.

Timo: Ms.Vogel explained it to us: Franziska and Jens are in Australia and while you're tearing out your hair over this, the two of them are most probably in the pacific ocean, swimming right now..

Sophie: Yes..bu there's something else...it's my mom..since she saw Ms.Vogel's postcard, she's acting really strange. It's as though she knew this Jens.


Bea: Wow, the auditorium is cleaner than it was before.

Hote: And what are we going to do now?

Bea: Practice, of course. We want to feature something new for the band festival. I've got songs for you here. Take a pick.



Jenny is strolling around the school. So good to see her back in these hallways. Anyway, Caro is lying in wait for her, like we all would.


Caro: Nice jacket. (Jenny is SO checking her out.) I bought one just like it at Brick Lane.

Jenny: You know your way around London?

Caro: I go there for shopping sometimes. (Why is she not wearing Leggings then?) I've heard you're from there.

Jenny: Right.

Caro: I'm Caro, by the way. Hi!

Jenny: Hi Caro, you already know who I am.

Caro: Not really, but I know that you're driving around in Ben's convertible. How long have you two known each other? I mean, you and Ben?

Jenny: Our fathers know each other. My father is the head of the Harani bank in London, and that's why I'm allowed to live with the Bergmann's for the year.

Caro: Great, so we'll be seeing each other around.

Jenny: Seems like it.

Caro: Cologne isn't London exactly, but we've got a few nice corners in town. If you want to, we could do something together, I could show you some shops. And if you're looking for a change, we've got a pretty cool Beach Volley Team at the school. Just hop by.

Jenny: We'll see, I've never really been into sports (I look like this naturally../HAHA ftw!)

Caro: Ah, you can do it..(Checking-Her-Out) I got an eye for that sort of thing. There are a few cool people there, so think about who you're hanging out with..

Jenny: I have to go..

(Like, seriously, Jenny is probably wondering if she has been sent to the boarding school of all of our wildest dreams!! Was it always clear that Jenny would head for Emma and not for Caro??/ Well, I think so. Especially since Jenny immediately got that Caro was mainly interested in how she knows Ben, and if she's competition for her (see dinner scene later). But smart move on Caro's part - making your enemies to your friends.)


[Headmaster Office]

Krawczyk reads a piece of paper and does some calculations. Something seems to not add up and she goes to the cabinet to search for some documents. What she finds is a bottle of the good old Wodka Muskil which probably is of such good quality that you'll be having a headache for a week from it. Anyway it has a note stuck to it saying: One sip can't do no harm...



Stag sings „She said“


Bea: Wow, not bad for the first time (she probably said the same thing to Ben..Not missing the flashbacks.)

Michael: Not bad? Actually that was stage worthy already.

Bea: We're finishing up for today.

Timo: Hey, wanna come into town with us, we wanted to go and grab some drinks.

Luzi: No, I have to go home and study math.

Timo: Alright, too bad.


Bea: Have you only come by for the praise or is there anything else?

Michael: I actually meant to see if I could help you clean up, but that obviously isn't necessary anymore..

Bea: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Michael: Yeah..there's be something...




Emma: I'm sorry about the comment about the sex earlier...

Hotte: Ach, no problem.

Emma: What is this grinning all about? News from your US musicalstar? (I am not making this up/It's so funny that they let his dream woman be a musical star. Hint, hint, wink, wink. Loving the #Hahe writers!)

Hotte: I didn't follow up on that.

Emma: I thought that was your absolute dream woman..or did I miss something??

Hotte: I don't need a dream woman from America, and if you believe it or not, the real live dream woman crossed my path today, right here. (And is a musical star. I think I might be into that thing.)

(Emma spots her damaged bike)

Emma: Oh noes.

Hotte: Oh yes, and I met her right here.

Emma: Hotte, snap out of it! Look at my bike! It looks like someone ran right over it! (I hope, that both of them will stick to public transportation in the future...trains..trains are nice) Which idiot would do something like that?

Hotte: It' just some dirt..that is gonna be fixed in no time flat.

Emma: Great, and I can walk home now.




Michael: I wanted to ask you if you'd have dinner with me tonight...but if you need time, that's totally ok...no it's even good, if you need time, cause....I need time, too..or I should need time...This sounded really strange now...I mean, that we should take things relaxed..over dinner..tonight..so that's what it sounds like when one is talking himself into trouble..

Bea: I would love to have dinner with you tonight.

Michael: Yes? I'll get us a table for tonight at Saal1.

Bea: Good.

Michael: See you later.

Bea: Michael...


Building suspense … oh...hand reaching out...taking his (wow is Bea's hand small in comparison to Michael's.)...more suspense, coming closer.. Oh-oh! Ben in the background. Ben in the background! .. No don't do it Bea, don't.... leaning in closer... Even if Ben wasn't there. Just don't do it, Bea. - Too late. She's kissing Michael. And Ben isn't happy, stalking through the transparent windows.