Episode 76

Translated by Carrie edited by amidola


(Previously on Hand aufs Herz)



Caro: What’s in there?

Alexandra:The math test, you are going to write in Bea Vogel's class.

Caro: Really?

Alexandra:There are enough copies for everyone.







Caro tears open the envelope

Caro: That’s…

leaving the roomshe runs into Ms.Vogel

Bea: Miss Eichkamp! How did your talk with the principal go?

Caro: Mrs. Lohmann said that I didn’t have to go. She will attend to the matter.

Bea: Ah, will she?

Caro:Yes. I should rather concentrate on my training.

Bea: Then be careful not to forget, with all of your training,that there is going to be a math test.

Caro:Surely not. I know how important the results are for graduation.

Bea: Okay. Then, good luck.

Caro:I think the whole course knows. Have a nice day! Ah, and lots of fun with your…AG!





Emma and Hotte

Hotte: Well, listen, as follows…you are going to talk to her again about the STAG.

Emma: But Jenny already said that she is going to think about it!

Hotte: Yes, and that’s why we have to influence her decision!

Emma: Aha, and how?

Hotte: The sense of unity, the feelgood factor. You must tell her how cool it is with us! And then it would be cool if you would tell her, that it’s me who takes care of the good spirit! Yes, and then you mention my voice. That very special, that velvety ,coarse touch....

Emma: And you really want me to say that?

Hotte: Of course! And right at that moment, I'll be coming along by chance and invite her to the AG. And then we are going to go to the auditorium.

Emma: And we show her everything.

Hotte: Ishow her everything! Unfortunately you can’t! You have to…no idea…but never mind. (Oh yes Hotte, unconsciously you realize the rival!!!/I'm still hung up on showing Jenny everything, I mean ALL of the auditorium,of course...)

The main point is that I’m going to be alone with her! The rest is going to work like a swiss watch!

Emma: Like clockwork!

Hotte: There she comes! Come on! (Jenny is literally shown walking in, in slow motion.I bet, if they could have justified it somehow, they'd have had her floating in)

Emma: But…eh. Hi Jenny!

Jenny: Hi! What’s up?

Emma: Eh, I’m Emma! And…

Caro: Jenny, tell me, beach volleyball training is later. Would you like to come with me?

Jenny: Ah, not today, I have a lot to do!

Emma: Ehm…

Caro: Well, I understand that! Pushing Emma aside…

(Well Emma, rough times lie ahead of you…but in the end “The winner takes it all”!/100 points for the ABBA reference, Carrie:-D)

You’re also in the math A course of Ms. Vogel's?

Jenny: Aha

Caro:Maybe I can help…

Caro and Jenny are going upstairs





Ingrid: The yearbooks of 1999 and 2000? What do you need them for?

Sophie:Tofind out about the history of the AG for Ms. Vogel. As a surprise. And therefore…psst.

Ingrid: Well, that’s a pretty nice idea. But I’m afraid that I can’t help you with the yearbooks.

Sophie: You can’t?

Ingrid: There was a water damage in the basement, and almost the complete school archive was destroyed.

Sophie: Well,that can’t be helped,then. Thanks anyway.

Timo: You're planning a surprise for Ms. Vogel? Well that’s a first.

Sophie:Well, actually…

Timo: Ah, it’s about Miss Lohmann's sister and that Jens! You really want to know what happened back then, right?

Sophie: My father transferred money to Australia and if only I had this yearbook, then…maybe I could find a hint why.

Timo: I'll come up with an idea, okay?



[The Vogel house]



Piet: How am I supposed to ever trust you again?

Miriam: We can rebuild confidence!

Piet: How am I supposed to forget what you have done to me!



Piet on the phone

Piet:Hello,Vogel here. I would like an appointment with Lawyer Hohgrabe. Yes, I'll wait.






Michael: I’m sorry.

Bea: It’s okay. No problem.

Michael: Well, okay. I did realize that you wanted to distance yourself.

Bea: I hope you don’t resent me for that.

Michael: No, of course not. But it's really a pity. I don’t even want to start talking about it. It’s about something else.

Bea: What?

Michael: It's about your niece. We just had a staff meeting, and it seems that her performance has gone extremely downhill.

Bea: In what way?

Michael: Zero points (F with a capital Fail)in French and this although she was one of the best in the class til a few months ago. It’s almost the same with the other subjects. If she goes on like that she won't make the year. I think it would be better if you talk to her.

Bea: Thanks for letting me know. I will do that.

Michael: Fine.




On the street, somewhere in uhm,Cologne

Miriam is lugging groceries home


Sebastian: Miriam! Wait! I'll help you! How are you?

Miriam: My gosh! My husband wants a divorce, how should I feel?

Sebastian: That’s…I’m sorry!

Miriam: Yes! I’m too!

Sebastian: If there's something you need...you can call me,anytime!

Miriam: I don't think that’s such a good idea.

Sebastian: I didn’t want to say that we…

Miriam: I know! But we rather shouldn’t see each other again. I don’t mean to provoke Piet any further. I love him! I want to do everything to prevent this divorce.




[Back at Pestalozzi]


Bea: That’s really a problem.

Lara: Maybe, but it's not not yours!

Bea: That may be so, but I want to help you. You might not make this yearthis way.

Lara: But I can’t concentrate on any of that.

Bea: Is it because of your parents?

Lara: I just can't understand how Mum could have done this to us! Now everything is in the shitter and Dad is living in the garage. I just don’t want for everything to break apart. Gosh! I just want everything to be like it used to be!

Bea: Sweetie! It’s by no means certain that they won't get it together again. Maybe they'll manage!

Lara: And what if not? What happens then? Are they going to sell our house and where will we move? With whom will I stay? It makes me wanna puke!

Bea: Lara, I know! But your parents love you! And if something’s changing you also going to have a say in the matter!

Lara: Til now neither one talked to me.

Bea: But they love you! And nothing is going to change that!

Lara: Of course! Everything has already changed! Everything will change! Blame it on this damned bar-keeper!



[Pestalozzi - Auditorium]


Hotte: Guys! I have great news! I pulled out all stops and left no stone unturned, and I managed to gain the new girl from England for our AG!

Emma: You?

Hotte: Me! At least I think so!

Emma: So! You think so! (:-D)

Hotte: However! Anyway, when Jenny comes to rehearsal for the first time we absolutely must make a good impression!

Sophie: And that means you are going to hide yourself in the closet, or what?

Hotte: That means you are going to behave for half an hour as civilized humans would.

Timo(picking his nose): What do you mean by that,exactly?

Hotte: Exactly that! No nose-picking, no grunting and no dumb flirting! You think you can manage that?

Luzi: Short interposed question, Mr. Knigge(German author on civilized behavior:-): Why is it so heavily important that this Jenny takes part?

Can she sing so wonderfully?

Hotte: No idea! I mean certainly!

Luzi: Now what?

Hotte: Well I didn’t hear her sing! But who looks that way! I mean HEY! If Jenny’s voice fits approximately the rest then…STRIKE!

Emma: Which brings us back to the subject of the civilized human being..


Bea: Sorry to be late!(What else!!!)Let’s start! There’s a lot of work to do until the band festival.

Luzi: And what will we start with?

Bea: A duet?

Timo: grunting Uah!

Luzi: Mrs. Vogel…

All together: NO DUET!

Bea: Okay! No duet! How about “She said”?

Emma, Luzi: Good idea!

Hotte: Could we wait just one more moment? Maybe Jenny will be coming yet!

Emma: Just begin, we are ready!



[Villa Bergmann, Ben is lazily leafing through surfing magazines]

Ben’s phone rings

Ben: Yo!

Michael (at the phone): Here’s Heisig! Ben?

Ben: Mr. Heisig! Well, what’s up?

Michael (at the phone): I’d like to know why you didn’t come to the coaching,again?(Michael must be hitting a record for being stood up by now..)

Ben: Ah, yes, the coaching. Something important has come up.

Michael (at the phone): Then get a grip on your time management! And sooner, rather than later! These coaching lessons aren’t a voluntary event!

Ben: The I will definitely come next time!

Michael (at the phone): We‘ll meet tomorrow, 1 p.m. And do yourself a favor in being there on time! Have a good one!




[Pestalozzi - Auditorium]


STAG performing “She said”


Jenny comes along, watching the performance, looking quite surprised (and she is totally checking out Emma with her windy city hairdo and her weird vest, boogeing it up, and did I mention how much I love this song,yet?)

Jenny: They are really good..One couldn't have told by looking at them.

Caro: You think so?

Jenny: Hm. Yes! They rock!


The gang finishes

Bea: Wow! That was really great!



[The Vogel house]


Radio:You realize that you hurt your partner with your behavior! That’s a first step! You know everybody knows from personal experience how fast a wrong decision is made and how fast a mistake is made. Unfortunately that’s very human and your partner knows that. Naturally it is hard for him, and surely not only for him but also for your relationship, if he begins to question everything that has been between you. But confidence has to be created and if it is destroyed it is difficult to rebuild.


Miriam: Piet! Come in! Shall I make coffee?

Piet:No thanks. Not for me. Maybe we can talk?

Miriam: Yes! Of course! Let’s sit down?




[Pestalozzi, at the tables in front if the kiosk]


Emma: Look! Your Jenny’s coming!(:-D Excuse me grinning over here like a maniac)

Jenny: Hello, ehm…

Emma: Emma!

Jenny: Emma!

Emma: My name is Emma!

Jenny: Nothing personal! I’m awful with names! And you? You are…

Hotte: swallowing the wrong way chokes out:Hotte.

Emma: Ehm, you wanted to think about joining the STAG? Cause you didn't come to the rehearsal today.

Jenny: Today? Well, I listened to you, but I didn’t mean to disturb.

Hotte: Not you! I mean! You wouldn’t have disturbed.

Jenny: Thanks! That's very nice of you! You are really good. Not as nerdy as they all say!

Emma: You think so?(:-) Even I'm almost blushing with the editing here..)

Jenny: Mhm.

Emma: It was Hotte’s idea, ehm, I mean to rehearse the song for the band festival, where he’s singing the leading part.

Hotte: Ah, today that wasn’t hardly anything! And above all we could need some support. If you’re up for it?

Jenny: I don’t know!

Hotte: Of course!I mean you don’t know us very well, yet. Why don’t you come to the Chulos with us? Nearly the whole AG will be there. And then you can experience the cool combo firsthand live.Emma mouthes “combo??” at him in horror behind Jenny's back Well, combo…that’s kind of self-ironic. Pete Doherty also called The Babyshambles his combo. (Non-yay for references to druggies in front of a former addict..and nice foreshadowing there:-)

Emma: Did he?

Hotte: Yes, he did! And that’s not the only parallel. So, if you’re in the mood for it and you want to get an impression, just come to Chulos!

Jenny: I going to think about it! But now I have to go!

Hotte: Ahm. That was convincing, right?

Totally, I love you Hotte, but Jenny was making eye contact with Emma the whole time.:-)


[At Sophie’s home]


Sophie: Come on tell me. What did you bring me?

Timo: A historic tome. Guess what!


Sophie: That’s the yearbook of 99/2000!

Timo: Hmh. How did I do that?!

Sophie: Ace! Where did you get that?

Timo: Tja! Mirco's uncle graduated just that year from Pestalozzi. So I just asked him and bingo!

Sophie: Thank you!

Timo: Well I still don’t know why you want to know, by all means, what happened back then.(Oh, won't you find out!Surprise!)

Sophies mum: What is there that Sophie needs to know by all means?

Timo: That all of us want to go to Chulos tonight.

Sophies mum: Where did you get this from?

Sophie: Hey mum, the book…

Sophies mum: I’m going to take it now! You better concentrate on your graduation!

Timo: Mrs. Klein,sorry,but that’s mine. I borrowed it. I have to bring it back!

Sophies mum: Though really, bring it back. I don’t want to see it here again! And we had an agreement, you forgot?

Sophie: Thank you!





Sebastian: I just want to help her!

Michael: That’s all well and good but…

Sebastian: I don’t want anything from her! I just want her to know that I ‘m there for her! Nothing more!(Sebastian, you're such a sweetheart, shame you didn't get more screentime)

Michael: Well, you don’t need to convince me! But nevertheless I think you’re the last to be helping Miriam! What are you going to do if the guy opens the door?

Sebastian: I could also call her! On her mobile!

Michael: Seriously, Sebastian! The Vogels have enough of their own troubles to deal with. Just do Miriam the favor and let her be!



[The Vogel house]



Lara: Hey!

Piet:Sit down! We are going to eat in a moment. Your mother made a veggie casserole and before that we'll have my tomato soup,special recipe.

Lara: You mean: open the can and spice up with plenty of chili.

Piet:Something like that. Mama also will come in,in a few moments.

Lara: Nice that we are eating together again at last.


Lara: What’s up?

Piet:Your mother and I talked earlier, for a long time. And we have made a decision.

Lara: Did you make up ? Are you going to move in again?

Piet:We both of us decided that it’s better to get a divorce.

Lara: No! You can’t do that! I don’t want that! You damage everything! And you don’t give a shit how I feel about it! You guys suck!


Lara: Leave me alone!



[at Pestalozzi]

Timo: You’re right! Your mother completely overreacted when she saw the yearbook.

Sophie: Well, that’s what I thought.

Timo: You think it really has got to do with this Jens? I mean with him and the disappearance of Ms. Lohmann’s sister?

Sophie: I could imagine that.

Timo: Mhm. Why you are that sure? Do you have any concrete hints?



Sophie: 5000 €? To Australia?


Timo: Sophie? Hello, I'm talking to you!

Sophie: Sorry, I don’t know anything for certain. And I’m not sure at all if it’s worth to investigate any further.

Shouldn’t we go to the movies?





Michael: Well, I just didn’t think it could get even more complicated.

Sebastian: I thought there was this magic kiss that changed everything?

Michael: Don’t sneer at me. It was a good kiss. But Mr. Bergmann did watch us and that confused Bea.

Sebastian: You think there is still something going on between those two?

Michael: Allegedly not! But it was getting too much for Bea. She didn’t feel like having chaos and confusion at school. I can relate to that!

Sebastian: Maybe we should concentrate on another animal species! Well we don’t seem to have a knack for the species “Vogel” (birds).


Lara storms up to the bar

Lara:You ass-hole!

Sebastian: Lara!

Lara: You damage everything! Cause of you my parents are getting divorced!

Michael: Sit down first!

Lara: Leave me alone!

I'm warning you! If you'll come too close to my mother I'm going to kill you!

And she throws a glass at Sebastian's head (I kid you not) that shatters against the wall behind the bar


Bad Luck with the Vogelwomen, no kidding.