Episode 77

translated by hephylax edited by amidola


Caro: What’s in there?

Alexandra: The math test you are writing tomorrow in Bea Vogel’s class.

Caro: Really!?


Piet: Both of us decided that it would be better to get a divorce.

Lara: I don’t want that! You’re destroying everything. And you don’t give a damn about how this affects me! You really suck!

Miriam: Lara!

Lara: Leave me alone!


Lara: You asshole! You’re destroying everything. Because of you my parents are getting divorced! I’m warning you. If you'll come near my mother again, I’m going to kill you! (throws bottle at Sebastian,he ducks out of its vengeful path)








Lara: I’m serious. I’ll kill you!

Sebastian is a little shocked and throws a ‘please help me, you’re the professional, here’ look at Michael who is sitting at the bar.

Michael: Now…now calm down.(very professional)

Lara: I don’t want to calm down!

Michael: Come on. Heyheyhey.

Michael puts his arms around her and she starts to cry.

Michael: Everything will be okay, everything’ll be okay.(I'm sure Michael got that kind of coaching out of a 90ties songbook instead of a counseling brochure..glad Jenny didn't break down with him..)



[Sophie’s home, living room]


Sophie looks through the Pestalozzi 1999/2000 yearbook.Her mother comes in.

Frau Klein: Didn’t you want to go out with Timo?

Sophie: Ähm…yes. But I don’t really feel like partying, right now.

Frau Klein: Mhm. – Sophie. Concerning earlier…I’m sorry that I reacted so strongly to that yearbook. And in front of Timo,at that. That wasn’t my intention.

Sophie: It’s okay.

Frau Klein: You know, I’m still thinking about your father everyday and it takes a lot of my strength not to start crying when I think about how he… I can understand that you want to find out everything about him. He is your father but…but believe me, you won’t find anything in there.

Sophie: You’re probably right. Why should Dad have anything to do with Franziska Lohmann?

Frau Klein: Yes, exactly. So, all is well again?

Sophie: All is well again.

They hug.Her mother leaves and Sophie’s gaze lands on the yearbook page of “Our choir – the ‘Singing Lunettes’” and a picture of a young Miriam.



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: You could have broken it to Lara more gently, you know?

Piet: How are you supposed to break it gently to your daughter that you want to get divorced? I really would like to know that.

Miriam: Maybe this entire decision shouldn’t have been made so rashly. For Lara’s sake, as well.

Bea: Evening.

Piet: Are you trying to tell me that I don’t care about Lara, or something?

Miriam: No, I’m trying to say that I at least tried to save this marriage.

Piet: Oh please, when did you fight for our marriage? When you slept with Sebastian?!

Bea: Now stop shouting at each other. You should rather think about how to proceed.

Piet: Nothing is going to proceed. I want a divorce. End of story. I’ll be in the garage.

Miriam: It just can’t be true. What am I going to do now? I can’t let Piet go just like that.

Bea: Leave him alone for now. He’ll reconsider. He doesn’t want the divorce, either.

Miriam: I’m not so sure about that..

Bea’sphone rings.

Bea: Excuse me. Hello Michael.

Michael: Hello Bea. I’m sorry for calling so late but…Lara is here at Chulos. She's at the end of her line and created a little disturbance here.

Bea: Lara created some disturbance? What do you mean?

Michael: Lara is okay. It’s best if you’ll just come and pick her up.

Bea: Alright. I’ll be right there.

Miriam: What happened to Lara?

Bea: She’s at Chulos. Don’t worry, she’s fine. I’ll go over there and check.

Miriam: I’ll come with you.

Bea: It’s better if I go alone. I’ll be right back. With Lara.





Chulos is empty. Sebastian is cleaning up where the bottle hit the wall behind the bar.

Bea: Is everything alright?

Sebastian: Yes yes.

Michael and Lara come in.

Bea: What happened?

Michael: Your niece threw a beer bottle at Sebastian.

Bea: You did what!?

Michael: I’ll leave her here with you.

Bea: A bottle?

Lara: He deserved it. He’s to blame for everything.

Bea: You know that’s not true! Your mother knows that it was the biggest mistake of her life (Sebastian is standing right there and hears Bea’s sensitive words)and she would do anything to undo it.

Bea and Lara leave after Bea throws Sebastian an apologetic (maybe) look.



[Bergmann villa, dinner table]


Hello there, Jenny!


Stefan: Tell me, Jenny, are you already getting settled in, in Cologne a little?

Jenny: Cologne isn’t London but…it does have its perks.(Like cute blondes..everywhere!)

Ben: Just wait until carnival/mardi grass rolls around. It gets totally crazy. You might like it.

Stefan: Are you getting on well at school?

Jenny: My classmates are alright, really. And so are the teachers.

Stefan: I’m glad to hear that. (The phone rings)If you will excuse me.

Ben: Alright. And now the truth. How do you really like it?

Jenny: Well, the city is really more of a village. Everything’s super small and tiny. And… I didn’t know that you could put tiles on houses from the outside. And the school… well, apart from the fact that it is somehow resembling a barracks (meta moment!), there are some really strange people there. You were right about Caro. Barbie on the outside, beast on the inside. (this line is so win..)I wouldn’t want to have her as my enemy.

Ben: Caro is a little particular.

Jenny: You think so? I think she’s rather stereotypical compared to the AG Singing and Dancing. I listened to them recently. Good sound. You wouldn’t know that they had it in them. That one freak wearing glasses… he’s really crazy. The things that come out of his mouth…incredible.

Ben: Hotte. He is totally okay. A little strange but a good guy.

Jenny: The director is cool, isn’t she?

Ben: Yes, she is.

Jenny: A little more information, please.

Ben: Frau Vogel went to this school as well and sang in the Music AG. She’s got it down. You should join them. I think you would really like it.

Jenny: Hm. We’ll see.



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: Lara! What happened? Why were you at Chulos?

Lara: That’s none of your business!

Miriam: Not in that tone of voice, Missy! I want to know what happened!

Bea: You go on up to your room. I’ll explain things.

Miriam: Will you finally tell me what happened?!

Bea: She threw a bottle at Sebastian.

Miriam: What!? For God’s sake, was he injured?

Bea: No. There was just a lot of broken glass.

Miriam: How could she just go somewhere and throw bottles around?

Bea: She’s confused. She can’t handle the situation and… she’s blaming Sebastian for your divorce.

Miriam: I’ve destroyed everything.

Bea: It’s not your fault.

Miriam: In Lara’s eyes it is. Should I talk to her again?

Bea: Honest answer?



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Bea: Good morning.

Michael: Is Lara feeling better?

Bea: She’s calmed down but how is she supposed to feel?

Michael: Do her parents still plan to get divorced?

Ben is watching them from afar, once again. Pointedly.

Bea: Looks like it.

Michael: It’s not easy for you to be caught in the middle, is it?

Bea: I always feel like I have to choose. Miri is my best friend but Piet is my brother. So in a way, I can understand how Lara must be feeling.

Bea notices Benand he smiles at her.

Michael: If it’s getting to be too much for you, just call me. I could distract you.

Bea: And how would that be?

Michael: I’ll show you then. I’m pretty good with distractions. (Barf!/Brrrr...sadly, he's not talking about singing and dancing..)

Bea looks at the smiling Ben again. Caught between the desperate and cheesily flirting colleague and the immature smug brat of a student, there’s only one thing left to do./Leave the country?

Bea: Ähm. I’ve got to go. I have to give a test.

Michael follows the direction of Bea’s last look and sees Ben standing there. Ben smiles, waves at Michael and then walks away. (Ah, a funny Ben/Michael moment. So so rare.)



[Pestalozzi, class room]


Bea is handing out the test.

Bea: I want to see nothing but pens and calculators on your desks starting right now. Put your cell phones into your bags as well, please. As you know, cheating will immediately result in 0 points.(Fail/F) Okay. Good. You can now turn them [the papers with the questions] over.

The students look the questions over. Jenny and Caro look at each other and smile.

(It’s snowing outside. Yay! I love snow. And a shooting location that lets me see it, even though it has nothing to do with the story./I was still hung up on the the Caro and Jenny smile..;-)

Bea: Are there any questions? None? Okay.

Tempus fugit…

Caro comes up to the teacher’s desk and hands in her test.

Bea: Finished already?

Caro: It’s child’s play when you are so well prepared. (As always, Caro simply speaks the truth.)

The next student (we don’t like him, he’s the one again who gave Jemma a hard time in the school yard before their coming out) hands his paper in./How is he in the volleyball team??)

Bea: You too?

Student: Yes.

And the next. And the next. And the next. Jenny is finished as well but decides to have something to drink first. Only Luzi is still hard at workand a bit puzzled that everyone else has already finished.


[Outside the class room]


Caro: Of course. You’re welcome. I’m guessing this will save your ass in math.

Some student: Yes.

Jenny: Caro. My best math test of all time. I guess, I owe you one.

Caro links her arm with Jenny. (That’s just wrong./Oh, come on, heph,I'm getting a total kick out of the fact, that Caro is totally flirting with Jenny, without really knowing it.:-)

Caro: Just look at it as a little welcome gift.

Jenny: Okay. How did you manage to get your hands on the questions?

Caro: I have my connections.

Jenny: That’s going to be 15 points for sure.

Caro: Well, it’s no comparison to London but it can be a lot of fun here too. Especially if you know the right people. And now you know who they are.

Say, have you thought about the volleyball club?

Jenny: I was planning to look in on it.

Caro: We’ve got practice later. You could just come with me.

Jenny: Okay.

Caro links her arm with Jenny again and they walk away. (And is Caro leaning into Jenny there for a second?/I am teheeelling you:-D)



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea is looking over the tests when Michael walks in.

Bea: That’s not possible.

Michael: Is everything alright?

Bea: I don’t know yet. But it somehow looks as though…

Michaelinterrupting: Can we talk for a minute? (He still doesn’t get the concept of at least pretending to care about her problems and feelings)

Bea: Sure. What’s up?

Michael: It’s about Ben. (I’ve fallen in love with him and we are going to emigrate to Australia together tomorrow./YES!)

Bea: What about him?

Michael: Every time he shows up, you act strange. Why?

Bea: You mean because of earlier?

Michael: Yes. Michael and Bea are talking to each other, Ben walks by, Bea vanishes. (Did you think to look in the attic?/Did you ever think, that maybe all she needs is a good excuse to escape your claws of frolicking boredom?)

Bea: I don’t want to provoke him unnecessarily. It’s not that easy for him, either.

Michael: I can understand that but… look, Ben is your student. It would be better if you treated him like it. The more you respond to him, the less he will be able to find closure. It sends the completely wrong signals.

Bea: I know that the thing with Ben was wrong. I’m just trying to show a little consideration. (Another concept, Michael won’t be able to understand.)

Michael: He’ll take advantage of it.

Bea: I’m giving him time to get over everything. You know the whole situation at home… the divorce of my brother… it doesn’t exactly make you want to have a relationship. I’m sorry. I have to go to the AG.

Michael makes a gesture indicating: Damn, struck out again. How can that be possible?

(We already have some great ‘Bea Vogel is late’ video compilations. How about a compilation of ‘Bea Vogel has to urgently be somewhere else’? It mostly happens when Michael is in the vicinity. Get the hint, Michael!)



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Lara is sitting on a bench, quietly suffering like only a teenager can suffer. Sophie comes down the stairs and walks over to her.

Sophie: Hey. You want some? (She offers her some sweets) You are Lara Vogel, aren’t you? And your mother went to this school?

Lara: Maybe.

Sophie: Well, your mother’s name is Miriam, isn’t it?

Lara: And what’s it to you?

Sophie: Well, I’m a member of the AG ST and your mother was in the choir as well back then, with the Singing Lunettes.

Lara: Ey, I really couldn’t care less. And now leave me alone, okay?!

Lara walks away.



[Pestalozzi, counsellor’s office]


Michael is waiting to Milow’s Out of my hands. He opens his day planer:

13:00 Coaching

Ben Bergmann

A look at his watch show that it’s already 20 minutes past./Being stood up is a part time hobby of his.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin is cleaning the front door when Michael shows up.

Michael: Hello Karin.

Karin: Michael.


Michael: How are you?

Karin: Fine.

Michael: That’s good.

Karin: But…you aren’t here because of me, are you?

Michael: No, I wanted to see Ben. Is he here?

Karin: Yes. Is he in trouble?

Michael: Nono. I just need to discuss something with him.

Karin: Okay. Go on in. Ben! You’ve got company!

(I feel for Karin. And did I already mention that Michael has the sensitivity of a sledge hammer?/Dumb as a box of hammers...)

Michael goes up the stairs.

Michael: Ben?

Ben: To what do we owe the honour of this visit? What can I do for you?

(Ben is eating grapes by the way.Grapes+Bergmann villa=nice mental images)

Michael: You could tell me why you didn’t show up for our coaching today.

Ben: Do you…want the truth or an excuse?

Michael: The truth if at all possible.

Ben: Okay. I… didn’t feel like it.

Michael: You didn’t feel like it. You do know what’s at stake here, do you?

Benfaux shocked: What’s that? Your peace of mind?

Michael: No. Your abitur. If you don’t come to the coaching, you will be thrown out of school sooner or later.

Ben: Wicked. I’m having a déjà-vu. I’ve got the feeling that we are always having the same talk. (Me, too! And not just with Bechael.)Only at different locations. Strange.

Michael: The only thing strange here is your childish behaviour. That won’t get you one step further, believe me.

Ben: What will get me ahead? The psycho-drivel during our little Sigmund-Freud-memorial-hours?

Michael: If you would only hurt yourself with your behaviour, I wouldn’t even care anymore. Go ahead, throw away your abitur. Do whatever you want. But you are forgetting that you are hurting other people as well, Bea Vogel, for instance. And that can’t be your intention, can it, since you care about her…

(It’s a miracle that Michael isn’t jumping around crowing: Strike! Or Gotcha!. As it is, his expression says the same thing. Very unappealing.)

Ben: What are you getting at?

Michael: I know about the affair. She told me everything.

Ooo, little Ben isn’t quite so cocky anymore, all of a sudden. /Can't they move to Australia already?)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


[The STAG performs If I were a boy ]

(It’s not THAT performance, of course. Sophie is mainly singing this one. But there is Emma for a few seconds. Hi!)


Bea: Wow. That was even better than yesterday. And that’s saying something. Please prepare the new songs for tomorrow. Then we can finish the song list for the festival, okay? See you tomorrow.

Luzi, do you have a moment?

Luzi: Yes.

Bea: Äh, the math test today, did you think it was too easy?

Luzi: What? My brain is still tying itself into knots just thinking about the text problems.

Bea: Did you hear anything? I mean, did anybody talk about it? You don’t have to name names.

Luzi: No. Why? Is something wrong?

Bea: No, everything’s alright. Have a good afternoon.

Luzi: You too.

Bea: Bye.



[Bergmann villa]


Michael: Regardless of what is going on between Frau Vogel and myself, it mustn’t matter to you.

Ben: What…is going on between you and Bea?

Michael: Do both of us a favour, come to the coaching, get your abitur and everything will be alright.

Ben: Why are you avoiding my question? (That is déjà-vu with a different teacher for me.)

Michael: Is it possible that you aren’t listening to me one bit? I’m here to tell you that you are putting your future on the line because of your jealousy.

Ben: My jealousy!? You are the one who is jealous. That’s why you won’t answer me. Because there is nothing going on between you and Bea. You’ve already tried everything but you can’t get close to her. Just admit it, will you? You can’t stand it that I had something going on with her…and you don’t.


Dun dun!

P.S. I hate smug Ben. /I hate this whole let's battle it out for the Lady between lame and lamer..