Episode 78

translated by hephylax edited by amidola


Michael: I can imagine that it’s hard to be working through a relationship that can’t be. But you just have to get over it. It would be pretty stupid to ruin one’s future because of it.(Who made this guy counselor??)

Michael: Regardless of what is going on between Frau Vogel and myself…

Ben: What…is going on between you and Bea?

Michael: Do both of us a favor; come to the coaching, get your abitur and everything will be alright.

Ben: Just admit it, will you? You can’t stand it that I had something going on with Bea…and you don’t.





[Bergmann villa]


Michael: Careful, Ben. That’s definitely the wrong tone to be taking on with me. We’re at a standstill, right now. We're going to see each other later, at 5 o’clock, at the coaching.

Ben: Oh, that isn’t a good time. I'm not free then..

Michael: You are going to be there!

Ben: And what if I’m not? Are you going to run to Krawczyk and I’ll be out? Please, be my guest. It would be to your advantage if I got thrown out, wouldn’t it?

Michael: 5 o’clock! (to Karin)Good God, the boy just doesn’t understand that he’s ruining his Abitur with his behavior. Couldn’t you […] to him…

Karin: Yes?

Michael: Never mind. I have to go.

Karin: Bye.

(Hi, Karin Beschenko, you classy Lady.Michael is the worst catch in the universe, I hope you didn't shed a tear over him!)


[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Bea is correcting the math test. Götting is doing some corrections of his own.

Götting: What mark am I supposed to give to a (female) eleventh grader who thinks that over-aging of the world population is a cosmetic problem?(Caro has a younger sister??)

Well, in mathematics there are no interpretations. There are only right or wrong answers. Correcting tests is not such a lot of work. Or did the test get such bad results? Not that the average gets too low, as it counts for the abitur.

He comes over to Bea as if to look at the tests. Bea quickly collects the papers and…

Bea: Gotta go.



[Saal 1]


Sophie is looking through the yearbook. Miriam brings her a drink.

Miriam: Here you go. Your coke.

Sophie: Thanks.

Miriam: Hey, that’s a yearbook from the Pestalozzi.

Sophie: Yes, but a really ancient one.

Miriam: No, it isn’t that old. (She points to a photo)I was 15 back then.

Sophie: Oh wow, I wouldn’t have recognized… Then you surely know Bea Vogel and Franziska.

Miriam: I have to get back to work.

Sophie: I think it’s pretty tough that you dropped out…and very courageous.

Miriam: It’s not as if I did it for fun.

Sophie: I didn’t…mean it like…that… - You were in the Music AG, too, weren’t you?

Miriam: Listen. What’s your name?

Sophie: Sophie.

Miriam: Sophie. I’m really not in the mood right now to tell you my life story.

Sophie: Okay. It’s just… I’m in the Music AG, too, and we wanted to create a chronicle for Frau Vogel. As a surprise…and it would be really great if you could help us with that.

Miriam starts to smile. She bought it.


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk is signing some papers.

Frau Jäger: There weren’t any more bad surprises, were there?

Frau Krawczyk: What are you talking about?

Frau Jäger: Certain gifts that appeared in your office.

Frau Krawczyk: No. No more brandy beans.

Frau Jäger: Herr Götting seems to have realized,then, that he won’t be able to walk into your office just like that. Not as long as I’m sitting in front of it. (Best.Girlfriend.ever)

Bea: Do you have a moment?

Frau Krawczyk: What is it that can’t wait?

Bea hands over a stack of papers.

Frau Krawczyk: 15 points. It seems that Fräulein Eichkamp (Caro)took an incredible leap forward.

Bea: All of them got 15 points. Except for Luzi Beschenko. She’s got 12.

Frau Krawczyk: The students knew the test questions beforehand. (Bea nods)That’s a problem.

Götting: Am I interrupting? (Not that he cares. And where was Ingrid just now?/Baking cookies?)



[Pestalozzi, volleyball court]

Which means…JENNY!!!


Alexandra: Sarah, do we have to make the ball larger so you can see it? Rike, a little more physical play, please. Take a leaf out of Jenny’s book. (Yesyesyes! I’m all for Jenny and lots of physicality/Hmm, this reminds me of something..please insert Olivia Newton John's “Let's get physical” in here, the notebook won't let me.Out of good taste,probably:- ). That had bite to it. Clean team playwith Caro… very nice. (Oh look at that Jenny smile./This show is so,so gay:-)

Caro…the game was okay but…watch your figure a little. You’ve become visibly heavier. (Caro is not looking so well./Ha!Welcome to Anorexia High,principal: A.Lohmann)

Okay, girls, see you tomorrow!

Jenny: I’ve known types like Lohmann. She’s into putting pressure on people. And if there is nothing to criticize about the game, then it’s about the shape of your body..

Hey, say, you feel like going for a drink maybe? (Caro, morning sickness or not, that’s no way to look after getting such an offer by Jenny. I mean…JENNY./Is Jenny asking Caro out for drinks?Like, eally?Nice!)I still owe you one because of math.

Caro: Leave me… (barf)

Jenny: Oh. I better leave you alone then, hm… (Oo Jenny, you’re a real pal, there. LOL//Puking is not high on the attractive scale..she's probably heading over to the choir room to ask Emma out next..Cologne must be SUCH a nice city to live in..)



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Götting: Did you maybe happen to leave your bag in the classroom?

Bea: I’ve been thinking about that the whole time. I have no idea how the students could have gotten their hands on the test.

Götting: Who has had access to your laptop in the last few days? A student maybe?

Bea: Herr Götting! I wouldn’t leave my laptop lying around openly.(Unike the photographs of my teenage lover and myself..)

Götting: I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t gotten the impression that you keep close company with your students.

Frau Krawczyk: Herr Götting, we should rather concentrate on containing the damage.

Bea: I will have to repeat the test.

Götting: Well, I have to disappoint you there. It’s not quite that easy. Since the test is relevant for the Abitur grade. We will have to explain to the school authorities how such a fatal situation could come about at our school. If we repeat the test, the parents are going to sue us.

Bea: But the parents have to realize that…

Götting: This exact scenario just happened at a school in Berlin and… the principal had to resign afterwards as I recall.

Frau Krawczyk: I’m going to talk to the school inspector. We’ll see. And you should read your twelfth grade students the riot act in your next lesson.



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Ben: You want to vacuum here, don’t you? Can’t we postpone that until tomorrow?

Karin: I think that what Herr Heisig said sounded very reasonable.

Ben: Did yourHerr Heisig ask you to appeal to my conscience?(You're such an ass,Ben..)

Karin: He isn’t myHerr Heisig. And no, I only heard that you mean to skip your counselling hours. Ben, we’ve known each other for some time now. And I understand that you don’t like those hours one bit.

Ben: Great! Then we don’t have to keep on talking about it.

Karin: To talk about one's feelings is not at all a common prevalence in this family.

Ben: You have no idea what this is really about.

Karin: That may be. But I know one thing. You are putting your Abitur at risk, right now. And what for? Defiance. I think that’s pretty stupid. Especially since you had plans. You wanted to travel and live your own life. Or have you already forgotten about that? And what are your plans now? To live off of your father forever? Or training for a job in the bank? I can’t imagine that that is what you really want.

(Karin, you are, as ever, everyone’s supermom. I wuv you./Thank you for finally saying what we've been thinking, Ms.Beschenko, you rock!)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma: So, Sophie won’t be coming anymore?

Timo: Argh. Won’t pick up.

Hotte: Maybe she’s at Caro’s.(Holding her hair?)

Emma: Hotte, you are paranoid.

Timo: Yeah.

Hotte: I don’t think it’s that far-fetched. Caro, Sophie and Jenny. The three of them would be like the Charlie’s Angels of the ‘Lozzi. (Damn you,Hotte...My mind just exploded...)

Emma: So that would make Lohmann…Charlie, or what? (Quija Charlie?)

Timo: I don’t think so. Sophie just has a lot going on right now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Caro.

Hotte: How about wandering over to the volleyball court and checking my thesis out ?(Love you,Hotte!!)

Luzi’s phone rings.

Luzi: Ah, Frau Vogel. She can’t make it.

Emma: Did she say why?

Luzi: No. Only that we should continue on our own and that tomorrow she’d be here again.

Hotte: Now?

Emma: Do you have something better to do?

Hotte: Volleyball court. (I wouldn’t mind that, either.)

Timo: Guys, come on. The festival is in a few days. Luzi takes over the leadership, okay? Hm?


[STAG performs Stone Cold Sober]

(I love me some singing and dancing Emma.And look, there was a time when her pant legs reached her shoes. Awesome!/And she didn't even need to hide them back then!)



[The Vogel home]


Miriam: Okay. Here are the pictures. This was during a choir trip to the ‘Bergisches Land’. Take a seat. We had just gotten out of the bus.

Sophie: It’s pretty funny to see Frau Vogel as a student. Did she already want to become a teacher back then?

Miriam: There was no dissuading her. That’s it. That’s all the photos I have of the Music AG. Shortly after this I beca… After that I left school.

Sophie: Because you were pregnant.

Miriam: With Lara. Right.

Sophie: And Franziska?

Miriam: Bea and I weren’t that close to her. Or to her sister Alexandra, either.(Yeah,right.)

Sophie: But she was in the Music AG, too, wasn’t she?

Miriam: Yes. But not really because of the music. She had her eye on Jens, Bea’s boyfriend. So you can guess why we weren’t so close.

Sophie: The Jens Mirbach with whom she took off to Australia.

Miriam: A rather nice guy. I don’t understand what he saw in Franziska. They suddenly took off.

Sophie: Maybe it was more serious than everybody thought.

Miriam: Yes, maybe… Though Franziska wasn’t the type for it, really. – You know, if you want to make copies of the photos for your chronicle then I’ll gladly lend them to you.

Sophie: Yes. Great. Thanks.



[Pestalozzi, Götting’s office]


Alexandra: Twelve A’s.

Götting: Twelve tests without a single mistake. And one A-. The little Beschenko couldn’t quite cut it this time, either.

(Didn’t Bea say earlier that Luzi had 12 points? That’s a 2+/B+, not an 1-/A-/Maybe she got an extra point for not cheating?)

Alexandra: Then everything worked out wonderfully. One can rely on Caro Eichkamp.

Götting: The important thing is that she won't let it slip in the wrong place just where she got the test from.

Alexandra: Why should she?

Götting: If worse comes to worst, her classmates are going to reveal who circulated the questions.

Alexandra: I’m not worried about that. There is no proof. And Caro can handle pressure really well. (An essential trait if you want to make it in the music biz)

Götting: The chance find turned out to be a real stroke of luck. Krawczyk knows very well that she can get in serious trouble with the school authorities over this.

Alexandra: And is she going to forgive her beloved Bea just like that?(Jealous, Alex?)

Götting: It won’t be easy for Mrs. Principal but she will hold Bea Vogel to account for this-



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk(on the phone): Yes, we will probably have to invalidate the test. Yes, I’ll inform the parents. I only hope they won’t sue. Yes, bye, Klaus.

Ingrid: Something serious?

Frau Krawczyk: Could you please draft a letter…regarding the math test in the twelfth grade. Dear parents, unfortunately we discovered…Argh. Rather…Dear parents, we are sorry to have to inform you that the correction of the math test seems to indicate that the questions were already known by the students beforehand.


[Flashback – Frau Jäger]


Bea: My math tests are in there. They really have to stay top secret.

Frau Jäger: No problem.

Janitor: I’m clearing out the basement and need to know which shelves we still need.

Frau Jäger: Yes, sure, I’m coming.

Janitor: I don’t want to be blamed if something is missing in the end.

Frau Jäger: Sure

She leaves with him while the copying machine is still churning out the copies of the test.




Frau Krawczyk: …therefore we ask for your understanding if we’ll have to repeat the test. We hope for your understanding… You aren’t writing anything down.

Frau Jäger: Ughugh, yes…no I… Frau Krawczyk? It is my fault. I think I lost the master copy of Frau Vogel’s test.

Frau Krawczyk: Excuse me??

(Aw Ingrid. Your expression slays me. Why Gabriele isn’t already hugging you, is a mystery to me./Maybe she is afraid that Ingrid is still carrying those brandy beans on her?)



[Sophie’s home]


Sophie is looking at the pictures Miriam gave to her and at the old newspaper article “Franziska Lohmann lost without a trace”.She then notices the necklace Franziska is wearing in one of the photos.


[Flashback to Sophie as a young girl]

Sophie’s doll is wearing the same necklace.

Sophie’s father: Where did you get that?!

Sophie: No!

Sophie’s father: I want to know where you got the necklace from!

He takes the necklace.

Sophie’s mother: What are you doing?

Sophie’s father: I’m only…

Sophie’s mother: What is the necklace doing here? What is this necklace doing here!?

Sophie’s father: I don’t know. I only… Am I supposed to throw it away, or what?

Sophie’s mother: I don’t want it in my house!

Sophie’s father: Yes, okay.

Sophie’s mother: Out with it! (hugs Sophie) Darling, everything’s okay. Everything’s okay, my darling. Daddy didn’t mean it like that.



Sophie: The necklace…

(So that's where Ravenclaw's diadem has been all this time..)



[Pestalozzi, counsellor’s office]


Michael, ever hopeful, is waiting in his office. But the time goes by without Ben showing up so he pulls his jacket on and is about to leavewhen...

Ben: Sorry, I’m a little late. (Eleven minutes. Taking on the bad habits of your inamorata, are you?)

Michael: Well, you’re here now. Please have a seat.(Neither one of them is taking off his jacket/It's the leather...)

Silence.Intense eye contact for a second.

Ben: Shouldn’t we get started?

Michael: If you want to get started.

Ben: I don’t want to talk about Bea.

Michael: Deal.

They exchange a manly handshake. Then Michael takes off his scarf. (That’s as exciting as it gets, I’m afraid./It's totally ok for me, I'm still traumatized by Heisig's ni... ok, don't want to give all the “fun”stuff away..)



[Sophie’s home]

Frau Klein: Sophie, do you know who I just met downt…?

She sees the photos lying around.

Frau Klein: What are you doing? What’s going on…what’s going on here, Sophie?

Sophie: Do you know anyone in that photo?

Frau Klein: No.

Sophie: For once, I don’t want to hear lies coming out of your mouth.

Hysterical laughter.

Sophie: Mom, I know. Dad had an affair with Franziska Lohmann.

Frau Klein: Sophie, we said we wouldn’t…

Sophie: She got pregnant. I have a sister or a brother, admit it.

(Ah, close but no cigar, Sophie. Think less brother, more bones/Hmm..his name would be Wilson,I guess..ok, sorry, that was a bit dark. )



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk: It’s about the 12thgrade math test again.

Götting: Well, now I’m curious.

Frau Jäger: Regarding the math test…that was my fault.

Bea: What? What makes you think that?

Frau Jäger: I’m sure you remember that I made the copies for your test…and then Herr Götting showed up and distracted me.(Hahaha, you should have seen my eyebrow just now:-)

Götting: Oh, so you left the test lying around somewhere and now I’m to blame.

Frau Jäger: No but…well…I must have forgotten to take the master copy out of the copying machine.

Frau Krawczyk: A student probably found it and passed it on to the members of the (math) course.

Bea: That could have happened to me just as well.

Frau Krawczyk: But fortunately, it didn’t. You aren’t to blame for anything.

Götting: And now you just want to leave it like that, do you?

Frau Krawczyk: No, of course not.

Götting: Good. Because now we have to show the school authority as well as the students of our school that we won’t accept such collective deception. Or else they are going to walk all over us.

Frau Krawczyk: So? What do you suggest?

Götting: We have to hold the reason for this unfortunate situation accountable and thus give out a clear signal. I see only one possibility to handle this situation: Frau Jäger will be dismissed...as of right now..

(Ahhhh. Now that is a nail-biting cliffhanger. Can Gabriele save her Ingrid from the evil Götting?

But the episode isn’t over yet. Who is foiling my Incredible Jäkra Cliffhanger?)



[Sophie’s home]


We see a pack of bank transfer vouchers to James McKenzie from Robert Klein’s bank account to the amount of 5000 Deutschmarks.


Sophie: Here. Here. Every month. The same amount. Those are child support payments; what else could it be?(Surf shop installments?)

Frau Klein: I already explained it to you. That’s completely business related. I have no idea what it is.

Sophie: Yes. Sure. It’s probably some special Australian subscription. Or a donation. Say, are you trying not to see it? (Frau Klein gathers the documents together and takes them away) Yes, run away, you can! But to simply tell me the truth - that Dad had an affair with that Franziska Lohmann – that you can’t!

Frau Klein: He did not!

Sophie: Then just tell me the truth. If Dad didn’t have a child with Franziska, then what is it?! Tell me what happened back then. I want to know!.


(Well this is so lame compared to Frau Jäger’s facial expression from a minute ago.Jäkra-Power!/Heph, I'm just grateful that it's not another Michael/Bea/Ben, you're late, not now, how could you moment..)