Episode 79

Translated by IAGSW

Edited by Sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sophie: Look, every month the same amount! Those are alimony payments! What else?

Mrs Klein: I’ve explained it to you already. It’s purely business! I have no idea what exactly.

Sophie: Say, don’t you want to see it? Yes, avoiding me, this is what you can do! But you can’t simply tell me the truth about dad having had an affair with this Franciska?!

Mrs Klein: He didn’t!

Sophie:Tell me what happened back then! I want to know now!





[At the Klein’s]


Sophie:Tell me what happened back then! I can’t take it any longer! I’ve got the feeling that I have never really known dad!

Mrs Klein: Because of some random photos, yeah? Because of his business partner and this Franciska coincidentally living on the same continent, or what? Sophie! He is your father! He was a good person and he loved us! How could you possibly doubt this for a second?

Sophie: Precisely because he is my father, I’ve got the right to know what happened back then! So tell me finally! Now!

(Mrs Klein slaps Sophie’s face)

Mrs Klein: Sophie, I won’t accept your way of talking to me! And I won’t accept you talking about your father like this!

(Mrs Klein starts crying)

Sophie: Mom?

Mrs Klein: Why are you doing this to me, Sophie, huh? Why?

(Mrs Klein leaves)



[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]


Mrs Krawcyk: It’s about the 12th grade Maths test again.

Mr Götting: Now, you have made me curious!

Mrs Jäger: Hm, regarding the maths test…it was my fault.

Bea: What? Why do you think that?

Mrs Jäger: You surely remember that I made copies of the test. And then Mr Götting showed up and distracted me.

Mr Götting: Ah, you left the copies somewhere and now you blame me?

Mrs Jäger:Hm, no! I mean…I apparently forgot to remove the master copy from the copy machine.

Mrs Krawcyk: A student must have found it and then probably forwarded it to his classmates.

Bea: It could have happened to me, too.

Mrs Krawcyk: But luckily it didn’t. You can’t be blamed for anything.

Mr Götting: Yes, and now you just want to leave it at that?

Mrs Krawcyk: Of course not! But at least we have cleared up this matter.

Mr Götting: Good. And now we have to show the school board and our students that we won’t accept such a collective cheat! Otherwise they are going to do this to us again and again!

Mrs Krawcyk: So, what do you suggest?

Mr Götting: We have got to hold the person who caused this problem responsible and send a clear message with our response.

Mrs Jäger: Tell me what I can do, so that…

Mr Götting:I just see one possibility to fix this situation. Mrs Jäger gets dismissed…immediately.

(Everybody looks shocked)

Mr Götting: Now don’t look at me like that! There have to be consequences for such misconduct! You know that!

Bea: Mr Götting, this is ridiculous! Mrs Jäger can’t be blamed for the misconduct of the students!

Mr Götting: You should be glad that you won’t have to take responsibility for this!

Bea: You’re having fun with this, aren’t you?

Mr Götting: Not at all! But we can’t just accept that your test was leaked out beforehand.

Bea: Then we’re going to repeat it.

Mr Götting: I’m going to explain you once again. Unfortunately we don’t have watertight proof for the cheating. That’s why we can’t make them repeat the test. The parents would sue us with good reason.

Mrs Krawcyk:Unfortunately Mr Götting is right regarding that. But of course Mrs Jäger won’t be fired.

Mr Götting: I think it’s…

Mrs Krawcyk:And I think a warning is an appropriate reaction.

Mrs Jäger: (sighs)Thank…

Mr Götting: But this has not been her first misconduct!

Mrs Krawcyk: Again: A dismissal is not under consideration.

Mrs Jäger: Thank you very much! I…wanted…

Mrs Krawcyk: Alright, and now would you be so kind…I’ve got things to do. We’ve been grappling with this question of guilt for too long already.

(Bea and Mrs Jäger leave the office.)

Mrs Krawcyk: Mr Götting.

(Götting leaves too.)



[At the Vogel’s]


Lara is sitting on the couch talking to a friend on the phone when Miriam comes home.

Lara: (on the phone)Yes, I’ve sent you the link. Take a look at it! It’s really funny!

Miriam: Lara, do you have a minute?

Lara:(keeps talking to her friend) Yes! I think so, too!

(Miriam gets upset, turns off the music and throws a folder onto the table for Lara to see)

Lara:(to her friend) Well, my mom wants to talk to me….Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow. See you. Bye! (She hangs up)

Miriam: An E?

Lara: (being sarcastic) Well, that’s the way it is when ones parents are getting a divorce. The school performance declines.

Miriam: Ah ok! It’s not even your fault, right? Lara, I’ve never seen you studying any French!

Lara:Ha, studying? Mom, you should be glad that haven’t become anorexic! Or started to take drugs!

Miriam:Lara, I…

Lara:Although…when I think about it, it’s not such a bad idea actually.

Miriam: Can we sit down together soon?

Lara:Can I say something about this then? How I’m seeing things with the divorce and everything?

Miriam: No, but then maybe I can explain to you a little better what actually happened.

Lara:Oh come on! You just want to kiss up with me again so that I keep tolerating everything you do! But you do what you want anyway! Without thinking about dad or me!

Miriam: Lara, now come off it!

Lara: Mom, I don’t want to hear your explanations!



[At Pestalozzi]


Sophie is looking at a picture of Franciska Lohmann when Timo shows up.


Sophie: Hey! I was just about to call you.

Timo: Say, where have you been this whole time?

Sophie: I was at home. Everything was totally…

Timo:Did you forget that we had a rehearsal yesterday?

Sophie: Yes, and I’m sorry!

Timo: You didn’t even call.

Sophie:Uh, yes, I’m sorry.

Timo: Can you just call next time so that I won’t look like an idiot who doesn’t know where his girlfriend is, hm?

Sophie:Do you even care about what happened?

Timo: Yes of course I do! That’s why I called you yesterday. About 10 times?

Sophie:Pf, I’m really tired of it!

Timo: May I at least ask if you are coming to the rehearsal today?

Sophie: Say, don’t you get it? I just tried to talk to you about it!

Timo: Well, then talk! I’m here!

Sophie: Forget it!



[At the Vogel’s]


Piet:Hey, Lara!

Lara: You’re not going to have breakfast in the garage, are you?

Piet: It’s very nice in the bus. I still need to change some things with the interior design but it’s ok.

Lara:Mom isn’t home. You don’t have to lurk around like this. You can eat here!

Piet:I’m not lurking around!

Lara: Yes, you are! You act as if you don’t have any rights here anymore. But this is also your house!

Piet:You know, your mother and I, we…are avoiding each other at the moment. It’s better this way. But as soon as I’ve got an own apartment then…

Lara:Own apartment? You’re not going to move out, are you?

Piet:I can’t live in the garage forever!

Lara:But you can’t leave just like that!

Piet:Lara…I’m going to look for something close by here…We’re going to see each other everyday! I’ll totally annoy you!

Lara: But why do YOU have to move out now? It was mom who f*cked up! So she should leave! I want to stay with you!



[At Pestalozzi, class room]


Bea is handing back the maths tests. Everybody seems to have received 15 points (grade A).


Caro:(to Jenny) See, what did I tell you?

Bea: Nice test, Luzi.

(Only Luzi got 13 points).

Bea: Except for one exception all of you have 15 points. That you cheated is obvious. Still we are not going to repeat the test.

Caro: I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. I was just well prepared.

Luzi:As if!

Caro: Are you frustrated because you got the worst grade? Don’t take it too hard. If necessary you can follow in your mother’s footsteps and go cleaning.

Luzi: Boah, shut up!

Bea:Caro, what do you think? Would you mind coming to the front and explain to Luzi how she can avoid the mistake in question 5b in the future? I’m sure that it shouldn’t be a problem for you. (Caro refuses to do so.) I didn’t expect anything else. Good, then let’s continue. By the way the subject of this test is going to be relevant for the graduation exams. But that shouldn’t be a problem for any of you.



[At Saal 1]


Miriam:She demolished your club because she is mad at me.

Sebastian: Yes, maybe. But until then I didn’t really realize what our…I mean, what it caused in your home. Does Lara feel better now?

Miriam: It’s difficult to say. She won’t talk to me. But one thing’s for sure: Everything is my fault!

Sebastian:Even the weather??

Miriam: Probably!

Sebastian: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to joke about it.

Miriam: Honestly, it feels quite good though…Somehow we’re going to get it together. It will just take some time.

Sebastian:I hope for you that you’re able to work it out. Sincerely.



[At Pestalozzi, kiosk]


Sophie is looking for some money.


Sophie: Gosh, I just had it. (She finds her purse) Ah, sorry. It was at the very bottom.

(Alexandra shows up and sees Sophie’s old pictures of the ST-AG.)

Ms Lohmann: Where did you get those old pictures from?

Sophie: Ms Lohmann. I have those…because I’m writing a article about the ST-AG.

Ms Lohmann: Ah, really?
Sophie: Uhm, yes. There’s also a photo of your sister. And she’s wearing a necklace in it. Do you happen to know where it comes from?

Ms Lohmann: No. I’ve no idea. Why?

Sophie: Because I think it’s really beautiful.

Ms Lohmann: Ah, I understand.

Sophie: Yes. I don’t want to bother you any longer. See you later.

Ms Lohmann: Sophie! You forgot your purse.

Sophie: Thanks

Ms Lohmann: (to a student) Young man, don’t cut the line! A coke, please.



[At Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ms Jäger is making some copies.


Luzi: Now, where was Sophie at?

Timo: Gosh, I’ve no idea!

Luzi:Didn’t you ask her?

Timo: Of course, I did!

Luzi: And what did she say?

Timo: Well, nothing. We started arguing and then she left me standing there.

Ms Jäger:What can I do for you?

Luzi: Uhm, we wanted to ask you for the key for the auditorium as we’re going to rehearse.

Ms Jäger: Well, Ms Vogel has taken it already.

(Alexandra appears and starts using the copying machine)

Timo: Does it mean she is rehearsing with us today?

Ms Jäger: Yes, that’s what she’s been planning.

Timo/Luzi: Thank you!

Ms Jäger: Alright.

(Luzi and Timo leave. Ms Jäger turns around and sees Ms Lohmann at the copying machine which gives her a flashback.)



Ms Jäger:(taking the copies of the maths test out of the machine) Thank God!

Ms Lohmann: Are there enough sheets of paper in the copying machine? I’ve got quite a lot to copy.

Ms Jäger: Yes, of course. Everything has been newly refilled.

Ms Lohmann opens the machine and finds the master copy Ms Jäger forgot to take.



(Ms Jäger rushes to Ms Lohmann to take the copies she’s made.)

Ms Jäger: That’s mine!

Ms Lohmann: (sarcastic) Here you are! I didn’t know that the invitations for the parents’ council meeting are top secret!



[At Pestalozzi, school yard]


Michael: To me this rather sounds like self-delusion.

Sebastian: Why? I…I know that she’s going to stay with her husband. And I can understand that. But I also know that we would have had a chance together.

Michael: “WOULD HAVE”!

Sebastian: Yes. If we had met in the right place at the right time. Then we would have had something big!

Michael:(sighs) There are too many conjunctives for me.

Sebastian:Yes, and what connects you with Bea? Well, the fact is that we’re both into women who don’t make it easy for us. But does that keep us from wanting them? No! And that’s why one shouldn’t make oneself believe that it’s different. Then it feels much better. You should try it!



[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Bea, Luzi and Timo are about to enter the Auditorium when Ms Jäger appears.


Ms Jäger: Ms Vogel! Do you have a second to spare?

Ms Vogel: Uhm, yes. (to Luzi and Timo) Warm yourselves up, in the meantime.

Ms Jäger: Regarding your maths test. I’ve been at the copying machine today. And while there I remembered something regarding this situation.

Ms Vogel:Do you remember who took the copy?

Ms Jäger: Uhm, maybe I should…It’s more like an idea.

Ms Vogel: If you aren’t sure, you don’t have to say anything.

Ms Jäger: She was at the copying machine after me.

Ms Vogel: Who?

Ms Jäger: Ms Lohmann!

Ms Vogel:Alexandra?



[At Pestalozzi, Teacher’s room]


Bea storms in.


Bea:(yells at Alexandra) Say, what is going on with you?!?

Ms Lohmann: Have I missed something?

Bea: Don’t you realize it anymore? Can’t you distinguish between a teacher and a student anymore?!?

Ms Lohmann: Bea, you’re talking nonsense.

Bea:I’m perfectly fine! But you don’t seem to be at your best! I know that you forwarded the maths test to the students beforehand!

Ms Lohmann:I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

Bea: Alexandra! It’s a maths test in senior grades! It’s important! There’s no space for some random rivalry from the past!

Ms Lohmann: Past? Every single day I have to bear looking at your face! Every day I am reminded that you killed my sister!

Bea: I’ve told you this more than enough already: I had NOTHING to do with Franciska’s disappearance!

Ms Lohmann: I’m going to make sure that you get kicked out of this school! That’s a promise! And just so you know: I’m going to use any means that are at my disposal!



[At the Vogel’s]


Piet and Lara are cooking when Miriam comes home.


Miriam: Oh, you’re here. Uhm, if you still need some time, then I will go upstairs quickly.

Piet: Miriam!

Miriam: Yes?

Piet: Ican’t stay in the garage forever and lurk around here in the house like a burglar.

Miriam: No, you can’t. I know.

Piet: (He indicates her to sit down with him) Shall we?

(Everybody takes a seat at the table)

Piet:Miriam, I…I have come to the conclusion that…I have been thinking that it would be nice to live here at home again.

Miriam:Really? Yes! It would be nice! Surely we are going to be able to find a way. After all we’re both adults.

Piet: No, you’ve got me wrong. I, uhm,…

Lara: Dad wants you to move out.


Piet:Well, not right away but…

Miriam: This is a joke, isn’t it?!

Piet:Well, the house is actually mine. I mean, my grandmother built it.

Miriam: You can’t be serious about throwing Laura and I out! You can’t do that!

Lara:He won’t throw me out. I’m going to stay. With Papa.

(Miriam rushes out.)



[At Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ms Lohmann: But why does it matter that Bea Vogel knows that I took her test?

Mr Götting: Pff, she doesn’t have any evidence.

Ms Lohmann: Right.

(Lohmann sees Sophie on the yard.)

Ms Lohmann: Sophie Klein has asked me about my sister’s necklace.

Götting: What? Say again?

Ms Lohmann: She had a photo of Franciska. She was singing with the choir back then.

Mr Götting: And, uh, how did she get these photos?

Ms Lohmann:I’ve no idea. She’s writing a article about the ST.AG…as she claims.

Mr Götting: But you don’t believe her.

Ms Lohmann:Well, I gave her the newspaper article about Franciska’s disappearance myself.

Mr Götting: And you think that she wants to find out something about your sister?

Ms Lohmann: She’s a teen. She just thinks this story is cool. And mysterious. And she really can’t be worse than your private investigator!

Mr Götting:Ha, my private investigator is making progress! The postcard from the hotel in Frankfurt has revealed a lot of clues! We now know that Jens Mierbach wanted to go from London to Sydney. If we find the outbound flight for this trip, we’ll also find the hotel in London. And maybe…

Ms Lohmann:…The reason for his stay: His job.

Mr Götting:Yes! And when we know where he works, then we’ll have found Jens Mierbach. See you later!

(He gets into his car)

Ms Lohmann:Yes.

Sophie comes out from behind a wall, having overheard the whole conversation.



[At the Vogel’s]


Lara is looking at some DVDs.


Lara:Hm, this one is cool!

Piet:It’s X-rated!

Lara: Yes, because of ‘strong language’.

Piet: Because of what?

Lara:Swear words: Sh*t…

Piet:Yes, I got it! Ok.


Piet: It’s still X-rated!

Lara: Gosh, you’re acting like mom!

Piet: Say, do you only want to stay with me because I’m not as strict as her?

Lara: I’ve told you. Mom made out with this guy and didn’t even give a damn about us.

Piet: It’s not that easy.

Lara: What did she think would happen? That she brings home this a** and we play an extended family or something?

Piet: I don’t know.

Lara: Come on, we should be glad that she’s gone!

Piet: But she isn’t yet gone completely! She hasn’t taken any of her clothes.



[At Chulos’]


Miriam shows up at Chulos’.


Sebastian: Miriam! What happened?

Miriam: I didn’t know where to go. And you told me I could always come here.

Sebastian: Yes, of course! But what happened?

Miriam:I think I need something to drink first.

Sebastian: Sure. What would you like to have?

Miriam: Water. (She starts crying.)

Sebastian: What’s going on?

(Sebastian puts his arm around Miriam to comfort her.)

Miriam:Thank you for being there for me.

(They start making out.)