Episode 81

translated by amidola and hephylax(Heph really did all the work) edited by ami


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Sophie reading a letter: Dear Mr Götting..

Alexandra: What are you doing here? Is Vogel already sending her students to spy?

Sophie: Ms. Vogel had nothing to do with it. She had no idea about it.


Sophie: James McKenzie?

Sophie's mother: James McKenzie was a business partner of your father's and has been dead for years.




[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Krawczyk: You had the founded suspicion, that the student Sophie Klein was spying on Ms. Lohmann for Ms. Vogel and didn't tell me?

Götting: I meant to research the accusations before burdening you and Ms. Vogel with them unnecessarily.

Krawczyk: And of course you're glad, that Sophie took back the accusations regarding Ms. Vogel?

Götting: Of course.

Bea: Great, now that that has been cleared up, we can get back to the essentials. Sophie Klein is in some sort of trouble, she hasn't been showing up for STAG for days.

Götting: Sounds pretty normal to me.

Bea: Very funny, Mr. Colleague. I really want to know what's up with her.

Götting: Well, if you hadn’t interrupted us earlier, we'd know what's up with Sophie Klein.

Krawczyk: Then let's just ask her.

They go back to Götting’s office. It’s empty.

Bea: Sophie?

Götting: She left without permission.

Bea: Something's wrong.



[Bergmann villa] 


Stefan on the phone: Of course something's wrong!!! (Nice transition)  I don't care what some random law says, you're my lawyer, find a solution. (He notices Karin standing in the doorway.)

Yes, alright, I'm relying on you. Goodbye.

Karin: We can do this tomorrow, too, since you're busy...

Stefan: No, no, Ms. Beschenko, what can I do for you?

Karin: I only meant to bring you the food recommendations for next week.

Stefan: I'm relying completely on your good taste.

They smile at each other. (New fuel for my Karin/Stefan shipping/Love them..grocery lists are just so fun with them!)

Karin: Well, then…

Stefan: May I? 

He’s asking for her coat. Some more long looks.

Karin: You've never helped me into my coat before.

Stefan: Then it's about time.

Karin: We'll see each other at lunch, then. The parents

 council meeting? You as the biggest sponsor of the school will be there, right?

Stefan: Yes, yes…the parents council meeting, of course... (Heh, got him to do what she wanted again. Of course, she’ll regret it…but still…)

Karin: By the way, that Jenny is allowed to live here for a year…I think that's... (Incredible? Super? Awesome? Unbelievable? Da bomb? The best thing that ever happened to this show? Wicked? Geil?...)

Stefan: Surprising?

Karin: Amazing. I like this new side to you. 

Stefan: Hm. 

She smiles at him and leaves. He starts to smile too.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Jenny is floating along the hallway. (Sigh.) Oh, and Caro and Alexandra are there as well.

Alexandra: Caro? What was up with you in PE today?

Caro: I’m sorry, Frau Lohmann. I think I’ve caught the flu or something.

Alexandra: Then make sure that you recuperate. If you don’t improve your performance, I’ll have to find another (female) partner (teammate) for Jenny. (Now don’t you worry, Jenny can find herself a partner all on her own)

Jenny: Ah, I’m sure Caro will be back in shape next week.

Alexandra: Sometimes a little less partying works wonders.

Alexandra leaves.

Jenny: Hey, I feel like partying, too… Well, if you know where something’s going down, I’m in.(What about the Ozkothek?) 

Caro: Believe me, if I had just partied a little too much, I wouldn’t care about Lohmann’s words. I have no idea why I’m so tired lately.(She and Luzi have been up watching Jemma clips all night...happens to the best of us..hello from 2.40 in the morning, btw..)

Ben passes by.

Jenny: Why don’t you come by the Bergmanns’ later, and we’ll hang out.

Caro: No. Not today.

(Argh, she turned Jenny down! Those pregnancy hormones must really scramble up your brain. Don’t be disappointed Jenny. Concentrate on the other blonde./Jenny should have mentioned cake..)



[Sophie’s home]


Sophie is looking at a picture of Miriam and Bea in their school days (the Singing Lunettes?) and a bank transfer receipt to James McKenzie.

Frau Klein: Sophie, what are you doing here already? Hey, I thought I’d cook… Oh God… You promised me to forget about this whole thing, Sophie.

Sophie: Well, I didn’t know at the that you were lying to me once again. – Why did you claim that James McKenzie was dead? He’s on the guest list… of a hotel in Frankfurt. And on the passenger list of a flight from London to Sidney. Well, I’m not assuming that you are going to give a truthful answer, so… James McKenzie was in Frankfurt at the same time that Jens Mirbach sent a postcard to Bea Vogel. From Frankfurt as well. James McKenzie is Jens Mirbach. Correct? That Jens who went to school here. And who suddenly disappeared without a trace eleven years ago. To whom Papa transferred a whole lot of money. And now I want to know why, at last!

Frau Klein: Why can’t you just stop with this, Sophie? 

Sophie: I won’t stop until I know what happened back then.

Frau Klein: Okay, you are right. James McKenzie and Jens Mirbach are one and the same.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Emma and Hotte are walking up the big stairs.

Emma: Hotte, you’re being annoying.

Hotte: And you’re having nightmares.

Emma: Yes and sex with you is one of them. (WIN!)

Hotte: I was only trying to help.

Caro is leaning over the railing, talking to some guy.

Emma: Our AG is this close to… (now why would “normal” Emma falter when presented with the view of Caro’s cleavage?) our most important performance. I’m so nervous that I’m forgetting my text even though I’ve known it by heart for months…dream about empty concert halls but you, you… can’t think about anything other than sex! 

Emma looks at Hotte and realizes that he’s still staring at Caro.

Emma: Forget about it. You have even less chances with her than with me.(Uhm, no?)

Hotte: One cup size at least. (No Emma is staring too in order to verify this information, I’m sure.) I mean, they were already…”wow” before. But now?

Emma: You think, Caro had a boob job? Come on! Rehearsal!

Hotte and Caro pass each other by.

Hotte: If you want to give them names, I have a few ideas.

Caro continues walking up to Jenny.

Caro: What is the madman talking about?

Jenny: About your breasts. (Rack-check by Jenny/Heph!Win!!) Have you or haven’t you?

Caro: What? Given them names?

Jenny: Had them enlarged.

Caro: That guy is so dead.

Now, the conversation actually went on like this in my mind:

Jenny:And what about the names?




[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Emma: And three and four and…I’ve forgotten the steps.

Luzi: Now don’t panic. It happens.

Emma: But what if it happens during the performance?!

Hotte: During the performance, Sophie is standing next to you. She never forgets the dancing steps.

Luzi: Though that won’t get us very far if she’s never showing up.

Timo: What? Why are you all looking at me?

Luzi: Hm, let’s see… Probably because you are her boyfriend and really ought to know where Sophie is.

Timo: Hey, I’m sure she’ll show up and Vogel isn’t even here yet.(Surprise much?)

Timo makes a call.



[Sophie’s home]


Her phone rings. She cancels the call.

Frau Klein: Who was that?

Sophie: Timo. We are having a rehearsal right now.

Frau Klein: Then you should attend.

Sophie: But this here is much more important.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Timo: Hey Sophie! I have no idea what’s going on with you right now but…it’s getting annoying that you are leaving us hanging all the time. Ähm… We’re rehearsing now and it would be nice if you’d at least let us know if we should expect you at all, okay?

(Timo has so much more female skills than Michael does..)



[Sophie’s home]


Frau Klein: Eleven years ago, there were renovations at the Pestalozzi School. Your father was responsible for the renovations. He was pretty much never home anymore… I was alone. With you. And when he was home, he was different. He was taciturn, introverted… So…I followed him one day.

Sophie: And discovered the affair.

Frau Klein: Franziska Lohmann. She had come on to your father. Used him. Even though she also had a boyfriend.

Sophie: Jens Mirbach.

Frau Klein: Yes.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea comes in, phone at her ear.

Hello. This is Sophie. Message after the beep. Beep!

Bea: Hello all. Have you heard anything from Sophie? I can’t reach her.

Timo: I don’t know where she is. I’ve got the feeling that she’s simply fed up.



[Sophie’s home]


Frau Klein: I took your father to task. Of course, it was this bit… this Franziska’s fault. 

Sophie: It takes two to tango, doesn’t it?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea: Have you heard anything? Did she have trouble at home, maybe?

Timo: No, no way. She would have told me.

Emma: My dream. It’s becoming real.

Bea: What dream?

Hotte: Deep forest, empty hallways…

Emma: I’m all alone, but it’s already time for our performance. And the first person has already disappeared!

Bea: Emma… It’s perfectly normal to be nervous before a performance. I can promise you we won’t disappear into thin air.

Luzi: And what are we going to do now?

Bea: We’ll start. Maybe Sophie will come by later.

(Dear Emma Müller..don't watch Horror movies...especially if you're the Blonde in the team..those never turn out good for you..)



[Sophie’s home]


Frau Klein: Well, anyway, afterwards Franziska disappeared. She took off with Jens to Australia and the problem was solved.

Sophie: But that doesn’t explain why Papa transferred money to the guy all the time. Or why he is running around in Frankfurt with a new name every other day or why he sent a postcard to Bea Vogel. And…

Frau Klein: I don’t know everything either, Sophie. I really don’t. I’m assuming that Franziska Lohmann and Jens Mirbach needed money to go to Australia and so they blackmailed your father. Well, and your father wanted to spare us the affair becoming public and… paid. (Sophie doesn’t look convinced) I’ve told you everything I know. Really. Now please, let it go,finally.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


[STAG – Let me entertain you]



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Stefan: Good day, everyone.

Frau Krawczyk: We bid you all welcome and are pleased that so many of you attended. (Karin and Stefan are smiling at each other again, btw.) We’re here to decide about the distribution of the donations that the parents made to the school.

As I'm sure you've heard, our AG Singing and Dancing under Frau Vogel's leadership is going to participate in the school band festival. They've won the pre-selection.


[Stag – Let me entertain you]


Götting: I didn't know that we have become a comprehensive school for the fine arts, now.

Frau Krawczyk: We haven't, of course, but...

Götting: Then I don't understand why the money should go to an AG that has only a handful of members...while our volleyball team (you are so predictable) is still practicing on a court that has long since fallen short of the standards (what with the dead body six feet under it).

Stefan: I'm sorry but agree with Mr. Götting's opinion. The sponsoring that was offered recently to the music AG by the Harani Bank got turned down. So now you should be consistent and organize the trip yourself. 

(There goes all that progress with Karin…)



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Hotte: Ah, you scared me.

Caro: I've suffered your madness long enough. But you've signed your death warrant now.

Hotte: What exactly are you talking about?

Caro: It's bad enough that you still have one of my best bras in your possession. (???O_O Does it have sequins?)You're constantly staring at my breasts and now you're saying that I put myself under the knife.

Hotte: Oh, that.

Caro: Yes, that!

Hotte: As you just mentioned, I still have your bra (Why? Ugh, I don't even want to know). And thus a direct comparison.

Caro: If you don't stop immediately, I'll...

Hotte: Your bra was at least one cup size smaller. (Hotte, you're starting to scare me./He's a,uh,scientist..)

Caro: It wasn't.

Hotte: May I check? 

He reaches for her breast. Caro slaps his hand away.

Caro: No!

Hotte: Admit it, you've had a boob job.

Caro: There are other reasons for a changing body.

Hotte: Like what? Are you pregnant?

Caro: No!

Hotte: Thought so. That leaves only the breast surgery. I have to go.

(Wonderbra?Hotte,why does google fail you at your most critical moments?)



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Ben: What are you doing here?

Stefan: Parents Council meeting.

Ben: Since when do you bother with something like that? Surely not because you're interested...in your son, right?

Karin bitingly: This was a business meeting for your father and he made sure his money got invested sensibly.

Stefan: I simply wanted the money to be distributed fairly.

Karin: Oh yeah? The volleyball team is more suitable to represent the school to the outside. That is the only thing you are interested in! But you don’t care how my daughter will get to the band festival.

Stefan: Yes. No. But is it too much to ask six students to take the train? (It might be safer, come to think of it.)

Karin: The Music AG achieved something that none of us expected. And we would have had the chance to show them how proud of them we are. And I thought you had changed.

Ben: Congrats. If you carry on like this you won’t ever have to fire Frau Beschenko again. Because she’ll leave on her own.

(#Fail, Stefan)



[Pestalozzi, in front of the school]


Timo: You’re making her jealous. 

Luzi: I’m making your girlfriend jealous?

Timo: Yes. Since New Year’s Eve, it’s … somehow…

Luzi: You mean, since we kissed.

Timo: Could you just forget about that stupid kiss!

Luzi: You started it.

Timo: She’s just insecure. Because we are such good friends and have known each other for so long.

Luzi: First you kiss me, then you force me to lie to your girlfriend because of that stupid kiss and now you’re talking my ear off about your relationship problems?

Timo: Hey, can’t everything simply be like before?

Karin: Luzi! Timo.

Timo: Hey.

Karin: Hello, my darling. So, how was rehearsal?

Luzi: Crappy. But now we know it was all my fault! God, he’s such an idiot!

Karin: I know another one just like that. Feel like waffles? Come on.(And to think, they're actually getting the gems of the male population of this show..)



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea is playing the piano. Frau Krawczyk comes in.

Frau Krawczyk: Listening to you, one can forget all the problems in the world for a moment.

Bea: Did the parents council meeting not go so well?

Frau Krawczyk: That’s a gross understatement. Herr Götting made sure that all of the money would go to the volleyball team.

Bea: Hoo boy, that means we won’t get a bus.(No “SPEED” for you, this time..)

Frau Krawczyk: I’m sorry.

Bea: Nah, we’ll get to the festival somehow. Just…a bus…it would have been nice. You look tired.

Frau Krawczyk: It's been a long day. It happens from time to time.

Bea: Well, then I’m going to give private concerts for you in the future more often.(And a neck massage..isn't that how these convos usually go?)

Frau Krawczyk: That might help. Was Sophie at rehearsal today?

Bea: No. I haven’t seen her at all.

Frau Krawczyk: Don’t let up. You’re good at dealing with the students. Sophie has to realize that you are there for her.

Bea: Sure, I’ll keep trying.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Ben runs into Caro who drops her bag, spilling her things all over the floor.

Caro: Oh shit!

Ben: Sorry. I’ll help.

One of the things is a pregnancy test. Caro stuffs it back in her purse. Stefan comes along and also starts to help.

Caro: That’s okay, I’ll do it, no problem.

Ben: Unbelievable what you women manage to fit into your bags. Come on. Ähm, take care.

Caro: You too.

The two Bergmanns walk down the stairs. Caro watches them.


[Flashback Caro]

Sex with Ben in his car.

Sex with Stefan in the villa. 

(That was in the villa right? Ah, who cares. Anyway, Caro realizes she could have a slight problem, there.)



Caro: Please, no. Please, oh please, no.

(Future:”Baby,your daddy's name is Bergmann..” ”and first name?”..”Uh..Bergmann!”)



[Pestalozzi, in the school yard]


Emma: I just don’t get what’s wrong with Sophie. You don’t think she dropped out of the AG without telling us, do you?

Hotte: Caro might know.

Emma: Know what?

Hotte: Caro and Sophie were like this, once.

Emma: Geez, the only thing you can think about are Caro’s breasts?!

Hotte: It’s no big deal if she went under the knife. Everyone does it, nowadays.

Emma: Well, I would never go under the knife voluntarily. (And you really don’t need to./Heph!Btw., yeah,discussing assets is a totally straight thing to do,there,Emma..))

Hotte’s eyes wander down to Emma’s chest, which she notices.

Emma: Hey, now you better think hard before you say something!

Hotte: Are you crazy?! You are great the way you are. (WORD!/*virtual hug for Hotte* Emma needs to hear that more often)

Emma: Look, Caro is vain and everything but I don’t think she would have surgery. I mean, when would she have had the time? She would have had to be in the hospital for at least a week.

Hotte: Then maybe she’s pregnant.

Emma: Caro Eichkamp and pregnant?! No way!

Hotte: You’re right. Caro Eichkamp wouldn’t let herself get knocked up.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Caro: I’m not pregnant, I’m not pregnant, I’m not pregnant… 

She lifts up the stick and looks at it.

Caro: Oh fuck!