Episode 85

Translated by IAGSW edited ami

Previously on Hand aufs Herz

Caro: What did you do with Sophie?
Bea: Caro, please!
Caro: No 'please'! YOU of all people should be watching your mouth! Great teacher you are! All you did was  watch your idiots put Sophie down until she ran away!
Bea: What do you mean?
Caro: I mean that she doesn’t answer her phone anymore! That she didn't come home last night! (Not to ruin an amazing Caro entrance and onslaught, but aaww emma looking down all conscience-stricken. Sweet puppy.) I mean that she disappeared without a trace!! And it’s all your fault!
(Uh, sorry, but she kind of got a point there,Bea..)


[At Pestalozzi, Auditorium]

Timo: And,where did she spend the night?
Caro: Say, are you stupid or somethingt? Sophie disappeared! Nobody knows where she spent the night. Maybe under some random bridge. Or in the woods. Or whatever happened to her.
Luzi: F*ck!
Caro: YOU of all people shouldn’t act as if you're concerned! You'veve been jealous of her the whole time! But now, you’ve got what you wanted, haven’t you? Timo all to yourself.
Bea: Caro, please! Accusations aren’t helping either right now!
Caro: Ts, it was so obvious that you would defend her. All of you knew about them having kissed at New Year’s Eve, didn’t you? But you kept silent about it because you needed Sophie for your gig. All you did was take advantage of her!
Hotte: That is not true!
Caro: Of course, it is! And when she found out about it you left her.(Uh, she's still kinda right..)!
Bea: Caro, thatt's enough! We should talk about this in peace.
Caro: I don’t want to talk! I want to know where Sophie is!
Bea: We all do! So, please....
(Bea and Caro leave the Auditorium.)

[At Pestalozzi, school yard]

Mr Götting: Good morning!
Ms Lohmann: What's going on?
Mr Götting: Bea Vogel and the AG forgot to refuel.
Ms Lohmann: Which means…?
Mr Götting: Which means that they had a breakdown on the way to the band festival and arrived after it was over already.
Ms Lohmann: No, seriously??
Mr Götting: Yes! And Bea Vogel and Michael Heisig will have to explain themselves, too! Their student Sophie Klein deserted them.
Ms Lohmann: Deserted?
Mr Götting: Yes. Apparently there was a fight and Sophie has been missing ever since.
Ms Lohmann: That's not funny!
Mr Götting: Alexandra, she'll be back again in a few days. The question is whether Bea Vogel will still be here by then.
Ms Lohmann: They said that about Franziska, too. ‘In a few days she will be back’.
(Wow,too meta for me,here..)

[At Pestalozzi, outside the Auditorium]
Caro makes Bea listen to Sophie’s message.

Sophie: Hello, Caro. It’s Sophie. You were right. Timo is a f*cking a**hole. He made out with Luzi at New Year’s. I was being totally stupid for not believing you. Please call me. I’d like to talk to you.
Caro: And this is the last thing I’ve heard from her. Any other questions??
Bea: And what about her not coming home?
Caro: Mrs Klein told me. She called me this morning and asked if Sophie spent the night at my place.

[Inside the Auditorium]

Hotte: Do you think something happened to Sophie?
Emma: Nonsense! Maybe she is at some friend's or in a hotel. Maybe she’s even glad that we’re worried about her.
Hotte: And what if she isn’t?
Luzi: Gosh, Hotte! That’s enough!
Timo: What? What if he’s right, huh? What if something happened to her?
Luzi: I don’t think so!
Timo: Well, what do you think then? Ts.
(Uh,disappeared at a gas station?Definitely noooo reason to worry whatsoever..)

[Outside the Auditorium]

Bea: Is it possible that she spent the night at a friends?
Caro: Sophie hasn’t had many friends since we argued. And those in there (the Auditorium) can barely be considered as such!
Bea: Caro, please! This is serious!
Caro: I’m aware of that! I was talking to Mrs Klein on the phone! And she was quite disturbed when I told her that Sophie wasn’t at my place either!
Bea: Please go back to class. I’ll take care of it. (Yeah,right..if I don't run into  either Ben or Michael..cause you know..my personal drama definitely precedes all and any of my students...)
Caro: Will you let me know as soon as you’ve got any news?
Bea: Of course, I will.

Bea is rehearsing with the ‘Singing Lynettes’ when Alexandra storms in.
Alexandra: Franziska disappeared!! Hey! (She turns off the music.) Franziska has disappeared! She didn’t come home last night! And nobody knows where she is!
Bea: That can’t be possible!
Member of the AG: Didn’t you have a fight?
Bea: But…But she was fine! Really!
Alexandra: Don’t be a hypocrite like that! You’ve been jealous of her the whole time! Where is she? What did you do to her?

Bea walks back into the Auditorium.

Timo: So? Did Caro say anything which could help us?
Bea: First of all I’m going to inform Ms. Krawcyk right now.
Timo: Yes, and what about the police?
Bea: I’ll sort everything out with her. And you, please keep calm! I’m sure Sophie will show up again soon!
(Oh,look, a unicorn!)

[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]
Mrs Krawcyk and Mrs Klein are having a conversation when Bea comes in.

Bea: Mrs Krawcyk? Oh, hello, Mrs Klein.
Mrs Klein: Hello.
Mrs Krawcyk: I was just about to page you anyways. Mrs Klein has already told me that Sophie didn’t come home last night.
Mrs Klein: Yes. I mean, she would never do that under normal circumstances. I want to know now what this fight which you mentioned yesterday, was about!
Mrs Krawcyk: Both of you already spoke yesterday?
Mrs Klein: Yes.
Bea: Yes, after we had come back from the band festival…which by the way we missed by a hair’s breadth.
Mrs Krawcyk: (sighs)(Rest of us, sigh,too..)
Bea: Uh, I wanted to ask Mrs Klein if Sophie has come home by now but…
Mrs Krawcyk: What was this fight about?
Bea: Uh, it was a fight amongst students. Relationship troubles, as far as I know.
Mrs Klein: So you think that Sophie argued with Timo?
Bea: I think she was jealous. Of a classmate. When we took a break to refuel she ran away. She was quite upset.
Mrs Klein: And it was really only about jealousy?
Bea: Only?
(Bea and Mrs Krawcyk look confused....I look bored..)
Mrs Klein: Uh…Yes,…uh…I mean, maybe it was about something else, too. Something else than such a small iss…issue.
Bea: Well for Sophie it was far more than ‘such a small issue’! (All of a sudden, at the mention of"Relationship Troubles" Bea is all aflame and can relate to her students..poor Sophie..being kidnapped at a truck stop and stuffed into a trunk wouldn't garner you as much sympathy..)
Mrs Klein: Yes, of…of course! When it’s about faith, my daughter has her own principles. Probably she is pouting somewhere so that Timo comes to realize how important she is for him.
Mrs Krawcyk: So you don’t want us to call the police?
Mrs Klein: No. Uh, I mean, I’m not saying that Sophie does this constantly. No. But I think we should wait a little. Maybe she will come back soon on her own. Yes.
(Bea and Mrs Krawcyk don’t know what else to say.)
Mrs Klein: Yes, alright. Ok. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve got any news.
Mrs Krawcyk: Very good.
Mrs Klein: Thank you very much. Ms Vogel.
(She leaves the office.)

[At Pestalozzi, hallway]
Caro is looking for Ms Jäger when she sees Mrs Klein come out of Mrs Krawcyk’s office.

Caro: Ms Klein! Are there any news?
Mrs Klein: Oh, unfortunately not. No. Sophie hasn’t called you either, has she?
Caro: No, no, she hasn’t. Except for this one message on my mailbox.
Mrs Klein: Sophie’s teachers are saying that the reason for the fight was Timo?
Caro: Yes. I never understood what she liked about him.
Mrs Klein: Oh, well, I always thought he was quite nice. Though I’m wondering about why this issue has thrown her off balance like that. I’m asking myself the whole time if she might have any other issues.
Caro: Which kind of issues?
Mrs Klein: I don’t know. Maybe she mentioned something to you at some time or other? Something that bugged her lately? I mean, except for Timo, of course.
Caro: No, I’m sorry. I absolutely can’t think of anything.
Mrs Klein: Yes, ok. We’re going to stay in touch, ok? Bye!
(Mrs Jäger comes back with a sandwich.)
Caro: Well, that took long enough!

[At Pestalozzi, lounge]
Timo is trying to call Sophie.

Sophie’s voicemail: Message after the peep. Peep.
Timo: Sophie, it’s me. I know, that was totally f*cked up yesterday. I’m sorry! (Luzi approaches him and overhears what he says.) But you have to believe me: The kiss with Luzi really didn’t mean anything! Please call me back. We’re very worried about you! (He hangs up.)
(Luzi comes to sit down next to him)
Timo: Voicemail.
Luzi: She’s going to call you for sure.
Timo: Hopefully.
Luzi: Hey, she’s a grown-up. And mad. But she can’t be mad at your forever! Now drink some coffee and stop worrying.
Timo: And that’s it for you? Just wait and see?
Luzi: Gosh, I just wanted to cheer you up a bit!
Timo: I know what you want!
Luzi: What is that supposed to mean? Do you think I’m glad that she’s gone?
Timo: Of course not! But…
Luzi: But what?
Timo: If you hadn’t told her about the kiss then maybe she wouldn’t have…
Luzi: Ts, are you nuts?
(She leaves.)
Timo: Luzi, wait! Shit!

[At Pestalozzi, Mrs Krawcyk’s office]

Mrs Krawcyk: Maybe Mrs Klein is right. Maybe Sophie just wants to teach her boyfriend a lesson. Bea, now don’t look like this. You did nothing wrong at all! I mean, you couldn’t chain her to the bus!
Bea: You know exactly what I’m thinking!
Mrs Krawcyk: Bea, come on. You can’t compare it to this at all!
Bea: Fransizka and I also had a fight!
Mrs Krawcyk: About a guy, yes. And then she decided to leave for Australia with Jens Mierbach. Sophie will be back soon! I’m sure about that.
(WTH!This was as non comforting and logical as possible..and hello?Police anyone??Someone please call 911...//Though 911 wouldn't get them far in Germany ;D)

[At Beschenko’s]
Luzi comes home.

Karin: What are you doing here already? Are you sick?
Luzi: No.
Karin: Timo?
Luzi: Mom!
Karin: Luzi. There is something going on, isn’t there?
Luzi: No, I’m fine!
Karin: But you have class until 1pm.
Luzi: Yes, math was cancelled. Vogel got sick.
Karin: Well, this morning, she still looked pretty healthy.
Luzi: Yes, things change.

[At Pestalozzi, school yard]
Hotte approaches Emma who is still pouting.

Hotte: We still have 29 hours and 14 minutes left.
Emma: Until you apologize?
Hotte: For what?
Emma: For the things you said! That the fight between Timo and Sophie was my fault!
Hotte: Ah. Ok, the kiss would have been revealed at some point anyways.
Emma: Excuse me? What did you say?
Hotte: It wasn’t your fault!
Emma: What’s the magic word?
Hotte: Necronomicon ex mortis.(I love you Hotte!)
Emma: Excuse me?
Hotte: We’re going to find Sophie with this! Until Mrs Klein and the school will have called the police the traces could be covered already. It’s all about the first 48 hours!
Emma: Aha.
Hotte: According to statistics, of people being missing for more than 2 days, only 27,8% will be found alive again.
Emma: That’s encouraging! Thank you!
Hotte: Yes, now we still have 29 hours and 13 minutes left until those 2 days will be over.
Emma: Can you finally stop, please??
Hotte: Well, read this first!
Emma: Ok. Now I'm really starting to worry.
Hotte: Me, too.If it were up to me I would have commissioned a dog squad already!
Emma: Dog squad? But Sophie wasn’t buried by an avalanche! They won’t send out any dogs!
Hotte: But they should! Since they won’t do it we should try this as soon as possible!
(He gives Emma a flyer about the Necronomicon ex mortis stuff to read.)
Emma: ‘Medieval necromancy’?
Hotte: There are proven cases where it helped!

[At Pestalozzi, teacher’s room]

Michael: And  nobody has heard from Sophie since yesterday?
Mrs Krawcyk: No. But her mother assumes that Sophie only wants to teach her boyfriend a lesson.
Mr Götting: Does this mean you’re not doing anything about it?
Mrs Krawcyk: We agreed on still waiting today. But in case one of you has any news, please let me know about it immediately.
Mr Götting: Wait a second please, Mrs Krawcyk. I’m not sure if I got that right. Sophie Klein has disappeared without a trace while Mr Heisig and Ms Vogel had the official supervision duty. Speaking of, where is she right now?

[At Pestalozzi, stairway]

Bea: Timo! Do you have a second?
Timo: Yes, of course.
Bea: I know, you would have told me,of course, but…
Timo: If you want to know where Sophie is: I have no idea. And I’m probably the last one she would call.
Bea: I don’t think so! The two of you still need to clear things up!
Timo: We had the need to clear things up yesterday.We now see what the result of that was.
Bea: Well there is no good way to tell your girlfriend that you kissed another woman.(Bea would know..Lohmann ist still bearing a grudge,and that was YEARS ago..)
Timo: Well, maybe not a really good one. But if you want to know how to really f**k it up then you can ask me. I’m an exceptional talent at this.
Bea: What do you mean?
Timo: Well, I also just managed to give Luzi a kick to the shins. I mean, figuratively. Anyway, now an apology is due.
Bea: And if…
Timo: You’re going to be the first one to know.
Bea: Alright.
(Timo giving Bea, girl advice? Ok, I like where this is going..no wait..he's the student and..oh,never mind..)

[At Pestalozzi, teacher’s room]

Mr Götting: I’m quite astonished by the carelessness with which a clear violation of  supervision duty is being dealt with here.
Mrs Krawcyk: Sophie is of age. And it was an optional excursion. Neither Mr Heisig nor s Vogel had any right to hold her back.(Uh,but wait for her and shuttle her back?Make sure she's safe,oh,just never mind me...??)
Mr Götting: Nevertheless, I think it would be recommendable to inform the school board.
Mrs Krawcyk: I don’t think so.
Mr Götting: Uh, Mrs Krawcyk, is it possible that you want to cover for your former student Bea Vogel in an irresponsible manner once again? I do think so. We both know exactly that a good pedagogue would have recognized the problems of Sophie Klein early on and worked on solutions for those. But everyone here is washing their hands of it now.
Mrs Krawcyk: I want Sophie to be fine. And I don’t know what the school board could do for her.
Mr Götting: It could,for example, make sure that something like this won’t happen again because of personnel decisions!
(Sorry, anyone wanna call the police isntead of the school board?Just an idea..)

[At Pestalozzi, school yard]

Emma: You’re definitely not going to find her with this hocus-pocus!
Hotte: Even the FBI and the KGB have researched the paranormal very thoroughly.
Emma: ‘Have! There are good reasons why they don’t do it anymore.
Hotte: (reading the flyer) ‘On May, 15th 1982 the corpse of…’.
Emma: The corpse??
Hotte: See! We’ve got to hurry! ‘…the corpse of Jessica Hauer who had been missing for 7 weeks was found underneath the wall in the noman's land of Berlin. Only with the help of a seer, hired by the KGB, the missing girl could be traced. The Necronomicon ex mortis…’.
Emma: Hotte!
Hotte: What? Do you have a better idea on how to find Sophie? (Emma shakes her head.) See! And the pendulum therapy against your exam anxiety back then also helped. I think we should at least try it!
(Emma is still hesitant)

[At Beschenko’s]
Luzi is lying in bed listening to music when Karin and Timo come in.

Luzi: What are you doing here?
Karin: Maybe the two of you should talk, huh?
Luzi: I don’t know if there's still anything left to say.
Timo: I’m sorry?
Luzi: That’s it? If that's the case, you can just leave and let me be!
Karin: Luzi!
Luzi: Mama, we’re not 6 anymore! Do you know what kind of sh*t he has been pulling? Every other day he comes crawling back to me to apologize! Instead of…
Timo: …getting my brain replaced? I know, I was going to get that done, but…
Luzi: Ts, now don’t try to be funny! You’ve never been.
Karin: Well…
Timo: Luzi is right. I should have told Sophie a long time ago already…I should have told her long before what happened.
Luzi: Ah, really? Wow! Great realization!
Karin: Shall I…? (Indicates  to leave)
Luzi: Yes, if he follows you.
Timo: Gosh, Luzi, it’s not your fault that Sophie has disappeared, ok? Sorry!
Luzi: She still hasn’t called?
(Timo shakes his head.)
Luzi: I’m scared now, too. She knows that we’re worried, doesn’t she??
Karin: Uh, wait, did I get that right? Sophie has been missing since yesterday?
Luzi: Uh, yes. Didn’t I tell you?
Karin: Well, that she ran away, yes. But…I didn’t know that she hasn’t shown up again yet.

[At Pestalozzi, lounge]

Caro: (on the phone) No, I don’t have private insurance….Are you crazy? I can’t wait for the appointment for that long! There are some time limits regarding my problem, if you know what I mean!...There we go. See you later, then.
(She writes down a note on her mobile phone to remind her of the appointment for the ultrasound.)
Ben: Hey! Is everything alright?
Caro: What shouldn’t be ok?
Ben: I heard that you’re very worried about Sophie.
Caro: Ah this.
Ben: ‘Ah this’? Everything is not fine.
Caro: No, the issue with Sophie is really bad.
Ben: ‘Bad’?
Caro: Well, what is it,that you want to hear? It’s affecting me more than you think!
Ben: I know. You obviously made a big scene in the AG today.
Caro: What is it,that you want?
Ben: Nothing. I’m just wondering why Sophie is of concern to you so suddenly.
Caro: Sophie isn’t a concern! She used to be my best friend before she got involved with this cellcluster!
Ben: This ‘cellcluster’'s name is Timo!
Caro: And if it hadn’t been for him, Sophie wouldn’t have disappeared. I’m just worried, Ben!
Ben: Yes…
Caro: Why do you always think that I feign things?
Ben: Honestly? I come here and ask you if everything is ok. ‘Of course everything is fine!’ Then you’re bitchy, petulant, sad or whatever. It’s quite strange, isn’t it?
Caro: I’ve got to go to chemistry class now.  
(She leaves.)

[At Pestalozzi, restroom]
Bea is washing her hands when Alexandra comes out of the toilet startling Bea by slamming the door.

Alexandra: Oh. Did I scare you? Back then it was Franziska, today it’s Sophie. And both of them were last seen in your music AG. Strange, isn’t it?
Bea: How often have I told you already? I don’t know why Jens and your sister left for Australia!! Back then I was hurt as much as you were by the fact that Jens had gone all of the sudden!
Alexandra: I don’t care about your beloved Jens! But you had Franziska’s blood on your jacket!
Bea: Because she stumbled! And when I tried to help her she pushed me away! You know that!
Alexandra: Telling a lie about a thousand times won’t make it true either.
Bea: Franziska was fine when she left. Mrs Krawcyk confirmed that!
Alexandra: Mrs Krawczyk? (sarcastic) That’s quite an alibi!
Bea: Sophie will show up again! And Franziska is doing better than you think! That’s for sure!
Alexandra: Your hypocrisy makes me sick!
(She rushes out.)

[At Beschenko’s]

Luzi: What is it, Mama? Do you have any idea where Sophie could be?
Karin: No, I don’t but…maybe I know why things got to her like this.
Timo: Both of ud also know that, right?...At New Year’s Eve, Luzi and I, we…
Karin: I know.The two of you kissed. But that’s not what I mean. Maybe I know why Sophie reacted so extremely sensitive about the kiss.

When cleaning the restroom a trash bag tears and everything in it falls down.
Karin: Dammit.
Karin finds several positive pregnancy tests.

Karin: Is it possible that Sophie is pregnant… (to Timo) by you?