Episode 86

translated by hephylax
edited by Lied


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Bea: Sophie will show up again. And Franziska is doing better than you think, I’m sure.

Alexandra: Your hypocrisy makes me sick!


Karin: Sophie has been gone since yesterday?

Luzi: Yes. Didn’t I say that?

Karin: That she ran away, yes, but… I had no idea that she is still gone.


Timo: Luzi and I, on New Year’s Eve we…

Karin: I know you kissed. But that wasn’t what I meant. I might know why Sophie reacted so strongly to the kiss. Is it possible that Sophie is pregnant? By you?




[Beschenko apartment, Luzi’s room]


Timo: Sophie can’t be pregnant. She’s on the pill. (Little Timo and how he sees the world…)

Karin: Maybe I’m wrong and the tests aren’t from Sophie.

Luzi: But that would explain why she flipped out like that after hearing about the kiss…and then disappeared. Didn’t she say anything to you?

Timo: Maybe she did. There was something…

Luzi: Great. Your girlfriend has a huge problem and you don’t realize anything. You really are a hero.

Karin: Now Luzi, let him be.

Luzi: I just want to know how he envisions this to go now. I mean maybe…well, maybe she’s already at the next abortion clinic.

Timo jumps up and storms out.

Karin: Timo…

She looks back at Luzi.

Luzi: God, he’s having a child with Sophie.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Jenny and Caro are sitting next to each other on a bench. Jenny is tying her shoes. - Adjust, pull, readjust, pull...

Jenny: Caro? Do you happen to be familiar with Martin Luther King? I’m supposed to give a presentation in Götting’s class tomorrow. (Whoohoo, MLK! We’re getting closer to the legendary good stuff)

Caro doesn’t seem to be as fascinated with Jenny tying her laces as I am. She ignores her (Gasp!) // Don't worry, I'm so there with you! Though I'm also enjoying Caro's absent, depressive 'damn I'm so in trouble' look.


[Flashback Caro]

Stefan: And what are your classmates going to think of you? What about your plans for the future? I doubt that you are going to cut a fine figure on the volleyball court as a pregnant woman. I won’t let myself be blackmailed, Caro. And I’m sure you will be able to handle your problem by yourself.



Jenny: Carooo?

Caro: What is it?

Jenny: Well, it is a pretty heavy thing…well, with Sophie. To just take off.

Caro: She probably has her reasons.

Jenny: Sure. And it’s not as if I haven’t done that myself. (Well, what hasn't she done yet? Necromancy, running away, …  /// Jenny adjusts her sleeves and pulls up the zipper on her training jacket. What? I appreciate every tiny bit of Jenny I can get.)But I was 15 back then. (Let's remember 13 big in Japan, uh, China.) Say, shouldn’t you start to change your clothes, too?

Alexandra: Well, ladies. We are going to do a round of jumping power training, today. Strengthening the quadriceps extensor. So… (to Caro)And what is this?

Caro: I’m not feeling so well.

Alexandra: Again?

Caro: I’ve told you to take me out of the team. Anyway, I’m going to the doctor’s now.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Emma and Hotte are talking when Timo passes by.

Hotte: There he is.

Emma: But don’t just spring it on him.

Hotte: Of course not. – Hey Timo! Do you have a minute?

Timo: Not really.

Hotte: Sure. You’re worried about Sophie. I understand that, very much. Anyway, we thought… Sophie has spent the night at your place from time to time and…

Timo: And what? (Yeah, Hotte. What kind of kinky stuff do you want to know again?)

Emma: We need something that Sophie left at your place. (aah, sure)

Hotte: Nothing special, just some kind of personal item. (Like..something she wore maybe?)With that we can find out where Sophie is.

Timo: Riiight, and how?

Hotte: Ähm, we know someone who we can ask.

Timo: Could you stop talking in riddles?

Emma: Necromancy.

Hotte: Psychological methods of investigation.

Timo: You’re nuts.

Hotte: There is a special unit in Hong Kong: Magic Cops!



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Bea is tuning the piano or at least she's doing something like that...

Bea: Hello Luzi.

Luzi: Am I the only one?

Bea: I’m afraid, there won’t be a rehearsal today. It was all a bit much, probably. The missed festival, Sophie’s disappearance… Still, I don’t believe that the fight was the trigger. It’s not your fault that she took off.

Luzi: No. I really don’t have a lot to do with that problem.

Bea: Have you heard anything from Sophie? Is there anything that I don’t know yet?(Oh god, where to begin???)

Luzi: You better talk with Timo about that.

Bea: Okay, then…then we’ll just rehearse another time.

Luzi: Frau Vogel? Could…could we maybe do something, anyway? When I’m singing…it would just be nice, right now.

Bea: Sure.


[Luzi sings Chasing Cars]



[Pestalozzi, counsellor’s office]


Michael is sitting there going through his day planer when Bea storms in.

Michael: Bea?

Bea: Why does somebody do that? Why does a girl leave everything behind? Her friends, the school, the mother… not just because her boyfriend kissed someone else on New Year’s Eve. – I’m sorry. The topic just hits a little close to home. Back then with Franziska it was exactly like that. There was a fight and… then she was gone. (If Sophie doesn't come back, in ten years, when Luzi is leading the new STAG, they should be looking beneath the swimming pool. Just a tip.)

Michael: Sophie has only been missing for two days.

Bea: That’s how it was back then, too. Franziska never came back.

Michael: Bea, I don’t think it’s any use to compare those two events. I’m sure Sophie won’t be able to stand being in unfamiliar surroundings for long. You’ll see, in a few days she’ll be sitting in your class again. And Franzika…she is sitting somewhere beneath palm trees. (Well, you’ve got the beneath and the beach/sand part right. // Bazinga!!!)In Australia. You said it yourself.

Bea: I know.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]

[Music: Anna Ternheim - "Lovers Dream"]


Caro takes out the ultrasound picture (where you can see…well, nothing) and looks at it.Then she takes out her phone.

Caro: Yes, hello, this is… Is Herr Bergmann in? Because I wanted to show him something. No. Don’t tell him. I just wanted to know if he is in.



[Pestalozzi, class room]


(I’d like to preface this scene by saying that I dropped biology in school almost as soon as I could, which was in the eleventh grade. And in the semester before that, I didn’t really pay attention. On the bright side, I can still name almost all of the US state capitals, which is how I kept myself from falling asleep. So I never had this stuff and don’t even really understand it in German. Plus, Ben is really giving a convincing school presentation with lots of äh’s, incomplete sentences and no recognizable structure whatsoever.///I think you got it down pretty well. ;) )


Ben is drawing some biology/genetics stuff onthe blackboard. Luzi is already sitting at her desk, Timo comes in.

Luzi: Ben. Ben. Psst. (Hey, that Psst is reserved for Jenny beckoning Emma!)

Ben: What?

Luzi: Your son is female. (I say this is a prophecy! Hey, can you imagine Luzi with a chrystal ball and wearing several cloths and all? I can!)Geez, he has two X!

Teacher: Well, can we start?

Ben: In a moment. (He changes the X into a Y)– Yes! Well hello there. Ähm, I’ve drawn something on the blackboard for you about heredity and genetics which in the end amounts to the same thing. Okay. The rest you can look up on the internet. Thanks. (Awesome! Because: True. ;) )

Teacher: Herr Bergmann.

Ben: I was only joking. Uhm, well, anyway, this is an X-linked recessive inheritance. And that means that the father…no, the mother, meaning the conductor/carrier and the healthy father, they both pass on to the child… and that usually through sex…

Timo takes this topic personallyat the moment, finally can’t take it anymore and runs out of the class room.

Teacher: Herr Özgül!



[Bergmann villa]


Caro comes in and shoves the ultrasound picture in Stefan’s face.

Stefan: What’s this?

Caro: This could become your child.

Stefan: I’ve told you that I won’t let myself be blackmailed.

Caro: 5000€. What’s that to you? Nothing.

Stefan: Oh. So now we‘re at 5000€ already.

Caro: I don’t want my parents to get wind of this and for that I need a little cash.

Stefan: A little? A little too much, I think.

Caro: Without an abortion it’s going to become a lot more expensive and you know that as well. So, are you going to pay or not?

Stefan: 2006 an American consortium tried to take over the Harani Bank. Chris Miller - that’s the name of the guy they sent - big grin, always had his cowboy boots on my desk… After ten minutes, he ran out of my office. About an hour later the cleaning woman found him in the bathroom; he was still crying. (Legginsary! From now on defeating an enemy, leaving him crying, shall be named 'pulling a Bergmann')

Caro: Okay. And what are you trying to tell me with this? ('That I'm your beautiful nightmare...without the beautiful part.')

Stefan: You would be the first to pull a fast one on me. Though, thinking about it, I’m sure I’m not the first you’re trying to pull a fast one on. Have you been pregnant before?

Caro: You know why I mustn’t ever have this child? Because it’s from you. And because it shouldn’t have such a father. I’ve seen with Ben how a life can get destroyed by that!

Caro runs out but from the look on Stefan’s face she managed to hit a nerve.



[Pestalozzi, at the bulletin board]


Luzi is taking down the poster about the school band festival.Stuff like “Looser!” (hey, not my fault, I just reproduced the spelling), “Yuck!”, “Ha ha ha” and “no more warbling” has been written on it in black marker.

Ben: Hey.

Luzi: No more warbling. And we thought the festival would score us points at the Lozzi.

Ben: Well, that’s the least of the problems right now, isn’t it? What’s up with you and Timo, anyway? Still at odds? - So, that’s a yes. Because he’s blaming you for Sophie being gone. Because you told about the kiss.

Luzi: I…I don’t think the kiss is the point of the matter.

Ben: Well, then what is?

Luzi: Sophie… she might be pregnant. By Timo

Ben: Oh fuck!

Luzi: Fuck. That’s all you can say about this topic?

Ben: Heh. Poor Timo. Imagine that for a moment.

Luzi: To conceive a child?

Ben: No. Would you be ready to become a mother right now?

Luzi: Gee, that’s not even a question right now.

Ben: No, but for Timo it is a question. Honestly…I wouldn’t be ready to become a father at this time. (Might want to make a call to Future Ben and talk with him about it.)

Luzi: Why isn’t she just coming back?

Ben: Maybe because she wants to decide on her own.

Luzi: If she’s going to abort?!

Ben: No idea. In any case, she must be feeling really crappy and nobody is there for her.

Luzi: Don’t tell Timo that you know about this, okay?

Ben: But then you must take care of him. He really needs it, right now.

Luzi: Yes.



[Pestalozzi, at the sofas]


Timo(on the phone): But you’ll tell me immediately if you hear anything? Yes, of course. Frau Klein. Yes. Bye.

Luzi: Her mother hasn’t heard anything, either? Timo, may I apologize to you for a change? When my mother told me about the pregnancy, I…I was…

Timo: Relieved? Because I alone messed it up and it’s clear now that it wasn’t any of your fault that Sophie disappeared!

Luzi: No. No!

Timo: No?

Luzi: It just really hurt me… that she is having a child… from you.

Timo: It’s okay. I should have known what was wrong with her.

Luzi: Yes, but if she didn’t want you to know…

Timo: But maybe she did and I shut her out. Just like with the pills.

Luzi: Would you like some tea? Or a hot chocolate? Hey Timo, it’s going to be okay. And she’ll get in touch soon, I’m sure.



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Emma is standing in front of the lockers fiddling aroundwith one of them. Hotte is standing in front of her, keeping a lookout.

Hotte: Can’t you hurry up?

Emma: Of course. I’m doing this every night. It’s my second job. (Sarcastic Emma, gotta love her.)

Hotte: You said you could do this.

Emma: I said that I would research it on the net. Do you have any idea how many hits ‘lock picking’ gets?

Hotte: Nooo…

Emma: 80.000. (Correction 142.000. But maybe it has risen since February. New locks, new methods.)

Hotte: Now hurry up!

Emma: Och, then you do it. After all it was your idea.

Jenny is coming down the stairs towards them.(Yay, Jemma scene! And I believe this is the first Jemma scene taking place at the lockers. )

Hotte: And what’s your contribution then?

Jenny: What are you guys doing there?

Hotte: Ähm, it’s not what it looks like.

Jenny: I see.

(Jenny, if you understand how unbelievable and lame an excuse that is, why do you use it on Emma later on, under much more clichéd circumstances, hm?)



[Pestalozzi, school yard/parking lot]


Timo: Frau Vogel? Do you have a moment?

Bea: We missed you at the rehearsal today.

Timo: I know why Sophie left. She’s pregnant.

Bea: Are you sure? Have you talked to her?

Timo: It’s just an assumption but there are indications.

Bea: That would explain why she was acting so strangely, lately.

Timo: Well, she didn’t have it easy, lately. Her boyfriend makes out with someone else and she is pregnant.

Bea: Timo. If Sophie really is pregnant…then she’s in a state of exception. The kiss wasn’t okay. Alright, but…the kiss surely isn’t the reason she flipped.

Timo: Okay, but why doesn’t she come to me?

Bea: Because she doesn’t know what to do.

Timo: Well, and what am I supposed to do? I mean, I can’t just sit here and wait while she is out there and…

Bea: What?

Timo: What if she has an abortion?

Bea: That would be terrible for you?

Timo: No idea. But I would like to talk to Sophie about it beforehand.

Bea: I’m sure Sophie wants that, too. She needs a little space now… to come to terms with things.

And you should do that, too. Use this time to decide what you really want.

Timo: You mean, I should decide if I really want the child?

Bea: See you tomorrow.

Timo: Frau Vogel? Thanks.

Bea gives a big sigh, glad to have survived this sensitive chat, and gets in her car. Timo takes out his phone.

VoicemailSophie: Hello, this is Sophie. Message after the beep. Beep.

Timo: Sophie. If there is anything you want to tell me…no matter what… I’m here for you. I love you.



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Jenny: Have you tried a normal phone call, yet? (Normal, hm? Are there phone calls that are abnormal?!? Ts...reactionary, bigot Babbitt...)

Hotte: We’re not stupid. But Sophie doesn’t pick up. And every one of us left a message on her answering machine at least once.

Emma: Yes, and we want…well, Hotte wants [to try] with this Nicromoni…

Hotte: Necronomicon ex mortis.

Emma: …this witch book to find Sophie.

Jenny: But he did tell you that this thing is a fake?

Hotte: So you’re a metaphysics expert, are you?

Jenny: Everybody knows that.

Emma: Did you know that?

Hotte: There are different opinions on the matter.

Jenny takes the wire out of Hotte’s hand, gives him a smile while moving him to the side and gets to work on the lock. (Yet another thing that our over-experienced girl has already done in her life before)

Jenny: It’s not as if I’ve never held a séance but…(the lock clicks and Jenny opens the door)but I was twelve back then.

She gives Hotte back the wire pats him on the arm and leaves.Emma and Hotte look a little shell-shocked but get over it.

Hotte: Quick. Something with Sophie’s DNA.

They decide on a hairbrush.


[So, let's sum it up - Jenny's vita:

       12Necromancy Career

       13Chinese Kid Star

       15Theft and deceive - Running Away to Goa 

  ?-18Wreaking havoc in the clubs of London

18/19Drug rehabilitation phase / Finding True Love in Cologne


Now the obvious question is, was she already in China when she was 12?

And if so, was/is she a member of that Special Unit in Hong Kong which Hotte keeps talking about?!

Magic Cops! That does sound like something that Jenny could be part of - look at how she dresses, it must be her undercover outfit! Now everything makes sense!!]


[Music: Anna Ternheim - "Lovers Dream"]


[Saal 1]


Miriam: Here you go. Two times the cannelloni, that’s 15,80€, please. (Great, now I'm hungry again. And there are no left overs from Christmas anymore. Already ate them up. -.- )

Caro: 15,80?

Miriam: Romantic evening for two? (o.O Her and her baby maybe?)

Caro: I wish.



[Chulos, at the bar]


Ben: Hey. You alright? Doesn’t look like it. (the bartender hands him a drink)Thanks. Ähm… listen dude, I know.

Timo: Well, great!

Ben: What are you going to do?

Timo: Say, is this turning into a quiz show, or something?

Ben: I’m sorry. I just mean…I have no idea what I would do if I were in your shoes.

Timo: Well, there aren’t that many choices.

Ben: Well, if you don’t want the child…

Timo: I’m not going to talk her out of it, that’s for sure, okay? If I should become a father then…I’ll take responsibility. And I’ll take care of the child. When I think about her running around somewhere out there, not knowing what to do, then… Why doesn’t she just call?



[Some boiler room in a basement]


Caro walks in and starts talking to herself.

Caro: Never again Saal 1. 15,80€ for some pasta. (she takes out a bottle of white wine)At least this one was only 2,80. But it’s supposed to be rather good.

(She opens the bottle and pours the wine into two plastic cups. She turns around with both cups in her hands and…oh! She wasn’t talking to herself after all. There is Sophie.// Yeah, for a moment I was thinking she's going all gaga-pregnant, but then BAM Sophie! So Miriam was right after all. It is a romantic date...in a boiler room...but still. Well, at least in my mind. I ship 'em a lil in the next boiler room episodes. But no surprise there, right?)

Caro: To us!

Sophie: To us!

Lied: To Cophie! (No. Saro...no...Saphi? Sarophie? Pharao! Oh no..there's an 'a' missing for that...Hmm...Kleinkamp... Oh no, I know!) To CAS!  (And you must pronounce it like sass! And why hasn't there been a shipper name before?)

They drink.




(Wait, rethinking this. What about Sapho? Like the greek poet Sappho?

- Now...did the writers want to tell us something with this rather obvious combination of their names? ; )

"Sappho's poetry centers on passion and love for various personages and both genders. The word lesbian derives from the name of the island of her birth, Lesbos, while her name is also the origin of the word sapphic; neither word was applied to female homosexuality until the nineteenth century.The narrators of many of her poems speak of infatuations and love (sometimes requited, sometimes not) for various females, but descriptions of physical acts between women are few and subject to debate." <- wikipedia )


Well, it's out for a vote! What's Caro+Sophie's shipper name?


- Also, yes the episode is over. Nothing left to see here.