Episode 88

Translated by: klarralulu (Welcome to our Team!)

Edited by: Lied



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Piet: Exactly. It's about Lara. Cause of that you really should pull yourself together a bit more - we were at school in order to talk about her passing her classes and you have nothing better to do than to throw yourself at this guy.


Lara: Man, you're absolutely sickening!


Caro: What is wrong? Did..did something happen?


Caro: (to Sophie on the phone) The text hit her like a bomb. It's done and rolling, baby. (Oh - Baby!CAS <3 )




(Be prepared for a 50s gangster movie – starring Caro and Sophie. Or at least that's the way I imagine this storyline. Pretty dotted dresses, girls holding guns, driving these vintage cars and being conning geniuses. - Someone write that fanfic? Or no, actually make it a movie! - Anyway, let's start.)



[Vogel House - hallway]

Piet: Lara! I´m sorry. I don't want you to have to watch something like that. I don't want it either! - Hey… You know, when I was in the school with your mother due to this deficiency slip…For one moment I had the feeling that this with her and me, that this could be revived again. And then this guy came and she just flung her arms around his neck and…


Lara: Say, are you even listening to yourself?! Mama is not to be blamed for everything!


Piet: I didn't say that. But she has something going on with someone else - and not me!


Lara: And why are you requesting the divorce then? don't you get that then there will be never a chance for you again?!



[Boiler Room – CAS lovenest Hideout]


Caro: You should have seen your mother's face, hah! She just would have loved to press me the 20.000 euro right into my hands just to get you back. Yeah, she was really under shock. - Burger? Chicken Sticks?


Sophie doesn't look as thrilled as Caro does. Maybe she does still have a consciousness. Though that is the thing that's always in question with her.


Caro: Are you getting scruples now, or what? We are in the right!! Your mother lied to you! And she did only give you information about the affair of your father when you brought pressure to bear on her! You must fly to Australia and find out what happened back then.. and if you have half siblings or not.


Sophie: And you…really want to have an abortion?


Caro: What else? (Start a family with Sophie in that boiler room, obviously? LOL) Become a child from Stefan Bergmann?


Sophie: Actually, I don't want to leave you alone with that… (aw)


Caro: I'll manage. (Look at her being the strong one – though you can see the pain in her eyes about being alone after Sophie will have left.)


Sophie sees that, too, but looks down, knowing Caro wants it that way.


Sophie: Have you seen Timo?


Caro: Why are you interested in that? (Jealous?) He told your mother that you are pregnant.


Sophie: WHAT did he do? Has he gone mad?


Caro: Of course he is mad!


Sophie: And how did he get the idea to such shit?


Caro: I have no idea. He believes that you ran away because of that. And your mother, too. Well, until the text about the ransom demand arrived…


Sophie: Oh my God…What if everything goes wrong? What if my mama will see how you fetch the money or if the notes are primed like on TV and when we are spending it the police will suddenly arrive ..or if she called the police herself?!


Caro: Give me your phone.


Sophie: But there is hardly any credit on it anymore.


Caro: That doesn't matter. It's enough for one message.



[Pestalozzi - Schoolground]


Bea: Mrs. Klein doesn't want to inform the police. But Sophie has been gone for more than 24 hours now and slowly...


Michael: Bea, it'll be no use to anyone if you're driving yourself crazy. If Sophie will not be back until tomorrow, we will go to Mrs. Klein and make her inform the police, ok? Only then.


Bea: Okay.


Michael: Do you manage the rest alone?


Bea: My family is just dissolving…Piet and Miriam are getting divorced… Therefore, I have enough on my mind.


Michael: Okay… If you need somebody to talk to…call me!


Bea: Of course!


Michael walks away and his cell starts ringing.


Michael: Hello?


Bea: Some sort of distraction would be nice… (BEA! Haha Sometimes you do surprise me in the good way.)


Michael: Okay!


Bea: I thought about some calories...


Michael: Sounds good!


Bea: Coffee and cake? At my place?


Michael: I´m down with that!


Bea: Good…



[Pestalozzi - Auditorium]

Stag is singing 'Dreams' when Timo walks in. (OH, Emma is wearing her purple 'necromancy' sweater, now I'm getting excited for the rest of the epi lol I love how the clothes are indicators as to what will happen ;) )


Timo: Nice song… I´m sorry that I left you in the lurch.


Ben: Probably everyone of us would have gone a little bit mad - when the girlfriend just vanishes… Is there any news?


Timo: Nothing. - When somebody is to be blamed for Sophie having gone missing, then it's me.


(Luzi goes ahead and hugs him - cause she's amazing. And look at Emma smiling about things being okay between Tilu again and this little touched shrug thing she does. Damn, I miss watching Kasia. Especially these little background things. AudL, why are you so bad?)


Timo: You just meant to find Sophie and I was completely busy with my own shit.


Hotte: If you want to, the séanc- …


Emma gives him a dig in the ribs to shut him up (hahaha!!)


Emma: - to sing with us! We are rehearsing for a radio competition.


Hotte: 10.000 euro, if we will win. We just have to find the right song.


Timo: I'm down!


(Emma beam!)





Miriam: Piet and I agreed that we gotta stick together so that Lara will be able to keep concentrating on school. Yes, of course she is suffering…We are all afflicted with this situation but …. This morning for example: Everything went very well with the two of us.. until he saw us embracing. (Miriam, seriously, think about it, why would this upset him? I love you, but sometimes you're so dense!) Then he just totally flipped out again instead of pulling himself together for once, in front of our daughter! Of course she scooted. And now I can not even get in touch with her… And who is to be blamed for all that? I am, of course. I'm to be blamed for our marriage going on the fritz, I'm to be blamed for Lara bringing bad grades home… I´m the bad mother! - But that I have been putting all their needs before my own for years, in order for this family to work – that doesn't matter at all. - I mean, did he even think about... -


Sebastian: Stop! Don´t involve me in this! I'm here listening to you willingly, but if you have something to resolve with Piet, do that - with him!



[Bea's flat]

Michael is balancing a cake and whipped cream in a cup on top of his head. (This is actually a great way to train your neck and back muscles. Did you know, that African women who balance heavy stuff on their heads walk more efficiently, having a better conversion of energy? But only when they are transporting something on their heads that needs them to balance and keep an upright posture!)


Bea: Watch out! You nearly made it….


Michael: Wait!


Bea: And nearly without using your hands…


Michael: Nearly without using my hands! I said completely without using my hands! That's why I get all the cream now.

He lets the cake and cream drop from his head, and catches them with his hands – or at least the cake and the plastic cup, the cream lands on the floor.


Bea: Oh no… Okay! You may have the cream!


Bea's attention gets drawn to the couch where Lara is crying about her stupid parents. When Bea sees her, Lara gets up and throws herself in her aunt's arms. (On way too little occasions we saw the both of them interact in this aunt-niece way.)


Bea: Honey…! Hey! …….Hey, what happened?


Michael: I think she needs the cake more urgently!


Bea: (mouthing to Michael) I'm sorry. (to Lara) Everything's fine…


Michael is the good sensitive guy he used to be and leaves them alone.



[Boiler Room – Casa de Ca-(tastro)-phie & Saal1 – Place of Transaction]

Catastrophie are on the phone, checking with each other for the last time, (Did you pack our stuff? - Yes, are you sure you want to do this? - Completely sure. Pick me up with the Cabrio at the back door in ten minutes and we'll drive off in the sunset, baby!) while Caro enters Saal1 to seal the deal.


Sophie: Is she there?


Caro: Of course she came. After all my directions were clear enough!


Sophie: Okay, then… good luck!


They hang up.


Mrs. Klein: Oh Caro, for God's sake!


Caro: Mrs Klein! I came as fast as I could. What happened?


Mrs. Klein: Sophie…


Caro: What's with Sophie? Did someone find her? Is she...?


Mrs. Klein: She..(stutters)..she was kidnapped...


Caro: Kidnapped?!


Mrs. Klein: Keep it down!


Caro: She was kidnapped?!


Mrs. Klein: I got a message with a ransom demand.


Caro: And what's the police saying?


Mrs. Klein: No police! I have clear directions - no police!


Caro: This is nuts! We have to complain to the police…this is...


Mrs. Klein: We can not risk Sophie's life.


Caro: Okay then.. No police. But I don't understand why you are telling me everything when you mustn't talk to someone about that..


Mrs. Klein: Yeah, that's strange indeed. The abductor explicitly requested that you will undertake the money delivery.


Caro: Me?


Mrs. Klein: Yes.


(Sophie is getting more and more nervous in their cozy cold and wet hideout and checks her phone)

Sophie: Oh man! Get in touch already!


Caro: Why did he choose me?


Mrs. Klein: Maybe he knows, that you are Sophie's best friend - I have no idea. Caro…please help me, please.


(I suspect Caro will find it in her heart to help Mrs. Klein. She'll be such a brave trooper, aiming for a Federal Cross of Merit. But joke aside, beside a shipper name those two are in a serious need of a gangster name – The Double-Dealing Duo, The Female Frauds, The Conning Cun-, no that's not okay. The Pinky and the Brain! Damn, I think, that was reserved for Helena and Michael... hmm... what about - The CASsy Sissys or The Desperate Dolphins! (Actually it's supposed to be sharks, but since they are cozying up in that boiler room it's dolphins - gay sharks, anyone?) Anyway, it's kind of pretty. Other suggestions?)




Sebastian is filling up nuts in some glasses before rolling his eyes at himself and calling Miriam. But Miriam is already walking in in the moment her phone starts ringing. She holds it up while their eyes meet


Miriam&Sebastian: I´m ..sor-ry..


Miriam: I was so busy with my own problems that I didn't think about how this situation is for you. I'm sorry. It's just feeling so good to talk to you and I have the feeling that I can completely trust in you. But I know that you are not a garbage bag I can throw in all my marital problems either.


Sebastian:I would love to talk about your problems with you…as your partner. … I'm completely aware of what I want and I've known that a long time - I want you. With everything that goes with it. I've been waiting so long! I have been considerate because you are married, because you have a daughter. I saw it with my proper eyes how Lara is suffering. And I know that you need some time, too. But…when I´m listening to you..you are always talking about your family. I have the feeling that, actually, you don't want to leave them. If so I will respect your decision. But you HAVE to make a decision.



[Saal 1]

Back at operation 'ripping off Sophie's mum', it seems like Caro dials a number with her cell.


Mrs. Klein: What are you doing there?


Caro: It'll be better we tell the police…


Really, Caro is texting Sophie: 'Bingo!'


Mrs. Klein: No way! No wa..- Forget everything I told you. That's much too dangerous for you.


Caro: No, Mrs. Klein, really…I think you are right, we should rather protect Sophie's life and ..I'll do it.


Mrs. Klein: Thank you, thank you very much. I'll never forget this. The instruction says that you must deposit the money in the Kreuzkappelle's dispenser box in the Cologne Cathedral. Do you know where that is?


Caro: Cologne Cathedral, dispenser box… Yes, and when?


Mrs. Klein: You must set off right now.


Caro holds her hand in front of her mouth like she's about to throw up.


Mrs. Klein: Is everything okay?


Caro: I'm sorry. I just feel sick to my stomach.


Mrs. Klein: That´s the anxiety..


Caro: I've got to go!


Mrs. Klein: Would you please give me a call right after you deposited the money?


Caro: Promise!


Mrs. Klein: And, maybe Sophie will be back this evening already…Good luck!



[Pestalozzi – Schoolground]


Emma: This song will be the hit!


Hotte: What are we actually going to do with the money if we win?


Ben: Naturally, we will throw a big party I would say… - With Sophie!


Luzi: With Sophie! And then first of all we will buy extra cool stage outfits!


Ben: Well, if there is any money left after the party…While we are on it: Are you up for going to the Chulos?


Timo: I'm down.


Hotte: Me too!


Emma bumps him with her shoulder. (Hotte! We have this date with Jenny, remember? Not that I would love to go there alone, but we kind of told her you would do a séance and how would it look if I went to the Bergmann's alone, not planning to do any séance whatsoever? Right! So no Chulos for you, because I definitely want to go!)


Hotte: Could you stop hitting me?!


Emma: Unfortunately, we can't come (first unofficial date with third wheel on the horizon). We have to prepare a presentation.


Luzi: Uh, which presentation?


Hotte: Ah yes, the presentation about...about...


Emma: Occultism for ethics.


Luzi: Oh.


Hotte: Occultism. Good one!


Luzi: Yeah, I also have to learn for maths. Sorry…


Ben: Don't you have to learn for the same test as her?


Timo: How am I supposed to concentrate on curve discussions when I can't think of anything else but Sophie all the time? At least at the rehearsal, I could think about something else for one second.


Ben: If you want, the two of us can do something together.


Timo: Thanks, but I don't need your sympathy, its okay.


Ben: But I need a partner for synchronized swimming..Well, the worse one will pay the pizza!

(Don't forget to take one home for Jenny! That's the least you can do since you'll interrupt their little shenanigans at the spiritual non-date.)


Timo: Allright, dude…



[Dancing Dirt Into The Snow – Missy Higgins]

Miriam and Piet are sulking about their marriage falling apart/having an amazingly good looking and sweet new lover. One of them is doing that by being at home on the couch, the other by being in the bar of that amazingly good looking and sweet lover, looking at that amazingly good looking and sweet lover, guess who's who. Meanwhile Bea is being a good aunt and comforts Lara who has fallen asleep on her lap after giving in to her sadness about her parents splitting up. - Oh wait, Miriam stops sulking and stands up, apparently having made some kind of decision. She leaves Chulos. - Well, this should be interesting!



[Bergmann Villa – Amateur Magic Cops Meeting]

(I'm trying to not cut in here, okay. Really. No laughing. No, witty comments. Nothing.)


At the Bergmann's Jemmotte prepared everything for their séance.


Hotte: Are you ready for the search for our friend Sophie?


Jenny and Emma nod – very seriously.


Hotte motions with his head to...*snorts* THE GONG! I mean, what the..? Hahaha – Oh, sorry!


*holds breath while stuff happens*




books being laid down




round cut woods being revealed




(I'm sorry, I really can't! They are so well prepared! All those candles, the glasses, the red cloths and all...Jenny so is secretly a magic cop. I mean, she has THE GONG! If that doesn't tell you anything...Also, never ever would the Bergmann's have so many candles, it's a two men household. Where are they coming from? And if Jenny did prepare this...well, Emma is in for a hell of a treat of a candle light dinner then.)


Hotte: The hair…


Emma puts Sophie's hair from the brush on that little round piece of wood which Jenny conjured up from under one of those red cloths.


Hotte: The catalysator..


Hotte puts something that looks like shredded cheese, or chipped wood, or big dandruff, or shredded coconut on top of the hair.


Hotte: The fire...


Hotte ignites a match and singes the hair and the dandruff or whatever.


Hotte: The glass.


Jenny magically lets another glass appear under a red cloth and puts it upside down over the other stuff which is supposed to call the ghosts. (Well, if I was a ghost I wouldn't like my melted cheese with hair...No surprise they made a riddle out of their message.)


Hotte: Then we can begin.


Jenny: So that the ghosts will be with us! (Try to watch that line without laughing! Also that would make a pretty good ring tone, too.)


Hotte: The energy.


They are putting their little energizer fingers on top of the overturned glass. And nope, none touching the other.



[Boiler Room – Rip-Off Headquarters]

Sophie is pacing the headquarter, waiting for Caro to come home to her for Caro to return.


Sophie: Is everything alright with you? Hey, everything okay?


Caro: I didn't know that this sickness is so hard. Your mother nearly noticed something..


Sophie: But she didn't notice anything, did she? Tell me, already! Do you have the money or not?


Caro just smiles, gets the envelope out of her purse and spreads the money over the table.


Caro: 20.000!!


(Sophie does another impression of her guinea pig)


Sophie: Oh my God! I can't believe it!!!


Caro: And you're flying to Australia! Isn't that awesome?!


They throw the money in the air to celebrate. (Yes, this seems to be a good idea in the first moment. But hello? Don't play with money! It's the first rule after, don't play with your food! A part of it could get lost, and you have to collect it again later - that's like work lol)


CAS hug in ecstasy!



[Bergmann's Villa – Magic Cops Headquarters]


At the Bergmann's the three Magic Musketeers are still sitting in front of the Ouija board, concentrating themselves.


Jenny: Hotte? I think you can start with your text now…


Hotte: Ghosts of the dead! I'm calling you! We miss our friend Sophie! Please help us with our search and tell us where our friend is!


Suddenly Emma jumps back. (because Jenny's finger touched her own and she felt a indescribable intense jolt zip through her body...no? But Jenny peeked just a moment before that!)


Emma:Ah! It shook!


Jenny: I felt it, too.


Hotte: It's supposed to shake! Why are you jumping away?! The energy..


Jenny: Come on..We try it again.


(Look at Jenny! Come on.

She so touched Emma. Of course the glass moved, the ground was shaking because of them touching lol)

Hotte: Ghosts of the dead!


A door or a window creaks.


Hotte: What was that?!


Jenny: It came from the window.


Hotte: Concentrate! - Ghosts of the dead! We call you!


A draft blows out the candles, and now they're really spooked. Slowly they lose the connection to the glass with their fingers. Jenny notices the mummed person standing in the door first, the others follow her eyes.




At last the figure pulls down his scarves from his face and Ben is revealed.


Ben: What is going on here?!


They sigh relieved..disappointed - Anti Climax! ^^



[Vogel Home]

Miriam walks in, while Piet grabs his jacket and is about to leave.


Piet: Miriam! I was on my way to you. Lara is with Bea.


Miriam: I know. Bea just called me. We must talk.


Piet: Yes! But me first. I'm totally sorry about what happened at the school earlier. When I saw you everything came up again. You know, I thought I could never forgive you. You know, I wanted the divorce, you hurt me so much, you violated my honor. But this morning, before this thing with Sebastian, I realized that I just want to be with you again. And I know that you feel the same.


Miriam: Piet...I...


Piet: You know, I will work at myself, we will travel, we will experience adventures and we will do everything you always wanted to do. I forgive you. Come back - come back to your family.


Sigh...why do soaps always have this drama...and these cliffhangers? ;)