Episode 89

[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]

translation by lifescrazes edit by amidola


Caro: Your mother almost noticed something?

Sophie: But she didn't, did she? Now spill! You got the money or not?!

Caro: 20.000!!!

[Caro empties the paper bag on the table, they throw the money into the air and hug]

(Ain't no business like gangsta business!)



Piet: [to Miriam] I forgive you. Come back. Back to your family.




Miriam: Piet... I...

Piet: Just say yes and come back

Miriam: And then? What's going to happen next? We'll be in exactly the same place we were in before. And I don't want to be there anymore

Piet: But-

Miriam: Piet, we need some distance. I need distance. And that's why I'll look for an apartment  of my own for now.(A room of her own!Yes!Stay away from swimming,Miriam..sorry,brief Kate Chopin reference..)

Piet: But you have an apartment!

Miriam: I can't sleep at Bea's forever!(Why not?It would save us some bad sexy times visuals with Michael..) And walking in and out of here all the time, that's...

Piet: Why not?

Miriam: Because we are separated! And it should stay that way! [she leaves]


[Caro and Sophie are counting the money]

Sophie: Ha! 20.000€! Your half. [she pushes one half towards Caro]

Caro: Thank you, Miss Klein.

Sophie: Shit! Didn't you want to call my mother right after the delivery?

[Saal Eins, Frau Klein's phone rings]

Frau Klein: Caro! Hello! How did it go?

Caro: [with Sophie listening] The money is exactly were it's supposed to be. Sophie's surely going to be set free soon. [Sophie nods sarcastically]

Frau Klein: Did you see anyone? Did someone watch you?

Caro: No. There was nothing suspicious. Only the usual tourist masses.(In Cologne??Oh well..gay tourism..)

Frau Klein: Tourists? No one else?

Caro: Frau Klein? Is everything alright with you? Is there anything else I can do for you?(People do keep asking her that..)

Frau Klein: No, no, thanks, Caro, you really helped me a lot. It'll be best,if I go right home and wait for a notice of Sophie's. I'll call as soon as I learn anything new. Bye. [she looks really troubled]

[Caro and Sophie burst out laughing and give each other a high five]


[At the Bergmann's, candles everywhere, Ben's walking in]

Ben: What's that going to be?An  Act for Copperfield or what?

Jenny: Something like that. Emma and Hotte are playing Ghostwhisperer and plan to question the ghosts about Sophie

Hotte: Guys! The FBI already used this technique several times! And so did the KGB! And in Japan, there is a special force, they call themselves “Magic Cops” (wasn't that Hong Kong?)

Emma: Hotte!!

Hotte: Anyways, we should try absolutely everything to find Sophie.A Séance, as well!

Ben: [sounds the gong] For all I care. But, seriously. You don't really believe that this crap works, do you?

Jenny: Yeah well, I'll believe anything, as long as I don't have to write my report myself. Come on, join us. Four energy sources are better then three, right Hotte?

Hotte: I gotta check on that first.

Jenny: You don't, it's true! Come on, Ben! Or are you afraid it's going to work after all?

Ben: What am I supposed to do? [sits down]

Jenny: Hotte, what is he supposed to do?

Emma: What's up?

Hotte: I have a feeling they are not taking this seriously.

Ben: Then don't listen to your feeling, but to your mind. Four energy sources.

Hotte: Well, actually it's called magic triangle. That means that the corners are all the same distance from each other.

Jenny: Did you never hear anything about the magic quadrant?

Hotte: A regular polygon, isogonal, that could work.

Ben: Great! What was it again, um “Ghosts of death, come join us?” [he puts his finger on the glass and moves it a little]

Emma: No! [she puts it back in the middle]

Ben: No?

Emma: Let Hotte do it.(Emma, you're the best.seriously.)

Ben: Okay... [he lets go, instead Hotte puts his finger on the glass first, then, clockwise Emma, Jenny and Ben again]

Hotte: Spirits of the dead! We call upon thee! Talk to us! Where is Sophie? ( Kudos for the rhyming there, lifescrazes!)


[at Bea's]

Miriam: I want a new beginning.

Bea: [sitting on the bed, reading, Lara's sleeping in her lap] Come here. Lara's asleep. I told you so. He'll think about it and then he'll want you back.

Miriam: [sits beside her] Yeah, but how is that supposed to go ? I can't just go back, butter breads and put away his clothes. That can't be all I ever did in my life.

Bea: I don't think Piet meant that with a new beginning.

Miriam: For the first time in an eternity, I am realistic again. For sixteen years I have been waiting for a life that won't  come. Where stuff happens. Where you see things. Where you get out of this... narrowness!

Bea: He made such an effort.

Miriam: Effort. Yes. That's exactly it. He has to try hard. And then he bends over backward. And so do I.

Bea: You need time.

Miriam: It is over.

(Wow!Like wow.I now just wish you would have gone to Costa Rica with your cute bartender..)


[Absent-minded, Piet's peeling an apple, Bea comes in and sits down with him, he ignores her, almost crying]

Bea: Miriam told me. I tried to talk  to her again. She at least considers it again, but... you know how she is... She decided and... she wants to go through with it now. Piet! [she takes the apple out of his hands] Say something! Should I go back over? [she stands up to leave, but turns again, she nearly starts to cry, too] I am so sorry. I just know you two together. I can't imagine her not living here. But life, it's... it's sometimes like that. It isn't always fair.

Piet: Please leave me alone with your pedagogue-crap. 

[Bea hugs him] 


[Back at the Bergmann's, the fingers are still on the glass]

Emma: [With closed eyes] Please, please, please. If it worked once, then,please work, now, too. What's with Sophie? (Mentally hugs Emma)

[The glass starts to move, they all look quite surprised]

Hotte: D... [Emma gets paper and a pen to note everything down] R... O...

Emma: O...

Jenny: Well somebody is moving the glass.

Ben: Of course, somebody is moving the glass.

Hotte: Quiet! Concentrate! S... 

Emma: I...

Ben & Hotte: R... 

[Hotte removes his finger first, the others follow; the glass bounces once, then moves like before]

Jenny: [shocked] What's that now?

Hotte: O! T! What... what did the ghosts say?

Emma: Umm... dr... pug is … trot?!

Hotte: dr pug is red?

Jenny: Doctor … Doctor Mops is red...

Hotte: Dr. Mops is red!

Ben: Well of course. Dr Mops is red.  (Dr.Mug is red, Sadly, the Necromonicom Ex Mortis did not come with a dictionary for ghosts,like life didn't come with a dictionary for women )

[The glass moves once again, off the table and shatters]



Sophie: [at the phone, Caro watches her] I want to go to Sydney. Sydney, yes. Tomorrow. Sophie Klein. Visa? I still have to apply for that. I can do that online, can't I? Which number do you mean? Of my traveling passport?! Yeah, I'll go look for my passport shortly, totally forgot that. I'll call again, yeah. Bye. [she hangs up] Woah, shit! I got it at home, I didn't plan this after all!

Caro: Then you got to go and get it.


[in the morning, in front of the school, Hotte runs after Emma]

Hotte: Emma! There you are! I looked for you everywhere!

Emma: Can I have at least one Hotte-free morning?! I spent all night with Martin Luther thanks to your stupid idea! “Dr. Mops is red!” If we at least knew where Sophie is... We're as smart as we were before!

Hotte: At least it's a whole sentence with a subject and a predicate. It could have been Yksi Krz or something. But it wasn't. I understand that you're mad, but I was awake all night, too, and thought about the spirit's message.

Emma: So? And what did you find out? That Dr. Mops(Mug) really is a Pekinese?

Hotte: I decrypted the message! Look! It is an anagram! The glass has shown us the right letters, just not in the correct order, understand? If you swap the letters, you get a completely different meaning, a new one!

Emma: And what is that?[Hotte holds up a paper in front of Emma for her to read] With you place. Granny sport goal. Fruit drop rubbish. Grandpa's electricity. Sport is death?! Sport is death?

Hotte: Yeah!

Emma: Sport is death?! You don't need any spirits to detect that! Hotte! Get it! That was a complete fail! [She leaves]

Hotte: Emma! [looking after her] Sport is death! Or...


[In the basement, Sophie's asleep, Caro comes in with coffee] (Love the two of them!)

Caro: Sophie? Wake up! There's news!

Sophie: What news?

Caro: I talked to your mom. She's pretty worried because you didn't come home after the delivery and... wants to meet me again.

Sophie: Do you think there's going to be a problem?

Caro: Not if we do it outside your apartment. I could move that to Saal Eins. That way you could unhurriedly get your passport and down to Australia!

Sophie: Ohh, Caro, you're the best! [she hugs her]

Caro: Took quite some time for you to realize that!

Sophie: And what if my mom does call the police?

Caro: She didn't until now...

Sophie: Yeah, but only because she thought I'd come back.

Caro: You will. But first you're going to find out if you got a half brother or not. Hey! It's not as bad as all that!

Sophie: Don't you want to come with me after all? I mean, in pairs, everything's easier and... we'll just get you a doctor in Australia. They're great there, too, and... Until your twelfth week you still got one and a half month.
Caro: I got to solve that here. Not at the other end of the world.


[Luzi leads Bea into the auditorium, Bea has her eyes closed, the rest is waiting there, Ben at the piano]

Luzi [when Bea opens her eyes]: Tadaa! 

Bea: I'm happy to see you. And not miles apart from each other.

Emma: Yeah. STAG has overcome it's differences. 

Luzi: We got a new competition we want to take part in!

Timo: [with some pages, imitating a fanfare (badly), while giving them to Bea] They're looking for a song for an ad. The winner gets 10.000€. 

Luzi: And we want to get that money for a tour-bus!(Whoa...baaad idea..)

Hotte: And a party.

Bea: Wow, that's great. This is at short notice though. Well, we'll make it somehow.

[Hotte brings Bea a chair]

Timo: Everything's already arranged. [with a fake Spanish accent] Just sit down and... listen.

Bea: [laughing] Okay.


[STAG performs Ain't no mountain high enough]


[At the Vogel house, Lara's about to have breakfast, Miriam sits down with her]

Miriam: Piet and I sat down together again yesterday...

Lara: And then?

Miriam: Lara, I want to be honest with you. As honest as I want to be with myself in the future.

Lara: Please don't 

Miriam: If I'm really honest and... look deep inside myself and ask if Piet and I still have a future together, then... Then I'll have to answer that question with a “No”

Lara: But you're thinking that now because you're crushing on that guy, but … But Mom, that has no future!

Miriam: This has nothing to do with Sebastian.

Lara: What with then?

Miriam: You know that.

Lara: No, I don't know that. Midlife crisis or what?

Miriam: Call it that if you want to. That's actually it! I am only 32 and sometimes I feel like I am 55 here! Look, I got together with Piet when I was younger than you are! Imagine you had to decide now on forever.

Lara: But I don't want that and that's why I'm not having a baby now!

Miriam: But Lara, I can't just keep on living here with Piet for...

Lara: … for me to be happy! Why not? That's what family is for, to stick together, for better or for worse!

Miriam: But I expect a little more from my life.

Lara: But you're working now!

Miriam: Yeah! I work! But still I have to do everything else here! As if it goes without saying! And... Every time I want to change something, Piet's alarm goes off. Traveling, new countries, new people, try new stuff, that... I can't do that with Piet! And if I want to do it alone he... doesn't understand. And there's immediate fighting. Always. And... that's why I'll look for a place of my own. I'll stay with Bea for the time being. And... when I have found something... There'll be a room for you, too, of course.

Lara: And I have to think about who of you I like better, or what?

Miriam: I know that this isn't easy for you right now...

Lara: Not easy? It is a fucking nightmare! [she hasn't eaten one bit]


[STAG still performs Ain't no mountain high enough, Bea's dancing]


Bea: That was great! You were great! The song is great! How did you do that in such short time? [she half-hugs Luzi]

Luzi: I wonder that myself, to be honest! We were quite fucked up...

Timo: Yeah and that thing with Sophie didn't make it easier either. But it helped distracting us.

Emma: So we decided to continue nevertheless.

Hotte: Because we're a team!

Luzi: And actually, Ben put us up to it!

Bea: Cool, well, with this song you certainly stand a chance at this radio contest! You can be proud of yourself! Good, I'll see you tomorrow then. [everyone gets their things, Ben's leaving last] Ben? Thanks...

[Ben leaves, Michael comes in, looking after him]

Michael: So is he back for good?(*hums* “Back for Good”)

Bea: No idea, but he somehow managed for them to stick together again.

Michael: There are news in the matter of Sophie. Which means, there are none, she didn't come home tonight, either.

Bea: We need to inform the police.
Michael: Yeah, we do. Well, Frau Klein has to do that.

Bea: Are we going to see her?

Michael: Yeah.

[they leave]


[at the Klein's house, Sophie is looking for her passport, when she finally finds it, she kisses it]


[Saal Eins]

Frau Klein: [checking her phone] Nothing.

[Caro comes in]

Caro: What does that mean, Sophie didn't come home yet? Did something go wrong?

Frau Klein: I would like to know that from you! I still haven't gotten a  message!


[short sequence of Sophie packing some more stuff, looking at a photo, taking it, too]


Frau Klein: Are you sure you placed the money at the right spot?

Caro: Yes, as discussed, in the donation box at the Kölner Dom! (Dome of Cologne, the big,big ass church,that is Cologne's landmark)

Frau Klein: The Kölner Dom is-! The Kölner Dom is very big, there are a lot of donation boxes!

Caro: Yeah, well, in the donation box of the Kreuzkapelle!(Crosschapel)

Frau Klein: Good. Did you see who took it?

Caro: I watched the spot for a while and... so that no bum would temper with it. After ten minutes I left. But I didn't see anyone else. Well, it's quite logical, he doesn't want to be seen.

Frau Klein: Yeah, sure, of course not.

Caro: I am sure that the money arrived. Very sure.

Frau Klein: But why doesn't he call?

Caro: And you really have no idea who is behind this?

Frau Klein: No, I have no clue, from could I?

Caro: He'll surely call.

[In front of the Klein's house, Sophie's leaving. She drops the passport, picks it up again and when she turns the corner, Bea and Michael are standing there]

Bea: Sophie!

(Ha!Stay tuned for the next episode of “People who pretend to be kidnapped and don't even bother to wear a hoodie when walking around their neighborhood”)