Episode 102

Translated by IAGSW edited by ami


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Götting:I, uhm, convened this last-minute meeting…because during the digging up of the new volleyball field there was a skeleton found.


Emma:So you think that the skeleton is the missing Franciska Lohmann?


Mrs Jäger:Now don’t mess things up for yourself again!

Mrs Krawcyk:It’s over now anyways.

Ms Jäger:You really shouldn’t…

Mrs Krawcyk:If I ever had a reason to drink, then it would be now.

Mrs Krawcyk:I made a mistake back then.


Lohmann:I’ve always sensed that she’s dead. And now it can finally be proven…and the responsible will be held accountable.






[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Götting:You really ought not to be driving right now.

Lohmann:Why not?... I’ve always known that my sister was killed and that she loved me. She never would have left just like that.

Götting:Come on, get into my car. I’m going to drive you.

Lohmann:But could you do me a favor then?...Let’s just go.



[At the Vogels’]


Miriam:Lara told me.

Bea:How is she? I mean, she was there when they…found the skeleton.

Miriam:Fine. Lara is fine. How are you?


Piet:Have they found out yet who it is?

Michael:The police have yet to examine the body.

Miriam:It could be anybody then.

Bea:We know exactly who it is.

(Bea leaves the room followed by Michael.)



[Outside the Beschenkos']


Timo:Do you think you are going to be able to sleep?

Luzi:I…I’m probably going to dream about this…this skull. I still can't believe it…dammit, the entire time there has been a human being lying down there!

Timo:Yes, that’s really crazy. But…but if you want me to,I can stay with you.

(Luzi opens the door.)

Mrs Beschenko: (who has already been waiting for them) Is it true? You found a skeleton?

Luzi:Timo found it.

Timo:When we were digging the new volleyball field.

Mrs Beschenko: That’s horrible. I’m going to brew a tea for us, ok?

Luzi: (to Timo) Thank you…for staying here.

Timo:No problem.



[Saal 1] (Squeeeee!!)

Jenny says goodbye to her departing classmates while Emma is sitting at the bar by herself. When turning around Jenny is a little surprised that she is still there and decides to join her at the bar, leaving some space between Emma and herself.


Jenny:It seems like we’re the last ones here, hm?

Emma:Yes, it does. I think I’m going to leave now as well.

Jenny:Hm. Me, too.

(But both of them make no move to do so.)

Jenny:It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Emma:I just can’t get this picture out of my head.

Jenny:I mean.. have you ever seen a corpse before?

Emma:No, I haven’t. You?

Jenny: (shakes her head) Ah, yes I have…my grandfather. But he was lying in a coffin and he looked just like he did before.

(Both of them are darting secret and shy glances at the other every now and then during the whole conversation.)

Emma:…Well, I’m off now.

Jenny:Hm, and how are you going to get home?

Emma:I’ll walk or take the bus.

Jenny:I mean,…if you want to, I could drive you.

Emma: (shy and hesitant; and her answer sounds more like a question) Ok.



<3<3<3<3...Ok,ok,I'll stop now.Just a brief question:Would you and your classmates have been as upset over the find as these kids are?And another question:Are the students of the STAG able to see Thestrals now?



[Bea’s apartment]


Michael:You shouldn’t get obsessed about it. Even if it is Franciska Lohmann, the whole story happened years ago. You’ve got nothing to do with it. Bea? Bea!

Bea:I’ve always thought that Franciska was alive. The whole time I’ve thought that she had started a new life in Australia.

Michael:Yes, that’s another reason why those can’t be her remains.

Bea:They can. Alexandra is right.

Michael:What? Just because she claims to have had a special connection to her sister(and you?)? Alright, let’s assume you were wrong; let’s assume the dead person is indeed Alexandra Lohmann. One thing is a fact: You didn’t kill her.

Bea:Can you possibly imagine how hard it was back then? The looks, suspicions, interrogations. It was really hard for me not to believe that I could have killed her. Franciska fell into this pit. She was injured. I should have helped her.

Michael:But you said yourself that she ran away.


Michael:Bea, I know that you want to take on responsibility for everything and everyone. But regarding Franciska Lohmann, no matter what happened to her, you’re not responsible for it!

Bea:I’m scared.



[In Jenny’s car in front of Emma's home]


Jenny:Hm. So here is where you live.

Emma: (a little embarassed) Yes.

Jenny:It looks so peaceful.

Emma:Only from the outside.

Jenny:Are you also thinking that…that it was this Franciska Lohmann?

Emma:Well, Ms Vogel doesn’t think she is dead.

Jenny:And you?

Emma:Well, I’ve got no idea. (Even though she is confused she still seems to have an opinion about this whole thing, but she doesn’t know how to express it, even less to Jenny.)

Jenny:I mean, imagine you’re told that your sister is dead…and that she has been lying under the volleyball field where you have been practicing all this time for years.

Emma:Well, honestly I don’t want to imagine. (She seems surprised to see Jenny showing her softer side a little.)



[Villa Bergmann]


Caro:I think I’m gone for today.

Ben:Aren’t you feeling well?

Caro:I’m feeling sick.

Ben:Because of this story?

Caro:I…think it’s the hormones. See you later.

Ben:See you later.

(After Caro has left the room Ben grabs his phone with the intention to call Bea. But eventually he hesitates and doesn’t do it.)



[In front of Emma’s home]


Jenny: (She is curious and looks around to get an idea of the environment Emma lives in. And now that the ice between them is broken Jenny asks Emma some personal questions.) By the way, do you have any siblings?




Jenny:Hmhm. I’m a spoiled only child.

Emma:That explains quite a lot. (Both giggle a little, shyly.) Hm, why are you staying at the Bergmanns’?

Jenny:Well, because I'm going to school here in Cologne.

Emma:No, no, I mean, uhm, why aren’t you in London anymore? I mean the Pestalozzi isn’t really an elite boarding school for wealthy parents to send their kids to. Well, and besides the fact that London is of course much cooler than Cologne, I think my parents would never let me go. (While Emma is saying these words one can see the sadness in Jenny’s face as she is probably thinking about the circumstances how she got from London to Cologne.) Did I say something wrong?

Jenny:Hm, it’s ok. Maybe I’m going to explain it to you some other time.

Emma:Ok. (She gives Jenny a very very sweet smile, probably because she is happy and a little thankful that Jenny considers talking to her again/and also to show her,that it's ok for her not to talk..and for a million different reasons...*le happy sigh*)….Well, then.. thanks for driving me!

Jenny:Sure thing.

(Emma gets out of the car.)

Jenny:Ah, Emma! I’m sorry about the bike. I mean, it was my fault that I hit you with the car.

Emma: (surprised but still very happy about the apology) Ok.

Jenny:Well then, see you tomorrow!

(Jenny who seems glad about the conversation with Emma watches her leave. And also Emma takes a look back at her.)


Can't fight the moonlight...:-D



[At the Beschenkos’]


Mrs Beschenko: I’m glad that I didn’t make the discovery.

Timo:At first I didn’t even realize what it was. But now that we’re talking about it, it makes me realize that someone was killed there.

Luzi:Maybe…maybe it was just an accident.

Timo:Which has never been resolved?

Mrs Beschenko: Well, it does happen every now and then that a person disappears just like that. And sometimes he/she never shows up again without us knowing what happened to him/her. (She yawns.) Sorry.

Luzi:You can go to bed already,if you want to. Timo and I are going to tidy up.

Timo:Yes, of course.

Mrs Beschenko: Thanks. Have a good night, you two!

Luzi:Good night, mama.

Timo:Good night, Mrs Beschenko.

(Mrs Beschenko leaves the room.)

Luzi:You were thinking about Sophie, right? When my mother was talking about the people who disappear. Are you worried?

Timo:Well, a little, maybe.

Luzi:Hey, I…I’m sure she’s fine.

(She takes his hand.)



[Villa Bergmann]

Caro is sitting in an arm chair thinking about Sophie before she left for Australia.




Sophie:He transferred 5000 DM to her in Australia every month! Every month!


Sophie:I mean, I’ve got a half-brother or a half-sister out there, and she (her mother) isn’t saying anything!

Caro:And where are you going now?

Sophie:I’ve got no idea. To Australia? I’m going to look for my little brother/sister.


Emma:So you’re thinking that the skeleton is the missing Franciska Lohmann?

Timo:She’s in Australia!



Caro decides to send and email to Sophie.


Sophie, I hope you’ll read this mail. Today a corpse has been found at school. I don’t know yet who it is but there are speculations saying it could be Ms Lohmann’s sister. That would mean that this Jens didn’t elope to Australia with Alexandra, even though he’s been claiming he did. But please, call me. And be careful!!!


(Honestly, this storyline rocked,I don't know why it was boring me to tears like that..)


[Saal 1]

Mrs Krawcyk is sitting at the bar being lost in thought.


Waitress: Are you ok?

(Mrs Krawcyk nods.)

Mrs Krawcyk: Have you ever believed in someone for years just to realize in the end that…

Waitress: Has someone disappointed you?

Mrs Krawcyk: I don’t know. And that’s the problem. (She empties her glass of wine.) Another one, please.



[Bea’s apartment]


Bea:I don’t know if I can go through this again. There are going to be questions, suspicions. Everyone will feel vindicated. And those who had doubts are also going to think that it was me eventually.

Michael:Nobody…NOBODY is going to say so. And even if this happens you won’t have to go through this alone.

Bea:Are you going to stay with me tonight?

Michael:Yes, yes I am.



[In Götting’s car in front of Bea’s apartment]


Götting:Are you finally going to tell me what we’re doing here?

Lohmann:We’re waiting.

Götting:And what for?

Lohmann:For something to happen.

Götting:We’ve been sitting here for more than an hour now. And nothing is happening here. Then please, at least tell me where we are.

Lohmann:She’s inside.


Lohmann:The woman who killed my sister.

Götting:Now don’t tell me that we’ve been in front of Bea Vogel's house the whole time!...Alex, what are you going to do?

Lohmann:Are you afraid that I could hurt her? I'm not going to do anything to her. But I’m going to watch every step she takes. This time she is not going to get away with it. And when she makes a mistake, I’ll be there. And she is going to get the punishment she deserves.



[Bea’s apartment, the next morning]


Michael:Hey, if you don’t get ready now, you will be late for school. Unless you’re going to go like this which I think would be quite cute. But if you are hiding then you won’t be in time for sure. Listen, nobody knows if it’s really this Franciska Lohmann. But one thing’s for sure: There have been wild speculations at school already.

Bea:Yes, exactly.

Michael:They are going to keep an eye on you from now on. They are probably going to whisper behind your back. This whole thing..is going to boil up again.(Did he just turn his opinion around 100% in his sleep??)

Bea:Thank you very much.

Michael:But you need to face it.

Bea:But I can’t.

Michael:Yes, you can and you have to! If you don’t go out there now, if you hide yourself now, they will feel vindicated and go for you! So now go face both, them and their speculations, and show them that you have nothing to hide!...And there’s something else: Give those who believe in you a chance to show that they do.

Bea:Usually that’s my speech.

Michael:Well, now it was my turn.

Bea:Maybe the dead person isn’t Franciska after all.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting:Alexandra? What…what are you doing here?

Lohmann:Didn’t you listen to me last night?

Götting:I did.

Lohmann:So what’s the problem?

Götting:Do you really want to put up with it?

Lohmann:Nothing that could happen here is anything compared to what happened to my sister!

Götting:But we don’t know yet if it’s really your sister…and besides that you were taking a voluntary leave.

Lohmann:And what are you the temporary principal for? Then undo it!

Götting:Alright, I will. But promise me that you won’t do anything rash!...Alexandra!

Alexandra:Nothing rash.



[Pestalozzi, stairway]

Mrs Krawcyk enters the school.


Student:Good morning!



[Teachers’ room]

Bea is alone in the teachers’ room when Alexandra approaches her from behind.


Alexandra:Did you sleep well?


(:-D.Hey,I did not write those lines!!)



[Pestalozzi, stairway]

Two police officers enter the building and see Mrs Krawcyk at the coffee vending machine.


Police officer 1: Excuse me? We’re looking for Alexandra Lohmann.

Mrs Krawcyk:And who are you?

Police officer 1: Hinze, from the Cologne criminal investigation department. (Why do I have the feeling that this name sounds very familiar to me…?)

Mrs Krawcyk:If you would like to follow me.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ room]


Bea:Uhm, I’m sorry, I…I’ve got to prepare for class.

(Mrs Krawcyk and the officers enter the room.)

Mrs Krawcyk:There’s Ms Lohmann.

Officer Hinze: Ms Lohmann?


Officer Hinze: Cologne criminal investigation department. Could we have a word with you in private, please?

Lohmann:You can tell me here.

Officer Hinze: Uhm, Ms Lohmann, unfortunately I have sad news for you. The examinations have revealed that what was found on the school campus yesterday are the mortal remains of your sister Franciska. (to Bea) You are Ms Vogel, right?


Officer Hinze: We would like to ask you some questions.