Episode 104

Translated by hephylax edited by amidola


Bea: I’m under suspicion again? But…she was fine when she left. Frau Krawczyk… saw it.

Police detective: Because of Frau Krawczyk’s statement the investigation against you was discontinued.


Bea: If we want to calculate the area beneath the parabola, we need…

Bea turns around. Murderer has been written on the black board.

(And your editress has hopped off the couch in Glee:Wicked allusion!)




[Pestalozzi, class room]


Timo wipes it off.

Bea: Well, where were we? (Ah, the joys of alliteration.Bonus translation points, Heph!Now, let a German read that sentence out loud..preferably quickly, and ten times over:-D)

Caro: I believe we had gotten to the question of whether you are a murderer. Did you kill Franziska Lohmann and bury her in the school yard?

Bea: No, I didn’t. And I would really like to continue now.

Caro: I would say the same if I were in your place. But I think most of the people here believe something different.

Luzi: Because all of them are idiots. That’s bullshit.

Caro: Of course you are sticking up for her.

Timo: Yes, because she’s innocent.

Caro: And how do you know that? Were you there when it happened? I don’t think so.

Luzi: But neither were you, right? Why are you so sure that she did it?

Caro: I read all about it in the article. If you’d like I’ll make another copy for you.

Bea: That’s enough! I’d really like to continue now! Page 59, exercises 5 to 10. I’m going to collect your work.

Caro: I don’t think that we have to listen to someone with that kind of a past.

(Ohhh, she used that evil P-word. Jenny “mysterious past” Hartmann, go!/Fighter for all things righteous and colorful, Jenny MP Hartmann!))

Jenny: Then you better make sure that we won’t start digging into your past! And now do me a favour shut your mouth and start working.

Now that seems to have impressed one Emma Müller if her smile is anything to go by. Brownie points for Ms Hartmann!



[Heisig apartment]


Sebastian: Mm…I love Cologne’s housing situation.

Miriam: Because I didn’t find an apartment?

Sebastian: Because I am allowed to wake up next to you every morning, now.

Miriam: Aw, you don’t even know what mood I’m in in the mornings if I didn’t get enough sleep.

Sebastian: I bet you are stunning.

Miriam: Mainly, I’m tired.

Sebastian: Then I’ll make you a double espresso and you’ll stay in bed until it starts working.(Ok, Sebastian, that's it,I'm going straight for you.)

Miriam: Ah, and I take hours in the bathroom, or rather I’d love to do that now.

Sebastian: No problem. I only have to leave at noon so you’ll have to come to an understanding with only my brother.

Miriam: And what happens if Michael doesn’t want me to live here?

Sebastian: Well, first of all, this is my apartment and second…I’m sure he’ll be very okay with you no longer blocking Bea’s bed. (Hm, that gave me a funny image./That makes two of us.Why did Helena find an apartment so quickly?)

Miriam: And third, this is just temporary, anyway. That’s the plan. As soon as I find my own place I’m gone. And then you’ll visit me.

Sebastian: And until that time, I’m going to enjoy every minute.



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Beacomes in and starts crying. Alexandra comes out of a cubicle.

Alexandra: This is so like you, to be wallowing in self-pity.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Caro: I mean, how are we supposed to concentrate on the lesson if she’s putting on such a show? I really can’t…

Jenny walks bygiving Caro a disdainful look.

Caro: Who does she think she is?

(She’s Jenny, duh!/AND she's from London,bitch!))

Luzi: That’s rich, coming from you.

Caro: Now, don’t be shy.

Luzi: What was that just now in class? Can’t you finally stop campaigning against Vogel?

Caro: If it should turn out that she’s innocent I’ll take everything back. But that’s not what it looks like at the moment. And don’t you agree that every person has their dark side?

Timo: You definitely do.

Luzi: Well, she’s not the only one here, is she?

Caro: Oh, and by the way, the black board, that wasn’t me.

Ben: What wasn’t you?

Caro: Luzi thinks that I wrote ‘murderer’ on the black board.

Ben: And? Did you?

Caro: No!

Ben: How did she react?

Caro: Frau Vogel confessed to everything. Of course she claimed that she didn’t do it.

Luzi: Because she didn’t!

Carosarcastically: And why should she have, she could never do something like that.

Ben: That’s right.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Timo: I’m betting you that Caro wrote that.

Luzi: Then why doesn’t she admit to it?

Timo: Because she doesn’t want to look stupid in front of Ben, what else?(And Jenny?)

Luzi: Well, Caro isn’t like you then.

Timo: Luzi, listen. I know I made a mistake. I should have told you right away that I talked with Caro about Sophie. But…isn’t it a lot more important now that we stick together? I mean, Frau Vogel needs our support.

Emma comes up to them.

Emma: Are you talking about what Jenny did?

Hotte: What about Jenny?

Luzi: Boah, I have to prepare for Geography.

Timo: Wait, I’m coming with you.

Hotte: Did Jenny do something? (Let me count the ways…)

Emma: Someone wrote ‘murderer’ on Frau Vogel’s black board.

Hotte: No way! I never would have thought she’d do that.

Emma: She didn’t do it. She wouldn’t need to pull such a cowardly stunt.(Because she's Jenny friggin Hartmann)

Hotte: I thought you believed that she’s a spoilt, snobby bitch.(I did, but now I'm in luuurrrveee.)

Emma: Yes, but that was before she stood up for Frau Vogel in front of the entire class. I mean, you should have seen Caro’s face. She didn’t expect the star of the volleyball team of all people to go against her. After Jenny’s statement nobody dared to say anything further.

Hotte: Well, the woman is cool. I’ve been telling you the whole time.

Emma: Well, let’s just say what she did was cool.

Hotte: And if Jenny gets kicked out from the volleyball team,now, she can finally join us.(Because we're the good side, and we have cookies,too!)

Emma: Yeees. I can ask her later when we are trial working together at Saal 1. I hope I’ll get the job.

Hotte: Of course you will.

Emma: And maybe it’ll be rather nice with Jenny. (You can count on that./Oh, I didn't even remember her saying that line!)



[Pestalozzi, other hallway]


Lara rounds a corner and hears students talking.

StudentA: Vogel got questioned by the police concerning the corpse.

Student B: I bet she’s got something to do with the murder

Student C: That’s how it always is. It’s always the ones you would least likely suspect!

Student D: And why is she still allowed to teach here?

Lara takes out her cell phone.



[Heisig apartment]


Miriam and Sebastian are making out on the sofa. A phone rings.

Miriam: Just a sec. Hello? Lara. No, you’re not interrupting. No way.(No,no,no, not at all..no,no..uhumm..)

Lara: The entire school is talking about Bea. Everybody’s running their mouths. They say that Bea is the murderer.

Miriam: They say what!? Oh God. It’s starting all over again. No. No, I’m still here. Listen, Lara, I…I’m coming home right now. No, don’t worry. See you soon.



[Pestalozzi, other hallway]


Student C: That’s Vogel’s niece, isn’t it? Do you think she knew about this the entire time?

Student D: Probably. Every family has its secrets, doesn’t it?



[Heisig apartment]


Miriam: They are saying at school that Bea killed Franziska Lohmann.

Sebastian: They can’t do that. That’s defamation of character.

Miriam: Believe me, that’s just the beginning. I’ve been through this before.



[Saal 1]


Herr Müller(owner of Saal1,not Emma's dad): We already have reservations for most of the tables this evening. I hope you really do have experience in this because you are not going to be able to handle it otherwise.

Emma: Well…

Jenny: Oh, no problem. We’ve handled more difficult situations before.

Herr Müller: Alright then. And remember to keep your cool.

He walks away.

Emma: I’ve never done this before. The most I’ve done was help out at a pub during summer break.

Jenny: So? Nobody has to know that.

Emma: And what if I can’t figure out the silverware? Or if I serve from the wrong side?

Jenny: Then just ask me, I know all about that stuff.

Emma: But I thought you haven’t worked as a waitress before, either.

Jenny: You know, I spent half of my childhood in star-rated restaurants. Believe me, I know what’s important. It isn’t that difficult once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Emma: Okaaay…

Jenny: You can’t really go wrong as long as you follow the three golden rules.

Emma: Three golden rules??

Jenny: Smile, smile, smile. But you’re a natural at that anyway.

Emma: You think so?

Jenny: Mhm.


Emma: Well, I started doing side jobs at 14… if I wanted to earn a little money for clothes, the movies or something. I’ve got three siblings so money is always tight. So either I wear the hand-me-downs of my big sister's or I temp. But that’s totally boring. Now you tell me something.

Jenny: Like what?

Emma: You used to live in London and in Hong Kong. Where else?

Jenny: In Riyadh, Cape Town, New York, but there only for a short time.

Emma: And where did you like it best?

Jenny: Cologne.

Emma: Oh, nonsense. Cologne is a hick town compared to London, Hong Kong, New York.

Jenny: Well, but the people here are nice.(Jenny is an awesome flirt!)

Emma: But I’m sure you’re not just doing this job for fun.

Jenny: Not just. The dent in Bergmann’s car needs to be repaired.

Emma: But couldn’t your parents pay for that?

Jenny: They would. But I prefer to cover it myself. (Jenny notices a guest waving)Go on. This is your chance.

Emma: Thanks.



[Pestalozzi, school yard]


Ben: There you are. Why did you take off just like that?

Caro: You’re joking, aren’t you?

Ben: Caro, I can’t just pretend that I wouldn’t put a murder past Frau Vogel just so you won’t get jealous.

Caro: But you could start acknowledging the facts.

Ben: Oh, and the facts would be?

Caro: Bea Vogel got questioned by the police after Alexandra Lohmann’s sister was identified.

Ben: Caro, do you know how often I have been questioned by the police?

Caro: And? Were you innocent each time?

Ben: Äh, that depends.

Caro: You see. I don’t understand why you always have to stick by her. Haven’t you wondered for even one moment whether she could have had something to do with the murder…

Ben: No.

Caro: Every normal person would wonder about it.

Ben: I know Bea.

Caro: You think you know her.

Ben: I know that she would never be able to kill anyone. Just like I know that the two of us are together. Now come on. We really do have other topics to discuss, don’t we?

Caro: Yes, that’s true. We should really start looking for an apartment. I mean, your father didn’t give us 100.000 € just so that we can live in the villa forever.

Ben: Of course not but…

Caro: No but. We deserve something nice for ourselves. An apartment with a view of the Rhine for example.

Ben: You’re not really thinking about a designer apartment right now? Yesterday, a dead body was found in the school yard, don’t you get that?!

Caro: So? I mean, is that our baby’s fault? Life has to go on.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Bea’s car has paint on it (murderer is written on the windshield), broken eggs, broken wiper blades and slashed tires. A group of students is standing around it.

Student: Here she comes.

The students leave. Bea rounds the corner and sees the damage.Michael arrives shortly after.

Michael: Hey hey hey.

Bea: It can’t stay here. I need to have it towed.

Michael: You should have the police document the damage.

Bea: No.

Michael: Bea, you should report it.

Bea: What’s the use?

Michael: You mustn’t just put up with this.

Bea: I don’t want any police, alright?

Michael: Alright.



[Saal 1]


Woman: Make it 40.

Emma: Isn’t the tip a little too much?

Woman: Not with such a charming waitress.

Emma: Oh thanks! But I really need to return the compliment. With such a nice guest it’s a pleasure to be working.

Woman: I’m pleased to hear that. If you are going to start working here more often, I’ll gladly come back.

Emma: I hope so. Well, to both. This is my first trial day.

Woman: Let me know if I should put in a good word for you with your boss.

Emma: Thanks.

Woman: You’re very welcome. Just call me.

Emma goes back to Jenny.

Jenny: Wow.

Emma: Yes, right? I’ve gotten a 20 € tip.

Jenny: And her phone number.

Emma: Yes, she wants to put in a good word with the boss.

Jennychuckles: Sure.

Emma: Yes, that’s what she just said.

Jenny: You’re really…You’re surprising me. Not many are able to do that.

Emma: Why?

Jenny: Well, I realized that you’ve got a knack for the job but…that?

Emma: What are you talking about?

Jenny: You’ve got it.




[Vogel garage]


The Vogel clan is working on Bea’s car.

Bea: Murderer. Across the entire black board. It was almost like our performance back when Franziska’s father…

Piet: Yes, but this time things are going to get cleared up in no time and it will be proven that you didn’t have anything to do with it. You just have to hang on until then.

Bea: Easy for you to say.

Piet: Maybe I should just give those guys a piece of my mind.

Miriam: That would make things even worse, Piet.



[Saal 1]


Herr Müller: Restock the bottles, check the cooling system, turn off all of the lights, turn on the alarm system and lock the door. Can you handle that?(Ha..he's springing a full day AND cleaning up duties on them for free labor...actually an outrage,that he's getting upset with them later..)

Emma: You can depend on us.

Herr Müller: I know that or else I certainly wouldn’t let you do this on your first day. Well, then… And don’t forget the alarm system.

Jenny: Sure thing.

He leaves.

Jennychuckles: We have to drink to this day.

She produces a champagne bottlefrom underneath the counter.

Emma: Äh, are we allowed to be doing this?

Jenny: Ah, it’ll be alright.

Emma: Well, I don’t know…

Jenny: Hey, you weren’t this tentative earlier, were you?

Emma: What do you mean “earlier”?

Jenny: Well, when you were flirting with that woman…



[The Vogel garage]


Miriam: Thanks Lara.

Lara: Tea?

Bea: Yes, please.

Lara: I’m sorry that I didn’t defend you when they were bad-mouthing you at school.

Bea: Why should you have?

Lara: You’re my aunt and you are innocent?

Bea: I hope they won’t bad-mouth you now.

Lara: They already did but…I don’t care.



[Saal 1]


Emma: Why would I be flirting with women? (I only want to flirt with one: you)

Jenny: Well, you seized the opportunity. It’s cool.

Emma: I don’t flirt with women.

Jenny: And why not?

Emma: Because…because I’m normal.

Jenny: Okay, I understand. So you are “normal”. And everything else is abnormal or…perverted?



[The Vogel garage] (These Vogel garage intercuts are quite a nuisance right now..)


Bea: You had to take so much flak. It’s probably going to get worse and now Lara gets targeted too.

Piet: God, Bea, I told you. I survived it and Lara is going to manage too. We stick together.

Miriam: Yes. Because we are your family.



[Saal 1]


Emma: Hey, I don’t have anything against lesbians. I mean, do I look like a lesbian? (Uh,YES?)

Jenny: Well, what does a lesbian look like?

Emma: Well, no idea, äh, short hair (check), sturdy…dresses like a man… (pants, plaid shirts…I’ll take it: check)

Jenny: I never would have pegged you for the type.

Emma: For what?

Jenny: For a reactionary, bigoted square whose head is full of stupid clichés.

Emma: Excuse me?

Jenny: Oh just forget it, I have to go.

Emma: Wait, I still have to turn on the alarm system.

Jenny: I’ve forgotten my jacket.

Emma: Then get it.

Jenny: Äh, you can leave already.

Emma: Say, are you angry?

Jenny: No, why would I be?

Emma: Well, because of how you got in my face just now.(Oh, Emma...much there is that you have to learn in the land of reading the female emotion,my padawan..)

Jenny: I’m just tired. Give me the keys?

Emma: Yes, sure. Ähm, I’ll see you tomorrow,then.

Jenny: Okay. Bye.



[Pestalozzi, parking lot]


Ben: Frau Lohmann? Wait a moment. I know what’s going on.

Alexandra: Wonderful. Then your idol Bea Vogel has finally fallen from her pedestal?

Ben: No. What I was trying to say is… I know that since Frau Vogel came to this school you haven’t missed one opportunity to make her life hell.

Alexandra: After everything that has happened in the last few days, I’d say justifiably so.

Ben: What happened in the last few days doesn’t prove anything.

Alexandra: Just who do you think you are? When my sister disappeared you were still playing with your excavator. So just keep out of this.

Ben: No, I won’t be keeping out of this. If you don’t stop inciting your students against Bea then…

Alexandra: Then what?

Ben: You better not push your luck. (Oh, I’m shivering in fear.)Because I don’t give a damn about you being my teacher. (At least he’s consistent, isn’t he?/Military school would really do Ben Bergmann some good..)



[Saal 1]


Emma: Good morning. I wanted to ask when Jenny and I could work again since you were satisfied with us yesterday.

Herr Müller: You don’t really think that you can work here after the stunt you pulled.

Emma: What do you mean? Oh…you mean the champagne…We can pay for that of course. We had already done the daily closing…

Herr Müller: So, you drank champagne as well.

Emma: What do you mean: as well?

Herr Müller: Looking at you, one could really assume that you don’t know.

Emma: But what did I do?



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Luzi and Bea enter the school together. (Oh, are they coming out now,too?)

The school skeleton (at my school its name was Kurt/My roommate in college had one, and so did I..if you REALLY want to scare movers out of their shit, make sure the thing goes in the back of the van,it's also great riding shotgun in the summer!) has been hanged by the neck in the stairwell. From the upper landing, Principal Götting and Alexandra are simply watching the whole thing.