Episode 105

translated by hephylax, edited by amidola


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Ben: Frau Lohmann? If you don’t stop inciting your students against Bea…

Alexandra: Then what?

Ben: You better not push your luck. Because I don’t give a damn about you being my teacher.


Luzi and Bea enter the school together.

The school skeleton (at my school its name was Kurt, not that this has anything to do with anything) has been hanged by the neck in the stairwell. From the upper landing, Principal Götting and Alexandra are simply watching the whole thing. (Because that is what teachers and principals do when students bully another teacher)




[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Timo: Everything okay with you?

Luzi: What a bunch of idiots.

Hotte: That’s completely fucked up.

Luzi: It’s best if you just ignore it.

Timo: I agree.

Bea: May I have a moment of your attention! I know all of you are confused right now. And I’m available for any questions you might have. But you can stop wasting your time on these kinds of stunts. I won’t be chased away. I don’t have anything to do with the death of Franziska Lohmann. And I’m going to stay on at this school until my innocence has been proven. (At which time I’m going to leave a certain student and teacher to each other and go off in search of the fair Helena.)

Timo: Come on, let’s take this thing down.

Alexandra: I hope this has been your last public address at this school.


Caro: Attention! Bea Vogel’s personal commando for trace destruction approaches.

Timo: Caro, hold your breath, will you?

Luzi: Nobody cares about what you have to say, anyway.

Caro: Wanna bet? What our singing birds here want to hush up, I’ve got black on white. Bea Vogel was already under suspicion of having killed Lohmann’s sister years ago. Here you go, just like I promised.

Luzi: I know it already and it consists of bullshit only. That’s no proof.

Caro: That’s your decision. I don’t want her to off me and bury me in the sand.

Luzi: Then shut your mouth and stop spouting your bullshit.

Caro: No way.



[Pestalozzi, at the school lockers] (Jemma’s home away from home)


Emma: Thank you so much.

Jenny: Welcome.

Emma: Say, what exactly is your problem?! Every time I'm starting to think you’re rather nice after all, you're pulling some nasty stunt.

Jenny ignores Emma which prompts Emma to slam Jenny’s locker door closed.

Emma: You turned the alarm system at Saal 1 off.

Jenny: Yes. So?

Emma: I got fired because of that! Because Müller thought I had forgotten to turn it on!

Jenny: Bad luck, I’d say.

Emma: Yes, bad luck.For me. You still have the job.

Jenny: True. Since it was your job to be thinking of the alarm system.

Emma: I want to know why you did it.

Jenny: Let me think…äh…I didn’t feel like working with you after all.

Emma: And could you explain to me why?(Gotta admire Emma's persistence..an early show of the Terrier.)

Jenny: Because I don’t feel like listening to your square, bigoted views all day.

Emma: I’m not square. And not bigoted, either!

Jenny: Oh yes, that’s right. I almost forgot…You are normal, after all.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


The teachers are sitting around the table.

Götting: The situation has become intolerable. I believe we should act quickly.

Bea comes in. (Late as usual. That’s why we love her.)

Michael: Bea, take a seat.

Götting: Frau Vogel … it’s been impossible to hold normal classes since Frau Lohmann’s sister was found.

Bea: I know. What happened to Franziska Lohmann is really terrible, and I can even understand that the students are reacting like this but… we have to do something before the situation escalates completely.

Götting: Yes, your colleagues and I are seeing this the same way. You would do yourself and us a big favour if you took a voluntary leave of absence.

Bea: You want me to leave?

Götting: Well, in view of the situation, I think that would be the best solution.

Bea: But I’m not involved in Franziska Lohmann’s death in any way.

Michael: I also think that it would send the wrong signal. Frau Vogel should stay. (Or I’ll black-mail all of you. )

Götting: My phone has been ringing off the hook since this morning. I have to explain myself to furious parents because their children are under your supervision… and I’m lacking the arguments to calm them down. You are the only one who could change this…by leaving.

Bea: Frau Krawczyk, what is your opinion on this?



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Emma: First, she helps me out and then…she gets me in hot water with the boss. She’s totally nuts. You think this is funny?

Hotte: Girl fights. You fight differently from us guys.(I don't even want to know where Hotte's mind just went..Oh,wait..)

Emma: You mean in a false, scheming and deceitful way?

Hotte: Well, the question here is why she’s doing something like this in the first place. Did you write another wrong presentation for her?

Emma: No! She doesn’t have any reason to be mad at me. I would have reason… because she said that I flirt with women.

Hotte: You flirt with women?? (Oh Hotte I love you!)

Emma: Nooo. That's what she said and then she didn't back off at all, and when I said that I was normal…she got really mad.

Hotte: Normal?

Emma: Well, not a lesbian. And then she said stuff like...I would be reactionary and bigoted... And what does bigoted mean anyway?

Hotte: Hypocritical...I think. Just a sec. (He takes out his smart phone) Bigotry: „Excessively sanctimonious behaviour while being intolerant towards different views.”

So if you pretend to be having the highest morals but in reality you’re an uptight, intolerant ass.

Emma: I'm not intolerant! And not uptight, either. She's crazy.

Hotte: That's right. You are" normal".

Emma: Yes. So? Is that something bad all of a sudden?

Hotte: Emma. Just think about your choice of words for a second.

Emma: Okay, fine. But it's really obvious what I meant.

Hotte: Yes, if someone knows you well. But maybe Jenny has lots of gay and lesbian friends in London and that's why she reacted so sensitively.

Emma: I don't have anything against lesbians!

Emma leaves in a huff.

Hotte: Me neither. (And at this point I always think that Hotte did have an inkling about his best friend's inclinations).



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Bea storms in. (Without knocking, of course)

Frau Krawczyk: I'm busy. Could we (...) later...

Bea: Frau Krawczyk, I need your support. I had hoped that you'd...

Frau Krawczyk: …exercise my authority? I can't. I'm not the principal anymore.

Bea: It would have been enough to show me some support. Frau Krawczyk, I don't understand you. First, you bring me back to this school...and then? When things get serious you just leave me hanging? Even though you know very well that I'm innocent. Do you still remember what you said to me back then? When I wanted to give up?

Frau Krawczyk: I'm not able to help you anymore, Bea. Maybe it would really be better for you to leave.

Bea: You told me that you needed me at this school. You told me that my students needed me...that you were wishing for my old will to fight to come back. Fine. Then I don't want to bother you any longer.

Frau Krawczyk: I'm sorry.

Bea: Yes. Me too.

(It's always so sad,when old lovers fight..)



[Pestalozzi, counselor’s office]


Michael: Bea.

Bea: Frau Krawczyk says that I should leave as well.

Michael: That's complete bullshit. You're staying of course.

Bea: This morning a skeleton was hanging in the foyer. My car got vandalized. What's next?(Puppies in a basket on your front step?)

Michael: I can't tell you. It won't get easier. But I'm there for you (well then, everything will be alright)

Bea: Well, you're the only one at the moment.

Michael: What exactly did Krawczyk say?

Bea: Not much. And it's not about what she said but what she didn't say. In the past, she always had my back. She's always encouraged me, even in that matter with Franziska. But today...? She didn't even look at me. You would almost think she...she thinks I'm guilty, too.

Michael: But she exonerated you back then.

Bea: Yes, and that's why I don't understand her reaction. She saw everything, even that Franziska left.

Michael: Hey. I know that you're innocent and there will be proof of that sooner or later.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Jenny walks down the hallway. (And what more do we need, really?)

Caro: Hey. Do you already have a copy?

She sees Caro handing out sheets of paper. Caro comes over to her.

Caro: Everything has its bright side. (Bea walks by.) When Vogel finally takes a hike, at least there won't be any more money wasted on these idiots from the singing troop. I'll give her one more day. What's your guess?

Jenny: You know, it's not my style to kick someone who is already down.

Caro: Well, but it is the style of Bea Vogel. Or how did Franziska Lohmann end up underneath the beach volleyball field?

Jenny: Tell this rubbish to someone who wants to hear it.

Jenny starts to walk away.

Caro: I had forgotten that you are a fan of hers.(Maybe it's the influence of the Bergmann Villa?Maybe it's Vogelcharmed?)- Here, do you guys already have a copy?



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


The STAG is already waiting (of course) when Bea walks in.

Bea: There is one piece of good news today. We are officially registered for the audition for…Sister Act.

Emma: Really?

Luzi: Sister Act? That's the musical based on the movie, isn't it? (Like Tarzan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and...)

Bea: Yes, that's right. And the winners will be allowed to perform onstage with the stars.

Timo: Boah, that's incredible. I mean… on a real stage in front of an audience?

Luzi: It would already be incredible if we could manage to be on time for our performance this time.

Emma: I'll be sure to stay up the night before. (Funny looks all around) Well...so I won't be able to have a nightmare.(Oh,Emma..you really will be staying up..out of heartache)

Hotte: Frau Vogel? We the STAG wanted to tell you again that we will always stand behind you. You can count on us.

Bea: Thanks. I really appreciate it.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Caro: I've made about 300 copies of the article about Franziska Lohmann and half of them have already been handed out. I'd say that Vogel is going to be flying away soon.

Jenny: Say, isn't it enough already?

Caro: No, Jenny. It'll only be enough when Vogel has left the school. We owe that to our coach. Her sister was murdered.

Jenny: So that's what this is about. You want to suck up to Lohmann.

Caro: I'm simply loyal. Something we should expect from you as our team captain, as well.

Jenny: You know, if you think that you are the better captain, go to Lohmann and just tell her. I'm not attached to the title...not as much as you are.

Caro: And that's your problem exactly. We are the number one because we take the game seriously.

Jenny: Caro, you aren't talking about beach volleyball anymore, at all. You are just agitating against Vogel. Not everyone is ticking the same way you do. Some of us are really only here because they want to play.

Caro: Haven’t I heard this from the AG before? It's not about winning, we just like to sing.

Jenny: Stop it.

Caro: Why? Do you suddenly have a problem with it? That you, Emma and those sissies...

(Nobody disses her …reactionary, bigoted square, so Jenny is in Caro’s face faster than you can say Giftzwerg/poison dwarf/And it'S awfully hot,too..)

Jenny: Do you have a problem with Emma?!

Caro: What's wrong? Have you developed a soft spot for victims?

Jenny: Forget it.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Music: STAG performs Keinen Zentimeter by Clueso

(There’s some Ben watching Bea through the glass but who cares.)



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Alexandra comes in holding one of the copies.

Alexandra: Who is responsible for this?

Caro: I am.

Alexandra: I admire your civil courage. Do you still have some left?

Caro: Sure.

Alexandra: Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time until Bea Vogel gets arrested. That woman is a danger to you. That's why you should hand out this newspaper article outside the school, too. And give it to your parents, too. Bea Vogel should be locked up.

Jenny stands up and walks to the door.

Alexandra: Jenny, where do you think you are going?

Jenny: I really need some fresh air.

Alexandra: I am deeply disappointed in you. As the team captain it's your job to keep the troop together, especially in times of crisis.

Jenny: This has nothing to do with playing volleyball any longer.

And off she goes.



[Pestalozzi, hall]


Bea and Frau Krawczyk are standing at the window looking down on the school yard where a group of parents have gathered.

Frau Krawczyk: Now the parents are starting to pester us, too.

Bea: Oh dear. What am I supposed to do now?

Frau Krawczyk: It was my biggest mistake to bring you back here.




[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Jenny has problems opening her locker. She gets frustrated and hits the door.

Emma: It isn't the locker's fault that you are in a bad mood.

Emma takes the keys and opens the locker.

Emma: You see? A little patience and...

Jenny: I'm deeply impressed.

Emma: You know, I've thought about last evening again and ...ähm...I believe there was a misunderstanding.

Jenny: Oh really?

Emma: About what I said...that I was normal...that was completely out of line. I don't have anything against homosexuals...or lesbians or gays. They are just like everyone else. As normal or abnormal as everyone else and...even though they can't have children (ach Emma, and you were doing so well. But we all know you can't really stop Emmaing) … but that doesn't matter, because nowadays a lot of straight couples stay childless as well... I'm all for everyone doing it the way they think it's best. I don't know anyone who's a lesbian...and that's probably why it came out funny.

Jenny: Well, despite that you seem to know lots of clichés and prejudices.

Emma: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I don't have anything against lesbians, alright?

Jenny: I somehow got the completely opposite impression.

Emma: Well, because you're not really listening.

Jenny: No, you're not really listening, not even to yourself and that's why you don't get it.

Emma: What do you mean?

Jenny: Nothing. Take care.

(Unspoken Jenny dialogue:Dear Emma, I'm awesome, I'm hot, and I'm from London. You are totally into me,understandably enough, and you can't even tell, because you're sailing a ship on denial, which is not a river in Africa)


[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Frau Krawczyk comes in and goes right for the vodka bottle in her bag.



Police officer: I hereby caution you that it’s your duty to tell the truth if you make a statement. What did you see? Please try to remember as accurately as possible.

Frau Krawczyk: Franziska Lohmann climbed out of the excavation pit under her own power and left.

Police officer: With your statement you are exonerating the main suspect Bea Vogel from the accusation of the murder of Franziska Lohmann. Do you realize that?

Frau Krawczyk: Yes, I'm sure.




[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael: Thank God this is still a state under the rule of law. And that's why the question of whether Frau Vogel should still be allowed to teach at this school mustn't even be asked. What kind of signal would that be to our students?

Teacher: That's not really how it is, dear colleague.

General murmurs from the staff.

Alexandra: Obviously not nearly all of those present share your opinion, Herr Heisig.

Michael: Frau Lohmann, let's stick to the facts as known by the police. The investigation back then proved without a doubt that Frau Vogel is innocent. And now that's not supposed to be valid any longer because of the new speculations? Dear colleagues, then every one of us can get into the line of fire, and that's why we have to support Frau Vogel.

Teacher: The parents are scared for their children. That's more than understandable. We can't allow Frau Vogel to continue to teach any longer.

Michael: The parents are scared for their children? Oh come on, do you really want to take the easy way out and sacrifice an excellent teacher without any legal basis?

Teacher: Frau Vogel is no longer tenable for our school.

Götting: Herr Heisig, your commitment to Frau Vogel honors you. However, a certain partiality on your part, be it consciously or unconsciously, can't be denied. Am I correct in assuming that you and Frau Vogel have been a couple as of late?

Michael: That doesn’t have any bearing on a factual debate.

Alexandra: Of course it does. Because you see Frau Vogel in an idealized light.

Götting: If I’m not mistaken, even the loyalty of our suspended principal to Frau Vogel has been depleted by now. And there’s no doubt about Frau Krawczyk’s integrity in principle, is there? What does that tell us?

Michael: Yes, Herr Götting, what does that tell us? That this meeting is a pathetic session. And that’s why I’m going to find out right now which opinion Frau Krawczyk really holds.



[Pestalozzi, principal’s office]


Knock, knock. (Now we know it can’t be Bea. Though Michael doesn’t wait for a ‘Come in’ either)

Michael: Frau Krawczy…

He sees her standing there with her best friend, the (almost empty by now) Vodka Bottle, in her hand.

Frau Krawczyk: What?!

Michael: I need to talk to you about Bea. (I finally got her naked and I don’t want her to leave or go to jail. We all know what happens when you put women behind bars. When they get out they have short hair, are sturdy and wear men’s clothes.)

Frau Krawczyk: That’s not a good idea.

Michael: She needs you now. The staff wants her to go. I know that this whole situation is not easy for you but you have to put an end to the accusations against Bea. You know that she’s innocent.

Frau Krawczyk: Oh, I know that, do I? In an exuberance of sentimental trust and emotional mother’s instincts I wanted to protect Bea from the injustices of this evil world.

Michael: You saw that Franziska Lohmann was still alive after the two of them had been arguing.

Frau Krawczyk: I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Michael: Wait a minute, you were the one who testified for her back then.

Frau Krawczyk: That was a lie. I didn’t see Franziska Lohmann still alive on that day. I gave a wrong statement.