Episode 107

Translated by IAGSW, edited by Sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Ben: Is it true that you are behind the harassment of B…Frau Vogel?

Caro: That’s no harassment.


Miriam: Bea was completely in love with Jens, and Franciska only got involved with him to get one over on her. If such a hussy had made a pass at Piet back then, I don’t know what I would have been capable o…


Michael: Her statement that she…that she saw Franciska leave after your fight… it was a lie.

Bea: I’m going to prove to everyone that I have a clear conscience. I’m calling the police.

Michael: Why? What would be the point?

Bea: So that they can have all the facts. I don’t need a false alibi.






[Heisig’s apartment]


Bea: (on the phone) Yes, the murder of Franciska Lohmann.


Bea:It’s about a testimony...

(Michael rips off the phone from Bea and turns it off.)

Bea:What are you doing!?!? I thought you wanted the truth to be revealed!

Michael:Yes, I do want that. But I also don’t want this decision to be made because of anger or injured pride!

Bea:I really don’t want to hear any of these accusations anymore! I don’t want to hide from anything anymore! For something that I didn’t do!

Michael:If you really want to, then you can report this to the police. I won’t be able to talk you out of it. But you need to understand the consequences!

Bea:I’ll just tell the truth.

Michael:Bea, if you report the false testimony of Ms. Krawcyk, then you’re not only the only one with a motive, but you won’t have an alibi anymore either! Then you will be put in jail while awaiting trial!

Bea:Then that’s the way it goes.

Michael:Bea, in jail, awaiting trial. Do you know what it means? Because after, your life is not going to be the way it was before.

Bea:It’s already broken anyway.

Michael:Then please, don’t make it worse.

(Bea moves to leave).

Michael:Where are you going?

Bea:I’ve to get out of here.

Michael:The research I’ve done here...I didn’t do it because I thought...



[Outside the Vogels’ house]


Piet is still holding Ben by his collar.


Ben:Dammit, how many times do you want me to say it? I’m Bea’s student! I just wanted to see how she is!

Piet:How is she supposed to be? Of course she’s not fine when she is being harassed all day long!

Ben:Bea is innocent! It wasn’t her who killed Franciska! She wouldn’t be able to do it! Come on, I’m a friend! Ben Bergmann, you may have heard of me.


Lara:Is everything alright, Papa? Hey, hey Ben, what are you doing here?

Ben:Would you mind telling him, that I’m one of the good guys?

Lara:Papa, he’s ok. That’s Ben from School. What happened?

(Piet lets go of Ben.)

Ben:Thank you! (to Lara) Your Dad thought I was one of the idiots who were causing trouble here. (to Piet) You’ve got quite a grip there!

Piet:I’m sorry! There are going to be some bruises.

Ben:It’s fine. I would have reacted the same way.

Piet:Still I’m sorry. This situation is really getting to us.

Ben: (Looking around) Does it always look like this?

Piet:No, usually there are just threatening letters and calls. The trash and dye packs are something new.

Ben:It’s awful at school, and now she can’t even have some peace at home.

Lara:Yes, so much for “innocent until proven guilty.”

Ben:Bea is not at home, right? Uhm, Ms Vogel.

Piet:No, she is staying at a colleague’s place. It’s impossible here now.

Ben:At a colleague’s?

Lara:She is at Heisig’s place.

Ben:I understand. Well, maybe that’s a good idea. Better than staying here.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Götting:(to Lohmann) Are you looking for someone?

Lohmann:No, I’m not. But I’m missing someone...or not. It doesn’t seem as if Bea has come to work today.

Götting:Well maybe her professions of innocence aren’t all that they seemed.

Lohmann:This whole fuss won’t help her anyway. Soon she’ll be in prison...where she belongs.

Götting:If she really did it.

Lohmann:Of course she did it! The only reason she’s still free is because there hasn’t been any evidence against her! Yet. And SHE (meaning Ms. Krawcyk who shows up) shouldn’t be here anymore either!

Götting:Actually I’m quite relieved that Krawcyk is getting all the hateful fits and concerned calls from the parents. That way I can hang back and watch from the sideline.

Lohmann:You’d better make sure that you’re in the spotlight! Gabriele Krawcyk’s days here are finally over! And everyone needs to get that!

Götting:Don’t stress yourself over my business!

Lohmann:You wanted responsibility! Now take it!

Götting:Alexandra, I know what I’m doing!

Lohmann:Good for you!



[Heisig’s apartment]


Miriam:Good morning!

Michael:Good morning. Is the Austrian still sleeping?

Miriam:Mhm. Uhm?...(she takes the coffee pot)

Michael:Yes, of course. Make yourself at home!

Miriam:So? Has your all-night research session provided any results?

Michael:No. As far as the facts go, there is nothing new.

Miriam:It’s a shame that this whole story had to boil up like this again...It more or less took Bea forever to get over it!

Michael:There weren’t any other suspects back then?

Miriam:No. Bea was the only one who had a motive, and if Ms. Krawcyk hadn’t seen Franciska alive after her, then she probably would have been arrested. It’s so terrible that anyone even thinks that she is capable of something like this! Bea, of all people! Are you alright?

Michael:Bea was here. Things are really going bad for her.

Miriam:Is she still here?
Michael: No. No, she saw all these documents I’m using to research her case and ... kind of misinterpreted it.


Michael:You...you know I’m just looking for hints that could exonerate her somehow.

Miriam:But to Bea it looked like as if you had doubts about her.

Michael:Yes. As if I’m spying on her because I don’t trust her.


Michael:Yes, “S**t” describes it exactly.

Miriam:Do you know where she is?

Michael:No, otherwise I would be with her. But I don’t think she wants to talk to me. I can understand that.

Miriam:Our trust in her is the only thing that Bea still has.

Michael:Yes. I mean, I do trust her! But she doesn’t trust me anymore.

Miriam:I’ll talk to her.



[In a Park]


Miriam: Is there someone here who would fancy some coffee and doughnuts?

Bea:How did you know I was here?

Miriam:Where else would you be?

Bea:So are you here to join the pity party?

Miriam:Well, I think if there’s someone who deserves it, then it’s you. Do you want to tell me what is going on?

Bea:You know exactly what is going on.



[Pestalozzi, teachers‘ room]

Ms. Jäger is offering doughnuts to the teachers.


Ms. Krawcyk:No, thank you.

Ms. Jäger:It might not be appropriate in this situation but I thought it might be good for our nerves.

Ms. Krawcyk:I know you mean well, but none for me now. Thank you.

(Michael comes in.)

Ms. Jäger:Ah, Mr Heisig. Would you like a doughnut?

Michael:Uhm, no, thanks.

Ms. Jäger:I know that no one here is in a party mood, but I wanted to try to cheer people up, at least a little bit.

Michael:I’ll take one later.

Ms. Jäger:Ok.

Michael:Thanks. Ms. Krawcyk, Bea has asked to be excused. She doesn’t feel good.

Ms. Krawcyk:One can’t blame her. The way she’s handling it is really admirable. But I think you have to give him that information. (She points at Götting)

Michael:I still can’t get used to the fact that he is in charge now.

Ms. Krawcyk:Neither can I.

(Lohmann comes in with glasses of champagne.)

Lohmann:A toast! I want to clink glasses with you all, so that we can shoo away the evil spirits.

Michael: (to Ms. Krawcyk) That’s really bizarre, don’t you think?

Ms. Krawcyk: It’s not easy for Ms Lohmann either.

Lohmann:Ah, Ms. Krawcyk, I don’t have one for you.

Ms. Krawcyk:Well, I don’t want one anyway. Thanks.

Lohmann:If I had known that you were going to be here today, I would have brought some Vodka of course.

Michael:Alexandra, that’s enough.

Lohmann:But I couldn’t have known that you were going to show up today, considering that you don’t work here anymore.

Götting:Ms Lohmann! You are, by far, overstepping your authority.

Lohmann:But, to be fair, I’m only saying what everyone is thinking. We have enough problems here without having a drunk among us.

Ms. Krawcyk looks hurt and hurries from the room.


[In the park]


Miriam:I never would have thought that Ms. Krawcyk would give a false testimony.

Bea:And I never would have thought that she could think me capable of murder.

Miriam:Well she doesn’t. She has always supported you. And she still does.

Bea:And why did she make a false statement? Because she thinks that I had something to do with Franciska’s murder.

Miriam:Or to protect you.

Bea: That’s the same thing.

Miriam: No, not at all. I mean, just because she didn’t see Franciska alive again that night, doesn’t mean that she thinks that you killed her.

Bea:What else could she think?

Miriam: That there was no evidence to exonerate you. So she created some. But not because she thinks you are guilty, but because she thinks you are innocent.

Bea:But why didn’t she tell me about it? Now that everything has started up again.

Miriam:Well, I can’t imagine that Ms. Krawcyk is proud of it. And would you have allowed her to lie for you back then?

(Bea shakes her head.)

Miriam:See! Bea, I know how hard it is for you, and you’re right to expect trust from those who are close to you. But you should also return that trust.

Bea:You’ve talked to Michael, haven’t you? And he told you that he never had any doubt about me! (She says this in a voice that is both accusatory and offended, all the while huffing her displeasure.)

Miriam:Bea, no one knows better than you how it feels to be accused of something that you didn’t do. Michael has your back.

(Miriam takes a clown’s nose out of her jacket and puts it on to cheer Bea up.)

Miriam:And what is your costume? Honk! Honk! Honk!



[Pestalozzi, Krawcyk’s office]


Ms. Jäger:Is everything alright with you, Ms. Krawcyk?

Ms. Krawcyk:Yes, thank you. But I would like to be alone right now.

Ms. Jäger:You shouldn’t take what Ms Lohman said to heart. She is a Jezebel! She has always been!

Ms. Krawcyk:Not now, Ms Jäger, please.

Ms. Jäger:If you need something…

(Ms. Jäger leaves the room. Ms. Krawcyk sits down at the desk and starts to have a flashback of the day Bea returned to the Pestalozzi, along with several other conversations they’ve had.)




Bea:Ms. Krawcyk!
Ms. Krawcyk: I’m very glad that it’s finally worked out! Welcome to your former school!

Bea: I’m glad, too.

Ms. Krawcyk:Come on.


Bea:You know that I have always admired you. It’s your “fault” that I’m a teacher now.


Bea:First you bring me back to this school and then? When things get serious you let me down even though you know that I’m innocent!




Ms. Krawcyk takes a sheet of paper and starts writing.



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]

Ben starts playing on the piano, when Emma, Hotte, Luzi and Timo show up.


Emma:They’re all acting as if nothing has happened! I mean, a schoolmate has died after all, even if it was more than ten years ago!

Hotte:It was the same during the Thirty Years’ War. The Plague was spread all over, the dead bodies laid outside the doors and the people were partying like crazy.

Luzi:Gosh, Hotte! That’s not quite the same!

Hotte:Yes, ok, we just have one dead person but…(to Ben) By the way, what are you doing here?

Timo:Well, Ben probably didn’t want to hear about the hustle and bustle of carnival either, right?

Ben:It’s not a surprise, is it? What about you? Rehearsal?

Luzi:Actually, yes. Why? Do you feel like you want to join STAG again?

Ben:No, I was actually looking for Ms Vogel. She wasn’t at home. Well, I, uhm.., thought I could help her a little with all this stuff that is going on.

Luzi:I’m sorry, but Ms Vogel isn’t coming today. We just found out ourselves.



[Pestalozzi, lounge]


Student 1:Alright, the drinks are going to be delivered in 2 hours.

Caro:I hope this at least all works out! I don’t want to look like a fool. How many confirmed guests do we have so far?

Student 2:Here, take a look. (She gives Caro her phone.)

Caro:Ah, there are quite a few. And if everybody brings another person…to think I was afraid that nobody would come because of the murder.

Student 2:Do you really think we should still have this party?

Caro:Yes, of course. I mean, when we were planning the party we didn’t know about it yet. And anyway, even if we didn’t have it, it wouldn’t bring her back.

(Caro’s phone rings.)

Caro:Ah finally, the costume rental. (She picks up.) Eichkamp. I hope, you have some good news…Now, listen, I ordered 7 costumes and you confirmed 7 costumes…Yes…No! We don’t want any comic heroes! We want what we ordered!...Yes!...It’s not my fault that it’s Carnival season now! I let you know early enough!...So, I want the costumes by the afternoon…the correct ones!...Fine. Bye. (She hangs up.) Ok, that’s done. (to her friends) They will deliver them to the Bergmanns’ in one hour.



[Pestalozzi, Auditorium]


Luzi:She moved out of her house?

Ben:Just temporarily. Until everything with this issue has blown over. It’s really crazy that they are bothering her at home.

Emma:But they don’t even know if she really did it.

Hotte:If I was her I would dig a very deep hole and wouldn’t come out of it anytime soon.

Luzi:I think it’s cool that she hasn’t done THAT!

Timo:Yes, it would be like admitting guilt. But still, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes right now.

Emma:If I only knew how we could help her.

Timo:Well, definitely not by hanging around like wet blankets.

Luzi: (sarcastically) Yeah, sure, let’s go out and celebrate Carnival! Facing the approaching doom like during the Thirty Years’ War?

Hotte:For once I try give you some historical insight, and then…..?

Timo:Well, why not? I mean, it may distract us a little.

Emma:That’s so impious!

Luzi:You’re not seriously going to join those idiots out there, are you?

Timo:Do you want to go home instead?...Why don’t we just go to Ben’s place?



[Pestalozzi, Krawcyk’s office]


Ms. Krawcyk doesn’t seem to see a reasonable way out of her situation. While she’s making her decision and placing her letter in an envelope, Ms. Jäger is sitting in the outter office eating her doughnuts all alone. Ms. Krawcyk starts to lock her office doors as we see Ms. Jäger finish off her doughnut and begin to clean up the mess that the other teachers have left behind. Next Ms. Krawcyk has picked up a piece of a glass that she’s broken, and we see that her hands are all blood…. she pauses for a second and then begins to cut her wrists. Götting shows up in the outer office.


Götting:Say, Ms. Jäger, do you know where the key for…(but Ms. Jäger isn’t there) Ms. Jäger! Ms. Jäger, are you there? Ms. Jäger!

(He hears a noise from inside Ms. Krawcyk’s office.)

Götting:Ms. Krawcyk? Ms. Krawcyk! Is everything ok?

(He breaks the locked door to get in, and finds an unconscious Ms. Krawcyk in a pool of blood on the floor. Ms. Jäger shows up just as he finds her.)

Ms. Jäger:Oh my god, Ms. Krawcyk! Oh God!

Götting:She won’t stop bleeding! Call the ambulance! Quick!

Ms. Jäger:Yes….yes…..yes…..

(Götting tries to stop the bleeding by tying his belt around Krawcyk’s arm. After several minutes the ambulance arrives and the paramedics begin CPR….next we see that Krawcyk is on a gurney and is being wheeled out of the school on her way to the hospital. Ms. Jäger is, of course, at her side hurrying along with the gurney.)



[Bea’s apartment]

Someone is ringing at her door.


Michael:Bea! Bea, it’s me. Please open the door! I have to talk to you!

After some hesitation she lets him in.

Michael:I’m sorry if you…if you got the wrong impression…I can understand…can understand if you don’t trust me anymore. But please give me a second chance.

(Bea begins to cry and he sits down next to him….she looks at him and hugs him.)

Michael:We’ll get through this. I promise you, we’ll manage ok?



[Pestalozzi, Ms. Krawcyk’s office]


Götting discovers Ms. Krawcyk’s farewell letter, which is made out to Bea, on the desk and starts reading it.