Episode 109

translated by hephylax

edited by sones



Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Krawczyk’s letter:


Dear Bea,


I didn’t see Franziska Lohmann alive on the evening of your fateful altercation. I only reported that to the police to protect you, Bea. I am responsible for the fact that Franziska’s death has never been solved, and I don’t want to live with this guilt any longer.


Inspector: I have to ask you to accompany us to the police station. You are under arrest as you are strongly suspected of having murdered Franziska Lohmann.




Bea: I didn’t kill Franziska Lohmann.

Inspector: Come with me, please.

Bea: I already told you everything.

Inspector: Ms. Vogel, please.


A student who just happened by is filming the whole thing with his mobile. (I’m surprised it wasn’t Carothis time.) Piet comes out of the house and sees the police car driving away with Bea.


Piet: Hey, what is this?





Alexandra: Are you waiting for someone?

Götting: Yes. I mean, no. I just want to be sure that a certain person doesn’t show up.

Alexandra: You’re talking about Bea? She’ll show up…to go on pretending to be innocent with the continued support of her entire family.

Götting: Well, in theory she should be sitting in the police station.

Alexandra: You mean, she’s been.…

Götting: …arrested? I’d be surprised at anything else.

Alexandra: But why?! How do you know?

Götting: You wanted to see actions from me instead of comforting words.

Caro: Ms. Lohmann?

Alexandra: Not now.

Götting: Why don’t you take care of this, I’ll tell you the details later. Maybe I’ll know more by then.

Alexandra: What is it?

Caro: It’s about the volleyball team. I’d like to assume more responsibility again - as the Captain. I can go full out. I’m in good shape, even pregnant. And it’s going to stay that way for a while. I know that it’s a bad time but… Do you even still want me on the team?

Alexandra: There are entirely different people whose presence I’d love to go without.

Caro: Got it. The little Vogel. Acts nice and gets on everyone’s nerves.

Alexandra: Just like her aunt.

Caro: I’ll take care of it, as the new Captain.

Alexandra: Okay.



[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Hotte: Hi Emma. You know…about yesterday…at the Carnival party.

Emma: Bizarre evening. I gotta go.

Hotte: Just...one second. If I hurt you...

Emma: Hey, I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

Hotte: Well, because I made out with Jenny. I really wasn’t trying to make you jealous.

Emma: I’m not jealous!

Hotte: Well, you say that....but you went rather ballistic when you saw us. That’s alright. No one should be ashamed of their feelings.

Emma: If you don’t stop this jabbering immediately, you are going to get to know a different feeling. Meaning a stabbing pain in your solar plexus. We’re pals, right? And nothing more. And…about yesterday…I was just taken by surprise…because…because you never told me that…that you had something…going on with her.

Hotte: Well, I hadn’t known that either until then. But Jenny and I, we are really like…plus and minus. There’s this magnetic attraction…you could also say magical…

Emma: Hotte.

Hotte: What I’m trying to say is…I believe I’ve saved myself long enough…And so it’s time for me to go a step further…sex-wise, you know? This “big bang”, this transition…


Emma doesn’t want to hear anything further and walks away. Hotte doesn’t notice at first.


Hotte: …and Jenny is the woman with whom I’m going to cross this frontier. Emma??



[Heisig apartment]


Miriam and Sebastian are having breakfast when the doorbell rings.


Sebastian: Argh. We’ll ignore that. At this time of day the only ones who come to the door are salesmen or sects. Though those are basically the same.


It’s ringing againand Sebastian goes to open the door.


Piet: I have to talk to my wife. It’s urgent.

Sebastian: Sure, come in.

Piet: Miriam…Bea got arrested.

Miriam: What?

Piet: She was on her way home, they intercepted her and just took her with them. She’s a murder suspect!

Sebastian: I thought your sister had an alibi. The principal....

Miriam: Ms. Krawczyk lied....and now they’ve probably gotten wind about the whole thing.

Sebastian: The principal lied.

Miriam: That’s the reason we believed Franziska was still alive.

Piet: That was so completely unnecessary, a false statement to protect her favourite student. What was she thinking?

Miriam: What are we going to do now?



[Police station, interrogation room]


(Ugh, I hate translating legalese. I still have nightmares about the Vogel divorce preliminaries.)


Inspector: Ms. Vogel, let me point out to you that you don’t have to say anything…but that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. (Thank you, Detective Olivia Benson.)Do you understand this?

Bea: Yes, I understand.

Inspector: Good. Furthermore, you have the right to legal counsel. If you can’t afford an attorney…

Bea: I don’t need an attorney. I’m innocent.

Inspector: For the record, the suspect waives her right to legal counsel. Then we can start. You know that Gabriele Krawczyk tried to take her own life?

Bea:*nods* I was with her at the hospital until she regained consciousness.

Inspector: Mhm. Then maybe you already know the motives for this suicide attempt…

Bea: Ms. Krawczyk was hardly able to talk.

Inspector: That’s true. Her doctors say she’s not fit for questioning. But she communicated with us nonetheless. The school administration was cooperative enough to give us this.

Bea: What is that?

Inspector: Gabriele Krawczyk’s suicide note. In it she admits to a lie. A lie that obviously preyed on her mind…after Franziska Lohmann’s dead body was found. This indicates that she didn’t in fact see Franziska Lohmann alive after her fight with you.....and I’m talking about the fight after which you had the blood of the victim on your hands.

Bea: Ms. Krawczyk, she…she wanted to protect me. I didn’t want her to lie for me. I even wanted to repor…

Inspector: Wait. What did you want to report?

Bea: The false statement.

Inspector: So that means you’ve known the whole time that your alibi was based on a lie?

Bea: Yes. No! No, not the whole time, just since yesterday.

Inspector: For the record, the suspect admits to having concealed a false statement in her favour from the Police.

Bea: No, it wasn’t like that.



[Pestalozzi, hallway]


Hotte: Jenny!

Jenny: Ah, did you have to scare me like that?

Hotte: I’m sorry. That’s probably because of the poles.

Jenny: What Poles? Exchange students? (Ooo, I love the close relation from German to English, or else it would have been impossible to translate. )

Hotte: No. I meant magnetic poles. Which brings us to the subject… Attraction. This power between you and me.

Jenny: You know, I somehow seem to be a bit slow on the uptake but I don’t have time right now, I have to…

Hotte: Pity. I thought we could continue on from where we stopped yesterday. You know…

Jenny: Hotte, yesterday, that was James Bond and Kiddo.... But today, Carnival is over. We’re back to real life.


She starts to walk off and Hotte goes after her.


Hotte: Well yes, I know that we can’t just make out in front of everyone here. But maybe later.... somewhere else? Where it’s more intimate?

Jenny: I’m sorry. I have to work tonight at Saal 1.

Hotte: Then tomorrow.

Jennysighs and looks down: Hotte…


Suddenly, she catches sight of Emmawho chooses that moment to look her way, too. Eye contact. Aware of Emma’s attention, Jenny revises her “yesterday was Carnival, today is real life” attitude accordingly and picks up where she left off yesterday when Emma ran out.


Jenny: Hotte. You know, maybe it’s possible tonight after all…well, if you don’t mind that it’s going to be a little later?

Hotte: Believe me, after more than 18 years, a few hours more or less won’t make a difference.

Jenny: Cool. A nightcap at the Chulos, then? And we’ll just see what else the evening will bring.


Jenny gives Hotte a kiss on his cheekthen walks away. Hotte feels giddy. And Emma watches the whole thing and gets hit over the head again with how not jealous she is.



[Pestalozzi, entry hall]


Caro: It’s about time that something has finally happened.


Caro shows her groupies something on her mobile. Lara walks3.2 up to them.


Lara: Hey, what are you looking at?

Caro: That’s none of your business.

Lara: Alright. I didn’t mean to be nosy… So, what’s on the training schedule today?

Caro: As far as I know, Lohmann wants to decide on the new pairings today.

Lara: Really? Cool.

Caro: Why cool? For you it means that you won’t even have to show up.

Lara: What do you mean?

Caro: That should be obvious. It’s very hard to play without a partner. Do you honestly believe we’re suicidal? Your aunt is a murderer. I mean, who can guarantee us that you’re not just as whacky?


In the background Jenny comes down the stairsand hears the whole thing.


Lara: My aunt doesn’t have anything to do with the death of Ms. Lohmann’s sister, alright?!

Caro: Oh really? Well, you’re alone in that opinion. Don’t think any of us still want to play with you.


Super-Jenny to the rescue.


Jenny: I want to play with her.

Lara: Really?

Caro: Well, if you dare to. I for one always get scared when I have to deal with this family.

Jenny: I don’t. Because I think Bea Vogel is innocent. As does Ben, by the way. (to Lara)Come on, let’s go.





The video of Bea’s arrest makes the rounds.Everyone has their mobiles out. Finally it reaches the STAG.


Timo: Luzi!

Luzi: That’s not Ms. Vogel, is it?

Hotte: Yes, it is.

Emma: Shit.

Timo: That can only mean one thing…

Luzi: The thing with Ms. Lohmann’s sister?



[Heisig apartment]


Pietis just getting off the phone.


Miriam: And? What did Hohgrabe say? (Was that his name?)

Piet: He said that he’s just a divorce attorney and... he gave me the number of a criminal law attorney who is supposed to be really good in his area of expertise.

Miriam: Alright, then we’ll call him now.

Piet: Unfortunately, he also told me what he makes in an hour. I think for a mere consultation we will have to take out another mortgage on the house.

Miriam: Yes, okay, if there’s no other way then…

Sebastian: Excuse me…a good friend of my brother’s is a criminal law attorney…and a damn good one at that.

Piet: That’s very kind of you but…this is a family matter. Bea is my sister.

Miriam: And Michael’s girlfriend. I know myself what kind of stupid situation this is between us and how convoluted, but…but at the moment it’s only about helping Bea.

Piet: Okay. Could you …or your brother… then please contact this lawyer to help Bea?

Sebastian: No problem.




[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Michael: Good news from Ms. Krawczyk. She’s doing better.

Teacher: Is she still in a…

Michael: No, she’s no longer in a coma. I talked to the doctor and he assured me that she’s no longer in critical condition. But she still needs complete and absolute rest.

Götting: But she hasn’t been transferred to the psych ward yet, has she?

Michael: What makes you think that?

Götting: I thought that was the normal procedure after a suicide attempt.

Ms.Jäger: Mr. Götting, you wanted me to inform you as soon as I heard something from Ms. Vogel.

Götting: Yes, did you finally hear from her?

Ms.Jäger: Not really, but the students are all talking about Ms. Vogel allegedly having been arrested.

Michael: What?

Ms.Jäger: Yes. There even is some kind of mobile video that shows the police arresting her in front of her home.

Götting: Arrested? Then the police have to have some really incriminating evidence.


Michael’s phone rings.


Michael: Sebastian, no matter what kind of problem you are having right now, it has to wait. I’ve just heard that Bea… What?...Okay…Horst? No, no, that’s a good idea. Okay, then I’ll call his law firm now. Yes. After that, I’ll go to Bea. I mean, the police station. Okay, thank you.

Götting: Mr. Heisig, I don’t really know what that was about just now but before another teacher spends his day unexcused at the police station, may I remind you that you have a teaching duty here.

Michael: Yes, of course you may. (to the other teachers)Do any of you colleagues happen to have a free period during the next period and are able to supervise the test in class 7B?

Teacher: I’ll do it.

Michael: Thank you.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


The volleyball team is packing their stuff together.


Lara: That was really a lot of fun.

Jenny: Any time, gladly. We’re a great team, hm?


And we can’t really see it because unfortunately Caro is in the way but they bump fists. You can see their arms move and we’ve got photographic evidence: http://tinyurl.com/btomf6f(I just think it’s very cute for a non-Jemma gesture.)


Jenny: I have to go. My shift at Saal 1 will be starting soon. See you tomorrow!

Lara: And thanks.


After Jenny leaves Caro closes the door.


Caro: Ooo, rather spooky. Now we’re all alone with Chucky the Killer Doll… or rather with Chucky’s niece.

Lara: I’m really fed up with having to constantly listen to your trash-talk about my Aunt! If anyone here is a criminal it’s you.

Caro: Excuse me?

Lara: It’s true that you staged Shophie’s kidnapping together with her, isn’t it? You even black-mailed her Mother!.

Caro: Say, are you insane? What are you raving on about?

Lara: Well, I heard how they were all talking about it in the teachers’ lounge. Whether they should throw you out or just report you to the police.

Caro: She’s lying!

Lara: She wishes. Should I tell your friends all the details or… I mean, I heard everything… Yes, I thought you might prefer to tell them your own version. Well then, have fun during story telling time.


And she leaves the room.


Caroto the rest: Come on.



[Police station, interrogation room]


Inspector: Ms. Vogel, so you maintain that you didn’t ask Ms. Krawczyk for her testimony as a favour?

Bea: How often do I have to repeat it?! I didn’t know that she had lied. Ask her.

Inspector: We will. As soon as she’s fit for questioning, your… what is it? (Girl)friend? Colleague? Accomplice?

Bea: What’s that supposed to mean? Accomplice? I’m not responsible for her statement. And I didn’t have any doubts about it. The last time I saw Franziska Lohmann she was still alive.

Inspector: And what about the blood?

Bea: Read the record of interrogation. It’s all in there.

Inspector: Ms. Vogel, are you trying to tell me how to do my job, now?!

Bea: Franziska fell into the pit. When I tried to help her get out, she slapped my hand away and told me that she could manage on her own. That’s the last I heard from her.

Inspector: Yes, after that nobody heard anything else from her, and that’s why you’re here right now.

Bea: But there was something. After a few months the postcards from Australia arrived from her and Jens.

Inspector: Jens Mirbach?

Bea: Yes. The cards said that they emigrated together to Australia.


Knock knock. A police woman comes in.


Inspector: Well, how can I be sure that you and this Jens Mirbach haven’t been in cahoots this whole time? (Well, if they were it’s your job to prove it and not hers to disapprove it, buster.)He was your boyfriend, wasn’t he?

Bea: Boyfriend…he cheated on me with her and took off.


The police woman tries to hand him a file.


Inspector: Not now. (Yes, Inspector, nice working with you, too.)So, you’re admitting that jealousy could be the motive. (OMG. Has anyone checked where Bea was in her cycle? Then maybe she could admit that PMS could be the motive, too.)

Bea: It doesn’t matter what I tell you, you already believe I’m guilty.



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Caro: You stop this instant and tell everyone that you lied!

Lara: No way, because you are the liar here. My Aunt didn’t kill anyone!

Caro: Then why was she arrested? I’ve even got a video of how she was whisked off in the squad car.

Lara: Yeah sure, arrested.

Alexandra: Your Aunt has indeed been arrested…because she’s under strong suspicion of having brutally murdered my sister.

Lara: Is that really true?

Alexandra: Do you think I would joke about something like this?


Lara steps aside and takes out her phone.


Caro: Hey! Where are you going?

Lara: Papa, pick up your phone


Caro takes away her mobile.


Caro: I’ll take that. Multi-tasking has never been one of your talents.

Lara: What are you doing?

Caro: You didn’t really think that I would just let you go after your little story telling time.


Caro and her chicks surround Lara.



[Police station, waiting area]


Piet, Miriam and Michael are waiting in the hall. Bea comes out of a room.


Miriam: Bea! Oh my god. I thought you would never get out of there.

Inspector: Ms. Vogel? The custodial judge has decided that you don’t have to stay on remand for the time being, though there are severe restrictions that have been imposed on you. What exactly those are, your lawyer can…

Lawyer: That’s me.

Inspector: I have an audio copy of the record of interrogation here for you. A written copy will be forwarded to you later. You’ll excuse me?

Bea: Hey, what are you guys doing here? And why do I have a lawyer?

Michael: Horst. Horst Hohmann is an old friend of mine and…

Lawyer: Pleasure.

Michael: …specializes in criminal law. He filed an urgent motion with the custodial judge and thus you’re free again now. Hm?

Piet: I’ll explain everything to you later. For now let’s just get out of here, alright?



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Caro and her clique are stuffing Lara into a locker. One of them films the whole thing.


Caro: Help us out with this video, would you?

Lara: Man, get off me!

Caro: Don’t worry. We’ll leave you alone very soon and then you’ll finally have time to think about who it’ll be ok to take on in the future, and who you’d better not.


Caro shuts the door to the locker and kicks Lara’s phone away on the floor.


Lara: Man, open the door!

Caro: Let’s go.

Lara: Let me out!





Hotte is waiting for Jenny. He sits down at the bar.


Hotte: Another coke. Make that two. No. Two cocktails. The ones with the fruits, with strawberries, with ice, without alcohol. (Strawberries, huh. Guess Hotte was this close to killing off Jenny. Thankfully, she’s more interested in someone who plies her with hot chocolate, instead.)

Sebastian: A date?

Hotte: THE date.

Sebastian: I understand.

Hotte: Actually, she should already have been here… for 24 minutes, to be exact. But you have to give women time…and you mustn’t be nervous.

Sebastian: Not in any way.

Hotte: How do you manage that?

Sebastian: Through experience.

Hotte: Very funny. But when you don’t have that experience…what would be your advice? I mean, what is the most important thing during such a meeting?

Sebastian: Well, that she shows up, that would be a good start.

Hotte: She’ll come. For sure…


[Vogel home]


Michael: Horst is an excellent criminal defence lawyer.

Miriam: He arranged it so you didn’t have to stay on remand. You’re free again, Bea.

Bea: Free. Free is relative. I had to hand in my passport, have to call in to the station every day, and am not allowed to leave the city. I should be glad that they haven’t outfitted me with an electronic ankle bracelet!

Piet: But you don’t have to spend the night in a tiny cell, so… Thanks again for getting him and also thanks… to your brother as he was the one who had the idea.

Michael: I’ll tell him.

Miriam: Where is Lara, anyway?

Piet shrugs.


Miriam: It’s really late already. She’s supposed to call, that was the deal.

Piet: I’ll try calling her mobile.

Michael: Don’t worry too much about it.

Bea: This was just the beginning. What if I can never prove my innocence?

Michael: The obligation to provide evidence still resides with the Investigators, Bea.

Piet: God, Lara. Pick up the phone already.

Miriam: She’s not picking up?

Piet: No. Man, when she comes home she’ll be in for it.

Miriam: If.

Piet: Just because she doesn’t pick up, doesn’t mean that something has happened.



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Somewhere in a dark locker room a phone is ringing and a locker with eyes is crying.