Episode 110

translated by hephylax

edited by sones


Previously on Hand aufs Herz


Lara: Man, get off me!


Caro: Don’t worry. We’ll leave you alone soon and then you’ll finally have time to think about who is ok to take on in the future, and who is not.


Miriam: Where is Lara, anyway?


Miriam: Call her,... that was the deal.


Piet: I’ll try calling her mobile.




[Vogel home]


Miriam: Voice mail. God please, not again.


Michael: Well, maybe she’s hanging out with her friends and just lost track of time.


Bea: Did she have any plans for this afternoon?


Miriam: Yes, of course. She was going to volleyball practice.


Piet: Why does this girl always disappear after volleyball practice?


Bea: I’m calling Jenny Hartmann. Maybe she knows something. (Well, really, who else to call, right?)



[Bergmann Villa]


Ben and Caro are lying on the couch reading a bookout loud.


Ben: Jamie felt the hairs on her neck stand up. Something evil was out there. And it was coming closer.


Jenny walks in (Yay!)scaring Ben and Caro for a second.


Jenny: Geez, that was such a drag today.


Caro: She doesn’t look that evil.


Ben: The perfect disguise.


Jenny: Are you still reading that trash?


Jenny’s phone rings.


Jenny: Why can’t I just have a little peace for once? Hello. Hello, Frau Vogel…Ähm, I’m sorry, I went to work at Saal 1 right after practice and Lara was still in the locker room then… Well, she didn’t mention anything to me but just one moment... (to Caro)Lara didn’t come home. Do you know if she wanted to go somewhere after practice?


Caro shakes her head.


Jenny: We’re sorry, we don’t know where she is, either…I’ll call if I hear anything.



[Vogel home]


Bea: Yes, alright, Jenny. Thanks anyway. Mhm…see you.


Miriam: So?


Bea: Jenny and Caro don’t know anything either.


Miriam: Then I’ll start calling all of her friends…


Piet: And I’ll go by Chulos and check out the cafés.


Bea: You the police, me the hospitals?


Michael: Yes.





Hotte is still sitting at the bar surfing on his phone. Sebastian puts down a drink in front of him.


Hotte: I didn’t order anything.


Sebastian: On the house.


Hotte: A pity coke? Well, better than nothing.


Sebastian: Nonsense. A small discount for regulars.


Hotte: Why does she make plans to meet up with me in the first place if she isn’t interested in coming? (Got one word for you: Emma!)I don’t understand these games.


Sebastian: Well, there aren’t any rules. At least none that can be found on the internet.


Hotte: I know. I’m just surfing the school’s webpage a bit. What do I owe you?


Sebastian: 10 bucks.


Hotte sees the video of Lara getting pushed into the locker. (On the school’s website???)


Hotte: Get out of here! Jenny didn’t stand me up. She has been… I have to go. (As if Jenny would let Caro put her in a locker.)


He jumps up and hurries out.


Sebastian: What about your change?!



[Pestalozzi, locker room]


Since we all know from experience that the only room at the Pestalozzi that can be locked is the basement, Hotte has no problem getting into the locker room late at night.


Lara: Hello? Is there anyone there?


Hotte: Don’t worry, I’m here.


Lara: I’m in the locker. Get me out of here.


Hotte: Jenny?


Lara: No, Lara!


Hotte: Lara, but I thought…


Lara: Please, get me out of here. I’m already hurting all over.


Hotte: Sure. One moment… I don’t have a key, but this will work, too.


He tries opening the lock with a piece of wire that he found on the floor.(After all, Jenny made it look so easy.)


Lara: I’m so glad you’re here. You got it?


Hotte: Almost.


But he’s no Jenny so he resorts to using one of the clothing hooks as a makeshift hammer to smash open the lock.(Allow me to quote Seven of Nine: “Crude, but effective.”)


He gets the door open and Laragets out and gives him a hug.


Lara: Oh, thank you.


Hotte: It’s over now.



[Bergmann villa, Ben’s room]


Caro: Hey, how about reading some more?


Ben: No, not right now.


Caro: Don’t you want to know whether the evil is going to get Jamie after all?


Ben: Do you think they’ve found Lara by now?


Caro: How should I know? What do you care, anyway?


Ben: Well, the Vogels have enough problems at the moment.


Caro: The Vogels? Sure! You’re really talking about Bea.


Ben: Geez, Caro. She’s is wrongfully suspected of having killed someone. No one can be indifferent to that.


Caro: I’m sure nothing has happened to Lara...and I mean, if it turns out that Vogel is innocent, then everything will take care of itself. But we aren’t able to do anything in either case… We can do something for ourselves.


They start to make out.



[Vogel home]


Michael: I didn’t find out anything.


Miriam: Me neither.


Bea: Piet, what about you?


Piet: Nothing.


Bea: You want some more tea?


There’s a key in the door.


Miriam: Lara?


Lara and Hotte come in.


Lara: Hello!


Miriam: Where have you been?


Bea: Man, Lara, we were really worried.


Piet: Who are you?


Hotte: Dennis Horstfeld. Hello. I’ve [..] Lara…


Lara: …invited [me] to the movies.


Piet: You were at the movies?


Miriam: And why didn’t you call and tell us?


Lara: I forgot.


Miriam: Forgot?? Do you have any idea how worried we’ve been?!


Lara: Oh, I’m totally sorry, and it will never happen again.


Piet: God, Lara. You can’t just go to the movies without letting us know. We had a deal, and you’ve broken it! Why?!


Lara: I get it, okay? (to Hotte)Thanks again for taking me home, and for the movie.


Hotte: No problem. I’m sorry you were worried. (to Bea)By the way, it’s cool that you are free again.


Bea: Thanks. Tell the others hello.


Hotte: See you soon.


Lara: Bye.


[Bea’s room]


Bea is lying in bedtalking to herself.


Bea: Hotte Horstfeld and Lara at the movies. It’s funny to imagine that.


(Arrrrrggggghhhh! Like Karin from behind the toilet wall, Michael appears from behind Bea. There goes the neighborhood.)


Michael: Did I detect a smile just now?


Bea: Do you think my life will ever be normal again?


Michael: Of course it will be. Sooner than you think. It’s already gotten better. You are lying here, in your bed, next to me (it was okay, right up until that last one.)and not on some prison cot. You’ll see, Horst will get you out of this. He’s a top lawyer. He’ll find a way to prove your innocence, believe me.


Bea: Wait a second....you said they had to prove my guilt and that I didn’t have to prove my innocence!!!


Michael: Yes, and I meant it. (He starts waggling his hand in front of her face as if to drive away her bad breath) Now, away with the evil thoughts. Away with them. Away…


They start making out as well. (What symmetry!)


Tempus fugit without us having to witness too much of thosestrange heterosexual mating rituals and suddenly it’s morning.


Michael’s phone rings withstill one of the most annoying ringtones ever.


Michael: Dr. Wendtland.


Dr. Wendtland: Good morning. I’m sorry that I have to bother you this early…


Michael: No problem. What’s up?


Dr. Wendtland: It’s about the Principal’s position at the Pestalozzi. Frau Krawczyk won’t return… So we need a replacement and I’d like it to be you. (Wasn’t he some kind of substitute teacher?)


Michael: Wait a minute…you are offering me the position of Principal?





Piet: You didn’t sleep well, did you? Coffee?


Bea: Please.


Piet: Eat something, then you’ll feel better.


Bea: Wow! You really went all out. You’re really surprising me.


Piet: Well, that wasn’t me. I think Lara still has a guilty conscience because of last night.


Bea: Oh, that’s sweet.


Piet: A weak attempt but still…


Miriam comes in.


Miriam: Good morning.


Piet: Hey.


Bea: Morning.


Miriam: I forgot my bag here yesterday. Wow! That’s a great breakfast. Did you do that?


Piet: That was your daughter. Would you like to join us?


Miriam: No, thanks, I have to go to work in a bit…but…I’d join you for a cup of coffee. How are you feeling?


Bea: Everything’s alright. At least I’m here and not in…


[Bea’s room]


Michael: Äh, I’m honored by your offer, Dr. Wendtland, make no mistake. But…isn’t Julian Götting the designated replacement for Frau Krawczyk?


Dr. Wendtland: Götting, yes, many thought so. But with you I could be sure that you would continue to lead the school in the same vein as Frau Krawczyk.


Michael: Well, thank you very much...but my current personal situation doesn't allow for such a change at the moment. (Is that supposed to convince us that he's a selfless, sensitive guy? Fat chance.)


Dr. Wendtland: Oh, that would be a shame, Herr Heisig. Think about it some more in peace and quiet. I'll come by the school later and we'll talk about it in more detail.


Michael: Yes. Yes, alright. Then, we'll see each other later.




Miriam: But the investigation by the police is still ongoing. They won't concentrate on just one suspect.


Piet: I think so, too. I'm sure they'll find some evidence.


Michael: Morning.


Miriam: Morning.


Bea: Hi. What kept you so long?


Michael: Wendtland called.


Bea: What did he want? Wendtland?


Michael: It's not really important. That looks nice.



[Pestalozzi, foyer]


Lara: Hey Hotte.


Hotte: And? Did you get somewhat over the shock?


Lara: Thanks again.


She pulls him to a corner.


Lara: Cinnamon rolls. I hope you like them.


She hands him a paper bag.


Hotte: Thanks.


Lara: And it would be great if the thing with the locker wouldn't get around the school.


Hotte: You are in a video that's making the rounds.


Lara: But you can't really recognize me in it. You thought I was Jenny, too.


Hotte: And why are you lying to your parents?


Lara: God, you know how things will go if you tell what really happened.


Hotte: No, how does it go?


Lara: Whoever did it gets a slap on the wrist, and I have to suffer twice for it. Please...I really don't want any more trouble. I'd prefer to forget the whole thing, alright?

Hotte: Alright. I won't tell anyone that it's you in that video.


Lara: You're a hero.


She gives him a kiss on the cheekand leaves.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ corridor]


Götting: We have an important visitor today. The school's inspector is here.


Michael: Really?


Götting: Yes. I'm assuming it's about Frau Krawczyk's successor.


Michael: We'll see, won't we?


Götting: Well, it's always good to know which side you're on (Nobody's on nobody's side!)


Michael: I do know that, Herr Götting, don't you worry.


Götting: Herr Dr. Wendtland.


Dr. Wendtland: Yes?


Götting: I've prepared a small snack in my office. If you'd maybe like...


Dr. Wendtland: I'll be right with you. Herr Heisig, do you have moment?


Michael: Yes, of course.


Dr. Wendtland: So, have you come to a decision?


Michael: Yes, I've thought long and hard about it...but I'm sorry to have to tell you that I'm not available for the position.


Dr. Wendtland: You know what that means...who will become principal.


Michael: But there have to be alternatives, Dr. Wendtland.


Dr. Wendtland: If there were I wouldn't be standing here. (Wow, Wendtland, old boy...RESPECT! Welcome to the wonderful "Insult Michael Club")Herr Heisig, I'm sure that you are the right person to continue on what Frau Krawczyk started. A school for students... for all students,,,,and not against them.


Michael: When do you need to know at the latest?


Dr. Wendtland: Right now. My god, other people only dream of such a position... Next week, your personal situation will have changed and you'll regret that you refused this now.


Michael: Yes, you're right.


Dr. Wendtland: You'll do it?


Michael: Yes.


Dr. Wendtland: Great. Well then, I'll be on my way to the snack. See you later.


Michael: Later.



[Pestalozzi, auditorium]


Luzi: Boy, that could be really cool. Then Timo and Emma join in during the second refrain, and the rest of the passage we'll sing together.


Timo: Then let's keep going before we waste the rest of the rehearsal just talking.


Luzi: Well, rehearsals are used to talk about stuff like this, too.


Hotte: But we've got it now.


Emma: Then let's get started.


[STAG perform Let me entertain you]


Frau Jäger: Stop! Enough! Herr Götting sent me. It's like this...now that you don't have supervision anymore the AG isn't allowed to take place.


Timo: What?! He can't do that.


Luzi: Man, that's pure harassment.


Frau Jäger: I'm really sorry but those are the school regulations. Without supervision you aren't allowed to rehearse in school. You have to leave now, please. The auditorium needs to be locked up.


Luzi: You mean now?


Frau Jäger: Yes, now.


Timo: But we have to rehearse for Sister Act.


Frau Jäger: Move it.



[Vogel home]


Piet: Well, if the police won't investigate then it's up to us.


Miriam: And how are we supposed to do that? We don't have the means.


Piet: I know but... we'll just have to use our brains.


Miriam: Alright. What exactly do we know?


Bea: That Franziska ran away after our fight. But she was found in the pit, which means someone had to have come by the construction site.


Piet: And he clobbered her to death with a blunt object from behind. Bäm! What? That's what the autopsy report says. Those are the facts.


Miriam: Okay. The question is did Franziska know her murderer or was she just a random victim?


Bea/Piet: She knew him.


Miriam: What? Why?


Bea: Just a feeling.


Piet: I mean, she was a bitch, there were a thousand reasons to murder her.


Bea: Piet! Please!


Piet: It's just the truth.


Bea: No! We were the ones who turned her into one. We thought she was living it up in Australia while

I was being interrogated.


Miriam: Anyway...if Franziska knew her murderer...do we know him too?


Piet: Well, since Bea was already talking about Jens...


Bea: Jens would never have killed anyone.


Piet: But he has to know something.


Bea: But he isn't a murderer. I know that.


Miriam: Then why is he sending you postcards from Australia and putting Franziska's signature under it? Jens is the key.


Piet: We have to find him and ask him.





Caro: Boy, I already have to go to the loo again. I don't believe this.


Jenny: You have your subtenant to thank for that. Or our pal here.


Ben: Äh, does anyone want something to drink?


Caro: I would like an orange juice.


Ben: Okay. You? (Jenny shrugs)are coming with me.


They leave for the kiosk, then Lara bumps into Caro.


Caro: Man, can't you be more careful?!


Lara: Sorry, I didn't see you.


Caro: Did you spend a nice evening in that locker? I hope you've realized that one doesn't tell lies about me.


Lara: Won't happen again.


Caro: Oh, and I hope you won't be telling anyone about it because that locker was a walk in the park compared to what will happen then.


Ben: Hi!


Lara: Hey.


Ben: Say, do you know this video?


Caro: What video?


Jenny: That's you, isn't it?


Lara: No, that's not me.


Jenny: Of course that's you.


Ben: Lara, what happened there?


Lara: That's fake, nothing more.


Ben: Fake...


Jenny: No way.


Lara: You can't really see anything.


Jenny: You're afraid that it will happen again if you say who did it.


Lara: I have to go.


Ben: Hey, hey! Man, we want to help you.


Caro: Now, don't torment her like this. You've heard her. Lara is over the whole thing and we should leave it like that.


Jenny: Wait a minute, it was you! You put her in the locker.


Caro: That's nonsense.


Jenny: Sure. I heard how you two fought yesterday. That was your revenge.


Ben: Say that it's not true.



[Pestalozzi, teachers’ lounge]


Frau Jäger: Now I'm getting anxious every time we're supposed to gather here. Each time there's news about a catastrophe.


Michael: I don't think it'll be quite that bad, Frau Jäger.


Dr. Wendtland: Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for coming. I'm sorry I have to intrude on your time once again, but I hope it will be the last time for some time.


Frau Jäger: The position of Principal.


Dr. Wendtland: I'm sure it won't surprise you to hear that Frau Krawczyk won't return to this school as the Principal. I really deeply regret this, but now we have to look ahead and take care of the succession, and well, I'm glad that I'm able to tell you that I've found someone on the staff who knows the school and...will continue Frau Krawczyk's administration in her spirit. May I present to you the new principal of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive School…. Mr. Julian Götting!


Hesitant applause.Michael’s expression screams What the fuck?!



[Pestalozzi, school toilet]


Ben pushes Caro into the bathroom.


Caro: What's your problem?!


Ben: That's what I'm asking you. Are you completely insane to have locked Lara into that locker?!


Caro: You don't know how that came to be.


Ben: I don't care! God, Caro, I thought you had matured a little because of the pregnancy... but you're pulling the exact same shit as always!


Caro: As always?


Ben: Yes, as always! Listen up, it won't work that way between us. That was the reason I split up with you before.


Caro: Okay.


Ben: Okay?! What, pray tell, is okay here?!


Caro: Nothing. You're exactly like your Father. Fine, let's break up then. Then I'll have the child aborted. And that's exactly what you've wanted this whole time, isn’t it?