Episode 111

Translated by Ami

Edited by Sones



Jenny(Squeee): Hold on, it was you! You locked her into the locker.


Ben: Say it isn't true.


Caro: What the...


Ben :That's what I'm asking you! Are you completely insane to have locked Lara into that locker?!

Listen, it won't work that way between us. That was the reason I split up with you before.


Caro: Nothing. You're exactly like your Father. Fine, let's break up then. Then I'll have the child aborted. And that's exactly what you've wanted this whole time, isn’t it?





[In the Pestalozzi Bathroom]


Ben:You're not serious.


Caro: Before it winds up with a father who doesn't want it... (Total case of manipulative Caro logic..)


Ben:This is not about that, it's about plain reason! What you did to Lara was „bodily harm“ and „kidnapping!“ And instead of apologizing, you're threatening me? That's sick! I'm not going to be blackmailed.


Caro:I didn't mean it like that. I could never abort the baby. I'm just so scared of losing you!


Ben: If you keep going like this, that's exactly what's going to happen.


[ Vogel House ]




Dear Bea,


During the holiday season, one is reminded of the people who've held an important place in one‘s life.


I've never forgotten you.






It should read:During the Christmas season, one has stamps and cards lying around....And when one drinks half a gallon of egg nog, one is taken by the unsurmountable urge to write cheesy lines on crappy postcards and send them out.

Yours (except,that I'm pretending, that I'm on another continent with the girl I cheated on you with) Jens


Bea, with the fantastic taste in men, sighs.






Piet: Say, you still have Jens' christmas card?


Bea: I've gone over everything again. He sent the card from Frankfurt and he disappeared from the surface of the earth ever since. Why? Why is he hiding? What is he afraid of?


Piet: You know exactly what I'm thinking: He knows who murdered Franziska! If he didn't do it himself.


Bea:He didn't do it.


Piet: Maybe Franziska's ghost ordered him to.


Bea: Piet, I don't understand how you can still hate her.


Piet: Because you're under suspicion for her murder...for the second time?!?


Bea: But that’s not the entire story. In all this time we haven’t done right by her. We had thought that Franziska eloped with Jens while I was being interrogated, but it wasn't like that at all.

She really suffered and...I would really like to apologize to her......to say my goodbyes.


Piet: Well, her funeral is tomorrow.


Holds out newspaper to Bea


[Pestalozzi Teachers Lounge]


Götting; I hope to be able to live up to the trust that the School Council has placed in me.


Wendtland: Goodbye.


Michael: Dr.Wendtland, what is this about? You basically begged me to take over the position, and now you're giving it to Götting?


Alexandra: Congratulations.


Wendtlandt:There were complications.


Michael:What kind of complications?


Wendtland: I had no other choice.


Michael:What do you mean you had no choice?


Wendtland: Goodness, I do not owe you an explanation. I've made my decision and if you’ll now excuse me.


Götting: I know there's lots to do, but I know that together we'll accomplish plenty.


Michael: Well, congratulations Herr Götting.


Götting: Thanks, Herr Heisig, thank you.(Can I ship them now?)


Michael: After having worked so hard and diligently towards this post, you, in my opinion, genuienly deserved it.*whispers* What did you have to do to convince Wendtland? Bribe, or blackmail him?


Götting: Sometimes a little bit of competence paired with an appearance of class suffices, of course.


Michael: Of course, class, your very strength.


Götting: Exactly.


Götting flashback (Sorry pals, no Lohmann action)


Götting: The question is, if you're still qualified to hold the position of a School Council member? You kept the Principal's alcohol problem a secret from the Council because of and old friendship. I understand, of course, but what will the Council say? Maybe Ms.Krwaczyk's suicide attempt could have been prevented, if one had tried to assist her earlier.... You are going to appoint me Principal of the Pestalozzi, and I shall see to it that you will have the longest time served on the Council...


To Michael Don't take it too hard.


[Pestalozzi Cafe Area]


Luzi: Are planning en expedition to the South Pole or something?


Emma(Squee!!): If you only knew how freezing cold it is when I‘m delivering newspapers in the evening.


Timo: Well, at least you're earning money!


Emma(ironic): Yeah, that's right! This way I'll be able to afford a new bike in five years! If Jenny hadn‘t bullied me out of the waitressing job, I'd be earning double the amount right now..


Luzi: Frau Vogel is a jail bird (sorry,I couldn't resist), STAG is dissolving, and you're talking about your friggin bike? Fuck it, we need a place to practice! (Yeah,Luzi, your poor ass friend freezing her behind off in the quest to regain her only means of transportation is totally less insubstantial a matter than finding a room with four walls and a piano in it...nice prioritizing there..)


Hotte: Sooo, good mood times four, hehehe!!! He puts down four cups of coffee and then knocks one over spilling it on Emma’s bag.


Emma: Oh, shit!


Hotte: Sorry.


Emma: Dude, why do these things always happen when you’re around!?!?


Timo: Emma, it's just coffee!


Emma: Yeah, ok, I got it. My problems are nothing compared to STAG and Frau Vogel! (Oh


Emmakins, come here for a hug..Jennykins will lubz ya,surely,soon enough,again!)


Luzi: She didn't mean it like that, I think.


Hotte: It's alright, it's the pressure.


Timo: Pressure?


Hotte: The slander we've had to endure all this time while still trying to pass onto the next level, meanwhile our best teacher is probably going to jail. When we were able to sing we had an outlet, now we don't have a place to sing anymore, ergo, no outlet. So, we all yell at each other.


Timo: Wow, I didn't know you were that deep.


Luzi: Fuck, we need a place to practice! [She seemingly gets and idea and runs off]



[Pestalozzi Office]


Jäger: Congratulations, Herr Götting.


Götting: Thank you Ms.Jäger, thank you. I know your good wishes are heartfelt. Did you distribute my „Hello!“ memo to the teachers and students?


Jäger: Of course. I always fulfil my duties flawlessly.


Götting: As if I ever doubted that. Please bring us a bottle of champagne.


Jäger: I don't think that's part of my job description.


Götting: I am sure that you serviced Ms.Krawczyk in this matter amiably, and what's more: Each and every one of my orders is part of your job description. closes door (To Alexandra – now in the Principal’s office) Just how long have we been working towards this day? I've endured Krwaczyk's chaotic leading style, the wild potpurri of students without any structure..but that's over now, because I'm Principal. We are going to introduce an evaluation program. Only the most gifted ones will attend our school until we have established a core of elite students that will go on to the best of Universities. You should have heard Heisig, how he fumed! Did you know he had ambitions towards the Principal's position? [He *finally* notices how sad Alexandra looks.] I'm such an idiot. The funeral's tomorrow.


Alexandra: I'm scared.


Götting: I'll be there. [He covers her hand with his.]


Alexandra: But you're probably very busy now..and what's more..Bob is going to be there.


Götting: And I'll be a very good boy. sitting very far away, but you need to know that I'll be near you,when you need me.


(He really does love her)


[Pestalozzi Break Area]


Hotte (reading Götting'smemo)


Dear Student Body,


I hereby inform you, that I have taken over the position of Principal of the Pestalozzi Common School. I promise, that I will do everything to justify the trust placed in me by the School Council.


Some changes are heading your way, but I promise that you are going to be proud to be educated at a school like the Pestalozzi in the future.


With the best of wishes,your principal




Hotte: Ok,that's it for me.


Emma: What do you mean, that's it for you?


Hotte: Well, you don't really think that there's going to be a place for someone like me at Götting's new school for elite students?


Luzi: Don't be crazy! If anyone is elite, it's you. I'm more concerned that there will soon only be Hotte's running around here.


Hotte: Not funny. (No, it is:-D)


Emma: You're right somehow..Götting's plans are horrific..


Luzi: I mean...is he even allowed to do that? Turn a whole school upside down?


Hotte: It'll be a gradual process..


Timo: Guys, stop driving yourselves crazy! Ok, Götting might be planning some changes, but that doesn't mean that he'll be able to kick all of us out or turn us inside out..


Hotte: Then he'll make it so that those who don't conform to the norm leave voluntarily.


[In the background of the others]


Lara: Hey.


Ben: Hey, everything cool?


Lara: Your girlfriend's stunt was probably just the beginning. If Götting is going to become the Principal, acts of bullying will probably get you extra curricular credit..


Ben: I'm sorry about what happened with Caro.


Lara: I've almost forgotten about it already.


Ben: You can't just take it like that.


Lara: But what else am I supposed to do?


Ben: Look, when Caro and her clan pull another one of those stunts, you just give me a call.(Did they have cell phone reception inside the lockers??)


Lara: You mean to protect me from your pregnant girlfriend?


Ben: Sure, and she wouldn‘t be my girlfriend anymore in that case anyway.


Lara: Ok, thanks.


[Vogel House]


Bea’s is searching for things online when her phone rings.


Bea: Hi Michael.


Michael: Hey, Everything cool at your place?


Bea: Yeah, and you?


Michael: Weell..Götting became the new Principal.


Bea: Well, but that was a given. He was Vice Principal.


Michael: No,it wasn't. I was originally supposed to get the position.


Bea: You?


Michael: Does that surprise you?


Bea: No, but you didn't say anything.Why?


Michael: Beause you've got enough troubles right now, that's why.


Bea: Yeah, but I still want to know what's going on.


Michael: Alright, Wendtland begged me to take the job, so that Götting wouldn't get it, and what happens? Götting gets it anyway..do you know what that means?


Bea: Of course I know what that means.


Michael: That's all you've got to say about this?


Bea: What am I supposed to say? My head is full with other things.


Michael: Yeah, as I said.


Bea: He is going to dissolve the AG.


Michael: That is the least of our problems at the moment. (they are really great at communicating.)


Bea: I see that differently.


Michael: Bea, Götting is going to turn the whole place inside out! If I would have become Principal, things could have stayed just as they are!

Franziska is going to be buried tomorrow.The whole school thinks that I'm involved in her death, and I can't find Jens! The only person who could maybe prove my innocence.

I apologize for not being able to share into your sudden ambition to be leading the school a hundred percent!


Michael: Yeah, maybe this is not the right time to be talking about this.


Bea:Yes, maybe. Later.

Michael: Yes, later.


Bea seems fed up with her computer when her doorbell buzzes


Bea: Ben!


Ben: Is this better than what you expected?


Bea: What are you doing here?


Ben: I'm going to abduct you!


Bea: Yeah,that's a great idea..I can see the headlines already: Teacher under suspicion of murder is spending her free time with her student.(Tsk,tsk, I almost wrote night time..)


Ben: Well, strictly speaking I'm not your student right now.


Bea: I don't want to get into this conversation right now (You and me both, Bea..)


Ben: You're feeling pretty shitty right now, hm? (No, peachy..just peachy..bought all seasons of Bad Girls already..)


Bea: Yeha, I'm looking through postcards, searching for clues about Jens..and I actually need to go to Australia for that, but I can't get away from here, since I'm a murder suspect and am not allowed to leave the country. (Ben begins to look through things) Don't even bother, Piet and I have gone through these a million times already....I need to do something or I'll go insane..I'm thinking about Franziska... and jail bars....and that the AG will be dissolved....all the time....


Ben: So you've got nothing to lose by coming with me...


Bea: Ben..


Ben: The trip has got nothing to do with us or our history (all five minutes and gazillion flashbacks of it..) You're going to like it, trust me. [And as usual, Bea gives into him.]


[Pestalozzi Teachers Lounge – Money is being collected to send flowers to Alexandra’s sisters funeral]


Jäger (to a fellow teacher) : I think white Lilies would be appropiate,what do you think?


Götting: Get roses. [He holds up a 50 Euro note and stuffs it in the collection jar] Red roses.


Jäger: Did you know Ms.Lohmann's sister?


Götting: I think that a funeral is mostly for those left behind, and Ms.Lohmann is going to need our support tomorrow. Which is why I would like to ask all of our colleagues to be present at the funeral.


Jäger: And you just coincidentally happen to know that red roses are Ms.Lohmann's favorite flowers? (How do you know,Ms.Jäger?Something Gabriele doesn't know about? Ah,Pestalozzi, hotbed of ladylovin' passion..)


Götting: Coincidentally. Those are placement tests for each grade. I need a copy for each student.


Jäger: Placement tests?


Götting: Yes, I would like to gain an overview of the capabilities of our students,


Jäger: I've always thought that's what the exam grades were for?


Götting: Ms.Jäger, I'm not sure if you're correctly evaluating both your and my field of expertise..


Jäger: Mr.Götting, Mr.Heisig dropped this off for you. [She hands him a note]


Götting: Have him see me immediately!


Jäger: I'm not sure that you're evaluating my field of expertise correctly!


Götting: If you'll continue like this, Ms.Jäger, you will discontinue having a field of expertise at this school! And now go and get me Heisig!


[Bergmann Mansion – Ben and Bea are walking in]


STAG begin singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough not long after they walk in and Bea’s face lights up.


Ben: See, I told you to trust me!


Bea: That's my AG!


Neither Ben nor Bea notice Caro walk in behind them. She looks angry and storms out.


[Pestalozzi – Principal’s Office]


Götting: What's this?


Heisig: I was expecting you to be able to read, my mistake. It says, that I am going to be taking over the ST AG. Due to Ms. Vogel‘s temporary suspension the AG had been suspended . Under my supervision, the students will be able to practice again.


Götting: I hardly think that Ms Vogel‘s absence will be temporary. Aside from that you're completely tone deaf.


Heisig: The students are now advanced enough to be able to prepare themselves for the appearance in „Sister Act,“ and how long Ms Vogel will be kept from teaching is not your decision.


Götting: But I do decide which teacher is assigned which assignment, and that's why your petition shall be declined. I want you to focus entirely on your current assignments.


Heisig: But you see Mr. Götting, one of my current assignments is to sub for colleagues.


Götting: Are you questioning my authority and ability to make decisions?!?


Heisig: I'm questioning way more than that..like if you came into your new position by entirely legal means..


Götting: If you don't like it, get transferred.


Heisig: Different offer: You go,and I stay.


Götting:You are giving me wonderful reasons to be get you transferred.


Heisig: Much to your great misfortune, I do not suffer from an alcohol problem, nor am I under the suspicion of murder. It is, therefore, going to take quite a feat of your imagination to convince our School Council to transfer me. In reguards to your position, dear Mr.Götting, I am quite sure, that our dear Dr,Wendtland will soon realize what a mistake he has made..


Götting: Your rhethoric capabilities are impressive..was that all?


Heisig: That was all..for now.


[Bermann Mansion]


STAG finishing up, Bea and Ben clap. When they finish everyone rushes to hug Bea.


Luzi: We miss you so much!


Bea: I miss you,too! I'm so proud of you! You must promise me to continue, especially for the Sister Act audition! Even without me!


Emma: But you are going to come back?


Bea: I hope so!


Timo: And then we'll take first place!


Hotte: We have to go.


Bea: Tak care.


Bea to Ben: Are you going to call me a cab?


Ben: Sure!


We see Alexandra in a Church – some men are setting up for her sister’s funeral and she’s making sure everything is ok. She looks very sad, and adjusts a few things. We leave her standing in the Chruch looking at a big picture of her sister and the picture fades out back to Ben and Bea at the Bergmann Mansion.


Ben: Uhm, the taxi's here.


Bea: This is the first time in days that I've felt something like hope. It means a lot.


Ben: I know that all of this is going to end well, and I know that you're innocent. I'll do anything to prove it. If I think about you going to jail, and that I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore...(yeah, THAT's his point of concern..)


Bea: I have to go. How do you do it?


Ben: Do what?


Bea: To always do the right thing?


Ben: And there I thought I always do the wrong thing?


They kind of giggle and OF COURSE we see them getting all starry eyed.... and then they start kissing .... and then we see Caro’s ANGRY ANGRY face in the background. OH! BUSTED!