Episode 112

translated by hephylax; edited by Lied



[Previously on Hand aufs Herz]


Bea: What are you doing here?

Ben: Kidnapping you.

Bea: Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. I can already see the headlines: Teacher under suspicion of murder spends her free time with her student.


STAG perform Ain’t no mountain high enough.


Bea: How do you always manage to do this?

Ben: What?

Bea: To always do the right thing.

Ben: And I thought I always do the wrong thing.

They kiss and Caro witnesses it. (what a surprise :)




[Bergmann villa]


They are still kissing, Caro is still watching. (I’m still waiting for something interesting (of the Emma-Jenny variety) to happen.// But look at all the things Caro’s face is doing! – displeased is not enough of a word to describe her expression haha )

Ben: I know. I’m having a child with Caro and you’re with Michael.

Bea: We’d destroy everything. We mustn’t. I…I’ll wait outside for the taxi.

Ben: Yeah.


In Ben’s bedroom Caro starts cryingand beating up on the bed. (Stop that! This bed still has several important roles to play in the Jemma storyline, and thus has to be shown the utmost respect.)


Outside the villa Bea runs into Stefan.

Stefan: Frau Vogel.

Bea: Herr Bergmann.

(No further question asked? Haha!)

The taxi arrives. Bea gives some money to the driver.

Bea: Here. I’ve changed my mind. I’d rather walk. Thanks.


Inside the villa, Stefan comes up the stairs and finds Ben sittingon the floor at the railing, suffering.

Stefan: What was Frau Vogel doing here?

Ben: Waiting for a taxi.

Stefan: Oh.

Ben: The AG had their rehearsal here today.

Stefan: You mean the whole troop was dancing in here? (As if through that the whole house was tarnished. – Call Miss Beschenko, now! We must get the remains of that glee out of this house! Ms Beschenko, scrub, wipe, sweep!)! Nice of you to let me know.

Ben: Well, it didn’t disturb anyone, did it?

Stefan: I’m sure Caro wasn’t thrilled, was she?

Ben: And how is Caro your business?

Stefan: She isn’t. But that you’re not interested in her is news to me.

Ben: Besides, she hasn’t shown up yet.

Stefan: And you don’t know where she is?

Ben: No.


Caro is still crying in the bedroom.(Poor thing...the son of the man she’s getting a baby from is cheating on her...)



[Vogel home]


Piet: Come in. I’m sure she’ll be back any minute. You want a beer, too?

Michael: Yes – Uh, no, thanks.

Piet: So, how’s the mood at the school? Are they still attacking Bea?

Michael: It has quieted down some since her arrest. For many that was the proof that she [ ] Franziska…and so on.

Piet: Well, I still believe she’s innocent.

Michael: I do, too. But I really wasn’t a big help for her today.

Piet: Did you and Bea have a fight?

Michael: No. There were internal problems at school with out new principal. Herr Götting, I’m sure, you know him. And over this whole thing I forgot that Bea has real worries.

Piet: Well, you’re lucky, Bea isn’t one to hold a grudge. If you’ll make an effort then…Cheers.

Michael: Say, Herr Vogel, would you let me use your kitchen today?

Piet: My kitchen?

Michael: Your kitchen.

(Had he askedfor his bed for his making-up efforts, I’d be worried ;D )


[Bergmann villa]


Ben and Stefan are eating dinner. (Where is Jenny??? Seriously, she wasn’t home the whole day. We last saw her in the morning when she correctly guessed that it was Caro who locked Lara into her locker...wait..– Caroo!? *suspicious look* Where is JEENNYY!?!??!)

Stefan: Why is Frau Vogel still the choir leader, anyway? As far as I know she’s been suspended indefinitely.

Ben: Because every normal thinking person knows that she’s innocent. This murder charge is ridiculous.

Stefan: Herr Götting is singing a different tune. She had a fight with this…well, with Lohmann’s sister.

Ben: Franziska.

Stefan: And when she’s found again, she’s nothing but a skeleton. I’d call that suspicious.

Ben: That girl also had a boyfriend. (Cheers - Stefan accidentally clings his glass to something haha!)And strangely enough, he disappeared from the face of the earth, unlike Bea Vogel.

Caro(-‘Didn’t you dare bury Jenny under a volleyballfield!’-)Eichkamp comes in.

Caro: Yes, the nice and dear Miss Vogel.

Ben: Ähm. When did you come home?

Caro: Is that important?

Ben: No. I’m just wondering since I didn’t hear you come in.

Caro: I didn’t want to interrupt your rehearsal. It wasn’t half-bad today. Very soulful, harmonious…

Stefan: Are you discovering your musical side?

Caro: No…my love doesn’t go that far. Is there still some salad left for me?

Stefan: Yes, of course.

Ben: Is everything alright?

Caro: What could be wrong?(You, shovel, dirt, - Jenny being missing)



[Vogel home]


Bea comes home to a beautiful set dinner table.

Bea: Hey.

Michael: I hope you’re hungry. I…ähm… I think I have a few things to make up for. The hassle with Wendtland and the trouble with Götting…that threw me for a loop today. It was as if I were dreaming. You know how that is, don’t you?

Bea: Yes, of course.

Michael: I know it would have been better to have spared you this. You have enough going on with the investigation and…the funeral coming up…

Bea: I’m so sorry.

Michael: No no. You did everything right. It was me who acted stupid. (Well, that does go without saying, really…)



[Bergmann villa]


Stefan: Even if the murder can’t be traced back to Frau Vogel, a return to the school is in no way tenable.

Ben: With a second-class acquittal, no. And that’s exactly why someone should get off their ass and prove that she’s innocent.

Stefan: Well, that’ll be the responsibility of the police, hm?



[Cemetary chapel]


Götting: Your hands are ice-cold. Don’t you want to go home?

Alexandra: I can’t sleep anyway.

Götting: Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Come home with me. If you can’t sleep, you don’t have to. We…

Alexandra: Bob is waiting for me. Thanks.

(I’d really like to see Bob. Eventually he’s just her beard, right?)


[Vogel home]


Piet: Things are looking good.

Michael: Thanks for letting me use the kitchen.

Bea: I’ve made my decision. I’m going to attend.

Michael: The funeral?

Bea: Yes. I’ve thought about it.

Piet: And you came to the conclusion that it’s better to get branded as a murderer by the entire group of mourners?

Bea: No! But… I have to say good-bye. I’ve done wrong by Franziska for years. And by Alexandra probably too.

Michael: Bea, that really isn’t a good idea. For most of those present there, you are the perpetrator. Thus your presence will be seen as a provocation.

Bea: But I don’t want to provoke anything. I’m going to quietly sit down in the last row…apologize to her… that I thought this whole time that she was in Australia with Jens when in reality she…was dead.

Michael: We understand that. But look…

Bea: I don’t want to hurt anyone. (How could I have ever thought that she and Ben weren’t a good fit? She is just as oblivious to reality as he is.)But if I don’t go…when am I supposed to say goodbye?

Piet: At the grave?

Bea: I didn’t kill her. You two know that. Why then should I act as if I did? (This is about me, Me, ME!!! Come to think of it, she’s also a good fit with Michael.)

Michael: They won’t understand.



[Pestalozzi, staircase]


Emma is going through her bag when Hotte’s words draw her attention. (Or maybe it’s this unexplainable tingling that always happens whenever Jenny is near. Or maybe that’s just me.// It actually might be an international thing. Also big sigh of relieve! She’s still living. I’ll have to call the headhunter I put on Caro...but let’s watch this first.)

Hotte: How about today?

Jenny: What about today?

Hotte: Well, you didn’t show up the last time. To our date.

Jenny: Today isn’t good either. I have to go.

And she flounces past Emmathough not without giving her a quick once over, which Emma returns.

Emma: Well? How long are you planning to run after her?

Hotte: We’re just having a few organizational problems. That’s all.

Emma: Try to get it into your head, Jenny doesn’t care about you.

Hotte: Listen Emma. I think you’re going a little too far. If your feelings for me result in you dragging innocent bystanders in the mud…

Emma: Hotte, I’m not interested in you and neither is Jenny! Just accept that!



[Vogel home]


Bea is fondling her funeral dress when the door bell rings.

Bea: Ben, what are you doing here?

Ben: I can’t just sit in class and pretend…

Bea: But we said, you’re going to be a father and…

Ben: That’s not why I’m here. What exactly did your brother find out? About this guy who knows who really killed Franziska. Jens.

Bea: Not much.

He starts going through the stuff lying on her tableand finds a postcard. Bea rips it out of his hand. She looks annoyed. (I know the feeling, though I’m still floating on my Jemma high from the last scene. Emma is just so cute and clueless!)

Ben: Is this the card that was sent from the hotel in Frankfurt…?

Bea: Ben, you can’t.

Ben: Please. I need any information I can get. You can’t look for him as long as you aren’t allowed to leave the country. But I can. That’s why I’m going to fly to Australia and find Jens for you.

(You’ll have to forgive Ben. He comes from a place where people only have 2 places to go to (Saal 1 and Chulos) outside of home and work, so he probably doesn’t realize it might be a little more difficult to search a whole continent.//While this is completely true, I’m sure he’s capable to do what Sophie can do! Or do you think Sophie put her tracker-guinea pig to good use?)



[Cemetary chapel]


There’s Bob.Has he ever spoken a word? He and Alexandra are standing at the door while the mourners give their condolences. (//BOB! So, is he gay? He’s definitely handsome. What’s wrong with him that she needs Götting?)

Alexandra: Thanks for being here. – Thanks.

Frau Klein: I’m very sorry. I’ve thought about her often. (I bet you have. LOL)

Alexandra looks at her a little confused.

Alexandra: Thanks.

Götting: Did you get some sleep? If you don’t want to speak later…

Alexandra: I’ll manage. Thanks for being here. - (to the next couple in line) Nice that you could make it.



[Bergmann villa]


Karin knocks on Ben’s door.

Karin: Ben? Do you have any laundry?

The door opens and Caro walks outputting something into Karin’s basket.

Caro: The negligee is hand wash only, though.

Stefan: Oh. You’re not really going to school anymore, are you?

Caro: Half of the teachers are at the funeral anyway.

Stefan: I don’t care. Ben will go at any rate.

Caro: I have no idea where he is at the moment.

Stefan: Maybe somewhere in his room? Well, where is he?

Caro: I told you I don’t know where he is.

Stefan: Aw, is your love on rocky ground once more? That would truly be a tragedy after all you’ve done for it.

Caro: I’ll be fine. Thank you.

Stefan: Frau Beschenko?

Stefan goes in search of his true love. Meanwhile, Caro is about to leave when she grabs her purse from the table and finds Ben’s flight ticket to Australia.



[Vogel home]


Bea: Have you already booked a flight?

Ben: What exactly should I wait for? For you to be put in prison after all?

Bea: Things haven’t gone that far yet. The police are still just investigating.

Ben: That’s right. And they are doing their best to pin it all on you.

Bea: Och Quatsch/Nonsense.

Ben: God, Bea, they don’t even have any other lead.

Bea: You’ll get yourself into trouble.

Ben: And you are already in trouble. Someone has to get you out of it.

Bea: But you aren’t responsible just for yourself anymore.

Ben: Caro is pretty good at fending for herself. And a few weeks apart might not even be that bad.

Bea: No, you can’t. Everyone would think that I put you up to it.

Ben: You can’t always just listen to your head.

(What is that look, Bea? He didn’t mean that you should listen to your heart and go to the funeral.)



[Cemetary chapel]


Götting: Our school lost a (female) student. The fact that we have only now found her, after 10 years, is shameful. The people who held the responsibility back then have to accept the blame of not having done enough. I’m standing before you today as a representative of a new Pestalozzi Comprehensive School. One where something like that must never happen again. We owe that to Franziska Lohmann. Our respected colleague Alexandra Lohmann, the sister of Franziska, will now say a few words.

Alexandra: Franziska was my twin sister. When she disappeared I of course hoped that she had only run away… but from the very beginning I had the feeling that she had been taken away from me. That she had been killed. Nobody believed me. I’m glad that Franziska has been found…that she now has this day, a real funeral, a final resting place…and that people believe me now.



[Pestalozzi, at the kiosk]


(During most of this guy-talk we see Emma in the foreground, a little confused, pensive, cute as hell...)

Hotte: I didn’t think that it would be so exhausting.

Timo: What? Standing in line?

Hotte: No. All the women being into me.

Timochuckles: What are you talking about?

Hotte: Well, Jenny is hot for me… and Emma is unlucky in love.

Timo: Emma?? I didn’t notice that.

Hotte: That’s so obvious. As jealous as she gets whenever Jenny shows up.

Timo: Now slow down. Emma is jealous because Jenny…

Hotte: …is into me, yes. First nothing for years and then two women at once.

Timo: Uhuh.

Hotte: What is that stupid smile for?

Luzi: Hey! Have you seen Ben?

Hotte: There’s definite evidence.

Luzi goes over to Emma.

Emma: Hey.

Luzi: Man, I really hope that we can rehearse at the Bergmanns’ more often now. Hopefully Ben’s father goes along with it. Say, is everything alright?

Emma: Luzi…you’ve known me for a very long time, haven’t you? And… you know that I’ve been friends with Hotte since forever.

Luzi: Well, in the beginning I wondered about that but, I mean, he really shaped up. His part yesterday…

Emma: Do you think…I’m into him?

Luzi: I don’t know. Are you?

Emma: I always get such a weird feeling in my stomach every time…

Luzi: …when you see Hotte?

Emma: No, when he’s talking to Jenny. He is constantly running after her even though she’s not interested in him. She’s only playing with Hotte… At least, that’s what I think… But why…who the hell knows, though…that’s not really her style…

Luzi: Emma…

Emma: But maybe I’m wrong. I mean, I don’t even really know her but… she just sometimes has this way about her, - she makes me sick!

Luzi: Emma, don’t you realize? You’re only talking about Jenny the whole time. So if you’re in love then…then it’s with her.

Emma: Ey, very funny. Thanks for all your help.

And off she goes little Miss Clueless.

Luzi: Hey, Emma!

And we’re back with Timo and Hotte.

Hotte: I know from experience how hard it is when feelings aren’t reciprocated. It’s terrible that I have to hurt my best friend like that.

Timo: It’s also terrible for me to have to hurt you now but…you’re just imagining things.

Lara: Hi Hotte!

Lara walks past and waves at him. He waves back.

Hotte: Another one.

Timo starts laughing.

Hotte: I freed her…under full use of physical strength. Women are into that.

Timo: Hotte, you’re really cracking me up.

(I’m seriously sad that Hotte left before they had the chance to give him his well-deserved love story...)


[Pestalozzi, at the lockers]


Caro: A little distance from everything, that would be cool, wouldn’t it? To just get out of here…to see something different…palm trees, beach, the sea…

Ben: Not a bad idea.

Caro: Yes. Australia is supposed to be wonderful. The flights are a little pricey though. What’s this, Ben?

She holds up his flight info.

Ben: I would have told you eventually. There’s something I have to do there.

Caro: A vacation without your pregnant girlfriend…or opening up a surf shop, for instance.

Ben: Nonsense.

Caro: And I can guess who you’ll take with you.

Ben: I’m going alone.

Caro: Do you think the hormones fogged up my brain?

Ben: There is something I need to find out. There is someone in Australia who is able to exonerate Bea.

Caro: I knew it. Bea.

Ben: God, Caro. Someone has to do this for her.

Caro: And that someone is you.

Ben: I knew you would react like this.

Caro: Of course I’m reacting like this. I’m having your child, you promised to stand by me.

Ben: A little distance wouldn’t be a bad thing, I think.

He walks off.

Caro: Do you think, I’ll go through this whole shit alone?!

Caro takes out her phone.

Caro: Eichkamp speaking. I’d like to make an appointment with you. No, no examination but…for a termination.



[Cemetary chapel]


Alexandra: You were a part of me. And I am so grateful for the time we did have together. – Franziska shouldn’t be remembered as the girl who disappeared but for what she…

Bea comes in and bangs the door. Loudly.(Whoops // Way to be subtle. I’m waiting for the: ‘Excuse me, I’m late!’)

Alexandra: Get her out. Get her out. Get her out of here. Get her out of here. Get that murderer out of here.